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Deutsche Synonyme für Schraubverschluss

Englische Synonyme für screw top

screw  Procrustean bed  airscrew  anamorphism  anamorphosis  apply pressure  articulate  ask  ask for  asymmetry  badger  ball  batten  batten down  be intimate  beat  bed of Procrustes  begrudge  beguile of  bend  bilk  blackmail  bleed  bleed white  bollix up  bolt  boot  botch  buckle  bugger up  bull  bunco  bungle  burn  butt  button  call for  call up  call upon  challenge  cheat  chisel  chouse  chouse out of  circle  circulate  circumrotate  circumvolute  cirrus  claim  clamor for  clasp  cleat  clip  coerce  cog  cog the dice  cohabit  coil  come together  commandant  commit adultery  compel  con  constrain  contort  contortion  copulate  corkscrew  couple  cover  cozen  crank  crib  crimp  crimple  crinkle  crook  crookedness  crumple  cry for  curl  curlicue  custodian  deform  defraud  demand  destroy  detorsion  deviation  diddle  disproportion  distort  distortion  do  do in  do out of  dovetail  draw on  driver  euchre  evolute  exact  exploit  extort  famish  fan  finagle  flam  flee  fleece  flimflam  fly  fob  force  force from  fornicate  frig  fuck  fuck up  fudge  gaoler  gnarl  go around  go round  gouge  governor  grudge  guard  guardian  gull  gyp  gyrate  gyre  hasp  have  have sex  have sexual relations  helix  hinge  hitch  hocus  hocus-pocus  hold up  hook  imbalance  impeller  impose  increase  indent  influence  insist  intort  involute  iron heel  irregularity  issue an ultimatum  jailer  jam  joint  keeper  kink  knot  lank  latch  lay  levy  levy blackmail  lie with  live upon nothing  lock  lopsidedness  louse up  make a demand  make it with  make love  make off  make out  mate  meander  mishandle  mismanage  miter  mortise  mount  muddle  mulct  nail  oblige  order  order up  overcharge  overprice  overtax  pack the deal  paddle wheel  peg  pigeon  pin  pinch  pinch pennies  pirouette  piston  pivot  place an order  practice fraud upon  press  pressure  principal keeper  prison guard  profiteer  prop  propellant  propeller  propuls  
screw up  abreast  acquainted  affix  amiss  anarchy  anchor  annex  attach  au courant  back  ball up  belay  bitch  bitch up  bloomer  blooper  blow  bobble  bollix  bollix up  bonehead into it  bonehead play  boner  boo-boo  boob stunt  boot  brace  bugger  bugger up  bum  bungle  cement  chaos  cinch  clamp  clinch  complicate  confound  confuse  confusion  cook  cramp  crappy  dissatisfactory  drop a brick  drop the ball  duff  dumb trick  embrangle  engraft  entangle  fabulous formless darkness  fasten  fix  flub  fluff  fool mistake  foozle  foul up  foul-up  fumble  garble  goof  goof up  graft  grapple  gum up  hash up  hassle  howler  implicate  involve  jumble  knit  knot  license  louse up  louse-up  make fast  mess  mess up  misrule  mix up  mix-up  moor  morass  muck up  muck-up  muddle  muff  perplex  pi  play hell with  play hob with  poor  pratfall  pull a boner  punk  put to  queer  ramify  ravel  reinforce  riffle  rigidify  rotten  scramble  screamer  secure  set  set to  shore up  shuffle  sink  snafu  snarl  snarl up  spoil  stiffen  strengthen  tangle  tense  tighten  trice up  trim  tumble  unsatisfactory  up-to-the-minute  wrong  
screwball  abnormal  alien  aliene  anomalous  balmy  bananas  barmy  bats  batty  beany  bedlamite  bonkers  borderline case  bowl  buggy  bughouse  bugs  case  cast  change of pace  change-up  character  chuck  chunk  crackbrain  crackers  crackpot  crank  crankish  cranky  crotchety  cuckoo  curve  daffy  dement  demoniac  deviant  deviative  different  ding-a-ling  dippy  divergent  dotty  downcurve  eccentric  energumen  erratic  exceptional  fanatic  fastball  fey  flake  flaky  fling  flip  flipped  forward pass  fou  freak  freaked-out  freakish  fruitcakey  fruity  funny  gaga  goofy  harebrain  haywire  heave  hermit  hobo  hurl  idiocratic  idiosyncratic  idiot  incurve  irregular  just plain nuts  kinky  knuckleball  kook  kooky  lateral  lateral pass  lob  lone wolf  loner  loon  loony  loopy  lunatic  madman  maggoty  maniac  maverick  meshuggenah  natural  noncompos  nonconformist  nut  nuts  nutty  odd  odd fellow  oddball  oddity  off the hinges  off the track  off the wall  original  outcurve  outsider  pariah  pass  peculiar  peg  phrenetic  pitch  potty  put  queer  queer duck  queer fish  queer specimen  quirky  rara avis  raving lunatic  recluse  round the bend  screwballs  screwy  serve  service  shot-put  shy  singular  sinker  slaphappy  slider  sling  solitary  spitball  spitter  strange  strange duck  throw  toss  tramp  twisted  type  unconventional  unnatural  upcurve  wacky  weirdo  whimsical  zealot  
screwy  abnormal  anomalous  apish  asinine  balmy  bananas  barmy  bats  batty  beany  befooled  beguiled  besotted  bonkers  boozy  brainless  buffoonish  buggy  bughouse  bugs  canned  cockeyed  cracked  crackers  crank  crankish  cranky  crazy  credulous  crotchety  cuckoo  daffy  daft  dazed  deviant  deviative  different  dippy  disguised  divergent  dizzy  doting  dotty  drunk  dumb  eccentric  erratic  exceptional  fatuitous  fatuous  fey  flaky  flipped  fond  fool  foolheaded  foolish  freaked-out  freakish  fruitcakey  fruity  fuddled  funny  futile  gaga  goofy  gulled  haywire  idiocratic  idiosyncratic  idiotic  imbecile  inane  inebriated  inept  infatuated  insane  irregular  just plain nuts  kinky  kooky  loony  loopy  lunatic  mad  maggoty  maudlin  moronic  muddled  nuts  nutty  odd  oddball  off the hinges  off the track  off the wall  peculiar  pixilated  plastered  potty  queer  quirky  round the bend  sappy  screwball  screwballs  senseless  sentimental  silly  singular  slaphappy  strange  stupid  thoughtless  twisted  unbalanced  unconventional  unnatural  unsound  wacky  wet  whimsical  witless  

