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Fahlsperling Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Fahlsperling {m} [ornith.]
Pale Rock Sparrow
Fahlsperling {m} [ornith.]
Pale Rock Sparrow
blässlich, bleich, fahl, farblos {adj}
bleigrau, fahl {adj}
fahl {adj}
am fahlsten
fahl, blass, bleich {adj}
pallid, wale, ashen
Salweide, blaesslich, bleich, fahl, farblos
blässlich; bleich; fahl; farblos {adj}
bleigrau; fahl {adj}
fahl; blass; bleich {adj}
pallid; wale; ashen
verblasst; fahl {adj}
am verblasstesten
more faded
more faded
schwach {adj}; matt {adj}; fahl {adj}
wan {adj}
schwach {adv}; matt {adv}; fahl {adv}
wan {adv}
Fahlammer {f} [ornith.]
Clay-coloured Sparrow
Fahlbauch-Fruchttaube {f} [ornith.]
Mountain Imperial Pigeon
Fahlbauch-Dickichtschnäpper {m} [ornith.]
Grey Thicket Flycatcher
Fahlbauchbülbül {m} [ornith.]
Grey Olive Greenbul
Fahlbaucheremit {m} [ornith.]
Pale-bellied Hermit
Fahlbauchrhytipterna [ornith.]
Pale-bellied Mourner
Hellbauch-Schmucktyrann {m}; Fahlbauchrhytipterna {f} (Rhytipterna immunda) [ornith.]
pale-bellied mourner
Fahlbauchtimalie {f} [ornith.]
Black-throated Wren Babbler
Fahlbrauen-Blattspäher {m} [ornith.]
Pale-browed Treehunter
Fahlbraunelle {f} [ornith.]
Brown Accentor
Fahlbrillenvogel {m} [ornith.]
Principe White-eye
Fahlbrust-Buschammer {f} [ornith.]
Plain-breasted Brush Finch
Fahlbrustdrossel {f} [ornith.]
Pale-breasted Thrush
Fahlbrustlerche {f} [ornith.]
Pink-breasted Lark
Fahlbrustschlüpfer {m} [ornith.]
Creamy-breasted Canastero
Fahlbürzel-Steinschmätzer {m} [ornith.]
Red-rumped Wheatear
Steinschmätzer {pl} (Oenanthe) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]
Echter Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe oenanthe)
Fahlbürzel-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe moesta)
Rotbürzel-Steinschmätzer {m}; Rotschwanz-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe xanthoprymna)
Weissbürzel-Steinschmätzer {m}; Saharasteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe leucopyga)
Arabischer Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe lugentoides)
Bergsteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe monticola)
Braunbrust-Steinschmätzer {m}; Braunbrustschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe bottae)
Elster-Steinschmätzer {m}; Elsterschmätzer {m}; Schwarz-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe picata)
Erdsteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe pileata)
Felsensteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe finschii)
Heuglin-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe heuglini)
Isabell-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe isabellina)
Kappensteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe monacha)
Kaukasussteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe chrysopygia)
Mittelmeer-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe hispanica)
Nonnensteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe pleschanka)
Schwarzkopf-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe alboniger)
Schwarzrücken-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe lugens)
Somali-Steinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe phillipsi)
Trauersteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe leucura)
Wüstensteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe deserti)
Zypernsteinschmätzer {m} (Oenanthe cypriaca)
wheatears (zoological genus)
common wheatear; Eurasian wheatear; European wheatear; Northern wheatear
grey-headed wheatear; red-rumped wheatear; buff-rumped wheatear; Tristram's wheatear
Kurdish wheatear; Kurdistan wheatear; chestnut-rumped wheatear; red-tailed wheatear; rufous-tailed wheatear
white-crowned wheatear; white-rumped black wheatear; white-tailed wheatear
Arabian wheatear
mountain wheatear
red-breasted wheatear; buff-breasted wheatear; Botta's wheatear
variable wheatear; Eastern pied wheatear
capped wheatear
Finsch's wheatear
Heuglin's wheatear
isabelline wheatear
hooded wheatear
Afghan wheatear; Eastern red-tailed wheatear; Eastern rufous-tailed wheatear; rusty-tailed sheatear
black-eared wheatear
pied wheatear; Pleschanka's wheatear; Pleschanka's chat
Hume's wheatear
mourning wheatear; white-underwinged wheatear
Somali wheatear; Phillips's wheatear
black wheatear
desert wheatear
Cyprus wheatear
Fahldrossel {f} [ornith.]
