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Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle {f}, Kfz-Zulassungsstelle {f}
vehicle registration office
Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle {f}; Kfz-Zulassungsstelle {f} [auto]
Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstellen {pl}; Kfz-Zulassungsstellen {pl}
vehicle registration office; department of motor vehicles DMV [Am.]
vehicle registration offices; departments of motor vehicles
Kraftfahrer {m}, Kraftfahrerin {f}
Kraftfahrer {pl}, Kraftfahrerinnen {pl}
Kraftfahrer {m} [mil.]
Kraftfahrer {pl}
(motor) vehicle operator [Am.]
vehicle operators
Kraftfahrer {m}; Kraftfahrerin {f}
Kraftfahrer {pl}; Kraftfahrerinnen {pl}
Kraftfahrspritze {f}; Löschfahrzeug motorisiert {n} [adm.]
fire-fighting vehicle; bire brigade truck [Am.]
Kraftfahrzeug {n} (Kfz.)
Kraftfahrzeuge {pl}
autocar, automobile
autocars, automobiles
Kraftfahrzeug {n} (Kfz.)
Kraftfahrzeuge {pl}
motor vehicle
motor vehicles
motor vehicle
Kraftfahrzeug {n} Kfz. [auto]
Kraftfahrzeuge {pl}
ein Kfz (zur Zulassung) anmelden
ein Kfz neu anmelden
ein Kfz abmelden
ein Kfz auf einen neuen Halter ummelden
ein Kfz nach Adresswechsel ummelden
ein Kfz (zum Verkehr) zulassen
ein Kfz führen lenken [Ös.]
Führen Lenken [Ös.] von Kfzs
motor vehicle; motor car [Br.]; automobile [Am.]
motor vehicles; motor cars; automobiles
to register a motor vehicle; to have a motor vehicle licenced
to re-register a motor vehicle
to de-register a motor vehicle
to register a motor vehicle in the name of a new keeper
to register a new address for a motor vehicle
to license a motor vehicle (for road use)
to operate a motor vehicle
operation of motor vehicles
Kraftfahrzeugbranche, Kfz-Handel
automobile trade
Kraftfahrzeugbrief {m}; Fahrzeugbrief {m}; Typenschein {m} [Ös.] [Schw.] [auto] [adm.]
Kraftfahrzeugbriefe {pl}; Fahrzeugbriefe {pl}; Typenscheine {pl}
motor vehicle title certificate; certificate of title [Am.]
motor vehicle title certificates; certificates of title
Kraftfahrzeuge herstellen
produce cars
Staugebühr {f} (Gebühr für Kraftfahrzeuge für die Benutzung bestimmter Londoner Innenstadtbezirke)
congestion charge
Nationalitätskennzeichen für Kraftfahrzeuge
nationality plate
Führerschein {m}, Erlaubnis zum Führen von Kraftfahrzeugen [mil.]
motor vehicle operator diploma [Am.]
Neuzulassung {f} von Kraftfahrzeugen
registration of new vehicles
Autoabgase {pl}; Abgase {pl} aus Kraftfahrzeugen; Auspuffgase {pl} [ugs.] [envir.]
(motor) vehicle car automobile exhausts; vehicle exhaust fumes; vehicle fumes; vehicular outputs
Führerschein {m}; Erlaubnis zum Führen von Kraftfahrzeugen [mil.]
motor vehicle operator diploma [Am.]
Kraftfahrzeugentwicklung {f}
automotive engineering
Fuhrpark {m}; Fahrzeugflotte {f}; Kraftfahrzeugflotte {f} [auto]
Fuhrparks {pl}; Fahrzeugflotten {pl}; Kraftfahrzeugflotten {pl}
car pool; motor pool; vehicle fleet
car pools; motor pools; vehicle fleets
Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe {n}
car repair trade, auto repair trade
auto repair trade
Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe {n}
car repair trade; auto repair trade
motor car liability insurance
motor third party insurance
Kraftfahrzeughersteller {m}
automobile manufacturer
Kraftfahrzeughersteller {m}
Kraftfahrzeughersteller {pl}
automobile manufacturer
automobile manufacturers
automobile industry
Kraftfahrzeugindustrie {f}
motor vehicle industry
motor vehicle passenger insurance
check-up on motor-cars
check up on motor cars
misuse of motor cars
Betrieb eines Kraftfahrzeugs
operation of a vehicle
Kraftfahrzeugsachverständige {m f}; Kraftfahrzeugsachverständiger
motor vehicle assessor
Kraftfahrzeugsbesitzer, Fahrzeughalter
owner of a car
Kraftfahrzeugschein {m}, Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsschein {m}, Kfz-Schein {m}
motor vehicle registration certificate, vehicle registration document, car license [Am.]
Zulassungsbescheinigung {f}; Kraftfahrzeugschein {m}; Kfz-Schein {m}; Fahrzeugschein {m} [Dt.]; Zulassungsschein {m} [Ös.]; Fahrzeugausweis {m} [Schw.]; Autobüchlein {n} [Südtirol] [auto] [adm.]
Zulassungsbescheinigungen {pl}; Kraftfahrzeugscheine {pl}; Kfz-Scheine {pl}; Fahrzeugscheine {pl}; Zulassungsscheine {pl}; Fahrzeugausweise {pl}; Autobüchlein {pl}
car registration document [Br.]; motor vehicle license [Am.]
car registration documents; motor vehicle licenses
motor hull insurance
Kraftfahrzeugsteuer {f}, Kfz-Steuer {f}
motor vehicle tax, road tax
Kraftfahrzeugsteuer {f}; Kfz-Steuer {f} [auto] [adm.]
motor vehicle tax; vehicle tax; car tax; vehicle excise duty [Br.] [adm.]; road tax [coll.]
Kraftfahrzeugtechnik {f}
automobile technology
Kraftfahrzeugtechnik {f}; Kfz-Technik {f}; Fahrzeugtechnik {f}; Automobiltechnik {f} [auto]
automotive engineering
Kraftfahrzeugtechniker {m}; Kfz-Techniker {m} [techn.]
Kraftfahrzeugtechniker {pl}; Kfz-Techniker {pl}
automotive mechatronics technician
automotive mechatronics technicians
automobile insurance
motor car insurance
motor vehicle insurance
Kraftfahrzeugversicherung {f}, KFZ-Versicherung {f}
motor car insurance, motor vehicle insurance, automobile insurance
Kraftfahrzeugversicherung {f}; KFZ-Versicherung {f}; Autoversicherung {f} [ugs.] [auto]
Kfz-Versicherung mit Schadenfreiheitsrabatt
motor vehicle insurance; car motor insurance [Br.]; automobile insurance [Am.]
motor automobile insurance with no claims bonus discount
Kraftfahrzeugwesen {n} [auto]
Kfz-Zulassung {f}; Kraftfahrzeugzulassung {f}; Autozulassung {f} [auto] [adm.]
motor vehicle registration licensing; car registration [Br.]; automobile registration [Am.]
Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle {f}, Kfz-Zulassungsstelle {f}
vehicle registration office
Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle {f}; Kfz-Zulassungsstelle {f} [auto]
Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstellen {pl}; Kfz-Zulassungsstellen {pl}
vehicle registration office; department of motor vehicles DMV [Am.]
vehicle registration offices; departments of motor vehicles

