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Deutsche Synonyme für Steckgriff

Englische Synonyme für spinner handle

spinner  bait  birdlime  bola  cobweb  dragnet  fishhook  fly  gill net  ground bait  hook  jenny  jig  lariat  lasso  lime  lure  meshes  mule  net  noose  plug  pound net  purse seine  seine  silkworm  snare  sniggle  spider  spinning frame  spinning jenny  spinster  springe  squid  throstle  toils  trawl  wobbler  

Lexikoneinträge für spinner handle (for spanners) / spinner handles

Handle (v. t.) To touch
Handle (v. t.) To manage in using, as a spade or a musket
Handle (v. t.) To accustom to the hand
Handle (v. t.) To receive and transfer
Handle (v. t.) To deal with
Handle (v. t.) To treat
Handle (v. t.) To manage
Handle (v. t.) To use or manage in writing or speaking
Handle (v. i.) To use the hands.
Handle (n.) That part of vessels, instruments, etc., which is held in the hand when used or moved, as the haft of a sword, the knob of a door, the bail of a kettle, etc.
Handle (n.) That of which use is made
Spinner (n.) One who, or that which, spins one skilled in spinning
Spinner (n.) A spider.
Spinner (n.) A goatsucker
Spinner (n.) A spinneret.
Water spinner () The water spider.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

razor clam
jackknife clam
marine clam having a long narrow curved thin shell
web spinner any of a small order of slender typically tropical insects that nest in colonies in silken tunnels that they spin
ax handle
axe handle
the handle of an ax
broom handle
the handle of a broom
crank handle
starting handle
crank used to start an engine
grip handgrip
the appendage to an object that is designed to be held in order to use or move it, he grabbed the hammer by the handle, it was an old briefcase but it still had a good grip
hoe handle the handle of a hoe
mop handle the handle of a mop
rake handle the handle of a rake
spinner fisherman's lure, revolves when drawn through the water
spinner board game equipment that consists of a dial and an arrow that is spun to determine the next move in the game
threeentered arch
basket-handle arch
a round arch whose inner curve is drawn with circles having three centers
a large bushy moustache (with hair growing sometimes down the sides of the mouth)
spare tire
love handle
excess fat around the waistline
cash cow
a project that generates a continuous flow of money
spinster thread maker
someone who spins (who twists fibers into threads)
cover treat
deal address
act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression, This book deals with incest, The course covered all of Western Civilization, The new book treats the history of China
touch, lift, or hold with the hands, Don't handle the merchandise
handle manage
handle effectively, The burglar wielded an axe, The young violinist didn't manage her bow very well
e flip one's lid
blow up
throw a fit
hit the roof
hit the ceiling
have kittens
have a fit
blow one's stack
fly off the handle
flip one's wig
lose one's temper
blow a fuse
go ballistic
get very angry and fly into a rage, The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question, Spam makes me go ballistic
handle show and train, The prize-winning poodle was handled by Mrs. Priscilla Prescott
deal d care b handle
be in charge of, act on, or dispose of, I can deal with this crew of workers, This blender can't handle nuts, She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old
handle do by
interact in a certain way, Do right by her, Treat him with caution, please, Handle the press reporters gently
handle with kid gloves handle with great care and sensitivity, You have to handle the students with kid gloves
handles without a hand or hands, a handless war veteran


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