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Deutsche Synonyme für Mikromechanik

Englische Synonyme für micro-mechanics micromechanics

Lexikoneinträge für micro-mechanics micromechanics

Mechanics (n.) That science, or branch of applied mathematics, which treats of the action of forces on bodies.
Micro- () Alt. of Micr-
Micro-chemical (a.) Of or pertaining to micro-chemistry
Micro-chemistry (n.) The application of chemical tests to minute objects or portions of matter, magnified by the use of the microscopy
Micro-geological (a.) Of or pertaining to micro-geology.
Micro-geology (n.) The part of geology relating to structure and organisms which require to be studied with a microscope.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

the technical aspects of doing something, a mechanism of social control, mechanisms of communication, the mechanics of prose style
airplane mechanics the craft of building and repairing airplanes
auto mechanics the craft of building and repairing automobiles
any organism of microscopic size
micro chip
silicon chip
microprocessor chip
electronic equipment consisting of a small crystal of a silicon semiconductor fabricated to carry out a number of electronic functions in an integrated circuit
celestial mechanics the branch of astronomy concerned with the application of Newton's laws of motion to the motions of heavenly bodies
mechanics the branch of physics concerned with the motion of bodies in a frame of reference
wave mechanics the modern form of quantum theory, an extension of quantum mechanics based on Schrodinger's equation, atomic events are explained as interactions between particle waves
classical mechanics
Newtonian mechanics
the branch of mechanics based on Newton's laws of motion
statistical mechanics the branch of physics that makes theoretical predictions about the behavior of macroscopic systems on the basis of statistical laws governing its component particles
quantum mechanics the branch of quantum physics that accounts for matter at the atomic level, an extension of statistical mechanics based on quantum theory (especially the Pauli exclusion principle)
fluid mechanics
study of the mechanics of fluids
cook or heat in a microwave oven, You can microwave the leftovers
micro extremely small in scale or scope or capability


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Die Mikromechanik ist der Bereich der Mikrosystemtechnik, der sich mit Konstruktion, Herstellung und Anwendung mechanischer Bauelemente mit Abmessungen von wenigen bis mehreren 100 µm befasst. Man unterscheidet einfache Strukturen , Sensoren, Aktoren und Mikrosysteme . Zur Herstellung werden Technologien eingesetzt, die auch in der Mikrochip-Fertigung zum Einsatz kommen , es werden aber auch die Photolithographie, Dünnschicht-, Siebdruck- und LIGA-Technik genutzt. Die direkte werkzeuglose Herstellung von mikromechanischen Kunststoffbauteilen ist mit den patentierten RMPD-Techniken möglich.
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