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Deutsche Synonyme für Odem

Atem  Odem  Puste  (umgangssprachlich)  
Chi  Lebenskraft  Mana  Od  Odem  Orgon  Prana  

Englische Synonyme für breath; inspiration

breath  Aqua-Lung  a breath  afterdamp  amaze  anima  anima humana  animating force  aroma  artificial respiration  aspiration  asthmatic wheeze  astonish  astound  atman  ba  bated breath  bathmism  beating heart  biological clock  biorhythm  bit  blackdamp  blood  blow  break  breath of air  breath of life  breather  breathing  breathing place  breathing space  breathing spell  breathing time  breathy voice  breeze  broken wind  brush  buddhi  capful of wind  caress  chokedamp  cigarette break  cloud  cocktail hour  coffee break  contact  cough  coup  crack  cutaneous sense  damp  dash  dazzle  definite odor  detectable odor  divine breath  divine spark  downtime  effluvium  ego  elan vital  emanation  enforced respite  essence  essence of life  exhalation  expiration  exsufflation  feel  feeling  fetid air  fingertip caress  firedamp  flash  flatus  flavor  flick  fluid  force of life  fragrance  fume  gasp  glance  graze  growth force  gulp  gust  hack  half a jiffy  half a mo  half a second  half a shake  halt  hand-mindedness  happy hour  heart  heartbeat  heartblood  hiccup  hint  impulse of life  indication  inhalation  inhalator  inner man  inspiration  inspiriting force  instant  insufflation  interlude  intermission  iron lung  jiff  jiffy  jiva  jivatma  khu  kiss  lambency  lap  letup  lick  life breath  life cycle  life essence  life force  life principle  life process  lifeblood  light touch  little  little bit  little voice  little while  living force  low voice  lull  malaria  manes  mephitis  miasma  microsecond  millisecond  mind  minute  moment  mouth-to-mouth resuscitation  mumble  mumbling  murmur  murmuration  murmuring  mutter  muttering  nephesh  no time  odor  oxygen mask  oxygen tent  pair of winks  pant  pause  pneuma  prana  psyche  puff  puff of air  puff of smoke  puff of wind  purusha  recess  redolence  reek  respiration  respite  rest  ruach  rub  savor  scent  scuba  seat of life  sec  second  sense of touch  shade  shadow  shake    
breathe  He  affect  air  alert  approve  argue  articulate  aspirate  attest  bark  bawl  be  be alive  be animate  be aromatic  be construed as  be extant  be found  be in existence  be met with  be present  be redolent of  be the case  be there  bellow  bespeak  besprinkle  betoken  blare  blat  blow  blubber  boom  brandish  bray  break  break it to  break the news  breathe hard  breathe in  breathe out  brew  bring forth  bring forward  bring into view  bring out  bring to notice  buzz  cackle  chant  chime  chirp  chorus  color  come out with  communicate  confide  confide to  connote  convey  coo  cough  crow  dangle  decoct  deliver  demonstrate  denote  develop  disclose  display  divulgate  divulge  dramatize  draw breath  draw in  drawl  dredge  dye  embody  emit  emit a smell  enact  entincture  entrust with information  enunciate  evidence  evince  evulgate  exclaim  exhale  exhaust  exhibit  exist  expel  expire  expose to view  express  fetch breath  flaunt  flavor  fling off  flourish  flute  formulate  furnish evidence  gasp  give  give confidential information  give expression  give indication of  give out  give out with  give sign  give token  give tongue  give utterance  give vent to  give voice  go to show  growl  grunt  gulp  hack  happen to be  have being  have life  have place  hiccup  highlight  hint at  hiss  hold  huff  illuminate  illustrate  imbrue  imbue  impart  imply  import  impregnate  incarnate  indicate  infiltrate  infuse  inhale  inspire  instill  involve  keen  knock off  lay off  leaven  let get around  let in on  let next to  let out  lie by  lilt  lip  live  live and breathe  maffle  make clear  make known  make plain  manifest  mark  materialize  mean  mention privately  move  mumble  murmur  mussitate  mutter  nose  obtain  occur  out with  pant  parade  pause  penetrate  perform  permeate  pervade  phonate  phrase  pipe  point to  pour forth  present  prevail  produce  pronounce  publish  puff  put forth  put hep  put in  
breather  athletics  blow  break  breath  breathing place  breathing space  breathing spell  breathing time  calisthenics  cigarette break  cocktail hour  coffee break  constitutional  daily dozen  downtime  drill  enforced respite  exercise  exercising  gymnastic exercises  gymnastics  halt  happy hour  interlude  intermission  isometrics  letup  lull  pause  physical education  physical jerks  practice  recess  respite  rest  setting-up exercises  spell  stay  stretch  surcease  suspension  tea break  ten  time out  workout  yoga  
breathless  ablaze  abrupt  afire  agape  aghast  agog  airless  alacritous  all agog  amazed  anaudic  animated  antsy  antsy-pantsy  anxious  aphasic  aphonic  ardent  asleep  asleep in Jesus  astonished  astounded  at gaze  at rest  athirst  avid  awed  awestruck  beguiled  bereft of life  bewildered  bewitched  boiling over  breakneck  breezeless  burning  bursting to  called home  captivated  carrion  chafing  close  confounded  cordial  croaked  dead  dead and gone  death-struck  deceased  defunct  delirious  demised  departed  departed this life  desirous  destitute of life  done for  drunk  dumb  dumbfounded  dumbstricken  dumbstruck  eager  edgy  enchanted  enraptured  enravished  enthralled  enthusiastic  entranced  exanimate  excited  exhausted  exuberant  fallen  fascinated  febrile  fervent  fervid  fevered  feverish  fiery  finished  flabbergasted  flaming  flushed  food for worms  forward  fretful  fretting  full of life  gaping  gasping  gauping  gazing  glowing  gone  gone to glory  gone west  hasty  headlong  hearty  heated  hopped-up  hot  hypnotized  ill-ventilated  impassioned  impatient  impetuous  impulsive  in a lather  in a stew  in a sweat  in awe  in awe of  in suspense  inanimate  inarticulate  intense  intoxicated  keen  late  late lamented  launched into eternity  lifeless  lively  lost in wonder  martyred  marveling  mesmerized  mum  mute  no more  on edge  on fire  open-eyed  openmouthed  oppressive  out of breath  overwhelmed  panting  passed on  passionate  popeyed  precipitant  precipitate  precipitous  prompt  puffed  puffing  pushing up daisies  puzzled  quick  rapt in wonder  raring to  rash  ready  ready and willing  red-hot  released  reposing  resting easy  restive  restless  sainted  short-breathed  short-winded  sleeping  smitten with death  speechless  spellbound  spent  spirited  squirming  squirmy  staggered  staring  steaming  steamy  stifling  still  stillborn  stricken dumb  stuffy  stupefied  sudden  suffocating  sul  
breathtaking  agitating  amazing  astonishing  astounding  charged  cliff-hanging  confounding  disquieting  distracting  disturbing  electric  exciting  exhilarating  eye-opening  galvanic  heady  heart-expanding  heart-stirring  heart-swelling  heart-thrilling  impressive  inflammatory  intoxicating  jarring  jolting  maddening  mind-blowing  mind-boggling  moving  overcoming  overmastering  overpowering  overwhelming  perturbing  piquant  provocative  provoking  ravishing  soul-stirring  spectacular  spirit-stirring  staggering  startling  stimulating  stimulative  stirring  striking  stunning  surprising  suspenseful  suspensive  tantalizing  telling  thrilling  thrilly  troubling  unsettling  upsetting  
breathy  blurred  choked  choking  croaking  drawling  drawly  dysphonic  guttural  harsh  hawking  hoarse  inarticulate  indistinct  lisping  mispronounced  muzzy  nasal  quavering  shaking  shaky  snuffling  stifled  strangled  thick  throaty  tremulous  twangy  velar  

