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Deutsche Synonyme für Festpreis

fester  Preis  Festpreis  Fixpreis  

Englische Synonyme für at a fixed price

at a loss  addled  at a nonplus  at a stand  at a standstill  at an impasse  baffled  bamboozled  beat  bewildered  buffaloed  confounded  dazed  floored  fuddled  in a dilemma  in suspense  in the red  licked  muddled  mystified  nonplussed  on tenterhooks  out  out of pocket  perplexed  puzzled  stuck  stumped  thrown  to the bad  unprofitably  
at a standstill  adamant  adamantine  as is  as per usual  as things are  as usual  at a halt  at a loss  at a nonplus  at a stand  at an impasse  at anchor  baffled  bewildered  dead-still  firm  fixed  frozen  idle  immobile  immotile  immotive  immovable  inactive  inflexible  irremovable  motionless  moveless  mystified  nonplussed  out of commission  pat  perplexed  quiescent  riding at anchor  rigid  sedentary  standpat  static  stationary  statuelike  still  stock-still  stuck  stumped  unactive  unemployed  unmovable  unmoved  unmoving  unyielding  
at all  anyhow  anyway  anywise  at any cost  at any rate  by any chance  by any means  by merest chance  ever  however  if at all  in any case  in any event  in any way  irregardless  nevertheless  nohow  nonetheless  of any description  of any kind  regardless  soever  whatever  whatsoever  
at any cost  at all  at all costs  at all events  at all risks  at any price  by any chance  by any means  by merest chance  come what may  despite  even with  ever  if at all  in any way  in despite of  in spite of  irregardless  irrespective of  live or die  rain or shine  regardless  regardless of  regardless of cost  ruat caelum  sink or swim  spite of  whatever may happen  whatever the cost  with  
at any rate  absolutely  after a fashion  after all  again  albeit  all the same  although  and no mistake  anyhow  anyway  anywise  appreciably  assuredly  at all  at all events  at best  at least  at most  at the least  at the most  at the outside  at worst  but  by all means  by any means  certainly  clearly  comparatively  decidedly  decisively  definitely  detectably  distinctly  even  even so  fairly  for a certainty  for a fact  for all that  for certain  for sure  forsooth  howbeit  however  in a manner  in a way  in any case  in any event  in any way  in part  in some measure  in truth  incompletely  indeed  indeedy  irregardless  just the same  leastwise  merely  mildly  moderately  modestly  most assuredly  most certainly  nevertheless  nohow  nonetheless  not comprehensively  not exhaustively  nothing else but  notwithstanding  of course  only  part  partially  partly  positively  pro tanto  purely  rather  regardless  relatively  simply  so far  somewhat  still  surely  though  thus far  to a certainty  to a degree  to some degree  tolerably  truly  unequivocally  unmistakably  visibly  when  yet  
at cross purposes  adversative  adverse  adverse to  adversive  against  against the grain  against the tide  against the wind  antagonistic  anti  antipathetic  antithetic  antonymous  at cross-purposes with  at daggers  at daggers drawn  at enmity  at feud  at issue  at loggerheads  at odds  at outs  at square  at strife  at variance  at war  at war with  athwart  balancing  clashing  compensating  con  conflicting  confronting  contra  contradictory  contradistinct  contrapositive  contrarious  contrariwise  contrary  contrasted  converse  counter  counter to  counterbalancing  counterpoised  countervailing  cranky  cross  dead against  differing  disaccordant  disagreeable  disagreeing  discordant  discrepant  disharmonious  disproportionate  dissident  dissonant  divergent  eyeball to eyeball  eyeball-to-eyeball  grating  hostile  immiscible  in conflict with  in confrontation  in hostile array  in opposition  in opposition to  inaccordant  incompatible  inconsistent  inharmonious  inimical  inverse  jangling  jarring  negative  obverse  on the outs  opposed  opposed to  opposing  opposite  oppositional  oppositive  oppugnant  out of accord  out of whack  perverse  repugnant  reverse  squared off  uncongenial  unharmonious  up in arms  variant  versus  vis-a-vis  with crossed bayonets  
