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Deutsche Synonyme für Grauschlammboden

Englische Synonyme für dy; gyttja

dyad  both  brace  couple  couplet  distich  double harness  doublet  duad  duet  duo  match  mates  pair  set of two  span  team  the two  twain  two  twosome  yoke  
dybbuk  Baba Yaga  Lilith  Masan  afreet  apparition  appearance  astral  astral spirit  banshee  barghest  cacodemon  control  daeva  demon  departed spirit  devil  disembodied spirit  duppy  eidolon  evil genius  evil spirit  fiend  fiend from hell  form  genie  genius  ghost  ghoul  grateful dead  guide  gyre  hant  haunt  hellion  idolum  immateriality  incorporeal  incorporeal being  incorporeity  incubus  jinni  jinniyeh  lamia  larva  lemures  manes  materialization  oni  phantasm  phantasma  phantom  poltergeist  presence  rakshasa  revenant  satan  shade  shadow  shape  shedu  shrouded spirit  specter  spectral ghost  spirit  spook  sprite  succubus  the undead  theophany  unsubstantiality  vampire  vision  walking dead man  wandering soul  wraith  yogini  zombie  
dye  acid color  aniline  aniline dye  apply paint  artificial dye  bedaub  bedizen  begild  besmear  besprinkle  breathe  brew  brush on paint  calcimine  chromogen  coat  coat of paint  coating  color  color filter  color gelatin  colorant  coloring  complexion  cover  dab  daub  dead-color  decoct  deep-dye  dip  distemper  double-dye  dredge  drier  dyestuff  emblazon  enamel  engild  entincture  exterior paint  face  fast-dye  flat coat  flat wash  flavor  floor enamel  fresco  fuchsine  garancine  gild  glaze  gloss  grain  ground  hue  illuminate  imbrue  imbue  impregnate  infiltrate  infuse  ingrain  instill  interior paint  japan  lacquer  lake  lay on color  leaven  madder  medium  opaque color  paint  parget  penetrate  permeate  pervade  pigment  prime  prime coat  primer  priming  saturate  season  shade  shadow  shellac  slop on paint  smear  stain  steep  stipple  suffuse  temper  tempera  thinner  tinct  tinction  tincture  tinge  tint  tone  transfuse  transparent color  turpentine  turps  undercoat  undercoating  varnish  vehicle  wash  wash coat  whitewash  woad  
dyed-in-the-wool  absolute  all-embracing  all-encompassing  all-out  all-pervading  born  broad-based  chronic  clean  clear  colorfast  comprehensive  confirmed  congenital  constant  consummate  deep-dyed  deep-engraven  deep-fixed  deep-grounded  deep-laid  deep-rooted  deep-seated  deep-set  deep-settled  double-dyed  downright  egregious  embedded  embossed  engrafted  engraved  entrenched  established  etched  exhaustive  fadeless  fast  firmly established  fixed  graven  implanted  impressed  imprinted  incorrigible  inculcated  indelible  indelibly impressed  infixed  ingrain  ingrained  ingrown  instilled  intensive  inveterate  inwrought  irreversible  long-established  old-line  omnibus  omnipresent  on a rock  on bedrock  out-and-out  outright  perfect  pervasive  plain  plumb  pure  radical  regular  rooted  set  settled  settled in habit  sheer  stabilized  straight  sweeping  thorough  thoroughgoing  through-and-through  total  ubiquitous  unconditional  unfading  universal  unmitigated  unqualified  unreserved  unrestricted  utter  veritable  vested  well-established  well-founded  well-grounded  well-set  well-settled  wholesale  
dying  abatement  abridgment  alleviation  annihilation  attenuation  bad  bane  biological death  brittle  burning out  burnout  capricious  cessation of life  changeable  choking  clinical death  comedown  contraction  controlling  corruptible  crossing the bar  curtains  dampening  damping  death  death knell  debasement  debt of nature  decadence  decadency  decease  deciduous  declension  declination  decline  declining  decrease  decrement  decrescence  deduction  deflation  deformation  degeneracy  degenerateness  degeneration  degradation  demise  demotion  departure  depravation  depravedness  depreciation  depression  derogation  descent  despaired of  deterioration  devolution  diminishing  diminishment  diminution  dissolution  done for  doom  dousing  downtrend  downturn  downward mobility  downward trend  drop  dwindling  dying off  ebb  ebb of life  ebbing  effeteness  end  end of life  ending  ephemeral  eternal rest  evanescent  exit  expiration  expiring  extenuation  extinction  extinguishment  facing death  fade-out  fading  failing  failure  failure of nerve  fall  falling-off  fickle  final summons  finger of death  fire