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Deutsche Synonyme für Brennschnitt

Englische Synonyme für cut line

cut  AWOL  French leave  Parthian shot  Platonic form  Platonic idea  Spartan  Vandyke  abandon  abate  abatement  abbreviate  abbreviated  abrade  abrasion  abridge  abridged  abscind  abscondence  absence  absence without leave  absentation  absenteeism  absenting  abstract  abysm  abyss  ache  aching  acuminate  adulterate  adulterated  aesthetic form  afflict  affront  aggravated  aggrieve  aggrieved  agio  agonize  ail  air line  airy  allotment  allow  allowance  amount  amputate  anguish  anguished  annihilate  aposiopestic  apportion  aquatint  aqueduct  archetype  aroma  arroyo  art form  aspersion  assemble  atrocity  attenuate  attenuated  attribute  attrition  autolithograph  ax  back answer  backset  badge  ban  bang  banish  bank discount  baptize  bar  barb the dart  bark  bash  bastardize  baste  bastinado  bat  bate  be a printmaker  be keen  beat  beat back  beat down  beating  beeline  belabor  belt  benumb  best  bezel  biff  big end  bigger half  birch  birthmark  bisect  bit  bite  blackball  blaze  bleeding  blemish  block  block out  block print  bloody  blot out  blotch  blotto  blow  blue-pencil  bob  boil down  bonk  book  bottom  bowdlerize  box  box canyon  brand  breach  break  breakage  brickbat  brief  bring in  bristle with  broach  broken  bruise  bruised  brush off  brush-off  brusque  budget  buffet  build  burn  burned  burst  busted  butcher  butt  cachet  calendar  caliber  canal  canaliculate  canaliculated  canalization  canalize  cancel  cane  canned  canyon  capsulize  carve  carve up  carved  cash discount  cast  cast out  caste mark  catalog  catercorner  caustic remark  cavity  censor  chafe  chain discount  chalk  chalk up  chamfer  chamfered  channel  channeled  chap  character  characteristic  charge off  charge-off  chase  chase away  chase off  chasm  cheapen  cheapening  check  check in  checked  checkmark  chill  chimney  chink  chinky  chip  chipped  chisel  chop  chromolithograph  chronicle  chunk  cicatrix  cla  
cut across  bar  catercorner  chiasmal  chiasmic  chiastic  crisscross  cross  crossbar  crosscut  crossed  crossing  cruciate  cut  cut a corner  cut corners  cut crosswise  cut through  decussate  decussated  diagonalize  intercross  intersect  intersected  intersecting  lie across  make a beeline  secant  short-cut  slant across  slash  slash across  transverse  traverse  
cut back  abbreviate  abridge  abstract  bob  boil down  capsulize  clip  compress  condense  contract  crop  curtail  curtail expenses  cut  cut corners  cut down  cut off short  cut short  damp  dampen  decrease  deduct  deflate  depreciate  depress  diminish  dock  downgrade  elide  epitomize  foreshorten  lessen  lower  mark down  mow  nip  pare  pare down expenses  poll  pollard  prune  reap  recap  recapitulate  reduce  retrench  roll back  scale down  shave  shear  shorten  simplify  slash  slow down  snub  step down  stunt  sum up  summarize  synopsize  take a reef  take from  take in  telescope  trim  truncate  tune down  
cut corners  blink  carefully ignore  cold-shoulder  curtail expenses  cut a corner  cut across  cut back  cut down  cut through  dodge  fudge  make a beeline  pare down expenses  pass over  pass over lightly  retrench  roll back  scamp  short-cut  skim  skim over  skim the surface  skimp  skip over  slight  slow down  slubber over  slur  slur over  take a reef  touch upon  touch upon lightly  