at ease  abed  accepting  at home  at rest  comfortable  composed  content  contented  easy  easygoing  eupeptic  euphoric  happy  in bed  of good comfort  pleased  reconciled  relaxed  resigned  sans souci  satisfied  uncomplaining  unrepining  without care  
at fault  aberrant  abroad  adrift  all abroad  all off  all wrong  amiss  arraignable  askew  astray  awry  beside the mark  censurable  corrupt  criminal  culpable  deceptive  defective  delusive  deviant  deviational  deviative  distorted  errant  erring  erroneous  fallacious  false  faultful  faulty  flawed  guilty  heretical  heterodox  illogical  illusory  impeachable  implicated  inculpated  indictable  involved  not right  not true  off  off the track  out  peccant  perverse  perverted  reprehensible  reproachable  reprovable  self-contradictory  straying  to blame  unfactual  unorthodox  unproved  untrue  wide  wrong  
at hand  about  about to be  accessible  adaptable  all-around  along toward  already in sight  approaching  around  at close quarters  attendant  available  brewing  close  close about  close at hand  close by  coming  convenient  convenient to  easily reached  fast by  forthcoming  future  gathering  going to happen  handy  hard  hard by  hereabout  hereabouts  immanent  immediate  imminent  impendent  impending  in danger imminent  in prospect  in reserve  in spitting distance  in store  in the cards  in the offing  in the wind  in view  indwelling  inherent  instant  looming  lowering  lurking  menacing  near  near at hand  nearabout  nearabouts  nearby  nearing  nigh  nigh about  not far  of all work  on board  on call  on deck  on hand  on tap  on the horizon  only a step  overhanging  preparing  present  propinquant  propinquous  ready  ready at hand  that will be  thereabout  thereabouts  threatening  to come  to hand  upcoming  versatile  waiting  within call  within earshot  within hearing  within reach  within sight  
at home  affair  assemblee  assembly  assignation  at ease  at rest  back home  ball  brawl  caucus  chez soi  colloquium  commission  committee  conclave  concourse  congregation  congress  conventicle  convention  convocation  council  dance  date  diet  down home  easy  eisteddfod  festivity  fete  forgathering  forum  gathering  get-together  housewarming  levee  matinee  meet  meeting  panel  party  plenum  prom  quorum  rally  reception  relaxed  rendezvous  reunion  salon  seance  session  shindig  sit-in  sitting  sociable  social  social affair  social gathering  soiree  symposium  synod  turnout  wake  
at issue  against the grain  against the tide  against the wind  arguable  at cross-purposes  at daggers  at daggers drawn  at odds  at variance  at war with  athwart  before the house  conditional  conditioned  confutable  conjectural  contestable  contingent  contra  contrariwise  controversial  controvertible  counter  cross  debatable  deniable  dependent  depending  disputable  doubtable  doubtful  dubious  dubitable  eyeball-to-eyeball  iffy  in confrontation  in debate  in dispute  in doubt  in dubio  in hostile array  in opposition  in question  in suspense  in the balance  mistakable  moot  on the agenda  on the docket  on the floor  on the table  open  open for discussion  open to doubt  open to question  pendent  pending  problematic  questionable  refutable  speculative  sub judice  suppositional  suspect  suspenseful  suspicious  uncounted  undecided  under active consideration  under advisement  under consideration  under examination  under investigation  under surveillance  undetermined  unestablished  unfixed  unsettled  untold  up for grabs  up in arms  with crossed bayonets  
