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Elektrokran Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Elektrokran {m}
Elektrokrane {pl}
electric crane
electric cranes
Schienenverbinder {m} (Elektrokabel) (Bahn)
rail bond (railway)
Elektrokabel {n} [techn.]
electric cable
Schaltkasten {m}; Elektrokasten {m} [techn.]
Schaltkästen {pl}; Elektrokästen {pl}
switch control box; electric box; switchbox
switch control boxes; electric boxes; switchboxes
Elektrokamin {m} [techn.]
electric fire
Elektrokardiograf {m} [techn.]
Elektrokardiogramm {n} (EKG) [med.]
Elektrokardiogramme {pl}
electrocardiogram (ECG)
Elektrokardiogramm {n} EKG [med.]
Elektrokardiogramme {pl}
Belastungselektrokardiogramm {n}; Belastungs-EKG
Ruhe-EKG {n}
electrocardiogram ECG
exercise electrocardiogram; exercise ECG
resting ECG
Elektrokardiograph {n}
Elektrokardiograph {n}
Elektrokardiographen {pl}
Elektrokardiographenrekorder {m} [techn.]
electrocardiograph recorder
Elektrokardiographie {f} [med.]
elektrokardiographisch {adj} [med.]
Niederflur-Elektrowagen {m}; Niederflur-Elektrokarren {m} [auto]
Niederflur-Elektrowagen {pl}; Niederflur-Elektrokarren {pl}
low-platform truck
low-platform trucks
Elektrokauter {m} [med.] [techn.]
Elektrokeramik {f} [techn.]
Elektrokettenzug {m}
Elektrokettenzüge {pl}
electric chain hoist
electric chain hoists
Elektrokettenzug {m}
electric chain hoist
Elektrokleinmotor {m} [mach.]
fractional horsepower motor
Elektrokohle {f} [techn.]
electrical coal
Elektrokomponente {f} [techn.]
electrical component
Elektrokomponentenbau {m} [techn.]
electrical components construction
Elektrokompressor {m} [techn.]
electrical compressor
Elektrokonfiguration {f} [techn.]
electrical configuration
Elektrokonstruktion {f} [techn.]
electrical construction
Elektrokontakt Messuhr {m} [techn.]
electrical contact dial gauges
Elektrokontakt {m} [techn.]
electrical contact
Elektrokonvektor {m} [electr.]
electrical convector
Elektrokrampftherapie {f} EKT ; Elektrokonvulsionstherapie {f}; Elektroschocktherapie {f}
electroconvulsive therapy ECT ; electroshock
Elektrokran {m}
Elektrokrane {pl}
electric crane
electric cranes