Pale Thrush
Fahlheit {f}, Blässe {f}, fahle Farbe {f}
Fahlheit, Blaesse, fahle Farbe
Fahlheit {f}; Blässe {f}; fahle Farbe {f}
Fahlente {f} [ornith.]
Cape Teal
Fahlerde {f}
haplic albeluvisol
Fahlerz {n} [min.]
fahl ore; fahlerz
Fahlflügelstar {m} [ornith.]
Pale-winged Starling
Gyps-Altweltgeier {pl} (Gyps) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]
Bengalgeier {m} (Gyps bengalensis)
Dünnschnabelgeier {m}; Schmalschnabelgeier {m} (Gyps tenuirostris)
Gänsegeier {m} (Gyps fulvus)
Indischer Geier {m}; Indiengeier {m} (Gyps indicus)
Kapgeier {m}; Fahlgeier {m} (Gyps coprotheres)
Schneegeier {m}; Himalayageier {m} (Gyps himalayensis)
Sperbergeier {m} (Gyps rueppellii)
Weißrückengeier {m} (Gyps africanus)
gyps Old World vultures (zoological genus)
white-rumped vulture
slender-billed vulture
Eurasian griffon vulture; griffon vulture
Indian vulture
Cape vulture; Cape griffon; Kolbe's vulture
Himalayan griffon vulture; Himalayan vulture
Rüppell's griffon vulture; Rüppell's vulture
white-backed vulture
fahlgelb; gelblich {adj}
gelblich; fahlgelb {adj}
yellowish; yellowy
falb {adj} (fahlgelb bis graubraun)
dun {adj}
Fahlgesichtschnäpper {m} [ornith.]
Pale Yellow Robin
Fahlheit {f}
Fahlheit {f}
Fahlkappenschlüpfer {m} [ornith.]
Creamy-chested Spinetail
Fahlkauz {m} [ornith.]
Hume's Owl
Fahlkehl-Glanzköpfchen {n} [ornith.]
Buff-throated Sunbird
Fahlkehlcasiornis [ornith.]
Ash-throated Casiornis
Fahlkehlcasiornis {f} [ornith.]
ash-throated casiornis
Fahlkehlschwalbe {f} [ornith.]
Ethiopian Swallow
Hirundo-Schwalben {pl} (Hirundo) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]
Flußseeschwalbe {f} (Sterna hirundo)
Rauchschwalbe {f} (Hirundo rustica)
Rötelschwalbe {f} (Hirundo daurica)
Senegal-Schwalbe {f} (Hirundo Cecropis senegalensis)
Fahlkehlschwalbe {f} (Hirundo aethiopica)
Mohrenschwalbe {f} (Hirundo nigrita)
Rotkappenschwalbe {f} (Hirundo smithii)
Weißschwanzschwalbe {f}; Benson-Schwalbe {f} (Hirundo megaensis)
Hirundo swallows (zoological genus)
common tern
barn swallow
red-rumped swallow
mosque swallow
Ethiopian swallow
white-bibbed swallow; white-throated blue swallow
wire-tailed swallow
white-tailed swallow
Fahlkehltyrann {m} [ornith.]
White-throated Flycatcher
Fahlkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
Chestnut Woodpecker
Schaftleder {n}; Fahlleder {n}
shaft leather
Fahlnacken-Glanzvogel {m} [ornith.]
Pale-headed Jacamar
Fahlrücken-Weißstirnchen {n} [ornith.]
Southern Whiteface
Rostbauch-Fahlsänger {m} [ornith.]
Black-capped Rufous Warbler
Fahlschlüpfer {m} [ornith.]
Pallid Spinetail
Sericornis-Südseegrasmücken {pl} (Sericornis) (zoologische Gattung) [ornith.]
