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Deutsche Synonyme für Sklave

Fronarbeiter  Leibeigener  Sklave  Untertan  

Englische Synonyme für slave

slave  Charlie McCarthy  agent  ancilla  apple-polisher  appliance  ass-licker  backscratcher  backslapper  beast of burden  bondmaid  bondman  bondslave  bondsman  bondswoman  bootlick  bootlicker  brown-nose  brownie  captive  chattel  chattel slave  churl  clawback  concubine  contrivance  coolie  courtier  creature  cringer  debt slave  dependent  device  do double duty  dray horse  drudge  dummy  dupe  elucubrate  fag  fawner  feudatory  flatterer  flunky  follower  footlicker  galley slave  go-between  gofer  greasy grind  grind  groveler  grub  hack  handmaid  handmaiden  handshaker  hanger-on  helot  help  hierodule  hit the ball  homager  hustle  implement  inferior  instrument  interagent  intermediary  intermediate  intermedium  jackal  kowtower  labor  laborer  lackey  led captain  lever  lickspit  lickspittle  liege  liege man  liege subject  lucubrate  mealymouth  mechanism  mediator  medium  menial  midwife  minion  moil  muck  myrmidon  odalisque  organ  overwork  pawn  peon  plaything  plod  plodder  pour it on  puppet  retainer  scratch  scullion  serf  servant  slavey  slog  slogger  spaniel  stooge  subject  subordinate  suck  sweat  swot  sycophant  theow  thrall  timeserver  toad  toady  toil  toiler  tool  toy  truckler  tufthunter  underling  understrapper  vassal  vehicle  villein  work hard  work late  work overtime  workhorse  yeoman  yes-man  
slave driver  Big Brother  Simon Legree  absolute monarch  absolute ruler  all-powerful ruler  arrogator  auditor  autarch  autocrat  boatswain  boss  caesar  chief  commissar  comptroller  controller  czar  despot  dictator  disciplinarian  driver  duce  floor manager  floorman  floorwalker  foreman  gaffer  ganger  hard master  head  headman  inspector  martinet  monitor  noncommissioned officer  oligarch  oppressor  overman  overseer  pharaoh  proctor  sirdar  stickler  straw boss  subforeman  super  superintendent  supervisor  surveyor  taskmaster  tyrant  usurper  visitor  warlord  
slaver  adulate  apple-polish  babble  be insane  beslobber  beslubber  blandish  bootlick  cajole  compliment  conceit  cower  cringe  dote  dribble  drivel  drool  expectorate  expectoration  fawn upon  flatter  foam  froth  grovel  have a demon  hawk  kowtow  make fair weather  mouth-watering  nonsense  oil the tongue  palaver  panderer  piffle  pimp  praise  ptyalism  rage  ramble  rant  rave  rubbish  run amok  run mad  saliva  salivate  salivation  sialagogue  slabber  slobber  slobber over  spew  spit  spittle  sputum  toady  truckle  twaddle  wander  water  wheedle  
slavery  abjectness  absolutism  attendance  baseness  bond service  bondage  captivity  control  debt slavery  deprivation of freedom  dirty work  disenfranchisement  disfranchisement  domination  donkeywork  drudge  drudgery  employ  employment  enslavement  enthrallment  fag  fatigue  feudalism  feudality  grind  handiwork  handwork  hard labor  helotism  helotry  indentureship  industry  labor  lick  lick of work  manual labor  meanness  menialness  ministration  ministry  moil  peonage  plugging  rat race  restraint  scut work  serfdom  serfhood  servility  servitium  servitorship  servitude  slavishness  spadework  strain  stroke  stroke of work  subjection  subjugation  submissiveness  subservience  subserviency  sweat  task  tendance  thrall  thralldom  tiresome work  toil  travail  treadmill  tyranny  vassalage  villenage  work  yoke  

Lexikoneinträge für slave

Slave (n.) See Slav.
Slave (n.) A person who is held in bondage to another
Slave (n.) One who has lost the power of resistance
Slave (n.) A drudge
Slave (n.) An abject person
Slave (v. i.) To drudge
Slave (v. t.) To enslave.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

slave trade
slave traffic
traffic in slaves, especially in Black Africans transported to America in the th to th centuries
slave ant any of various ants captured as larvae and enslaved by another species
slave-making ant
an ant that attacks colonies of other ant species and carries off the young to be reared as slave ants
slave market a marketplace where slaves were auctioned off (especially in the southern United States before the American Civil War)
slave ship a ship used to transport slaves from their homes to places of bondage
slave state any of the southern states in which slavery was legal prior to the American Civil War
Great Slave Lake a lake in the Northwest Territories in northwestern Canada, drained by the Mackenzie River
galley slave
a laborer who is obliged to do menial work
galley slave a slave condemned to row in a galley
slave a person who is owned by someone
slave striver
hard worker
someone who works as hard as a slave
slave someone entirely dominated by some influence or person, a slave to fashion, a slave to cocaine, his mother was his abject slave
slave driver a supervisor of slaves at work
slave driver Simon Legree a cruel employer who demands excessive work from the employees
slave owner
someone who holds slaves
slave dealer
slave trader
a person engaged in slave trade
white slave a woman sold into prostitution
break one's back
buckle down
knuckle down
work very hard, like a slave
where slavery was prohibited, a free-soil state


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