Lexikoneinträge für screw top

Bed screw () A form of jack screw for lifting large bodies, and assisting in launching.
Bed screw () A long screw formerly used to fasten a bedpost to one of the adjacent side pieces.
Breech screw () A strong iron or steel plug screwed into the breech of a musket or other firearm, to close the bottom of the bore.
Hindleys screw () A screw cut on a solid whose sides are arcs of the periphery of a wheel into the teeth of which the screw is intended to work. It is named from the person who first used the form.
Screw (n.) A cylinder, or a cylindrical perforation, having a continuous rib, called the thread, winding round it spirally at a constant inclination, so as to leave a continuous spiral groove between one turn and the next, -- used chiefly for producing, when revolved, motion or pressure in the direction of its axis, by the sliding of the threads of the cylinder in the grooves between the threads of the perforation adapted to it, the former being distinguished as the external, or male screw, or, more usually the screw
Screw (n.) Specifically, a kind of nail with a spiral thread and a head with a nick to receive the end of the screw-driver. Screws are much used to hold together pieces of wood or to fasten something
Screw (n.) Anything shaped or acting like a screw
Screw (n.) A steam vesel propelled by a screw instead of wheels
Screw (n.) An extortioner
Screw (n.) An instructor who examines with great or unnecessary severity
Screw (n.) A small packet of tobacco.
Screw (n.) An unsound or worn-out horse, useful as a hack, and commonly of good appearance.
Screw (n.) A straight line in space with which a definite linear magnitude termed the pitch is associated (cf. 5th Pitch, 10 (b)). It is used to express the displacement of a rigid body, which may always be made to consist of a rotation about an axis combined with a translation parallel to that axis.
Screw (n.) An amphipod crustacean
Screw (v. t.) To turn, as a screw
Screw (v. t.) To force
Screw (v. t.) Hence: To practice extortion upon
Screw (v. t.) To twist
Screw (v. t.) To examine rigidly, as a student
Screw (v. i.) To use violent mans in making exactions
Screw (v. i.) To turn one's self uneasily with a twisting motion
Screw-cutting (a.) Adapted for forming a screw by cutting
Screw-driver (n.) A tool for turning screws so as to drive them into their place. It has a thin end which enters the nick in the head of the screw.
Water screw () A screw propeller.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

