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Deutsche Synonyme für Galvanikschlamm

Englische Synonyme für electroplating sludge; metal plating sludge

electroplating  anion  anodized aluminum  cation  chromium plate  copperplate  electrocoating  electroetching  electrogalvanization  electrogilding  electrograving  electrolysis  electrolyte  galvanization  gold plate  ion  ionization  ionogen  nickel plate  nonelectrolyte  plate  plating  silver plate  

Lexikoneinträge für electroplating sludge; metal plating sludge (electroplating)

Aich's metal () A kind of gun metal, containing copper, zinc, and iron, but no tin.
Babbitt metal () A soft white alloy of variable composition (as a nine parts of tin to one of copper, or of fifty parts of tin to five of antimony and one of copper) used in bearings to diminish friction.
Bell metal () A hard alloy or bronze, consisting usually of about three parts of copper to one of tin
Blond metal () A variety of clay ironstone, in Staffordshire, England, used for making tools.
Electroplating (imp. & p. p.) of Electroplate
Electroplating (n.) The art or process of depositing a coating (commonly) of silver, gold, or nickel on an inferior metal, by means of electricity.
Kingston metal () An alloy of tin, copper, and mercury, sometimes used for the bearings and packings of machinery.
Metal (n.) An elementary substance, as sodium, calcium, or copper, whose oxide or hydroxide has basic rather than acid properties, as contrasted with the nonmetals, or metalloids. No sharp line can be drawn between the metals and nonmetals, and certain elements partake of both acid and basic qualities, as chromium, manganese, bismuth, etc.
Metal (n.) Ore from which a metal is derived
Metal (n.) A mine from which ores are taken.
Metal (n.) The substance of which anything is made
Metal (n.) Courage
Metal (n.) The broken stone used in macadamizing roads and ballasting railroads.
Metal (n.) The effective power or caliber of guns carried by a vessel of war.
Metal (n.) Glass in a state of fusion.
Metal (n.) The rails of a railroad.
Metal (v. t.) To cover with metal
Muntz metal () See under Metal.
Plating (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Plate
Plating (n.) The art or process of covering anything with a plate or plates, or with metal, particularly of overlaying a base or dull metal with a thin plate of precious or bright metal, as by mechanical means or by electro-magnetic deposition.
Plating (n.) A thin coating of metal laid upon another metal.
Plating (n.) A coating or defensive armor of metal (usually steel) plates.
Sludge (n.) Mud
Sludge (n.) Small floating pieces of ice, or masses of saturated snow.
Sludge (n.) See Slime, 4.
Tula metal () An alloy of silver, copper, and lead made at Tula in Russia.
Wood's metal () A fusible alloy consisting of one or two parts of cadmium, two parts of tin, four of lead, with seven or eight part of bismuth. It melts at from 66¡

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

sheet-metal work the craft of doing sheet metal work (as in ventilation systems)
the application of a protective layer of tin
plating the application of a thin coat of metal (as by electrolysis)
armor plate
armour plate
armor plating
plate armor
plate armour
specially hardened steel plate used to protect fortifications or vehicles from enemy fire
drum metal drum a cylindrical metal container used for shipping or storage of liquids
full metal jacket a lead bullet that is covered with a jacket of a harder metal (usually copper)
gauntlet gantlet metal glove a glove of armored leather, protects the hand
hack saw
metal saw
saw used with one hand for cutting metal
metal bar
block of metal
metal that is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling
liquid metal reactor a nuclear reactor using liquid metal as a coolant
metal detector detector that gives a signal when it detects the presence of metal, used to detect the presence of stray bits of metal in food products or to find buried metal
metal screw screw made of metal
metal wood golf wood with a metal head instead of the traditional wooden head
metal plating
a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface
sheet metal sheet of metal formed into a thin plate
shell plating the plates covering the frame of a steel ship and corresponding to the planking of a wooden ship
heavy metal
heavy metal music
loud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat, lyrics usually involve violent or fantastic imagery
metal filing a fragment of metal rubbed off by the use of a file
precious metal any of the less common and valuable metals often used to make coins or jewelry
metal money
coins collectively
a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten, brass is an alloy of zinc and copper
sludge the precipitate produced by sewage treatment
heavy metal a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about ) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead)
base metal a metal that is common and not considered precious, lead, iron, copper, tin, and zinc are base metals
terbium metal a separate group of related lanthanides, including terbium, europium, gadolinium, and sometimes dysprosium
metallic element
any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
noble metal any metal that is resistant to corrosion or oxidation
road metal broken rock used for repairing or making roads
alkali metal
alkaline metal
any of the monovalent metals of group I of the periodic table (lithium or sodium or potassium or rubidium or cesium or francium), the hydroxides of the alkali metals are strongly alkaline
alkaline earth
alkaline-earth metal
any of the bivalent metals of group II of the periodic table (calcium or strontium or barium or magnesium or beryllium)
fusible metal an alloy with a low melting point and used as solder and in safety plugs and sprinkler fuses
pot metal an alloy of copper and lead used especially for making large pots
Monel metal
Monell metal
an alloy of nickel and copper and other metals (such as iron and
manganese and
type metal an alloy of tin and lead and antimony used to make printing type
white metal
bearing metal
an alloy (often of lead or tin base) used for bearings
alpha-beta brass
Muntz metal
yellow metal
a brass that has more zinc and is stronger than alpha brass, used in making castings and hot-worked products
Babbitt metal
an alloy of tin with some copper and antimony, a lining for bearings that reduces friction
bell metal bronze with or parts copper to part tin, used in making bells
Britannia metal an alloy similar to pewter
pot metal cast iron used for making cooking wares
cheoplastic metal any alloy that fuses at low temperatures and can be used molding artificial teeth
scrap metal discarded metal suitable for reprocessing, he finally sold the car for scrap metal
gilding metal a brass that is rich in copper, used to make articles that were to be gilded
grid metal a kind of hard lead that is used for grids in storage batteries
misch metal a pyrophoric alloy made from a mixture of rare-earth metals
any thick, viscous matter
naval brass
Admiralty brass
Admiralty Metal
Tobin bronze
alpha-beta brass containing tin, resistant to sea water, Admiralty Metal is a trademark
shot metal an alloy that is % lead and % arsenic, used in making small shot
sparkle metal matte that has percent copper
Wood's metal
Wood's alloy
a fusible alloy that is half bismuth plus lead, tin, and cadmium, melts at aboutdegrees Fahrenheit
metal cover with metal
having a metallic color
metal-cutting hard and sharp enough to cut metal, metal-cutting tools
containing or made of or resembling or characteristic of a metal, a metallic compound, metallic luster, the strange metallic note of the meadow lark, suggesting the clash of vibrant blades- Ambrose Bierce
all-metal consisting completely of metal, all-metal airplanes
resembling metal
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