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Deutsche Synonyme für Chancengleichheit


Englische Synonyme für equal opportunities

equal  accord  accordant  agent  agree  aligned  alike  alter ego  alternate  alternative  amount to  analogous  analogy  approach  at par  au pair  automatic  backup  balance  balanced  be parallel  beat  break even  brother  capable of  challenge comparison  change  changeable  changeling  coequal  coextend  coextending  coextensive  coincident  coincidental  coinciding  collateral  colleague  come to  come up to  commensurable  commensurate  commutable  commutative  comparable  compare  comparison  compeer  competitor  concurrent  congruent  congruous  consistent  consonant  constant  continuous  convertible  coordinate  copy  correspond  correspond to  correspondent  corresponding  coterminous  counterfeit  counterpart  deputy  dispassionate  distributional  distributive  ditto  double  draw  drawn  dummy  duplicate  emulate  equable  equal to  equalize  equalized  equalizing  equidistant  equilateral  equipollent  equispaced  equitable  equivalent  ersatz  eurythmic  even  even off  even stephen  exchange  exchanged  fair  fake  fellow  fifty-fifty  fill-in  finished  flat  ghost  ghostwriter  give-and-take  go alongside  go beside  half  half-and-half  halvers  harmonious  homogeneous  identic  identical  imitation  immutable  impartial  indistinguishable  interchangeable  interchanged  invariable  just  keep pace with  knot  knotted  level  like  lined up  locum tenens  makeshift  match  match up with  matching  mate  measure up  measure up to  measured  mechanical  meet  metaphor  methodic  metonymy  monolithic  mutual  next best thing  nip and tuck  nonconvergent  nondivergent  objective  of a piece  on a footing  on a level  on a par  on even ground  opposite number  ordered  orderly  par  parallel  parallelepipedal  parallelinervate  paralleling  parallelodrome  parallelogrammatic  parallelogrammic  parallelotropic  partake of  particular  peer  per capita  per head  permutable  persistent  personnel  phony  pinch hitter  pro rata  proportional  proportio  
equal to  able  adequate  alert for  ample  au fait  barely sufficient  capable  commensurate  competent  corresponding  decent  due  effective  effectual  efficacious  efficient  enough  fit  fitted  fitted for  good  good enough  journeyman  loaded for  minimal  minimum  plenty  plenty good enough  prepared for  productive  proficient  proportionable  proportionate  qualified  ready for  satisfactory  satisfying  substantial  sufficient  sufficient for  sufficing  suitable  suited  up for  up to  up to snuff  well-fitted  well-qualified  well-suited  worthy  
equality  agreement  analogy  balance  bilateral symmetry  coequality  coincidence  comparability  comparison  conformity  congruence  congruity  consistency  correspondence  dynamic symmetry  egalitarianism  equilibrium  equivalence  equivalency  eurythmics  eurythmy  evenness  fairness  finish  harmony  homogeneity  homoousia  identity  impartiality  indistinguishability  justice  keeping  likeness  multilateral symmetry  no difference  oneness  par  parallelism  parity  polarity  proportion  proportionality  regularity  resemblance  sameness  self-identity  selfhood  selfness  selfsameness  shapeliness  similarity  similitude  symmetricalness  symmetry  synonymity  synonymousness  synonymy  trilateral symmetry  uniformity  unity  
equalize  accommodate  accord  adapt  adjust  adjust to  align  assimilate  assimilate to  attune  balance  cancel  compensate  coordinate  counterbalance  counterpoise  countervail  cut to  dab  damp  drag  dress  dub  equal  equate  equilibrize  even  even up  fell  fit  fix  flatten  flush  gear to  grade  grease  harmonize  harrow  homogenize  homologate  homologize  integrate  key to  lay  lay down  lay flat  lay level  lay low  lay out  level  lubricate  make plumb  make uniform  match  measure  mow  normalize  oil  plane  planish  plaster  poise  proportion  proportionate  put in tune  rase  raze  reconcile  rectify  regularize  regulate  right  roll  roll flat  set  set right  shave  similarize  smooth  smooth down  smooth out  smoothen  square  stabilize  standardize  steamroll  steamroller  stereotype  strike a balance  symmetrize  sync  synchronize  tailor  trim to  true  true up  tune  uniformize  
equalizer  KO  clincher  crusher  death stroke  deathblow  end-all  ender  final stroke  finisher  finishing stroke  kayo  kayo punch  knockout  knockout blow  last dab  quietus  settler  sockdolager  stopper  
equalizing  accommodation  adjustment  changeable  commutable  commutative  convertible  coordination  equal  equalization  equating  equation  equilibration  equivalent  even  evening  evening up  exchanged  give-and-take  integration  interchangeable  interchanged  mutual  permutable  reciprocal  reciprocating  reciprocative  retaliatory  returnable  standard  swapped  switched  traded  transposed  
equally  according to circumstances  accordingly  ad eundem  alike  as  as is  as it is  as matters stand  as well  at that rate  ceteris paribus  coequally  coextensively  coincidentally  congruently  consequently  correspondently  correspondingly  coterminously  deservedly  disinterestedly  dispassionately  ditto  duly  equitably  equivalently  evenly  fair  fairly  fifty-fifty  ibid  ibidem  identically  impartially  impersonally  in that case  in that event  indifferently  just the same  justifiably  justifiedly  justly  likewise  meetly  properly  proportionately  rightfully  rightly  same here  so  squarely  synonymously  that being so  the same way  therefore  under the circumstances  upon even terms  warrantably  warrantedly  without distinction  

