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Deutsche Synonyme für Humpbreite

Englische Synonyme für hump width rim hump width

hump  Everest  Olympus  alp  arch  barrow  bear  bend  bend back  bilge  blain  bleb  blister  blob  bolt  boss  bow  bubble  buck  buckle down  bulb  bulge  bulla  bump  bunch  burl  button  cahot  career  carry  chine  clump  condyle  convex  convey  crook  curl  curve  dart  dash  decurve  deflect  dome  dowel  drag  ear  embow  endeavor  enlargement  excrescence  ferry  flange  flap  flex  fling  gall  get cracking  get cutting  gnarl  go all out  growth  handle  haste  hasten  haul  heave  hie  hill  hillock  hit the ball  hook  hop to it  hotfoot  hummock  hump it  hunch  hurry  hurtle  incurvate  incurve  inflect  jog  joggle  knob  knot  knuckle down  knur  knurl  la  lay to  lean on it  lip  lofty mountains  loop  lug  lump  make haste  mass  mole  mound  mount  mountain  nevus  node  nub  nubbin  nubble  papilloma  peg  ply the oar  post  pour it on  projection  protrusion  protuberance  race  recurve  reflect  reflex  retroflex  rib  ridge  ring  round  rush  sag  scamper  scoot  scour  scramble  scud  scurry  scuttle  shag ass  shake a leg  shake it up  shoot  shoulder  skedaddle  snap to it  spare no effort  spine  step on it  stud  style  swag  sweep  swelling  tab  tear  tear ass  tell  the wooded mountains  tor  towering alps  transport  tubercle  tubercule  tumefaction  tumescence  tumulus  turn  vault  verruca  vesicle  wale  wart  welt  wind  
humpbacked  arched  arciform  arclike  arcual  bandy  bowed  bowlike  bunchbacked  camelback  concave  convex  crookbacked  embowed  gibbose  gibbous  humped  humpy  hunchbacked  hunched  hunchy  kyphotic  oxbow  vaulted  
humped  arched  arciform  arclike  arcual  bandy  bowed  bowlike  bunchbacked  camelback  concave  convex  convexed  crookbacked  embowed  excurvate  excurvated  excurved  gibbose  gibbous  humpbacked  humpy  hunchbacked  hunched  hunchy  kyphotic  out-bowed  oxbow  rotund  vaulted  


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