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Lexikoneinträge für county court local court

Base-court (n.) The secondary, inferior, or rear courtyard of a large house
Base-court (n.) An inferior court of law, not of record.
County (n.) An earldom
County (n.) A circuit or particular portion of a state or kingdom, separated from the rest of the territory, for certain purposes in the administration of justice and public affairs
County (n.) A count
Court (n.) An inclosed space
Court (n.) The residence of a sovereign, prince, nobleman, or ether dignitary
Court (n.) The collective body of persons composing the retinue of a sovereign or person high in authority
Court (n.) Any formal assembling of the retinue of a sovereign
Court (n.) Attention directed to a person in power
Court (n.) The hall, chamber, or place, where justice is administered.
Court (n.) The persons officially assembled under authority of law, at the appropriate time and place, for the administration of justice
Court (n.) A tribunal established for the administration of justice.
Court (n.) The judge or judges
Court (n.) The session of a judicial assembly.
Court (n.) Any jurisdiction, civil, military, or ecclesiastical.
Court (n.) A place arranged for playing the game of tennis
Court (v. t.) To endeavor to gain the favor of by attention or flattery
Court (v. t.) To endeavor to gain the affections of
Court (v. t.) To attempt to gain
Court (v. t.) To invite by attractions
Court (v. i.) To play the lover
Court-baron (n.) An inferior court of civil jurisdiction, attached to a manor, and held by the steward
Court-craft (n.) The artifices, intrigues, and plottings, at courts.
Court-cupboard (n.) A movable sideboard or buffet, on which plate and other articles of luxury were displayed on special ocasions.
Court-leet (n.) A court of record held once a year, in a particular hundred, lordship, or manor, before the steward of the leet.
Court-martial (n.) A court consisting of military or naval officers, for the trial of one belonging to the army or navy, or of offenses against military or naval law.
Court-martialed (imp. & p. p.) of Court-martial
Court-martialing (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Court-martial
Court-martial (v. t.) To subject to trial by a court-martial.
Court-plaster (n.) Sticking plaster made by coating taffeta or silk on one side with some adhesive substance, commonly a mixture of isinglass and glycerin.
Court tennis () See under Tennis.
Local (a.) Of or pertaining to a particular place, or to a definite region or portion of space
Local (n.) A train which receives and deposits passengers or freight along the line of the road
Local (n.) On newspaper cant, an item of news relating to the place where the paper is published.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