Lexikoneinträge für breath; inspiration [fig.]

Breath (n.) The air inhaled and exhaled in respiration
Breath (n.) The act of breathing naturally or freely
Breath (n.) The power of respiration, and hence, life.
Breath (n.) Time to breathe
Breath (n.) A single respiration, or the time of making it
Breath (n.) Fig.: That which gives or strengthens life.
Breath (n.) A single word
Breath (n.) A very slight breeze
Breath (n.) Fragrance
Breath (n.) Gentle exercise, causing a quicker respiration.
Inspiration (n.) The act of inspiring or breathing in
Inspiration (n.) The act or power of exercising an elevating or stimulating influence upon the intellect or emotions
Inspiration (n.) A supernatural divine influence on the prophets, apostles, or sacred writers, by which they were qualified to communicate moral or religious truth with authority

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

breath the process of taking in and expelling air during breathing, he took a deep breath and dived into the pool, he was fighting to his last breath
intake breathing in
the act of inhaling, the drawing in of air (or other gases) as in breathing
inspiration stirring arousing to a particular emotion or action
a product of your creative thinking and work, he had little respect for the inspirations of other artists, after years of work his brainchild was a tangible reality
divine guidance
(theology) a special influence of a divinity on the minds of human beings, they believe that the books of Scripture were written under divine guidance
inspiration a sudden intuition as part of solving a problem
inspiration arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity
an indirect suggestion, not a breath of scandal ever touched her
breath of fresh air a welcome relief, the new management was like a breath of fresh air
breath a slight movement of the air, there wasn't a breath of air in the room
baby's breath
Gypsophila paniculata
tall plant with small lance-shaped leaves and numerous tiny white or pink flowers
wild madder white madder
white bedstraw
false baby's breath
Galium mollugo
Eurasian herb with ample panicles of small white flowers, naturalized in North America
shortness of breath
a dyspneic condition
breath the air that is inhaled and exhaled in respiration, his sour breath offended her
breathing place
breathing space
breathing spell
breathing time
a short respite
take a breath
draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs, I can breathe better when the air is clean, The patient is respiring
catch one's breath
take a breather
take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
in the same breath simultaneously, she praised and criticized him in the same breath


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