cut down  abbreviate  abridge  abstract  annihilate  beat down  bereave of life  blow down  blow over  blow to pieces  blow up  bob  boil down  bowl down  bowl over  brain  break down  bring down  bulldog  bulldoze  burn down  burn to death  capsulize  carry away  carry off  cast down  chloroform  chop down  clip  compress  condense  contract  crop  curtail  curtail expenses  cut  cut back  cut corners  cut off  cut off short  cut short  cut to pieces  damp  dampen  dash down  deal a deathblow  deck  decrease  deduct  deflate  depreciate  depress  deprive of life  destroy  diminish  disintegrate  dispatch  dispose of  do away with  do for  do to death  dock  down  downgrade  drop  elide  end  epitomize  execute  exterminate  fell  fetch down  finish  finish off  flatten  floor  foreshorten  frag  give the quietus  ground  gun down  hew down  immolate  incinerate  jugulate  kill  knock down  knock over  lapidate  launch into eternity  lay level  lay low  lay out  lessen  level  liquidate  lower  lynch  make away with  mark down  martyr  martyrize  mow  mow down  nip  pare  pare down expenses  pistol  poison  poleax  poll  pollard  precipitate  prostrate  prune  pull down  purge  put away  put down  put to death  put to sleep  rase  raze  reap  recap  recapitulate  reduce  remove from life  retrench  riddle  roll back  sacrifice  scale down  send headlong  shave  shear  shoot  shoot down  shoot to death  shorten  shotgun  silence  simplify  slash  slay  slow down  smash  snub  spread-eagle  stab to death  starve  steamroller  step down  stone  stone to death  strike dead  stunt  sum up  summarize  supinate  synopsize  take a reef  take down  take from  take in  take life  take off  tear down  telescope  throw  throw down  topple  trim  trip  truncate  tumble  tune down  vaporize  whack down  
cut in  barge in  break in  break in upon  burst in  butt in  charge in  chime in  chip in  come between  crash  crash in  crash the gates  creep in  crowd in  edge in  elbow in  encroach  entrench  foist in  horn in  impinge  impose  impose on  impose upon  infiltrate  infringe  insinuate  interfere  interlope  interpose  interrupt  intervene  intrude  invade  irrupt  obtrude  press in  push in  put in  put on  put upon  rush in  slink in  slip in  smash in  sneak in  squeeze in  steal in  storm in  throng in  thrust in  trench  trespass  work in  worm in  
cut it out  abandon  abort  belay  cancel  cease  desist  discontinue  drop it  end  give over  halt  have done with  hold  knock it off  lay off  leave off  quit  refrain  relinquish  renounce  scrub  stay  stop  terminate  
cut loose  bail out  board  boom  break away  break jail  break loose  break out  carouse  cast loose  celebrate  clap on ratlines  clear  clear hawse  create a disturbance  create a riot  debauch  disembarrass  disembroil  disengage  disentangle  disinvolve  dislodge  escape  escape prison  evade  extricate  flee  fly the coop  free  get away  get clear of  get free  get out  get out of  give way to  go all out  go berserk  go flat out  go unrestrained  haul  haul down  heave  heave apeak  heave round  heave short  hell around  jollify  jolly  jump  kedge  lark  lay  lay aloft  let go  let loose  let off steam  log  make a commotion  make a getaway  make an ado  make merry  make trouble  make whoopee  open up  raise a ruckus  raise a rumpus  raise a storm  raise hell  ratline down  release  revel  riot  roil  roister  run amok  run riot  run wild  see life  skip  skylark  slip the collar  spar down  spree  step out  stream the log  tear loose  traverse a yard  unknot  unlash  unravel  unsnarl  untangle  wanton  warp  whoop it up  
cut off  abridge  abrupt  abscind  alienate  amputate  annihilate  ax  ban  bar  bar out  bereave  bereave of life  bereaved  bereaved of  bereft  bisect  bleed  block  blockade  bob  break  break off  butcher  carry away  carry off  carve  cast off  cast out  catch  chloroform  chop  cleave  clip  close off  count out  crop  cull  curtail  cut  cut adrift  cut away  cut down  cut in two  cut out  cut short  debar  delete  denuded  depart  deprive  deprive of  deprive of life  deprived of  destroy  dichotomize  disarticulate  disconnect  disendow  disengage  disentitle  disherison  disinherit  disjoin  disjoint  disown  dispatch  displace  dispose of  dispossess  disseise  dissever  dissociate  disunite  divest  