Arfak-Sericornis (Sericornis arfakianus)
Beccari-Sericornis (Sericornis beccarii)
Berg-Sericornis (Sericornis nouhuysi)
Braunohr-Sericornis (Sericornis rufescens)
Brillen-Sericornis (Sericornis perspicillatus)
Fahlschnabel-Sericornis (Sericornis spilodera)
Fahlstirn-Sericornis (Sericornis magnirostris)
Gelbkehl-Sericornis (Sericornis citreogularis)
Papua-Sericornis (Sericornis papuensis)
Rotstirn-Sericornis (-Sericornis keri)
Sepik-Sericornis (Sericornis virgatus)
Tasman-Sericornis (Sericornis humilis)
Weißbrauen-Sericornis; Fleckensericornis (Sericornis frontalis)
scrubwrens (zoological genus)
grey-green scrubwren
tropical scrubwren; Beccari's scrubwren
large mountain scrubwren; large scrubwren
Vogelkop scrubwren
buff-faced scrubwren
pale-billed scrubwren
large-billed scrubwren
yellow- throated scrubwren
Papuan scrubwren
Atherton scrubwren
perplexing scrubwren
brown scrubrwen; Tasmanian scrubwren
white-browed scrubwren; spotted scrubwren
Fahlschnabelsericornis [ornith.]
Pale-billed Sericornis
Fahlschnäpper {m} [ornith.]
Pale Flycatcher
Fahlschulterschmätzer {m} [ornith.]
Buff-streaked Chat
Fahlschwanzkolibri {m} [ornith.]
Buff-tailed Coronet
Fahlsegler {m} [ornith.]
Pallid Swift (Apus pallidus)
Fahlsegler {m} (Apus pallidus) [ornith.]
pallid swift
Fahlsperling {m} [ornith.]
Pale Rock Sparrow
Fahlstirn-Ameisenschnäpper {m} [ornith.]
Ash-breasted Antcreeper
Fahlstirnschwalbe {f} [ornith.]
American Cliff Swallow
Fahlstirnsericornis [ornith.]
Large-billed Sericornis
Fahltaube {f} [ornith.]
Pallid Dove
Fahltyrann {m} [ornith.]
Drab Water Tyrant
Fahlunmetall {n}
tin-lead alloy
Fahlzwergspecht {m} [ornith.]
Tawny Piculet

Deutsche Synonyme für Fahlsperling

Englische Synonyme für Pale Rock Sparrow

pale  abate  abnormal  achievement  achromatic  achromatize  achromic  alabaster  alabastrine  albescent  alerion  ambit  anathema  anemic  animal charge  annulet  arena  argent  arid  armorial bearings  armory  arms  ashen  ashy  azure  bailiwick  bandeau  bar  bar sinister  barren  baton  bearings  beat  bend  bend sinister  billet  bizarre  blah  blanch  blanched  blank  blazon  blazonry  bleach  bleach out  blear  bleared  bleary  bled white  blench  block  bloodless  blue  blur  blurred  blurry  blush  border  borderland  borders  bordure  boundaries  boundary  bounds  bourns  broad arrow  bulkhead in  cachectic  cadaverous  cadency mark  canton  change color  chaplet  characterless  charge  chevron  chief  chloranemic  cincture  circle  circuit  circumference  circumscription  clos  close  coat of arms  cockatrice  cold  color  colorless  compass  confine  confines  confused  container  coop  coordinates  coronet  corpselike  court  courtyard  cream  creamy  crescent  crest  crimson  croft  cross  cross moline  crown  curtilage  dark  darken  dead  deadly  deadly pale  deathlike  deathly  deathly pale  debilitated  decolor  decolorize  decrease  defocus  delicate  delimited field  demesne  department  device  difference  differencing  dim  diminish  dimmed  dingy  discolor  discolored  dismal  domain  dominion  doughy  draggy  drain  drain of color  drained  drearisome  dreary  dry  dryasdust  dull  dun-white  dusty  eagle  edges  eerie  effete  eggshell  elephantine  empty  enclave  enclosure  enervated  enfeebled  ermine  ermines  erminites  erminois  escutcheon  etiolate  etiolated  exhausted  exsanguinated  exsanguine  exsanguineous  fade  fade away  fade out  faded  failing  faint  fair  falcon  fallow  feeble  fence  fess  fess point  field  file  film  filmy  flanch  flat  fleur-de-lis  flimsy  flush  fog  foggy  fold  forbidden  forty  frail  freeze  fret  fringes  fume  funk  fur  fusil  fuzzy  garland  ghastly  ghostlike  ghostly  glaucescent  glauco  
paleface  American Indian  Amerind  Australian aborigine  Bushman  Caucasian  Indian  Malayan  Mister Charley  Mongolian  Negrillo  Negrito  Negro  Oriental  Red Indian  WASP  black  black man  blackfellow  boy  brown man  burrhead  colored person  coon  darky  gook  honky  jigaboo  jungle bunny  nigger  niggra  ofay  pygmy  red man  redskin  slant-eye  spade  the Man  white  white man  whitey  yellow man  