Lexikoneinträge für equal opportunities / equal opportunities for men and women

-women (pl. ) of Bedeswoman
Equal (a.) Agreeing in quantity, size, quality, degree, value, etc.
Equal (a.) Bearing a suitable relation
Equal (a.) Not variable
Equal (a.) Evenly balanced
Equal (a.) Of the same interest or concern
Equal (a.) Intended for voices of one kind only, either all male or all female
Equal (a.) Exactly agreeing with respect to quantity.
Equal (n.) One not inferior or superior to another
Equal (n.) State of being equal
Equal (v. t.) To be or become equal to
Equal (v. t.) To make equal return to
Equal (v. t.) To make equal or equal to
Herb-women (pl. ) of Herb-woman
women (pl. ) of Herdswoman
Opportunities (pl. ) of Opportunity
Tire-women (pl. ) of Tire-woman
Women (pl. ) of Woman
Women (n.) pl. of Woman.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

feminist movement
women's liberation movement
women's lib
the movement aimed at equal rights for women
equal temperament the division of the scale based on an octave that is divided into twelve exactly equal semitones, equal temperament is the system commonly used in keyboard instruments
equal-area projection
equal-area map projection
a map projection in which quadrilaterals formed by meridians and parallels have an area on the map proportional to their area on the globe
equal protection of the laws a right guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution and by the due-process clause of the Fifth Amendment
equal opportunity the right to equivalent opportunities for employment regardless of race or color or sex or national origin
Kepler's second law
law of areas
law of equal areas
a law concerning the speed at which planets travel, a line connecting a planet to the sun will sweep out equal areas in equal times, Kepler's second law means that a planet's orbital speed changes with its distance from the sun
equal sign a sign indicating that the quantities on either side are equal
Women's Army Corps
an army corps that was organized in World War II but is no longer a separate branch of the United States Army
Commission on the Status of Women the commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations that is concerned with the status of women in different societies
a person who is of equal standing with another in a group
women's rightist
women's liberationist
a supporter of feminism
match equalize
make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching, let's equalize the duties among all employees in this office, The company matched the discount policy of its competitors
be identical or equivalent to, One dollar equals ,rubles these days!
equal touch rival
be equal to in quality or ability, Nothing can rival cotton for durability, Your performance doesn't even touch that of your colleagues, Her persistence and ambition only matches that of her parents
having the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task, she had adequate training, her training was adequate, she was adequate to the job, he was equal to the task
adequate to(p)
equal to(p)
up to(p)
having the requisite qualities for, equal to the task, the work isn't up to the standard I require
equal having the same quantity, value, or measure as another, on equal terms, all men are equal before the law
pari passu
at an equal rate
used in legal language


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Chancengleichheit bezeichnet in modernen Gesellschaften das Recht auf einen gleichen Zugang zu Lebenschancen. Dazu gehört insbesondere das Verbot von Diskriminierung beispielsweise aufgrund des Geschlechtes, des Alters, der Religion, der kulturellen Zugehörigkeit, einer Behinderung oder der sozialen Herkunft, das in den Menschenrechten festgeschrieben ist.
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