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Deutsche Synonyme für Bankvereinigung

Englische Synonyme für association of banks

association  Anschluss  British Cabinet  Sanhedrin  US Cabinet  accompaniment  accord  accordance  addition  adjunct  advisory body  affairs  affiliation  affinity  agglomeration  aggregation  agreement  alignment  alliance  amalgamation  approximation  assemblage  assembly  assimilation  association by contiguity  association of ideas  bench  blend  blending  board  body of advisers  bond  bonding  borough council  brain trust  cabal  cabinet  cahoots  camaraderie  camarilla  cartel  centralization  chain of thought  chamber  city council  clang association  closeness  co-working  coaction  coadunation  coalescence  coalition  cochairmanship  coincidence  collaboration  colleagueship  collectivity  collegialism  collegiality  collusion  combination  combine  combined effort  combo  common council  community  companionship  company  complicity  composition  comradeship  concert  concerted action  concomitance  concordance  concourse  concurrence  condominium  confederacy  confederation  conference  confluence  confraternity  congeries  conglomeration  congress  conjugation  conjunction  connectedness  connection  consilience  consociation  consolidation  consortium  consortship  conspiracy  consultative assembly  contiguity  contrariety  contribution  controlled association  cooperation  cooperative  copartnership  copartnery  correspondence  cotenancy  council  council fire  council of ministers  council of state  council of war  county council  court  current of thought  dealings  deduction  deliberative assembly  diet  directory  disjunction  divan  ecumenism  embodiment  encompassment  engagement  enosis  federalization  federation  fellowship  filiation  flow of thought  fraternalism  fraternity  fraternization  free association  freemasonry  friendship  fusion  group  guild  having a part  homology  hookup  identification  inclusion  incorporation  inmost thoughts  integration  intercourse  intimacy  involvement  joining  joint chairmanship  joint control  joi  

Lexikoneinträge für association of banks

Association (n.) The act of associating, or state of being associated
Association (n.) Mental connection, or that which is mentally linked or associated with a thing.
Association (n.) Union of persons in a company or society for some particular purpose

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

association football
a football game in which two teams of players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents' goal
association the act of consorting with or joining with others, you cannot be convicted of criminal guilt by association
National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
a computerized data system to provide brokers with price quotations for securities traded over the counter
association area
association cortex
cortical areas that are neither motor or sensory but are thought to be involved in higher processing of information
the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination, conditioning is a form of learning by association
free association a thought process in which ideas (words or images) suggest other ideas in a sequence
association theory
(psychology) a theory that association is the basic principle of mental activity
association (ecology) a group of organisms (plants and animals) that live together in a certain geographical region and constitute a community with a few dominant species
Kaplan Group
Association of Islamic Groups and Communities
Caliphate State
a Turkish terrorist group of fundamentalist Muslims with ties to al-Qaeda that operates in Germany, seeks the violent overthrow of the Turkish government and the establishment of an Islamic nation modeled on Iran
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
Tamil Tigers
World Tamil Association
World Tamil Movement
a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka that began inas a student protest over the limited university access for Tamil students, currently seeks to establish an independent Tamil state called Eelam, relies on guerilla strategy including terrorist tactics that target key government and military personnel, the Tamil Tigers perfected suicide bombing as a weapon of war
Orange Order
Association of Orangemen
a Protestant political organization in Northern Ireland
Ulster Defence Association
the major Protestant paramilitary group in Northern Ireland, responsible for bombing the homes of Catholics and for criminal racketeering and selling drugs
association a formal organization of people or groups of people, he joined the Modern Language Association
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
National Volunteers Association
an all-male organization begun in to foster nationalism in India's Hindus
Lions Club
International Association of Lions clubs
club dedicated to promoting responsible citizenship and good government and community and national and international welfare
professional association an association of practitioners of a given profession
International Development Association
an agency of the United Nations affiliated with the World Bank
news agency
press agency
wire service
press association
news organization
news organisation
an agency to collects news reports for newspapers and distributes it electronically
National Rifle Association
a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government
Federal National Mortgage Association
Fannie Mae
a federally chartered corporation that purchases mortgages
savings and loan
savings and loan association
a thrift institution that is required by law to make a certain percentage of its loans as home mortgages
Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons
an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens
National Association of Realtors a United States association of real estate agents which follows a strict code of ethics
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
an association of nations dedicated to economic and political cooperation in southeastern Asia and who joined with the United States to fight against global terrorism
Sir Joseph Banks
English botanist who accompanied Captain Cook on his first voyage to the Pacific Ocean (-)
J. B. Rhine
Joseph Banks Rhine
United States parapsychologist (-)
association (chemistry) any process of combination (especially in solution) that depends on relatively weak chemical bonding
association a relation resulting from interaction or dependence, flints were found in association with the prehistoric remains of the bear, the host is not always injured by association with a parasite
tie tie-up
a social or business relationship, a valuable financial affiliation, he was sorry he had to sever his ties with other members of the team, many close associations with England
guilt by association the attribution of guilt (without proof) to individuals because the people they associate with are guilty
association the state of being connected together as in memory or imagination, his association of his father with being beaten was too strong to break
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