paleness  Hippocratic face  achroma  achromasia  achromatosis  albescence  albinism  albino  albinoism  anemia  aridity  ashiness  barrenness  bleariness  blondness  bloodlessness  blur  blurriness  cadaverousness  canescence  chalkiness  characterlessness  chloranemia  colorlessness  corpselikeness  creaminess  darkness  deadliness  deadness  deathlikeness  deathliness  deathly hue  deathly pallor  defocus  dimness  dismalness  dragginess  dreariness  dryness  dullness  dustiness  eeriness  effeteness  emptiness  etiolation  exsanguination  facies Hippocratica  fadedness  faintness  fairness  feebleness  filminess  flatness  fogginess  frostiness  fuzziness  ghastliness  ghostlikeness  ghostliness  glaucescence  glaucousness  grisliness  grizzliness  gruesomeness  haggardness  half-visibility  haziness  heaviness  hoariness  hollowness  hypochromia  hypochromic anemia  inanity  indefiniteness  indistinctness  indistinguishability  inexcitability  insipidity  insipidness  jejunity  lactescence  leadenness  leukoderma  lifelessness  lightness  lividness  low profile  lowness of spirit  luridness  macabreness  mask of death  milkiness  mistiness  muddiness  obscurity  pallidity  pallidness  pallor  pastiness  pearliness  pointlessness  pokiness  ponderousness  prison pallor  sallowness  semivisibility  shadowiness  sickliness  sickly hue  silver  silveriness  slowness  snowiness  soft focus  solemnity  spiritlessness  sterility  stiffness  stodginess  stuffiness  superficiality  tastelessness  tediousness  uncanniness  uncertainty  unclearness  unearthliness  uninterestingness  unliveliness  unplainness  vague appearance  vagueness  vapidity  vapidness  vitiligo  wanness  weakness  weirdness  white  white race  whiteness  whitishness  woodenness  
paleography  IPA  ITA  Initial Teaching Alphabet  International Phonetic Alphabet  alphabet  alphabetics  autography  bowwow theory  calligraphy  chirography  comparative linguistics  criticism  cryptanalysis  cryptography  cryptology  derivation  descriptive linguistics  diagnostics  dialectology  dingdong theory  epigraphy  etymology  exegetics  fist  futhark  glossematics  glossology  glottochronology  glottology  grammar  graphanalysis  graphemics  graphology  graphometry  hand  handwriting  hermeneutics  historical linguistics  language study  letters  lexicography  lexicology  lexicostatistics  linguistic geography  linguistic science  linguistics  literary criticism  manuscript  mathematical linguistics  metoposcopy  morphology  morphophonemics  oneirology  pathognomy  pencraft  penmanship  penscript  philology  phonetics  phonology  physiognomics  physiognomy  psycholinguistics  runic alphabet  script  scription  scrive  semantics  semeiology  semeiotics  sociolinguistics  structuralism  stylography  syllabary  symptomatology  syntactics  textual criticism  transformational linguistics  tropology  writing system  
paleolith  ancient manuscript  antique  antiquity  archaism  artifact  cave painting  eolith  fossil  mezzolith  microlith  neolith  petrification  petrified forest  petrified wood  petroglyph  plateaulith  relic  reliquiae  remains  ruin  ruins  survival  vestige  
paleontology  aerobiology  agrobiology  anatomy  astrobiology  bacteriology  biochemics  biochemistry  biochemy  bioecology  biological science  biology  biometrics  biometry  bionics  bionomics  biophysics  botany  cell physiology  cryobiology  cybernetics  cytology  ecology  electrobiology  embryology  enzymology  ethnobiology  exobiology  genetics  gnotobiotics  life science  microbiology  molecular biology  pharmacology  physiology  radiobiology  taxonomy  virology  xenobiology  zoology  
palette  air brush  art paper  brush  camera lucida  camera obscura  canvas  chalk  charcoal  crayon  drawing paper  drawing pencil  drier  easel  fixative  ground  lay figure  maulstick  medium  paint  paintbrush  palette knife  pastel  pencil  pigments  scratchboard  siccative  sketchbook  sketchpad  spatula  spray gun  stump  varnish  

Lexikoneinträge für Pale Rock Sparrow

Bed rock () The solid rock underlying superficial formations. Also Fig.