Deutsche Synonyme für Elektrokran

Englische Synonyme für electric crane

electric  Amtrak  baggage train  cable railroad  charged  choo-choo  cog railroad  cog railway  el  electric car  electric train  electrifying  elevated  energized  exciting  express  express train  flier  freight  freight train  freighter  funicular  galvanizing  goods train  interurban  lightning express  limited  local  metro  milk train  monorail  moving  parliamentary  parliamentary train  passenger train  rack-and-pinion railroad  railroad train  rattler  rolling stock  shuttle  shuttle train  special  stimulating  stirring  streamliner  streetcar  subway  tense  thrilling  train  tram  tramcar  trolley  trolley car  tube  underground  way train  
electric chair  ax  block  cross  death chair  death chamber  drop  gallows  gallows-tree  gas chamber  gibbet  guillotine  halter  hemp  hempen collar  hot seat  lethal chamber  maiden  noose  rope  scaffold  stake  the chair  tree  
electric current  AC  DC  absorption current  active current  alternating current  base current  cathode current  collector current  conduction current  convection current  cycle  delta current  dielectric displacement current  direct current  displacement current  eddy current  electric stream  electron cloud  electron flow  electron gas  electron stream  emission current  exciting current  free alternating current  galvanic current  high-frequency current  idle current  induced current  induction current  ionization current  juice  low-frequency current  magnetizing current  multiphase current  output current  plate current  pulsating direct current  reactive current  rotary current  single-phase alternating current  space charge  stray current  thermionic current  thermoelectric current  three-phase alternating current  voltaic current  watt current  
electric meter  VOM  VTVM  ammeter  ampere-hour meter  coulometer  dynamometer  expansion ammeter  faradmeter  galvanometer  hysteresis meter  magnetometer  megohmmeter  mhometer  milliammeter  moving-coil meter  ohmmeter  potentiometer  thermoammeter  thermocouple  thermoelectrometer  variometer  voltameter  voltmeter  
electric power  atomic power  electric horsepower  electropower  horsepower  hydraulic power  hydroelectric power  hydroelectricity  impulse  jet power  manpower  nuclear power  piston power  power load  propulsion  rocket power  solar power  steam power  thermonuclear power  thrust  water power  wattage  watts  
electric wire  BX cable  armored cable  battery cable  bell wire  coaxial cable  electric cable  electric cord  highline  hookup wire  lead  line  power line  telegraph line  telephone line  three-wire cable  transmission line  triaxial cable  underground cable  wire line  
electrical  agitating  battery-powered  breathtaking  charged  cliff-hanging  disquieting  distracting  disturbing  dynamoelectric  electric  electric-powered  electrified  electrifying  electrochemical  electrodynamic  electrokinetic  electromechanical  electrometric  electromotive  electropneumatic  electrostatic  electrothermal  exciting  exhilarating  galvanic  galvanometric  heady  heart-expanding  heart-stirring  heart-swelling  heart-thrilling  hydroelectric  impressive  inflammatory  intoxicating  jarring  jolting  maddening  mind-blowing  moving  overcoming  overmastering  overpowering  overwhelming  perturbing  photoelectric  piezoelectric  piquant  provocative  provoking  ravishing  soul-stirring  spirit-stirring  static  stimulating  stimulative  stirring  striking  suspenseful  suspensive  tantalizing  telling  thrilling  thrilly  troubling  unsettling  upsetting  voltaic  
electrical parts and devices  alternator  anode  armature  autoconverter  autostarter  autotransformer  battery charger  brush  cap  capacitor  cathode  charger  choking coil  coil  commutator  compensator  condenser  controller  converter  coupling  cutout  distributor  dynamo  dynamotor  electrode  electrophorus  electroscope  fuse  galvanic pile  galvanoscope  generator  grid  ground  ignition  inductor  insulator  interrupter  jumper  lightning rod  magnet  magneto  magnetoscope  motor-generator  oscillator  oscilloscope  outlet  pile  plug  pocket  points  push button  reactor  receptacle  rectifier  relay  resistance box  resistor  rheostat  self-starter  selsyn  shunt  socket  spark coil  spark plug  starter  step-down transformer  switch  synchronous converter  tap  terminal  time switch  timer  toggle switch  transformer  trickle charger  voltage changer  voltage regulator  voltage transformer  
electricity  TelAutography  Teletype  Teletype network  Teletyping  antelope  ardor  arrow  benzine  blue darter  blue streak  cannonball  closed-circuit telegraphy  coal oil  code  courser  dart  duplex telegraphy  eagle  energy  excitement  express train  facsimile telegraph  fervency  flash  gas  gasoline  gazelle  greased lightning  greyhound  hare  illuminant  illuminating gas  intensity  interrupter  jet plane  kerosene  key  light  light source  lightning  luminant  mercury  multiplex telegraphy  news ticker  oil  paraffin  petrol  petroleum  quadruplex telegraphy  quicksilver  railroad telegraphy  receiver  rocket  scared rabbit  sender  shot  simplex telegraphy  single-current telegraphy  sounder  stock ticker  streak  streak of lightning  striped snake  submarine telegraphy  swallow  telegraphics  telegraphy  teleprinter  teletypewriter  teletypewriting  telex  tenseness  tension  thought  thunderbolt  ticker  torrent  transmitter  typotelegraph  typotelegraphy  verve  vibrations  wind  wire service  

Lexikoneinträge für electric crane / electric cranes

Crane (n.) A measure for fresh herrings, -- as many as will fill a barrel.
Crane (n.) A wading bird of the genus Grus, and allied genera, of various species, having a long, straight bill, and long legs and neck.
Crane (n.) A machine for raising and lowering heavy weights, and, while holding them suspended, transporting them through a limited lateral distance. In one form it consists of a projecting arm or jib of timber or iron, a rotating post or base, and the necessary tackle, windlass, etc.
Crane (n.) An iron arm with horizontal motion, attached to the side or back of a fireplace, for supporting kettles, etc., over a fire.
Crane (n.) A siphon, or bent pipe, for drawing liquors out of a cask.
Crane (n.) A forked post or projecting bracket to support spars, etc., -- generally used in pairs. See Crotch, 2.
Crane (v. t.) To cause to rise
Crane (v. t.) To stretch, as a crane stretches its neck
Crane (v. i.) to reach forward with head and neck, in order to see better
Crane's-bill (n.) The geranium
Crane's-bill (n.) A pair of long-beaked forceps.
Dynamo-electric (a.) Pertaining to the development of electricity, especially electrical currents, by power
Electric (a.) Alt. of Electrical
Electric (n.) A nonconductor of electricity, as amber, glass, resin, etc., employed to excite or accumulate electricity.
Hydro-electric (a.) Pertaining to, employed in, or produced by, the evolution of electricity by means of a battery in which water or steam is used.
Magneto-electric (a.) Alt. of Magneto-electrical
Photo-electric (a.) Acting by the operation of both light and electricity
Resino-electric (a.) Containing or exhibiting resinous electricity.
Volta-electric (a.) Of or pertaining to voltaic electricity, or voltaism.
Water crane () A goose-neck apparatus for supplying water from an elevated tank, as to the tender of a locomotive.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

