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Deutsche Synonyme für Aalsuppe

Englische Synonyme für eel soup

Lexikoneinträge für eel soup / eel soups

Soup (n.) A liquid food of many kinds, usually made by boiling meat and vegetables, or either of them, in water, -- commonly seasoned or flavored
Soup (v. t.) To sup or swallow.
Soup (v. t.) To breathe out.
Soup (v. t.) To sweep. See Sweep, and Swoop.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

cinch breeze
snap duck soup
child's play
piece of cake
any undertaking that is easy to do, marketing this product will be no picnic
soupfin shark
Galeorhinus zyopterus
Pacific shark valued for its fins (used by Chinese in soup) and liver (rich in vitamin A)
soup bowl a bowl for serving soup
soup ladle a ladle for serving soup
soup plate a deep plate with a wide rim
soup spoon
a spoon with a rounded bowl for eating soup
slang for a mustache
soup liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
soup du jour the soup that a restaurant is featuring on a given day
alphabet soup soup that contains small noodles in the shape of letters of the alphabet
chicken soup soup made from chicken broth
mock turtle soup soup made from a calf's head or other meat in imitation of green turtle soup
oxtail soup a soup made from the skinned tail of an ox
pea soup a thick soup made of dried peas (usually made into a puree)
petite marmite
vegetable soup
soup made with a variety of vegetables
turtle soup
green turtle soup
soup usually made of the flesh of green turtles
eggdrop soup made by stirring beaten eggs into a simmering broth
won ton wonton wonton soup a soup with won ton dumplings
split-pea soup made of stock and split peas with onions carrots and celery
green pea soup
potage St. Germain
made of fresh green peas and stock with shredded lettuce onion and celery
lentil soup made of stock and lentils with onions carrots and celery
soup kitchen a place where food is dispensed to the needy
alphabet soup a confusing assortment, Roosevelt created an alphabet soup of federal agencies
pea soup
a heavy thick yellow fog
soup an unfortunate situation, we're in the soup now
soup any composition having a consistency suggestive of soup
soup dope (a racehorse)
soup up
hop up
hot up
make more powerful, he souped up the old cars


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