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Deutsche Synonyme für 0

Englische Synonyme für wink

wink  Roman candle  aid to navigation  alarm  amber light  balefire  bat  bat the eyes  beacon  beacon fire  beat the drum  bell  bell buoy  blanket drill  blink  blinker  blue peter  breath  broad hint  buoy  cast  cat nap  caution light  clue  coup  crack  cue  dash  dip  exchange colors  flag  flag down  flare  flash  flutter  fog bell  fog signal  fog whistle  foghorn  forty winks  gentle hint  gesture  give a signal  give the nod  glance  glimmer  glimmering  glimpse  go light  gong buoy  green light  hail  hail and speak  half a jiffy  half a mo  half a second  half a shake  half an eye  half-mast  heliograph  high sign  hint  hoist a banner  implication  index  indication  inkling  innuendo  insinuation  instant  international alphabet flag  international numeral pennant  intimation  jiff  jiffy  kick  leer  look  make a sign  marker beacon  microsecond  millisecond  minute  moment  nap  nictitate  nod  nudge  parachute flare  peek  peep  pilot flag  poke  police whistle  prompt  quarantine flag  quick sight  radio beacon  raise a cry  rapid glance  red flag  red light  rocket  sailing aid  salute  scent  sec  second  semaphore  semaphore flag  semaphore telegraph  shade  shake  siesta  sign  signal  signal beacon  signal bell  signal fire  signal flag  signal gong  signal gun  signal lamp  signal light  signal mast  signal post  signal rocket  signal shot  signal siren  signal tower  signalize  slant  smack  snooze  sound an alarm  sound the trumpet  soupcon  spar buoy  speak  split second  spoor  spot of sleep  squinch  squint  squiz  stop light  stroke  suggestion  suspicion  symptom  telltale  the nod  the wink  tick  touch  trace  track  traffic light  traffic signal  trice  twink  twinkle  twinkling  twitch  two shakes  unfurl a flag  watch fire  wave  wave a flag  wave the hand  whisper  white flag  wigwag  wigwag flag  wink of sleep  yellow flag  
wink at  OK  abide with  accede to  accept  accord to  agree to  allow for  approve  approve of  assent  be big  be blind  be blind to  be caught out  be content with  be easy with  be inattentive  be unwary  be willing  bear  bear with  blink at  brook  condescend  condone  connive at  consent  consent to silently  countenance  deign  disregard  endorse  endure  give consent  give no heed  go along with  go blind  grant  have  have no objection  hear nothing  hear of  hold with  ignore  indulge  judge not  lean over backwards  leave unavenged  let it go  let pass  listen to reason  live with  make allowances for  make light of  miss  nod  nod assent  not attend  not heed  not listen  not notice  not refuse  not see  not write off  okay  overlook  pass by  pass over  pay no attention  pay no mind  permit  pocket the affront  put up with  ratify  regard with indulgence  sanction  say aye  say yes  see both sides  see nothing  slight  stand for  stomach  suffer  suspend judgment  take  take kindly to  think little of  tolerate  view with indulgence  vote affirmatively  vote aye  walk in darkness  wear blinkers  yield assent  


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