divested  divide  divorce  do away with  do for  do to death  dock  drain  ease one of  eject  eliminate  embargo  end  enisle  enucleate  eradicate  estrange  evict  except  excise  exclude  execute  expel  expropriate  exsect  exterminate  extinguish  extirpate  finish  finish off  fissure  foreclose  freeze out  gash  get rid of  hack  halve  hew  ignore  immolate  incise  insulate  intermit  interrupt  island  isolate  jigsaw  keep out  kill  knock off  lacking  lance  launch into eternity  lay low  leave  leave out  lighten one of  liquidate  lock out  lop  lynch  make away with  martyr  martyrize  milk  mine  minus  mutilate  nip  omit  ostracize  out of  pare  part  parted from  pass over  peel  pick out  poison  preclude  prohibit  prune  pull away  pull back  pull out  purge  put away  put down  put paid to  put to death  put to sleep  reject  relegate  remove from life  rend  repudiate  rive  robbed of  root out  rule out  sacrifice  saw  scissor  scrag  segregate  send to Coventry  separate  sequester  set apart  set aside  sever  shave  shear  shorn of  shut off  shut out  slash  slaughter  slay  slice  slit  snap the thread  snip  split  stamp out  stand aloof  stand apart  stand aside  starve  step aside  strike off  strip  strip off  stripped  
cut out  abjure  abrupt  abscind  abstract  act for  alienate  amputate  annihilate  arrange  avulse  ban  bar  bob  calculate  cast  cast off  cast out  change places with  chuck  clear  clear away  clear out  clear the decks  clip  come off  concert  contrive  cooked-up  crop  crowd out  cull  cut  cut adrift  cut and run  cut away  cut off  cut-and-dried  cut-and-dry  delete  depart  deport  deracinate  design  desist  devise  dig out  dig up  disarticulate  disconnect  discontinue  disengage  disentangle  disjoin  disjoint  displace  dispose of  dissociate  disunite  disuse  divide  divorce  dock  double for  draw  draw out  dredge  dredge up  drop  eject  elide  eliminate  enucleate  eradicate  estrange  evolve  evulse  excavate  except  excise  exclude  exile  expatriate  expel  exsect  exterminate  extinguish  extirpate  extract  extricate  figure  fill in for  fixed  flee  fly  forecast  frame  get out  get quit of  get rid of  get shut of  ghost  ghostwrite  give over  give up  gouge out  grub up  have done with  hightail  in the bag  intend  isolate  knock off  lay plans  leave  leave off  let go  liquidate  lop  make a projection  make arrangements  make tracks  methodize  mine  mutilate  nip  nol-pros  not pursue with  on ice  organize  outlaw  packed  pare  part  peel  pick out  pinch-hit  plan  plan ahead  planned  plotted  pluck out  pluck up  prearrange  prearranged  preconcerted  precontrived  premeditated  preordered  program  project  prune  pull  pull away  pull back  pull out  pull up  purge  put behind one  put-up  quarry  quit  rake out  rationalize  relieve  relinquish  remove  renounce  replace  represent  resign  rigged  rip out  root out  root up  rule out  run along  run away  run away from  run off  schedule  schematize  schemed  segregate  separate  sequester  set apart  set aside  set up  set-up  shape  shave  shear  shut off  spell  spell off  split  stacked  stamp out  stand aloof  stand apart  stand aside  stand in for  step aside    
cut short  abbreviate  abbreviated  abridge  abridged  abstract  abstracted  arrest  block  bob  bobbed  boil down  brake  bring to  bring up short  butchered  capsule  capsulize  capsulized  castrated  check  checkmate  choke  choke off  clip  clipped  compress  compressed  condense  condensed  contract  crop  cropped  curtail  curtailed  cut  cut back  cut down  cut off  cut off short  dam  deadlock  digested  dispose of  do away with  dock  docked  draw rein  dumbfound  elide  elided  elliptic  end  epitomize  finish  finish off  foreshorten  freeze  gag  garbled  get rid of  halt  hashed  hush  hush-hush  kill  lopped  make away with  mangled  mow  mowed  mown  muffle  mutilated  muzzle  nip  nipped  poll  pollard  polled  prune  pruned  pull up  put paid to  put to silence  quiet  quieten  reap  reaped  recap  recapitulate  reduce  retrench  shave  shaved  shear  sheared  short-cut  shorten  shortened  shush  shut down on  silence  slaughter  snub  snubbed  soft-pedal  squash  squelch  stalemate  stall  stay  stem  stem the tide  stifle  still  stop  stop cold  stop dead  stop short  strike dumb  stunt  sum up  summarize  synopsize  take in  take off  telescope  throttle  to  trim  trimmed  truncate  truncated  
