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Deutsche Synonyme für Impulsfolge {f}

Englische Synonyme für pulse repetition

pulse  algae  alternate  arrhythmia  arsis  autophyte  bar beat  be here again  bean  beat  beating  bicker  bout  bracken  brown algae  circle  circuit  climber  come again  come and go  come around  come round  come round again  come up again  conferva  confervoid  course  creeper  cycle  dance  diastole  diatom  downbeat  drum  drumming  echo pulse  fern  flap  flick  flicker  flip  flit  flitter  flop  flutter  fruits and vegetables  fucus  fungus  go pitapat  grapevine  green algae  gulfweed  gutter  hammering  heartbeat  heartthrob  herb  heterophyte  intermit  ivy  kelp  legume  lentil  liana  lichen  liverwort  mold  moss  mushroom  offbeat  oscillate  palpitate  palpitating  palpitation  pant  parasite  parasitic plant  pea  perthophyte  phytoplankton  pitapat  pitter-patter  planktonic algae  plant families  pounding  puffball  pulsate  pulsating  pulsation  pulsing  rat-a-tat  rataplan  reappear  recur  red algae  reoccur  repeat  resonate  return  reverberating  reverberation  revolution  revolve  rhythm  rockweed  roll around  rotate  rotation  round  rust  saprophyte  sargasso  sargassum  sea lentil  sea moss  sea wrack  seaweed  series  slat  smut  spell  splutter  sputter  staccato  succulent  systole  tempo  thesis  throb  throbbing  thrumming  thumping  tick  ticktock  toadstool  trigger pulse  turn  undulate  upbeat  vetch  vibrate  vibrating  vibration  vine  wave  waver  wheel  wheel around  wort  wrack  

Lexikoneinträge für pulse repetition

Pulse (n.) Leguminous plants, or their seeds, as beans, pease, etc.
Pulse (n.) The beating or throbbing of the heart or blood vessels, especially of the arteries.
Pulse (n.) Any measured or regular beat
Pulse (v. i.) To beat, as the arteries
Pulse (v. t.) To drive by a pulsation
Repetition (n.) The act of repeating
Repetition (n.) Recital from memory
Repetition (n.) The act of repeating, singing, or playing, the same piece or part a second time
Repetition (n.) Reiteration, or repeating the same word, or the same sense in different words, for the purpose of making a deeper impression on the audience.
Repetition (n.) The measurement of an angle by successive observations with a repeating instrument.
Self-repetition (n.) Repetition of one's self or of one's acts

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

the act of doing or performing again
pulse height analyzer
scientific instrument consisting of an electronic circuit that permits only voltage pulses of predetermined height to pass
pulse counter an electronic counter that counts the number of electric pulses
pulse generator a generator of single or multiple voltage pulses, usually adjustable for pulse rate
pulse timing circuit a circuit that times pulses
pulse modulation modulation that imposes a signal on a train of pulses
pulse-time modulation modulation of the time between successive pulses
repetition the repeated use of the same word or word pattern as a rhetorical device
an event that repeats, the events today were a repeat of yesterday's
pulsation heartbeat
the rhythmic contraction and expansion of the arteries with each beat of the heart, he could feel the beat of her heart
pulse impulse
(electronics) a sharp transient wave in the normal electrical state (or a series of such transients), the pulsations seemed to be coming from a star
pulse edible seeds of various pod-bearing plants (peas or beans or lentils etc.)
horse gram
horse grain
poor man's pulse
Macrotyloma uniflorum
Dolichos biflorus
twining herb of Old World tropics cultivated in India for food and fodder, sometimes placed in genus Dolichos
pulse rate
heart rate
the rate at which the heart beats, usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health
femoral pulse pulse of the femoral artery (felt in the groin)
radial pulse pulse of the radial artery (felt in the wrist)
produce or modulate (as electromagnetic waves) in the form of short bursts or pulses or cause an apparatus to produce pulses, pulse waves, a transmitter pulsed by an electronic tube
throb pulse
expand and contract rhythmically, beat rhythmically, The baby's heart was pulsating again after the surgeon massaged it
pulse drive by or as if by pulsation, A soft breeze pulsed the air


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