at large  across the board  afoot and lighthearted  all  all in all  all put together  all things considered  altogether  as a body  as a rule  as a whole  as an approximation  at length  at liberty  bodily  broadly  broadly speaking  by and large  chiefly  clear  collectively  commonly  corporately  detached  diffusely  disengaged  dispersedly  easygoing  emancipated  en bloc  en masse  entirely  escaped  everywhere  fled  flown  footloose  footloose and fancy-free  free  free and easy  free as air  freeborn  freed  fugitive  generally  generally speaking  go-as-you-please  here and there  in a body  in all  in all quarters  in all respects  in bulk  in detail  in extenso  in full  in general  in its entirety  in places  in spots  in the aggregate  in the clear  in the gross  in the lump  in the mass  in toto  liberated  loose  mainly  mostly  normally  on all counts  on balance  on the loose  on the whole  ordinarily  out of  overall  passim  predominantly  prevailingly  released  roughly  roughly speaking  routinely  runaway  scot-free  sparsely  sparsim  speaking generally  sporadically  throughout  totally  tout ensemble  unattached  uncommitted  unengaged  uninvolved  usually  well out of  wherever you look  wholly  
at length  ad infinitum  along  at large  at last  at long last  at the end  at the last  completely  conclusively  endlong  endways  endwise  eventually  extensively  finally  fully  in conclusion  in detail  in extenso  in fine  in full  in length  in particular  in toto  last  lastly  lengthily  lengthways  lengthwise  longitudinally  longways  longwise  minutely  once for all  particularly  specifically  ultimately  wholly  
at liberty  afoot and lighthearted  at large  available  clear  detached  disengaged  easygoing  emancipated  fallow  footloose  footloose and fancy-free  free  free and easy  free as air  freeborn  freed  go-as-you-please  idle  in the clear  jobless  leisure  leisured  liberated  loose  lumpen  off  off duty  off work  on the loose  otiose  out of employ  out of harness  out of work  released  scot-free  unattached  uncommitted  unemployable  unemployed  unengaged  uninvolved  unoccupied  
at most  after a fashion  appreciably  at any rate  at best  at least  at the least  at the most  at the outside  at worst  comparatively  detectably  fairly  in a manner  in a way  in part  in some measure  incompletely  leastwise  merely  mildly  moderately  modestly  not comprehensively  not exhaustively  only  part  partially  partly  pro tanto  purely  relatively  simply  so far  somewhat  thus far  to a degree  to some degree  tolerably  visibly  
at odds  against the grain  against the tide  against the wind  alienated  antagonistic  antiestablishment  antipathetic  assorted  at cross-purposes  at daggers  at daggers drawn  at enmity  at feud  at issue  at loggerheads  at odds with  at outs  at square  at strife  at variance  at variance with  at war  at war with  athwart  averse  breakaway  clashing  contra  contradictory  contrariwise  contrary  contrasted  contrasting  counter  counter-culture  cranky  cross  cursory  departing  deviating  deviative  different  differentiated  differing  disaccordant  disagreeable  disagreeing  discordant  discrepant  discrete  discriminated  disharmonious  disinclined  disjoined  disobedient  disparate  disproportionate  dissentient  dissenting  dissident  dissimilar  dissonant  distinct  distinguished  divergent  diverging  divers  diverse  diversified  eyeball-to-eyeball  forced  fractious  grating  heterogeneous  hostile  immiscible  in confrontation  in disagreement  in hostile array  in opposition  inaccordant  incompatible  incongruous  inconsistent  inconsonant  indisposed  indocile  inharmonious  involuntary  irreconcilable  jangling  jarring  many  motley  multifarious  mutinous  negative  nonconforming  on the outs  opposed  opposing  out of accord  out of whack  perfunctory  poles apart  poles asunder  recalcitrant  recusant  refractory  repugnant  resistant  sectarian  sectary  separate  separated  several  sulky  sullen  unconformable  uncongenial  unconsenting  underground  unequal  unharmonious  unlike  unwilling  up in arms  variant  varied  variegated  various  varying  widely apart  with crossed bayonets  worlds apart  