cut the mustard  be able  be up to  can  can do  clear  clear the hurdle  come along  come on  contrive  cut it  engineer  get along  get by  get on  go on  hack it  make it  make out  make the grade  manage  manage somehow  may  muddle through  negotiate  possess authority  put over  put through  scrape along  succeed in  swing  swing the deal  take charge  worry along  
cut up  act up  afflict  aggrieve  anguish  antic  apportion  barb the dart  behave ill  break down  bring to tears  broken-down  brokenhearted  bruise  caper  caracole  carp  carry on  carve  carve up  catch at straws  cavil  cavort  censure  clown  condemn  crush  crushed  curvet  cut  cut a dido  cut capers  cut up rough  dance  deep-troubled  denounce  desolate  desolated  disconsolate  disport  district  divide  divide into shares  divide up  divide with  divvy  divvy up  draw tears  embitter  fault-find  find fault  flounce  fool around  frisk  frolic  gambol  get into mischief  go on  grieve  heart-stricken  heart-struck  heartbroken  heartsick  hell around  horse  horse around  horseplay  hurt  hurt the feelings  inundate  inundated  knock  maffick  misbehave  misdemean  miserable  nitpick  oppress  overcome  overwhelm  overwhelmed  pain  pan  parcel  parcel out  part  partition  pettifog  pick holes  pick to pieces  pierce  play  play the fool  portion  prick  prostrate  pull apart  pull to pieces  quibble  raise Cain  raise hell  raise sand  raise the deuce  raise the devil  raise the roof  rap  reprehend  reprobate  rollick  romp  roughhouse  section  segment  share  share out  share with  show off  skin  skip  slice  slice the pie  slice up  sorrow  split  split up  sport  stab  sting  stricken  subdivide  suicidal  take exception  tear apart  tear to pieces  torment  trip  twist the knife  undone  whoop it up  woebegone  woeful  wound  wretched  zone  
cutaneous  cortical  dermal  dermic  ecderonic  ectodermal  ectodermic  endermatic  endermic  epicarpal  epidermal  epidermic  furry  hypodermal  hypodermic  intracardiac  intradermal  intramedullary  intraspinal  intrathecal  intravenous  percutaneous  skin-deep  skinny  subcutaneous  testaceous  
cutback  cheeseparing  cooling  cooling down  cooling off  curtailment  cut  economization  economizing  low growth rate  pullback  reduction of expenses  reduction of spending  retrenchment  rollback  saving  scraping  scrimping  skimping  slowdown  sparing  
cute  Daedalian  Machiavellian  Machiavellic  acute  adept  adorable  adroit  apt  arch  artful  artistic  astute  attractive  authoritative  beautiful  bravura  brilliant  cagey  canny  clean  clever  coordinated  crack  crackerjack  crafty  cunning  daedal  dainty  deceitful  deep  deep-laid  deft  delicate  designing  dexterous  dextrous  diplomatic  excellent  expert  fancy  feline  foxy  good  goodish  graceful  guileful  handy  ingenious  insidious  inventive  knowing  lovely  magisterial  masterful  masterly  mignon  neat  no mean  pawky  politic  pretty  professional  proficient  quick  quite some  ready  resourceful  scheming  serpentine  sharp  shifty  shrewd  skillful  slick  slippery  sly  smooth  snaky  sneaky  some  sophistical  statesmanlike  stealthy  strategic  stylish  subtile  subtle  supple  tactful  tactical  the compleat  the complete  trickish  tricksy  tricky  virtuoso  vulpine  wary  well-done  wily  workmanlike  