fighting  flame-out  fleeting  flitting  fly-by-night  flying  fragile  frail  fugacious  fugitive  given up  going  going off  going out  grave  hand of death  hopeless  impermanent  impetuous  impulsive  in articulo mortis  in extremis  incapable of life  inconstant  insubstantial  involution  jaws of death  knell  languishment  lapse  last debt  last muster  last rest  last roundup  last sleep  leaving life  lessening  letup  loss of life  loss of tone  low  lowering  making an end  miniaturization  mitigation  momentary  moribund  mortal  mutable  near death  nondurable  nonpermanent  nonviable  parting  passing  passing away  passing over  perishable  perishing  putting out  quenching  quietus  receding  reduction  regression  relaxation  release  rest  retiring  retreating  retrocession  retrogradation  retrogression  rew  
dyke  amazon  androgyne  auntie  bi-guy  bisexual  bull dyke  butch  catamite  chicken  fag  faggot  fairy  femme  flit  fricatrice  fruit  gunsel  homo  homophile  homosexual  homosexualist  hoyden  invert  lesbian  nance  pansy  pathic  punk  queen  queer  romp  sapphist  tomboy  tribade  virago  
dynamic  activating  active  acute  adventuresome  adventurous  aggressive  alive  ambitious  animated  armipotent  authoritative  brisk  cogent  driving  dynamical  eager  effective  electric  electrodynamic  emphatic  energetic  energizing  enterprising  enthusiastic  forceful  forcible  full of pep  functioning  geodynamic  go-ahead  go-go  hearty  high-potency  high-powered  high-pressure  high-tension  hustling  impetuous  in force  in power  incisive  intense  irresistible  keen  kinematic  kinetic  live  lively  living  lusty  mettlesome  mighty  mighty in battle  operative  peppy  potent  powerful  prepotent  puissant  pushful  pushing  pushy  radiodynamic  red-blooded  robust  ruling  running  smacking  snappy  spanking  spirited  spry  strenuous  striking  strong  take-charge  take-over  telling  trenchant  up-and-coming  valid  vehement  venturesome  venturous  vibrant  vigorous  violent  vital  vitalizing  vivacious  vivid  working  zealous  zestful  zesty  zippy  
dynamics  activity  actuation  aerodynamics  barodynamics  biodynamics  fluid dynamics  geodynamics  going  hydrodynamics  kinematics  kinesiology  kinesipathy  kinesis  kinesitherapy  kinetics  magnetohydrodynamics  mobilization  motion  motivation  move  movement  moving  myodynamics  restlessness  running  statics  stir  stirring  thermodynamics  unrest  velocity  zoodynamics  
dynamism  adventuresomeness  adventurousness  aggression  aggressiveness  ambitiousness  demonic energy  drive  energy  enterprise  enterprisingness  ergal  force  forcefulness  get-up-and-get  get-up-and-go  getup  go  go-ahead  go-getting  go-to-itiveness  gumption  hustle  initiative  intensity  kinetic energy  liveliness  pep  potency  potential energy  power  push  pushfulness  pushiness  pushingness  spirit  spiritedness  spunk  strength  strenuousness  up-and-comingness  venturesomeness  venturousness  vigor  vitality  zip  
dynamite  Ballistite  TNT  annihilate  cellulose nitrate  cordite  decimate  demolish  dismantle  dissolve  explosive  gunpowder  high explosive  melinite  nitrocotton  nitroglycerin  plastic explosive  powder  raze  ruin  shatter  smokeless powder  trinitrotoluol  villanous saltpetre  
dynamiter  annihilator  arsonist  biblioclast  bomber  burner  demolisher  destroyer  dynamitard  exterminator  hun  iconoclast  idol breaker  idoloclast  nihilist  ruiner  syndicalist  terrorist  vandal  wrecker  
dynast  anointed king  chief  chieftain  crowned head  emperor  grand duke  high chief  imperator  king  king-emperor  kinglet  lord paramount  majesty  monarch  overlord  paramount  petty king  potentate  prince  prince consort  royal  royal personage  royalty  ruler  sovereign  suzerain  tetrarch  
dyne  atomerg  calorie  carat  centigram  decagram  decigram  dinamode  dram  dram avoirdupois  energid  erg  foot-pound  force  grain  gram  horsepower-hour  horsepower-year  hundredweight  joule  kilo  kilogram  kilogram-meter  kilowatt-hour  mass  megaton  milligram  mole  ounce  ounce avoirdupois  ounce troy  pennyweight  photon  pound  pound avoirdupois  pound troy  poundal  quantum  scruple  slug  stone  ton  units of weight  weight  