at once  PDQ  all at once  all together  amain  apace  as one  at a blow  at a stroke  at one blow  at one jump  at one stroke  at one swoop  at one time  by forced marches  coincidentally  coinstantaneously  concurrently  conjointly  corporately  cursorily  decisively  directly  expeditiously  feverishly  forthwith  furiously  hand over fist  hastily  helter-skelter  hotfoot  hurriedly  hurry-scurry  immediately  in a hurry  in agreement  in common  in concord  in no time  in partnership  in passing  in unison  inharmony  instanter  instantly  jointly  mutually  now  on the instant  on the run  on the spot  pell-mell  per saltum  pretty damned quick  promptly  pronto  quickly  right away  right now  right off  simultaneously  slapdash  smartly  speedily  straightaway  straightway  subito  summarily  superficially  swiftly  then and there  this minute  this very minute  together  uno saltu  with a rush  with all haste  with all speed  with dispatch  with haste  without delay  without further delay  
at one  accordant  affirmative  agreeable  agreeing  akin  amicable  answerable  at one with  attuned  carried by acclamation  coexistent  coexisting  coherent  coincident  coinciding  commensurate  compatible  concordant  concurrent  concurring  conformable  congenial  congruent  congruous  consentaneous  consentient  consistent  consonant  cooperating  cooperative  correspondent  corresponding  empathetic  empathic  en rapport  equivalent  frictionless  harmonious  in accord  in agreement  in concert  in rapport  in sync  in synchronization  in tune  inaccordance  inharmony  like-minded  of a piece  of like mind  of one accord  of one mind  on all fours  peaceful  positive  proportionate  reconcilable  self-consistent  solid  symbiotic  sympathetic  synchronized  synchronous  together  unanimous  unchallenged  uncontested  uncontradicted  uncontroverted  understanding  uniform  unisonant  unisonous  united  unopposed  with one consent  with one voice  
at random  aimlessly  any which way  anyhow  anywise  around  at haphazard  at hazard  at intervals  at irregular intervals  brokenly  by catches  by chance  by fits  by jerks  by snatches  capriciously  carelessly  casually  desultorily  disconnectedly  discontinuously  dysteleologically  eccentrically  erratically  fitfully  haltingly  haphazard  haphazardly  helter-skelter  hit or miss  in snatches  in spots  inconstantly  indiscriminately  inexplicably  intermittently  irregularly  jerkily  lurchingly  nonuniformly  off and on  patchily  promiscuously  purposelessly  random  randomly  roughly  sloppily  spasmodically  sporadically  spottily  stochastically  unaccountably  uncertainly  unevenly  unmethodically  unpredictably  unrhythmically  unsteadily  unsystematically  variably  whimsically  wobblingly  
at rest  abed  asleep  asleep in Jesus  at ease  at home  bereft of life  breathless  called home  calm  carrion  cloistered  cool  croaked  dead  dead and gone  death-struck  deceased  defunct  demised  departed  departed this life  destitute of life  done for  dwindling  easy  ebbing  even-tenored  exanimate  fallen  finished  food for worms  gone  gone to glory  gone west  halcyon  hushed  impassive  in bed  inanimate  isolated  late  late lamented  launched into eternity  lifeless  martyred  moldering  no more  pacific  passed on  peaceable  peaceful  placid  pushing up daisies  quiescent  quiet  relaxed  released  reposeful  reposing  restful  resting  resting easy  resting in peace  sainted  secluded  sequestered  sequestrated  sheltered  sleeping  smitten with death  smooth  still  still as death  stillborn  stillish  stilly  stoic  stolid  subsiding  taken away  taken off  tranquil  unagitated  underground  undisturbed  unmoved  unperturbed  unruffled  unstirring  untroubled  waning  with the Lord  with the saints  without life  without vital functions  

Lexikoneinträge für at a fixed price

Fixed (imp. & p. p.) of Fix
Fixed (a.) Securely placed or fastened
Fixed (a.) Stable
Price (n. & v.) The sum or amount of money at which a thing is valued, or the value which a seller sets on his goods in market
Price (n. & v.) Value
Price (n. & v.) Reward
Price (v. t.) To pay the price of.