cuticle  Leatherette  Leatheroid  coat  dermis  fell  fleece  flesh  fur  furring  hide  imitation fur  imitation leather  integument  jacket  leather  leather paper  outer layer  outer skin  pelt  peltry  rawhide  rind  sheath  skin  skins  tegument  vair  
cutie  babe  baby  broad  chick  colleen  dame  damoiselle  damsel  demoiselle  doll  filly  frail  gal  girl  girlie  heifer  hoyden  jeune fille  jill  junior miss  lass  lassie  little missy  mademoiselle  maid  maiden  miss  missy  nymphet  piece  romp  schoolgirl  schoolmaid  schoolmiss  skirt  slip  subdeb  subdebutante  subteen  subteener  teenybopper  tomato  tomboy  virgin  wench  young creature  young thing  
cutlery  ax  blade  cold steel  cutter  dagger  dining utensils  edge tools  flat silver  flatware  forks  hollow ware  knife  knives  naked steel  pigsticker  point  puncturer  sharpener  silver  silver plate  silverware  spoons  stainless-steel ware  steel  sword  tablespoon  tableware  teaspoon  toad sticker  whittle  
cutoff  air line  arrest  beeline  bell  border line  bound  boundary  boundary condition  boundary line  bourn  break boundary  breakoff point  ceiling  check  checkmate  circumscription  compass  confine  cut  cutoff point  dead stop  deadline  deadlock  delimitation  determinant  division line  end  endgame  ending  extremity  final whistle  finish  floor  frontier  full stop  grinding halt  gun  halt  hedge  high-water mark  interface  limen  limit  limitation  limiting factor  line  line of demarcation  lockout  low-water mark  lower limit  march  mark  mete  shortcut  shortest way  sit-down strike  stalemate  stand  standoff  standstill  start  starting line  starting point  stay  stop  stoppage  strike  target date  term  terminal date  terminus  threshold  time allotment  upper limit  walkout  work stoppage  

Lexikoneinträge für cut line

Bee line () The shortest line from one place to another, like that of a bee to its hive when loaded with honey
Gunter's line () A logarithmic line on Gunter's scale, used for performing the multiplication and division of numbers mechanically by the dividers
Line (n.) Flax
Line (n.) The longer and finer fiber of flax.
Line (v. t.) To cover the inner surface of
Line (v. t.) To put something in the inside of
Line (v. t.) To place persons or things along the side of for security or defense
Line (v. t.) To impregnate
Line (n.) A linen thread or string
Line (n.) A more or less threadlike mark of pen, pencil, or graver
Line (n.) The course followed by anything in motion
Line (n.) Direction
Line (n.) A row of letters, words, etc., written or printed
Line (n.) A short letter
Line (n.) A verse, or the words which form a certain number of feet, according to the measure.
Line (n.) Course of conduct, thought, occupation, or policy
Line (n.) That which has length, but not breadth or thickness.
Line (n.) The exterior limit of a figure, plat, or territory
Line (n.) A threadlike crease marking the face or the hand
Line (n.) Lineament
Line (n.) A straight row
Line (n.) A series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person
Line (n.) A connected series of public conveyances, and hence, an established arrangement for forwarding merchandise, etc.
Line (n.) A circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map.
Line (n.) The equator
Line (n.) A long tape, or a narrow ribbon of steel, etc., marked with subdivisions, as feet and inches, for measuring
Line (n.) A measuring line or cord.
Line (n.) That which was measured by a line, as a field or any piece of land set apart
Line (n.) Instruction
Line (n.) The proper relative position or adjustment of parts, not as to design or proportion, but with reference to smooth working
Line (n.) The track and roadbed of a railway
Line (n.) A row of men who are abreast of one another, whether side by side or some distance apart
Line (n.) The regular infantry of an army, as distinguished from militia, guards, volunteer corps, cavalry, artillery, etc.
