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Deutsche Synonyme für Doktorarbeiten

Englische Synonyme für thesis doktoren doctors

thesis  Alexandrine  a priori principle  accent  accentuation  affirmation  amphibrach  amphimacer  anacrusis  anapest  antispast  apriorism  argument  argumentation  arsis  article  assertion  assumed position  assumption  axiom  bacchius  basis  beat  belief  bout  cadence  caesura  catalexis  categorical proposition  causerie  chloriamb  chloriambus  circle  circuit  colon  conjecture  contention  contestation  counterpoint  course  cretic  cycle  dactyl  dactylic hexameter  data  descant  diaeresis  diastole  dimeter  dipody  discourse  discussion  disquisition  dissertation  dochmiac  downbeat  elegiac  elegiac couplet  elegiac pentameter  emphasis  epitrite  essay  etude  examination  excursus  exposition  feature  feminine caesura  first approach  first principles  foot  foundation  grammatical accent  ground  guesswork  heptameter  heptapody  heroic couplet  hexameter  hexapody  homily  hypothesis  hypothesis ad hoc  iamb  iambic  iambic pentameter  ictus  idea  inference  intonation  intonation pattern  introductory study  ionic  jingle  lemma  lilt  lucubration  major premise  masculine caesura  measure  memoir  meter  metrical accent  metrical foot  metrical group  metrical unit  metron  minor premise  molossus  monograph  mora  morceau  movement  note  notion  numbers  opinion  outline  paeon  pandect  paper  paragraph  pentameter  pentapody  period  philosopheme  philosophical proposition  piece  pitch accent  point  posit  position  postulate  postulation  postulatum  precept  preliminary study  premise  premiss  presumption  presupposal  presupposition  proceleusmatic  prolegomenon  proposition  propositional function  pulse  pyrrhic  quantity  research paper  revolution  rhetorical accent  rhythm  rhythmical accent  rotation  round  screed  sentiments  series  set of postulates  sketch  special article  spell  spondee  sprung rhythm  statement  stress  stress accent  stress arsis  study  sumption  supposal  supposing  supposition  surmise  survey  sw  


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