Deutsche Synonyme für Kraftfahrzeugzulassungsstelle

Englische Synonyme für vehicle registration office

vehicle  Charlie McCarthy  Grand Guignol  Passion play  Tom show  agency  agent  ancilla  antimasque  appliance  audience success  backing  ballet  bibliofilm  bipack  black-and-white film  bomb  broadcast drama  burlesque show  carrier  cartridge  channel  charade  chromogen  cliff hanger  closet drama  coat  coat of paint  coating  color  color film  color filter  color gelatin  color negative film  colorant  coloring  comedy drama  conduit  contrivance  conveyance  creature  critical success  daytime serial  dead-color  device  dialogue  distemper  documentary drama  dope  drama  dramalogue  dramatic play  dramatic series  drier  dry plate  dummy  duodrama  duologue  dupe  dye  dyestuff  emulsion  epic theater  experimental theater  exterior paint  extravaganza  failure  film  flat coat  flat wash  floor enamel  flop  frame  gasser  giveaway  go-between  ground  handmaid  handmaiden  happening  hit  hit show  implement  improvisational drama  instrument  instrumentality  interagent  interior paint  intermediary  intermediate  intermedium  legitimate drama  lever  masque  mean  means  mechanism  mediator  medium  melodrama  microfilm  midwife  minion  ministry  minstrel show  miracle  miracle play  monochromatic film  monodrama  monologue  morality  morality play  motion-picture film  music drama  musical revue  mystery  mystery play  negative  opaque color  opera  organ  orthochromatic film  pack  pageant  paint  panchromatic film  panel show  pantomime  pastoral  pastoral drama  pawn  photographic paper  piece  pigment  plate  play  playlet  plaything  prime coat  primer  priming  printing paper  problem play  psychodrama  puppet  quiz show  radio drama  review  revue  roll  sensational play  serial  servant  show  sitcom  situation comedy  sketch  skit  slave  soap  soap opera  sociodrama  sound film  sound track  sound-on-film  soundstripe  spectacle  stage play  stage show  stain  stooge  straight drama  success  suspense drama  tableau  tableau vivant  talk  