Line (n.) A trench or rampart.
Line (n.) Dispositions made to cover extended positions, and presenting a front in but one direction to an enemy.
Line (n.) Form of a vessel as shown by the outlines of vertical, horizontal, and oblique sections.
Line (n.) One of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed.
Line (n.) A number of shares taken by a jobber.
Line (n.) A series of various qualities and values of the same general class of articles
Line (n.) The wire connecting one telegraphic station with another, or the whole of a system of telegraph wires under one management and name.
Line (n.) The reins with which a horse is guided by his driver.
Line (n.) A measure of length
Line (v. t.) To mark with a line or lines
Line (v. t.) To represent by lines
Line (v. t.) To read or repeat line by line
Line (v. t.) To form into a line
Spurling-line (n.) The line which forms the communication between the steering wheel and the telltale.
Up-line (n.) A line or track leading from the provinces toward the metropolis or a principal terminus
Water line () Any one of certain lines of a vessel, model, or plan, parallel with the surface of the water at various heights from the keel.
Water line () Any one of several lines marked upon the outside of a vessel, corresponding with the surface of the water when she is afloat on an even keel. The lowest line indicates the vessel's proper submergence when not loaded, and is called the light water line

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

line drive
(baseball) a hit that flies straight out from the batter, the batter hit a liner to the shortstop
line-drive single
line single
a single resulting from a line drive
line-drive double
line double
a double resulting from a line drive
line-drive triple
line triple
a triple resulting from a line drive
line of least resistance
path of least resistance
the easiest way, In marrying him she simply took the path of least resistance
pursuit sideline
spare-time activity
an auxiliary activity
line of work
the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money, he's not in my line of business
line backer
(American football) the position of a defensive football player who plays close behind the line of scrimmage
field of operation
line of business
a particular kind of commercial enterprise, they are outstanding in their field
line of duty all that is normally required in some area of responsibility
line management administration of the activities contributing directly to an organization's output
line acting in conformity, in line with, he got out of line, toe the line
lateral line
lateral line organ
sense organs of fish and amphibians, believed to detect pressure changes in the water
acoustic delay line
sonic delay line
a delay line based on the time of propagation of sound waves
A-line women's clothing that has a fitted top and a flared skirt that is widest at the hemline, it is called the A-line because the effect resembles the capital letter A
branch line
spur track
a railway line connected to a trunk line
bus line an organization responsible for operating a bus transportation system
cable line transmission line a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
chalk line
snap line
a chalked string used in the building trades to make a straight line on a vertical surface
delay line a circuit designed to introduce a calculated delay into the transmission of a signal
line drawing
a drawing of the outlines of forms or objects
digital subscriber line
a generic name for digital lines that are provided by telephone companies to their local subscribers and that carry data at high speeds
drive line
drive line system
mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the driving wheels of a motor vehicle
electromagnetic delay line a delay line based on the time of propagation of electromagnetic waves
feeder line a branching path off of a main transportation line (especially an airline)
fishing line a length of cord to which the leader and float and sinker and hook are attached
fuel line
gas line petrol line
a pipe that carries gasoline from a tank to a gasoline engine, the car wouldn't start because dirt clogged the gas line
gas line a pipeline used to transport natural gas, the workmen broke through the gas line
hand line
a fishing line managed principally by hand
harpoon line a strong rope for making the catch fast to the harpooner's boat
hot line a direct telephone line between two officials
land line
a telephone line that travels over terrestrial circuits, a land line can be wire or fiber optics or microwave
lead line
sounding line
(nautical) plumb line for determining depth
line something (as a cord or rope) that is long and thin and flexible, a washing line
line railway line
rail line
the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed
line a commercial organization serving as a common carrier
line product line
line of products
line of merchandise
business line
line of business
a particular kind of product or merchandise, a nice line of shoes
line block
line engraving
engraving consisting of a block that has been etched or engraved
linecut line engraving a print obtained from a line drawing
line of defense
line of defence
defensive structure consisting of a barrier that can be employed for defense against attack
line printer
line-at-a-time printer
printer that serves as an output device on a computer, prints a whole line of characters at a time