court game an athletic game played on a court
royal tennis
real tennis
court tennis
an ancient form of tennis played in a four-walled court
contempt of court disrespect for the rules of a court of law
court-martial a trial that is conducted by a military court
respectful deference, pay court to the emperor
appearance appearing
coming into court
formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action
Monmouth Court House
Battle of Monmouth Court House
Battle of Monmouth
a pitched battle in New Jersey during the American Revolution () that ended with the withdrawal of British forces
badminton court the court on which badminton is played
basketball court the court on which basketball is played
an area wholly or partly surrounded by walls or buildings, the house was built around an inner court
court a specially marked horizontal area within which a game is played, players had to reserve a court in advance
court courtroom a room in which a lawcourt sits, television cameras were admitted in the courtroom
court the residence of a sovereign or nobleman, the king will visit the duke's court
court plaster a plaster composed of isinglass on silk, formerly used to dress superficial wounds
face card
picture card
court card
one of the twelve cards in a deck bearing a picture of a face
food court an area (as in a shopping mall) where fast food is sold (usually around a common eating area)
handball court the court on which handball is played
home court (basketball) the court where the host team plays its home games
court lawcourt
court of law
court of justice
a tribunal that is presided over by a magistrate or by one or more judges who administer justice according to the laws
local public transport consisting of a bus or train that stops at all stations or stops, the local seemed to take forever to get to New York
local anesthetic
local anaesthetic
local topical anesthetic
topical anaesthetic
anesthetic that numbs a particular area of the body
local area network
a local computer network for communication between computers, especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices
local oscillator
heterodyne oscillator
an oscillator whose output heterodynes with the incoming radio signal to produce sum and difference tones
local road
local street
a street that is primarily used to gain access to the property bordering it
motor hotel
motor inn
motor lodge
tourist court
a hotel for motorists, provides direct access from rooms to parking area
squash court the indoor court in which squash is played
tennis court the court on which tennis is played
volleyball court the court on which volleyball is played
wireless local area network
wireless fidelity
a local area network that uses high frequency radio signals to transmit and receive data over distances of a few hundred feet, uses ethernet protocol
local call a telephone call made within a local calling area
court order a writ issued by a court of law requiring a person to do something or to refrain from doing something
court royal court the sovereign and his advisers who are the governing power of a state
Court of Saint James's the British royal court
local government the government of a local area
local department
department of local government
a permanent department created to perform the work of a local government
post office local post office a local branch where postal services are available
International Court of Justice
World Court
a court established to settle disputes between members of the United Nations
court royal court the family and retinue of a sovereign or prince
an assembly (including one or more judges) to conduct judicial business
appellate court
appeals court
court of appeals
a court whose jurisdiction is to review decisions of lower courts or agencies
circuit court of appeals one of the twelve federal United States courts of appeals that cover a group of states known as a `circuit'
court of assize
court of assize and nisi prius
the county courts of England (replaced in by Crown courts)
court of chancery
a court with jurisdiction in equity
criminal court a court having jurisdiction over criminal cases
drumhead court-martial a military court convened to hear urgent charges of offenses committed in action
court-martial a military court to try members of the armed services who are accused of serious breaches of martial law
special court-martial a court-martial to try soldiers for offenses less serious that than those committed in action, consists of at least three officers
divorce court a court having jurisdiction over the termination of marriage contracts
family court
domestic relations court
court of domestic relations
a court in some states in the United States that has jurisdiction over family disputes (especially those involving children)
federal court a court establish by the authority of a federal government
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
a secret federal court created in by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, responsible for authorizing wiretaps and other forms of electronic surveillance and for authorizing searches of suspected spies and terrorists by the Department of Justice or United States intelligence agencies
inferior court
lower court
any court whose decisions can be appealed to a higher court
juvenile court a court having jurisdiction over dependent and delinquent children
kangaroo court an irregular unauthorized court
military court a judicial court of commissioned officers for the discipline and punishment of military personnel
moot court a mock court where law students argue hypothetical cases
night court a criminal court (in large cities) that sits at night
provost court a military court for trying people charged with minor offenses in an occupied area
police court a court that has power to prosecute for minor offenses and to bind over for trial in a superior court anyone accused of serious offenses
probate court a court having jurisdiction over the probate of wills and the administration of estates
superior court any court that has jurisdiction above an inferior court
Supreme Court
Supreme Court of the United States
United States Supreme Court
the highest federal court in the United States, has final appellate jurisdiction and has jurisdiction over all other courts in the nation
supreme court state supreme court
high court
the highest court in most states of the United States
traffic court a court that has power to prosecute for traffic offenses
trial court the first court before which the facts of a case are decided
county council the elected governing body of a county
local authority an administrative unit of local government
county line the boundary between two counties
county (United Kingdom) a region created by territorial division for the purpose of local government, the county has a population of , people
county (United States) the largest administrative district within a state, the county plans to build a new road
county palatine the territory of a count palatine
county seat
county courthouse
the town or city that is the seat of government for a county
county town
shire town
the town or city that is the seat of government for a shire
amicus curiae
friend of the court
an adviser to the court on some matter of law who is not a party to the case, usually someone who wants to influence the outcome of a lawsuit involving matters of wide public interest
county agent
agricultural agent
extension agent
an advisor employed by the government to assist people in rural areas with methods of farming and home economics
Margaret Court
Australian woman tennis player who won many major championships (born in )
local option freedom of a local government to determine by popular vote the applicability of a controversial law in their jurisdiction
local anesthesia
local anaesthesia
loss of sensation in a small area of the body (as when a local anesthetic is injected for a tooth extraction)
civil time
standard time
local time
the official time in a local region (adjusted for location around the Earth), established by law or custom
curry favor
curry favour
court favor
court favour
seek favor by fawning or flattery, This employee is currying favor with his superordinates
court-martial subject to trial by court-martial
make amorous advances towards, John is courting Mary
court engage in social activities leading to marriage, We were courting for over ten years
woo court seek someone's favor, China is wooing Russia
local relating to or applicable to or concerned with the administration of a city or town or district rather than a larger area, local taxes, local authorities
court-ordered ordered by a court of law
local affecting only a restricted part or area of the body, local anesthesia
local of or belonging to or characteristic of a particular locality or neighborhood, local customs, local schools, the local citizens, a local point of view, local outbreaks of flu, a local bus line


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