Lexikoneinträge für vehicle registration office

Booking office () An office where passengers, baggage, etc., are registered for conveyance, as by railway or steamship.
Booking office () An office where passage tickets are sold.
Crown office () The criminal branch of the Court of King's or Queen's Bench, commonly called the crown side of the court, which takes cognizance of all criminal cases.
Office (n.) That which a person does, either voluntarily or by appointment, for, or with reference to, others
Office (n.) A special duty, trust, charge, or position, conferred by authority and for a public purpose
Office (n.) A charge or trust, of a sacred nature, conferred by God himself
Office (n.) That which is performed, intended, or assigned to be done, by a particular thing, or that which anything is fitted to perform
Office (n.) The place where a particular kind of business or service for others is transacted
Office (n.) The company or corporation, or persons collectively, whose place of business is in an office
Office (n.) The apartments or outhouses in which the domestics discharge the duties attached to the service of a house, as kitchens, pantries, stables, etc.
Office (n.) Any service other than that of ordination and the Mass
Office (v. t.) To perform, as the duties of an office
Post office (n.) See under 4th Post.
Registration (v.) The act of registering
Registration (v.) The art of selecting and combining the stops or registers of an organ.
Vehicle (n.) That in or on which any person or thing is, or may be, carried, as a coach, carriage, wagon, cart, car, sleigh, bicycle, etc.
Vehicle (n.) That which is used as the instrument of conveyance or communication
Vehicle (n.) A substance in which medicine is taken.
Vehicle (n.) Any liquid with which a pigment is applied, including whatever gum, wax, or glutinous or adhesive substance is combined with it.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