log line a knotted cord that runs out from a reel to a piece of wood that is attached to it
loop-line a railway branch line that branches from the trunk line and then rejoins it later on
Maginot Line a fortification built before World War II to protect France's eastern border, initially considered to be impregnable, it was easily overrun by the German army in
main line the principal route of a transportation system
ship of the line
a warship intended for combat
mooring line
(nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place
night-line a fishing line with baited hooks left in the water to catch fish over night
off-line equipment
auxiliary equipment
electronic equipment not in direct communication (or under the control of) the central processing unit
party line a telephone line serving two or more subscribers
a pipe used to transport liquids or gases, a pipeline runs from the wells to the seaport
plumb line
a cord from which a metal weight is suspended pointing directly to the earth's center of gravity, used to determine the vertical from a given point
power line
power cable
cable used to distribute electricity
private line a telephone line serving a single subscriber
production line
assembly line
mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
railroad line
railway line railway system
line that is the commercial organization responsible for operating a system of transportation for trains that pull passengers or freight
rivet line a line of rivets at a seam, the fuselage cracked along the rivet line
in-line skate a shoe with a line of rollers fixed to the sole
sash cord
sash line
a strong cord connecting a sash weight to a sliding sash
sewer main
sewer line
a main in a sewage system
short line a transportation system that operates over relatively short distances
Siegfried line German fortifications facing the Maginot Line
static line a cord used instead of a ripcord to open a parachute, the cord is attached at one end to the aircraft and temporarily attached to the pack of a parachute at the other, it opens the parachute after the jumper is clear of the plane
steam line
steam pipe
a pipe conducting steam
steamship company
steamship line
a line responsible for the operation of a fleet of steamships
telephone line
phone line
telephone circuit
subscriber line
a telephone connection
telephone wire
telephone line telegraph wire
telegraph line
the wire that carries telegraph and telephone signals
toll line a telephone line for long-distance calls
top of the line the best (most expensive) in a given line of merchandise
towing line
towing rope
(nautical) a rope used in towing
transit line a line providing public transit
trawl trawl line
a long fishing line with many shorter lines and hooks attached to it (usually suspended between buoys)
trip line a light rope used in lumbering to free a dog hook from a log at a distance
trolley line a transit line using streetcars or trolley buses
trunk line a telephone line connecting two exchanges directly
trunk line trunk route line that is the main route on a railway
WATS line
a telephone line,long distance service at fixed rates for fixed zones, an acronym for wide area telephone service
color bar
colour bar
color line
colour line
Jim Crow
barrier preventing blacks from participating in various activities with whites
dividing line
a conceptual separation or distinction, there is a narrow line between sanity and insanity
logical argument
argument line of reasoning
a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood, the methodical process of logical reasoning, I can't follow your line of reasoning
line of thought a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group
line of inquiry
line of questioning
an ordering of questions so as to develop a particular argument
regression line
regression curve
a smooth curve fitted to the set of paired data in regression analysis, for linear regression the curve is a straight line
hard line a firm and uncompromising stance or position, the governor took a hard line on drugs
channel communication channel
(often plural) a means of communication or access, it must go through official channels, lines of communication were set up between the two firms
opening line the first line of a piece of writing (as a newspaper story)
drop line
stepped line
stagger head
staggered head
a headline with the top line flush left and succeeding lines indented to the right
line of poetry
line of verse
a single line of words in a poem
credit line
a line giving the name of the writer of a story or article
plot line
the plot of a book or play or film
verse verse line a line of metrical text
Adonic line
a verse line with a dactyl followed by a spondee or trochee, supposedly used in laments by Adonis
line score a summary of the scoring in a game (usually in tabular form)
line item an item in an appropriation bill, Some governors can veto line items in their state budgets
command line interface
a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon
instruction command statement program line (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program
command line commands that a user types in order to run an application
electronic database
on-line database
computer database
electronic information service
(computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
bottom line the decisive point
note short letter
line billet
a short personal letter, drop me a line when you get there


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