Pale (v. i.) Wanting in color
Pale (v. i.) Not bright or brilliant
Pale (n.) Paleness
Pale (v. i.) To turn pale
Pale (v. t.) To make pale
Pale (n.) A pointed stake or slat, either driven into the ground, or fastened to a rail at the top and bottom, for fencing or inclosing
Pale (n.) That which incloses or fences in
Pale (n.) A space or field having bounds or limits
Pale (n.) A stripe or band, as on a garment.
Pale (n.) One of the greater ordinaries, being a broad perpendicular stripe in an escutcheon, equally distant from the two edges, and occupying one third of it.
Pale (n.) A cheese scoop.
Pale (n.) A shore for bracing a timber before it is fastened.
Pale (v. t.) To inclose with pales, or as with pales
Rock (n.) See Roc.
Rock (n.) A distaff used in spinning
Rock (n.) A large concreted mass of stony material
Rock (n.) Any natural deposit forming a part of the earth's crust, whether consolidated or not, including sand, earth, clay, etc., when in natural beds.
Rock (n.) That which resembles a rock in firmness
Rock (n.) Fig.: Anything which causes a disaster or wreck resembling the wreck of a vessel upon a rock.
Rock (n.) The striped bass. See under Bass.
Rock (v. t.) To cause to sway backward and forward, as a body resting on a support beneath
Rock (v. t.) To move as in a cradle
Rock (v. i.) To move or be moved backward and forward
Rock (v. i.) To roll or saway backward and forward upon a support
Rock shaft () A shaft that oscillates on its journals, instead of revolving, -- usually carrying levers by means of which it receives and communicates reciprocating motion, as in the valve gear of some steam engines
Rock staff (v. i.) An oscillating bar in a machine, as the lever of the bellows of a forge.
Sparrow (n.) One of many species of small singing birds of the family Fringilligae, having conical bills, and feeding chiefly on seeds. Many sparrows are called also finches, and buntings. The common sparrow, or house sparrow, of Europe (Passer domesticus) is noted for its familiarity, its voracity, its attachment to its young, and its fecundity. See House sparrow, under House.
Sparrow (n.) Any one of several small singing birds somewhat resembling the true sparrows in form or habits, as the European hedge sparrow. See under Hedge.
Water sparrow () The reed warbler.
Water sparrow () The reed bunting.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

rock climbing the sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides (especially with the help of ropes and special equipment)
sway tilt
pitching dangerously to one side
hedge sparrow
sparrow dunnock
Prunella modularis
small brownish European songbird
New World sparrow sparrow-like North American finches
vesper sparrow
grass finch Pooecetes gramineus
common North American finch noted for its evening song
white-throated sparrow
Zonotrichia albicollis
common North American finch with a white patch on the throat and black-and-white striped crown
whiterowned sparrow
Zonotrichia leucophrys
finch with black-and-white striped crown
chipping sparrow
Spizella passerina
small North American finch common in urban areas
field sparrow
Spizella pusilla
common North American finch of brushy pasturelands
tree sparrow Spizella arborea finch common in winter in the northern U.S.
