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Festlandabhang Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Festlandabhang {m} [geogr.] [geol.]
continental slope
Gespräch mit dem Festland
continental call
Festland {n}
Festland {n}
Land {n}, Boden {m}, Festland {n}
über Land
das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten
the land of opportunity
an Land, zu Land, auf dem Festland
onshore, ashore
Festland {n}
Festland {n}
emerged land
Land {n}; Festland {n}; fester Boden {m} [geol.] [übtr.]
zu Land und zu Wasser
das Land der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten
das gelobte Land; das Land der Verheißung [relig.]
by land and by sea
the land of opportunity
the promised land
an Land; zu Land; auf dem Festland
onshore; ashore {adv}
Sandbank {f}
Sandbänke {pl}
Sandbank zwischen Insel und Festland
längliche Sandbank
spitz zulaufende Sandbank
sandbank; sand bank; bank of sand; sand bar; shoal
sand banks; banks of sand; sand bars; shoals
sand bar; sand reef
sand spit
etw. mit etw. verbinden; an etw. anschließen; an etw. anbinden [übtr.] {vt}
verbindend; anschließend; anbindend
verbunden; angeschlossen; angebunden
verbindet; schließt an; bindet an
verband; schloss an; band an
ein Dorf an das Verkehrsnetz anbinden
per Computer computermäßig verbunden sein
Sie verband die Papierschnipsel zu einer Kette.
Die Bergsteiger waren mit Seilen aneinandergebunden.
Der Schlauch muss an die Wasserzuleitung angeschlossen werden.
Das Faxgerät ist an den Computer angeschlossen.
Die Gäste können sich vom Hotelzimmer aus mit dem Internet verbinden.
Eine lange Brücke verbindet Venedig mit dem Festland.
Er ging mit ihr eingehakt.
to link sth. (to with sth.) (physically join)
to link a village to the transport network
to be linked by computer
She linked (up) the paper clips to form a chain.
The climbers were linked together by ropes.
The hose must be linked with to the water supply.
The fax machine is linked with to the computer.
Guests can link (up) to the Internet from their hotel rooms.
A long bridge links Venice and the mainland.
He walked with her linking arms.
Festlandabhang {m} [geogr.] [geol.]
continental slope
Festlandeis {n} [geogr.]
land-based ice
Europa {n} [geogr.]
Nordeuropa {n}
Osteuropa {n}
Südeuropa {n} [geogr.]
Südosteuropa {n}
Westeuropa {n}
Festlandeuropa {n}
Northern Europe; North Europe
Eastern Europe; East Europe
Southern Europe; South Europe
South-East Europe; Southeast Europe; South-Eastern Europe
Western Europe; West Europe
the Continent [Br.]
Festlandrand {m}; Kontinentalrand {m} [geogr.] [geol.]
Gipfel des Festlandrands
continental margin; continental shelf edge
cap of the continental margin
Abhang {m}; Böschung {f}
Abhänge {pl}; Böschungen {pl}
am Hang
Abhang des Festlandrands [geol.]
bank; slope
banks; slopes
on a slope
slope of the continental margin
Ansteigen {n}; Geländeanstieg {m}; Steigung {f}; ansteigendes Gelände {n}; ansteigender Verlauf {m} [geogr.]
Anstieg des Festlandrands
ein leichtes Ansteigen der Fahrbahn
incline; upward slope; upgrade [Am.]
rise of the continental margin
a slight upgrade in the roadway
Bank {f} [geol.]
liegende Bank
verformte Bank
Bank des Festlandrands
bank; massive bed; massive layer; measure
bottom bank
deformed layer
bank of the continental margin
Kontinentalschelf {m}; Kontinentalsockel {m}; Festlandsockel {m} [geogr.] [geol.]
Kontinentalsockel und Inselbänke
continental shelf; sublittoral zone
continental and insular shelves
Rechtsstatus {m}; rechtlicher Status {m} (einer Sache) [jur.]
Rechtsstatus der Gewässer über dem Festlandsockel
Rechtsstatus des Luftraums
legal status (of a thing)
legal status of the waters superjacent to the continental shelf
legal status of the air space
Abgrenzung {f}
Abgrenzungen {pl}
Abgrenzung {f} des Festlandsockels
delimitation of the continental shelf
Grenze {f}; Begrenzung {f}
Grenzen {pl}; Begrenzungen {pl}
in Grenzen
Wird diese Grenze überschritten ... {m}
äußere Grenzen des Festlandsockels
within limits; up to a point
If this limit is exceeded ...
outer limits of the continental shelf

Deutsche Synonyme für Festlandabhang

Englische Synonyme für continental slope

Lexikoneinträge für continental slope

Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to a continent.
Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to the main land of Europe, in distinction from the adjacent islands, especially England
Continental (a.) Of or pertaining to the confederated colonies collectively, in the time of the Revolutionary War
Continental (n.) A soldier in the Continental army, or a piece of the Continental currency. See Continental, a., 3.
Slope (v. i.) An oblique direction
Slope (v. i.) Any ground whose surface forms an angle with the plane of the horizon.
Slope (a.) Sloping.
Slope (adv.) In a sloping manner.
Slope (v. t.) To form with a slope
Slope (v. i.) To take an oblique direction
Slope (v. i.) To depart

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

continental quilt
a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider
gradient slope the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the horizontal, a five-degree gradient
rise rising slope
the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises
continental breakfast
petit dejeuner
a breakfast that usually includes a roll and coffee or tea
Continental Congress the legislative assembly composed of delegates from the rebel colonies who met during and after the American Revolution, they issued the Declaration of Independence and framed Articles of Confederation
Continental Army the American army during the American Revolution
approach path
glide path
glide slope
the final path followed by an aircraft as it is landing
continental divide the watershed of a continent (especially the watershed of North America formed by a series of mountain ridges extending from Alaska to Mexico)
continental glacier a glacier that spreads out from a central mass of ice
continental shelf the relatively shallow (up to meters) seabed surrounding a continent
continental slope
bathyal zone
bathyal district
the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone
ski slope a snowovered slope for skiing
an elevated geological formation, he climbed the steep slope, the house was built on the side of a mountain
continental drift the gradual movement and formation of continents (as described by plate tectonics)
European plan
continental plan
a hotel plan that provides a continental breakfast daily
be at an angle, The terrain sloped down
continental being or concerning or limited to a continent especially the continents of North America or Europe, the continental United States, continental Europe, continental waters
continental of or relating to or characteristic of a continent, the continental divide, continental drift
Continental of or pertaining to or typical of Europe, a Continental breakfast
continental of or relating to or concerning the American colonies during and immediately after the American Revolutionary War, the Continental Army, the Continental Congress


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