Price (v. t.) To set a price on
Price (v. t.) To ask the price of

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

price cutting
price cut
cutting the price of merchandise to one lower than the usual or advertised price
price reduction
the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise
price freeze a freeze of prices at a given level
price-fixing control (by agreement among producers or by government) of the price of a commodity in interstate commerce
fixed intonation the intonation of keyboard instruments where the pitch of each note is fixed and cannot be varied by the performer
hard disc
hard disk
fixed disk
a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit
read-only memory
read-only storage
fixed storage
(computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed
price increase increase in price
price the high value or worth of something, her price is far above rubies
monetary value
the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold), the fluctuating monetary value of gold and silver, he puts a high price on his services, he couldn't calculate the cost of the collection
bargain rate
cut rate
cut price
a price below the standard price
price cost toll value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something, the cost in human life was enormous, the price of success is hard work, what price glory?
fixed phagocyte a phagocyte that does not circulate in the blood but is fixed in the liver or spleen or bone marrow etc.
price gouging pricing above the market price when no alternative retailer is available
price list a listing of prices for different goods or services
price index
price level
an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time
retail price index an index of changes in retail prices
producer price index
wholesale price index
an index of changes in wholesale prices
consumer price index
cost-of-living index
an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer
price control restriction on maximum prices that is established and maintained by the government (as during periods of war or inflation)
price floor floor below which prices are not allowed to fall, the government used price supports to maintain the price floor
fixed-point part
the positive fractional part of the representation of a logarithm, in the expression log . the mantissa is .
fixed-point notation
fixed-point representation system
a radix numeration system in which the location of the decimal point is fixed by convention
typewriter font
constant-width font
fixed-width font
monospaced font
a typeface is which each character is given the same width (as by a typewriter)
price a monetary reward for helping to catch a criminal, the cattle thief has a price on his head
price tag a tag showing the price of the article it is attached to
price bracket a category of merchandise based on their price
fixed star any star in the Ptolemaic theory of planetary motion
Post Emily Post
Emily Price Post
United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette (-)
Leontyne Price
Mary Leontyne Price
United States operatic soprano (born )
Wood Mrs. Henry Wood
Ellen Price Wood
English writer of novels about murders and thefts and forgeries (-)
bride price money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride
price support a government subsidy used to maintain prices at a certain level
the amount of money needed to purchase something, the price of gasoline, he got his new car on excellent terms, how much is the damage?
price cost of bribing someone, they say that every politician has a price
asking price
selling price
the price at which something is offered for sale
bid price (stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to buy a certain security
closing price (stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session
offer price (stock market) the price at which a broker is willing to sell a certain security
upset price (auction) the minimum price at which a seller of property will entertain bids
factory price price charged for goods picked up at the factory
list price the selling price of something as stated in a catalogue or price list, often subject to discounts, I got it at % off the list price
purchase price the price at which something is actually purchased
spot price
cash price
the current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market
fixed charge
fixed cost
fixed costs
a periodic charge that does not vary with business volume (as insurance or rent or mortgage payments etc.)
entrance fee
admission charge
admission fee
admission price
price of admission
entrance money
the fee charged for admission
market value
market price
the price at which buyers and sellers trade the item in an open marketplace
nondiscretionary trust
fixed investment trust
an investment trust that can buy only those securities listed when the trust was organized
fixed-point number a number represented in fixed-point notation
price-to-earnings ratio
(stock market) the price of a stock divided by its earnings
price war
price competition
intense competition in which competitors cut retail prices to gain business
fixed oil
fatty oil
nonvolatile animal or plant oil
price ascertain or learn the price of, Have you priced personal computers lately?
price determine the price of, The grocer priced his wares high
incapable of being changed or moved or undone, e.g. frozen prices, living on fixed incomes
price-controlled having the price regulated or controlled by government
fixed (of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value
cut-rate cut-price
costing less than standard price, buying bargain-priced clothes for the children, cut-rate goods
fixed securely placed or fastened or set, a fixed piece of wood, a fixed resistor
fixed and unmoving, with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare, his bearded face already has a set hollow look- Connor Cruise O'Brien, a face rigid with pain
in fortunate circumstances financially, moderately rich, they were comfortable or even wealthy by some standards, easy living, a prosperous family, his family is well-situated financially, well-to-do members of the community
for a song
for a bargain price
at a low price
for a relatively small amount of money, we bought the house for a song
for love or money
for anything
for any price
for all the world
under any circumstances, she wouldn't give up her pets for love or money
half-price for half the price, she bought it half-price during the sale


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