song sparrow
Melospiza melodia
small songbird common in North America
swamp sparrow
Melospiza georgiana
North American finch of marshy area
true sparrow
any of several small dullolored singing birds feeding on seeds or insects
English sparrow
house sparrow
Passer domesticus
small hardy brown-and-grey bird native to Europe
tree sparrow Passer montanus Eurasian sparrow smaller than the house sparrow
Java sparrow
Java finch
ricebird Padda oryzivora
small finch-like Indonesian weaverbird that frequents rice fields
cock of the rock Rupicola rupicola tropical bird of northern South America the male having brilliant red or orange plumage and an erectile disklike crest
cock of the rock Rupicola peruviana bird of the Andes similar to Rupicola rupicola
rock wren Salpinctes obsoletus wren inhabiting badlands and mesa country of western United States and Mexico
rock wren Xenicus gilviventris short-tailed bird resembling a wren
sparrow hawk Accipiter nisus small hawk of Eurasia and northern Africa
sparrow hawk American kestrel
kestrel Falco sparverius
small North American falcon
rock python
rock snake
Python sebae
very large python of tropical and southern Africa
rock rattlesnake
Crotalus lepidus
mountain rock dweller of Mexico and most southern parts of United States southwest
Plymouth Rock an American breed of domestic fowl
Rock Cornish small plump hybrid developed by crossbreeding Plymouth Rock and Cornish fowl
Greek partridge
rock partridge
Alectoris graeca
of mountainous areas of southern Europe
rock dove
rock pigeon
Columba livia
pale grey Eurasian pigeon having black-striped wings from which most domestic species are descended
rock wallaby
rock kangaroo
slender long-legged Australian wallabies living in caves and rocky areas
rock crab
Cancer irroratus
crab of eastern coast of North America
spiny lobster
rock lobster
crawfish crayfish sea crawfish
large edible marine crustacean having a spiny carapace but lacking the large pincers of true lobsters
acorn barnacle
rock barnacle
Balanus balanoides
barnacle that attaches to rocks especially in intertidal zones
rock hopper
crested penguin
small penguin of the Falkland Islands and New Zealand
pale chrysanthemum aphid important pest of chrysanthemums
mouse hare
rock rabbit coney cony
small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America
rock squirrel
Citellus variegatus
large grey ground squirrel of rocky areas of the southwestern United States
rock hyrax
rock rabbit Procavia capensis
hyrax that lives in rocky areas
rock bass rock sunfish
Ambloplites rupestris
game and food fish of upper Mississippi and Great Lakes
rock sea bass
rock bass Centropristis philadelphica
a kind of sea bass
rock hind
Epinephelus adscensionis
found around rocky coasts or on reefs
rock beauty
Holocanthus tricolor
gold and black butterflyfish found from West Indies to Brazil
rock gunnel
butterfish Pholis gunnellus
slippery scaleless food fish of the northern Atlantic coastal waters
bore bit
rock drill
stone drill
a drill for penetrating rock
a wooden strip forming part of a fence
rock bit
roller bit
a drill bit that has hardened rotating rollers
rock garden
a garden featuring rocks, usually alpine plants
pale yellow
a variable yellow tint, dull yellow, often diluted with white
rock opera albums of rock music that aspired to the status of art, first appeared in the s
rock concert a performance of rock music
rock 'n' roll
rock and roll
rock rock music
a genre of popular music originating in the s, a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western, rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock'n'roll.