the act of enrolling
post office a children's game in which kisses are exchanged for pretended letters
position post
office spot billet
a job in an organization, he occupied a post in the treasury
public office a position concerning the people as a whole
office part role
the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group, the function of a teacher, the government must do its part, play its role
registration fire fire delivered to obtain accurate data for subsequent effective engagement of targets
adjustment registration readjustment the act of adjusting something to match a standard
office a religious rite or service prescribed by ecclesiastical authorities, the offices of the mass
Divine Office canonical prayers recited daily by priests (e.g. the breviary of the Roman Catholic Church)
Little Office a Roman Catholic office honoring the Virgin Mary, similar to but shorter than the Divine Office
Office of the Dead an office read or sung before a burial mass in the Roman Catholic Church
land-office business very large and profitable volume of commercial activity
amphibian amphibious vehicle a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water
armored vehicle
armoured vehicle
a vehicle that is protected by armor plate
box office
ticket office
ticket booth
the office where tickets of admission are sold
a bus
coach charabanc
passenger vehicle
a vehicle carrying many passengers, used for public transport, he always rode the bus to work
left-luggage office
a room where baggage or parcels are checked
government office an office where government employees work
headquarters central office
main office
home office
home base
(usually plural) the office that serves as the administrative center of an enterprise, many companies have their headquarters in New York
horse-drawn vehicle a wheeled vehicle drawn by one or more horses
land office a government office where business relating to public lands is transacted
life office life assurance office
loan office an office where loans are negotiated and repaid
military vehicle vehicle used by the armed forces
motor vehicle
automotive vehicle
a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails
business office
place of business where professional or clerical duties are performed, he rented an office in the new building
office building
office block
a building containing offices where work is done
office furniture furniture intended for use in an office
Oval Office the office of the President of the United States in the White House
pawnbroker's shop
loan office
a shop where loans are made with personal property as security
Post-Office box
PO Box
call box letter box
a numbered compartment in a post office where mail is put to be called for
reconnaissance vehicle
scout car
fast armored military vehicle with four-wheel drive and open top
recreational vehicle
a motorized wheeled vehicle used for camping or other recreational activities
self-propelled vehicle a wheeled vehicle that carries in itself a means of propulsion
shipping office the office of a shipping agent, an office where seamen are hired
ballistic capsule
space vehicle
a craft capable of traveling in outer space, technically, a satellite around the sun
sport utility
sport utility vehicle
a high-performance four-wheel drive car built on a truck chassis
tank army tank
armored combat vehicle
armoured combat vehicle
an enclosed armored military vehicle, has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads
test rocket
research rocket
test instrument vehicle
a rocket fired for test purposes
tracked vehicle a self-propelled vehicle that moves on tracks
vehicle a conveyance that transports people or objects
wheeled vehicle a vehicle that moves on wheels and usually has a container for transporting things or people, the oldest known wheeled vehicles were found in Sumer and Syria and date from around BC
registration (music) the sound property resulting from a combination of organ stops used to perform a particular piece of music, the technique of selecting and adjusting organ stops
vehicle a medium for the expression or achievement of something, his editorials provided a vehicle for his political views, a congregation is a vehicle of group identity, the play was just a vehicle to display her talents
license number
registration number
the number on the license plate that identifies the car that bears it
registration a document certifying an act of registering
Foreign Office the government department in charge of foreign relations
Home Office the government department in charge of domestic affairs
French Foreign Office
Quai d'Orsay
the French department in charge of foreign affairs, referred to familiarly by its address in Paris
personnel department
personnel office
personnel staff office
the department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management
federal department
federal office
department of the federal government
a department of the federal government of the United States
Office of Management and Budget
the executive agency that advises the President on the federal budget
Office of Intelligence Support
agency that oversees the intelligence relationships of the Treasury's offices and bureaus and provides a link between the Intelligence Community and officials responsible for international economic policy
United States Post Office
US Post Office
Post Office
an independent agency of the federal government responsible for mail delivery (and sometimes telecommunications) between individuals and businesses in the United States
post office local post office a local branch where postal services are available
Government Accounting Office
United States Government Accounting Office
an independent nonpartisan federal agency that acts as the investigative arm of Congress making the executive branch accountable to Congress and the government accountable to citizens of the United States
Office of Naval Intelligence
the military intelligence agency that provides for the intelligence and counterintelligence and investigative and security requirements of the United States Navy
United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention
an agency of the United Nations that promotes drug control and crime prevention
federal agency
government agency
office authority
an administrative unit of government, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Census Bureau, Office of Management and Budget, Tennessee Valley Authority
National Reconnaissance Office
an intelligence agency in the United States Department of Defense that designs and builds and operates space reconnaissance systems to detect trouble spots worldwide and to monitor arms control agreements and environmental issues and to help plan military operations
Patent and Trademark Office Database
Patent Office
the government bureau in the Department of Commerce that keeps a record of patents and trademarks and grants new ones
Office of Inspector General
the investigative arm of the Federal Trade Commission
office staff
professional or clerical workers in an office, the whole office was late the morning of the blizzard
employment agency
employment office
an agency that finds people to fill particular jobs or finds jobs for unemployed people
placement office
placement center
an office that finds suitable employment for applicants
executive branch
Executive Office of the President
the branch of the United States government that is responsible for carrying out the laws
United States Government Printing Office
US Government Printing Office
Government Printing Office
an agency of the legislative branch that provides printing and binding services for Congress and the departments and establishments of the federal government
vehicular traffic
vehicle traffic
the aggregation of vehicles coming and going in a particular locality
the body of people (such as students) who register or enroll at the same time
post-office box number
PO box number
PO Box No
box number
the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected
any inanimate object (as a towel or money or clothing or dishes or books or toys etc.) that can transmit infectious agents from one person to another
vehicle-borne transmission indirect transmission of an infectious agent that occurs when a vehicle (or fomite) touches a person's body or is ingested
office-bearer the person who holds an office
office boy a young man who is employed to do odd jobs in a business office
box office total admission receipts for an entertainment
(of a government or government official) holding an office means being in power, being in office already gives a candidate a great advantage, during his first year in office, during his first year in power, the power of the president
vehicle any substance that facilitates the use of a drug or pigment or other material that is mixed with it
term of office
the term during which some position is held
leave office
step down
give up or retire from a position, The Secretary of the Navy will leave office next month, The chairman resigned over the financial scandal
take office assume an office, duty, or title, When will the new President take office?
ex officio
by right of office
by virtue of position, the president sat on the committee ex officio


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