c fuck
piece of ass
piece of tail
roll in the hay
shag shtup ff
slang for sexual intercourse
Allen screw a screw with a hexagonal hole in the head
screw auger
hand tool for boring holes
cap screw a threaded screw for machine parts, screws into a tapped hole
bottle screw
a bottle opener that pulls corks
screw jack
screw-operated jack
lag screw
lag bolt
a heavy woodscrew with a square or hexagonal head that is driven in with a wrench
machine screw a screw used either with a nut or with a tapped hole, slotted head can be driven by a screwdriver
metal screw screw made of metal
patent log
screw log
taffrail log
a cigar-shaped log with rotary fins that measure the ship's speed
Phillips screw a screw with a special head having crossed slots
screw a fastener with a tapered threaded shank and a slotted head
screw screw propeller a propeller with several angled blades that rotates to push against water or air
screw a simple machine of the inclined-plane type consisting of a spirally threaded cylindrical rod that engages with a similarly threaded hole
screw eye a woodscrew having its shank bent into a ring
screw key a wrench for turning a screw
screw thread
the raised helical rib going around a screw
screw wrench adjustable wrench that has one jaw that can be adjusted by turning a screw
wing nut
wing screw
butterfly nut
a threaded nut with winglike projections for thumb and forefinger leverage in turning
prison guard
someone who guards prisoners
screw bean screwbean
screwbean mesquite
Prosopis pubescens
shrub or small tree of southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico having spirally twisted pods
screw bean spirally twisted sweet pod of screwbean mesquite that is used for fodder or ground into meal for feed
screw augur
Spiranthes cernua
an orchid of the genus Spiranthes having tall erect densely flowered spiraling clusters of creamy white vanilla-scented flowers, widely distributed especially in low damp places of eastern and central North America
family Pandanaceae
screw-pine family
family of woody plants of the order Pandanales including pandanus
screw pine
any of various Old World tropical palmlike trees having huge prop roots and edible conelike fruits and leaves like pineapple leaves
textile screw pine
Pandanus tectorius
Polynesian screw pine
screw tree a tree or shrub of the genus Helicteres
nut-leaved screw tree
Helicteres isora
East Indian shrub often cultivated for its hairy leaves and orangeed flowers
screw up twist into a strained configuration, screw up one's face
heat up hot up screw up make more intense, Emotions were screwed up
defeat someone through trickery or deceit
screw tighten or fasten by means of screwing motions, Screw the bottle cap on
screw drive in cause to penetrate, as with a circular motion, drive in screws or bolts
screw turn like a screw
screw up screw or turn higher
sleep together
roll in the hay
make out
make love
sleep with
get laid
have sex
do it
be intimate
have intercourse
have it away
have it off
screw fuck
lie with
have a go at it
bang get it on
bonk ff,uff
have sexual intercourse with, This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm, Adam knew Eve, Were you ever intimate with this man?
botch up
screw up
ball up
spoil muck up
bollix up
bollocks up
louse up
foul up
mess up
fuck up
make a mess of, destroy or ruin, I botched the dinner and we had to eat out, the pianist screwed up the difficult passage in the second movement
not behaving normally
screw-topped having a lid with a spiral groove


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Ein Schraubverschluss dient dazu, Behältnisse wie Tuben, Kunststoffdosen, Konservengläser und Getränkeflaschen luftdicht zu verschließen, die hierfür mit einem Gewinde an der Öffnung versehen werden.
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