progressive rock
art rock
a style of rock music that emerged in the s, associated with attempts to combine rock with jazz and other forms, intended for listening and not dancing
psychedelic rock
acid rock
a musical style that emerged in the s, rock music inspired by or related to drug-induced experience
punk rock
rock music with deliberately offensive lyrics expressing anger and social alienation, in part a reaction against progressive rock
rock candy sugar in large hard clear crystals on a string
rock candy rock hard brightolored stick candy (typically flavored with peppermint)
rock cake a small cake with a hard surface said to resemble a rock
Rock Cornish hen flesh of a small fowl bred for roasting
spiny lobster
rock lobster
warm-water lobsters without claws, those from Australia and South Africa usually marketed as frozen tails, caught also in Florida and California
rock salmon any of several coarse fishes (such as dogfish or wolffish) when used as food
pale ale an amber colored ale brewed with pale malts, similar to bitter but drier and lighter
Sparrow Unit a hit squad of the New People's Army in the Philippines
rock group
rock band
a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll music
rock bottom the absolute bottom
Rock of Gibraltar
location of a colony of the United Kingdom on a limestone promontory at the southern tip of Spain, strategically important because it can control the entrance of ships into the Mediterranean, one of the Pillars of Hercules
Little Rock
capital of Arkansas
the state capital and largest city of Arkansas in the central part of Arkansas on the Arkansas River
Rock Island a town in northwest Illinois on the Mississippi River, site of a Union prison during the American Civil War
Plymouth Rock a boulder in Plymouth supposed to be where the Pilgrims disembarked from the Mayflower
Rock Springs a town of southwest Wyoming near the Utah border
Black Rock Desert a desert in northwestern Nevada
clastic rock (geology) a rock composed of broken pieces of older rocks
rock outcrop
the part of a rock formation that appears above the surface of the surrounding land
rock stone a lump or mass of hard consolidated mineral matter, he threw a rock at me
wall rock a rock immediately adjacent to a vein or fault
rock (figurative) someone who is strong and stable and dependable, he was her rock during the crisis, Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church--Gospel According to Matthew
rock climber
a climber of vertical rock faces
rocker rock 'n' roll musician a performer or composer or fan of rock music
rock star a famous singer of rock music
Edith Piaf
Edith Giovanna Gassion
Little Sparrow
French cabaret singer (-)
Rock John Rock United States gynecologist and devout Catholic who conducted the first clinical trials of the oral contraceptive pill (-)
rock sandwort
Arenaria stricta
low perennial tufted plant of southeastern North America
living granite
living rock stone mimicry plant
highly succulent stemless clump-forming plants with grey-green leaves similar in texture to lumps of granite, South Africa
living rock Ariocarpus fissuratus usually unbranched usually spineless cactus covered with warty tubercles and having magenta flowers and white or green fruit, resembles the related mescal, northeastern Mexico and southwestern United States
rock purslane a plant of the genus Calandrinia
rock pink
Talinum calycinum
pink-flowered perennial of rocky regions of western United States
rock cress
any of several rock-loving cresses of the genus Arabis
Roman wormwood rock harlequin
Corydalis sempervirens
Fumaria sempervirens
glaucous herb of northeastern United States and Canada having loose racemes of yellow-tipped pink flowers, sometimes placed in genus Fumaria
early coral root
pale coral root
Corallorhiza trifida
plant having clumps of nearly leafless pale yellowish to greenish stems bearing similarly colored flowers with white lower lips, northern New Mexico north through South Dakota and Washington to Alaska
rockrose rock rose small shrubs of scrub and dry woodland regions of southern Europe and North Africa, grown for their showy flowers and soft often downy and aromatic evergreen foliage
rockrose rock rose any of numerous varieties of helianthemums having small rose-like yellow or white or reddish flowers
pale violet
striped violet
cream violet
Viola striata
leafy-stemmed violet of eastern North America having large white or creamy flowers faintly marked with purple
American elm
white elm
water elm rock elm Ulmus americana
large ornamental tree with graceful gradually spreading branches common in eastern North America
rock elm Ulmus thomasii tall widely distributed elm of eastern North America
sugar maple
rock maple
Acer saccharum
maple of eastern and central North America having three-lobed to five-lobed leaves and hard close-grained wood much used for cabinet work especially the curly-grained form, sap is chief source of maple syrup and maple sugar, many subspecies
rock geranium
Heuchera americana
plant with basal leaves mottled with white and flowers in lax panicles on erect stems
rock penstemon
cliff penstemon
Penstemon rupicola
one of the West's most beautiful wildflowers, large brilliant pink or rose flowers in many racemes above thick mats of stems and leaves, ledges and cliffs from Washington to California
rock plant plant that grows on or among rocks or is suitable for a rock garden
rock polypody
rock brake American wall fern
Polypodium virgianum
chiefly lithophytic or epiphytic fern of North America and east Asia
rock brake dwarf deciduous lithophytic ferns
American rock brake
American parsley fern
Cryptogramma acrostichoides
rock-inhabiting fern of northern North America growing in massive tufts and having fronds resembling parsley
cliff brake
rock brake
any of several small lithophytic ferns of tropical and warm temperate regions


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