dysentery  African lethargy  Asiatic cholera  BM  Chagres fever  German measles  Haverhill fever  abscess  acute articular rheumatism  ague  alkali disease  amebiasis  amebic dysentery  anemia  ankylosis  anoxia  anthrax  apnea  asphyxiation  asthma  ataxia  atrophy  bacillary dysentery  backache  bastard measles  black death  black fever  blackwater fever  bleeding  blennorhea  bloody flux  bowel movement  breakbone fever  brucellosis  bubonic plague  cachectic fever  cachexia  cachexy  cardialgia  catharsis  cerebral rheumatism  chicken pox  chill  chills  cholera  cholera morbus  colic  constipation  convulsion  costiveness  coughing  cowpox  crap  cyanosis  dandy fever  deer fly fever  defecation  dejection  dengue  dengue fever  diarrhea  diphtheria  dizziness  dropsy  dumdum fever  dyspepsia  dyspnea  edema  elephantiasis  emaciation  encephalitis lethargica  enteric fever  erysipelas  evacuation  fainting  famine fever  fatigue  fever  fibrillation  five-day fever  flu  flux  frambesia  glandular fever  gripe  gripes  grippe  growth  hansenosis  heartburn  hemorrhage  hepatitis  herpes  herpes simplex  herpes zoster  high blood pressure  histoplasmosis  hookworm  hydrophobia  hydrops  hypertension  hypotension  icterus  indigestion  infantile paralysis  infectious mononucleosis  inflammation  inflammatory rheumatism  influenza  insomnia  irregularity  itching  jail fever  jaundice  jungle rot  kala azar  kissing disease  labored breathing  lepra  leprosy  leptospirosis  lientery  loa loa  loaiasis  lockjaw  loose bowels  low blood pressure  lumbago  madness  malaria  malarial fever  marasmus  marsh fever  measles  meningitis  milzbrand  movement  mumps  nasal discharge  nausea  necrosis  obstipation  ornithosis  osteomyelitis  pain  paralysis  paratyphoid fever  parotitis  parrot fever  pertussis  pneumonia  polio  poliomyelitis  polyarthritis rheumatism  ponos  pruritus  psittacosis  purgation  purge  pyrosis  rabbit fever  rabies  rash  rat-bite fever  rela  
dyspepsia  abscess  ague  anemia  ankylosis  anoxia  apnea  asphyxiation  asthma  ataxia  atrophy  backache  bleeding  blennorhea  cachexia  cachexy  cardialgia  chill  chills  cholera morbus  colic  constipation  convulsion  costiveness  coughing  cyanosis  diarrhea  dizziness  dropsy  dysentery  dyspnea  edema  emaciation  fainting  fatigue  fever  fibrillation  flux  gripe  gripes  growth  heartburn  hemorrhage  high blood pressure  hydrops  hypertension  hypotension  icterus  indigestion  inflammation  insomnia  irregularity  itching  jaundice  labored breathing  lientery  low blood pressure  lumbago  marasmus  nasal discharge  nausea  necrosis  obstipation  pain  paralysis  pruritus  pyrosis  rash  rheum  sclerosis  seizure  shock  skin eruption  sneezing  sore  spasm  tabes  tachycardia  trots  tumor  upset stomach  vertigo  vomiting  wasting  
dyspeptic  allergic  anemic  apoplectic  arthritic  bilious  bitter  cancerous  case  chlorotic  choleric  colicky  consumptive  dropsical  edematous  embittered  encephalitic  epileptic  hot-tempered  ill-humored  ill-natured  incurable  inpatient  invalid  jaundiced  laryngitic  leprous  luetic  malarial  malignant  measly  nephritic  neuralgic  neuritic  outpatient  palsied  paralytic  patient  phthisic  pleuritic  pneumonic  pocky  podagric  rachitic  rheumatic  rickety  rusty  scorbutic  scrofulous  shut-in  sick person  sour  sour-tempered  soured  spastic  sufferer  tabetic  tabid  terminal case  the sick  tubercular  tuberculous  tumorigenic  tumorous  valetudinarian  vinegarish  
dysphasia  aphasia  aphonia  artificial voice  broken speech  broken tones  broken voice  childish treble  choked voice  cracked voice  croak  crow  dysarthria  dyslalia  dyslogia  dysphonia  dysphrasia  echolalia  falsetto  harshness  hawking voice  hiss  hoarseness  hysterical aphonia  idioglossia  idiolalia  impairment of speech  imperfect speech  incoherence  lisp  lisping  loss of voice  mutism  muzzy speech  nasal tone  nasalization  psychophonasthenia  quaver  shake  sibilation  speech defect  speech impediment  tremor  twang  verbigeration  
dystopia  Agapemone  Arcadia  Big Rock-Candy Mountain  Canaan  Cloudcuckooland  Cockaigne  Eden  Eldorado  Erewhon  Garden of Eden  Goshen  Happy Valley  Land of Youth  Laputa  Never-Never-land  Neverland  New Atlantis  Pandemonium  Quivira  Shangri-la  Utopia  cloudland  dreamland  faerie  fairyland  heaven  kakotopia  kingdom come  land of dreams  land of enchantment  land of faerie  land of plenty  land of promise  lotus land  millennium  paradise  promised land  utopia  wonderland  

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dy; Grauschlammboden - 3 Punkte für Grauschlammboden