electric healing
electrical healing
the therapeutic application of electricity to the body (as in the treatment of various forms of paralysis)
electric shock
electrical shock
a reflex response to the passage of electric current through the body, subjects received a small electric shock when they made the wrong response, electricians get accustomed to occasional shocks
electric shock the use of electricity to administer punishment or torture, they used cattle prods to administer electric shocks
electric eel
Electrophorus electric
eel-shaped freshwater fish of South America having electric organs in its body
electric ray
any sluggish bottom-dwelling ray of the order Torpediniformes having a rounded body and electric organs on each side of the head capable of emitting strong electric discharges
crane large long-necked wading bird of marshes and plains in many parts of the world
whooping crane
whooper Grus americana
rare North American crane having black-and-white plumage and a trumpeting call
crane fly
daddy longlegs
long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite
electric catfish
Malopterurus electricus
freshwater catfish of the Nile and tropical central Africa having an electric organ
electric battery
a device that produces electricity, may have several primary or secondary cells arranged in parallel or series
electric cell
a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction
electrical circuit
electric circuit
an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow
cord electric cord a light insulated conductor for household use
crane lifts and moves heavy objects, lifting tackle is suspended from a pivoted boom that rotates around a vertical axis
diesel-electric locomotive
a locomotive driven by the electric current generated by a diesel engine
electric pig
garbage disposal
a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage
electric drill a rotating power drill powered by an electric motor
drum sander
electric sander
a power tool used for sanding wood, an endless loop of sandpaper is moved at high speed by an electric motor
electric automobile
electric car
a car that is powered by electricity
electric bell a bell activated by the magnetic effect of an electric current
electric blanket a blanket containing and electric heating element that can be controlled to the desired temperature by a rheostat
electric chair
chair death chair
hot seat
an instrument of execution by electrocution, resembles an ordinary seat for one person, the murderer was sentenced to die in the chair
electric clock a clock using a small electric motor
electric-discharge lamp
gas-discharge lamp
an electric lamp in which the light comes from an electric discharge between two electrodes in a glass tube
electric fan
a fan run by an electric motor
electric frying pan a frying pan heated by electricity
electric furnace any furnace in which the heat is provided by an electric current
electric guitar a guitar whose sound is amplified by electrical means
electric hammer a hammer driven by electric motor
electric heater
electric fire
a small electric space heater
electric lamp a lamp powered by electricity
electric locomotive a locomotive that is powered by an electric motor
electric main a main that distributes electricity
electric meter
power meter
a meter for measuring the amount of electric power used
electric mixer a food mixer powered by an electric motor
electric motor a motor that converts electricity to mechanical work
electric organ
electronic organ
Hammond organ
(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ
electric range a kitchen range in which the heat for cooking is provided by electric power
electric refrigerator
a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor
electric socket a socket into which a lightbulb can be inserted
electric toothbrush a toothbrush with an electric motor in the handle that vibrates the head of the brush
electric typewriter a typewriter powered by an electric motor
light bulb
incandescent lamp
electric light
electric-light bulb
electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity
photoelectric cell
photoconductive cell
electric eye
magic eye
a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations
electric shaver
electric razor
a razor powered by an electric motor
Stassano furnace
electric-arc furnace
an electric furnace in which an electric arc provides the source of heat for making steel
switch electric switch
electrical switch
control consisting of a mechanical or electrical or electronic device for making or breaking or changing the connections in a circuit
thermoelectric thermometer
electric thermometer
a thermometer that uses thermoelectric current to measure temperature
wall socket
wall plug
electric outlet
electrical outlet
outlet electric receptacle
receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices
electric bill a bill for money owed for electricity used
power company
power service
electric company
light company
a public utility that provides electricity
electric dipole
electric doublet
a dipole with equal and opposite electric charges
a small constellation in the southern hemisphere near Phoenix
Hart Crane
Harold Hart Crane
United States poet (-)
Crane Stephen Crane United States writer (-)
alternating current
alternating electric current
an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally, In the US most household current is AC atcycles per second
electric charge
the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons, the battery needed a fresh charge
corona discharge
corona corposant
St. Elmo's fire
Saint Elmo's fire
Saint Elmo's light
Saint Ulmo's fire
Saint Ulmo's light
electric glow
an electrical discharge accompanied by ionization of surrounding atmosphere
current electric current a flow of electricity through a conductor, the current was measured in amperes
direct current
direct electric current
an electric current that flows in one direction steadily
electrical power
electric power
the product of voltage and current
electric field a field of force surrounding a charged particle
electric dipole moment the dipole moment in an electric dipole
electric potential
potential difference
potential drop
the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts
electric resistance
electrical resistance
resistance resistivity
ohmic resistance
a material's opposition to the flow of electric current, measured in ohms
electric arc
electric discharge
electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
electrical storm
electric storm
a storm resulting from strong rising air currents, heavy rain or hail along with thunder and lightning
crane's bill
any of numerous geraniums of the genus Geranium
electric burn a burn caused by heat produced by an electric current
electric shock trauma caused by the passage of electric current through the body (as from contact with high voltage lines or being struck by lightning), usually involves burns and abnormal heart rhythm and unconsciousness
stretch out
stretch (the neck) so as to see better, The women craned their necks to see the President drive by
affected by emotion as if by electricity, thrilling, gave an electric reading of the play, the new leader had a galvanic effect on morale
electric (of a situation) exceptionally tense, an atmosphere electric with suspicion
using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity, electric current, electric wiring, electrical appliances, an electrical storm


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