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Deutsche Synonyme für Stockdividende

Englische Synonyme für stock dividend

stock  Animalia  Broadway  ability  abundance  acceptation  accepted  acception  accommodate  accumulate  accumulation  accustomed  acquiescence  affiliation  afford  allotment  allowance  amass  amassment  ancestor  ancestry  and fish  animal kingdom  animal life  animality  anthrophore  apparentation  appraisal  appraise  appraisement  array  assessable stock  assessed valuation  assessment  assets  assets and liabilities  assortment  assurance  assuredness  authorized capital stock  average  axis  back-number  backlog  banal  beasts  beasts of field  beasts of prey  begetter  beginning  belief  bewhiskered  big end  big game  bigger half  birds  birth  bisque  bit  bite  blood  bloodline  blue chip  blue chip stock  bole  borscht  bouillabaisse  bouillon  branch  breed  breeding  bromidic  brood  broth  brute creation  budget  burgoo  burlesque  butt  byword  byword of reproach  cache  cane  capacity  capital  capital stock  carnival  carpophore  carry  catalog goods  cattle  caudex  caulicle  caulis  certainty  chicken soup  chimney  chowder  chunk  chute  circumstances  circus  clam chowder  clan  class  clear soup  cliched  clothe  collect  collection  commencement  commissariat  commissary  commission  commodities  common  common ancestry  common stock  commonplace  community  conception  confidence  conformable  consanguinity  consomme  consuetudinary  consumer goods  consumer items  contingent  contribute  conventional  convertible preferred stock  cornucopia  corny  corporate stock  country rock  creator  credence  credit  credulity  culm  culture  cumulate  cumulation  cumulative preferred stock  current  current assets  customary  cut  cut-and-dried  cyclical stock  deal  deal in  defensive stock  deferred assets  deferred stock  deme  dependence  deposit  derision  derivation  descent  destiny  devices  dike  direct line  disposable resources  distaff side  dividend  dole  domestic animals  donate  drama  dump  dupe  dynasty  effects  egg drop soup  eig  
stock company  Aktiengesellschaft  accident insurance  acting company  actuary  aktiebolag  annuity  assurance  aviation insurance  bail bond  body corporate  bond  business  business establishment  business life insurance  cartel  cast  cast of characters  casualty insurance  certificate of insurance  chamber of commerce  characters  chorus  circus troupe  combine  commercial enterprise  compagnie  company  concern  conglomerate  conglomerate corporation  consolidating company  consortium  copartnership  corporate body  corporation  corps de ballet  court bond  credit insurance  credit life insurance  deductible  diversified corporation  dramatis personae  endowment insurance  ensemble  enterprise  family maintenance policy  fidelity bond  fidelity insurance  firm  flood insurance  fraternal insurance  government insurance  health insurance  holding company  house  industrial life insurance  industry  insurance  insurance agent  insurance broker  insurance company  insurance man  insurance policy  interinsurance  joint-stock association  joint-stock company  liability insurance  license bond  limited payment insurance  major medical insurance  malpractice insurance  marine insurance  mutual company  ocean marine insurance  operating company  partnership  permit bond  plunderbund  policy  pool  public utility  repertory company  robbery insurance  social security  stock insurance company  supporting cast  syndicate  term insurance  theft insurance  trade association  troupe  trust  underwriter  utility  
stock exchange  American Stock Exchange  Amex  Wall Street  board  bourse  commodity exchange  corn pit  curb  curb exchange  curb market  exchange  exchange floor  outside market  over-the-counter market  pit  quotation board  stock market  stock ticker  telephone market  the Big Board  the Exchange  third market  ticker  ticker tape  wheat pit  
stock market  American Stock Exchange  Amex  Wall Street  board  bourse  commodity exchange  corn pit  curb  curb exchange  curb market  exchange  exchange floor  outside market  over-the-counter market  pit  quotation board  stock exchange  stock ticker  telephone market  the Big Board  the Exchange  third market  ticker  ticker tape  wheat pit  
stock room  archives  armory  arsenal  attic  bank  basement  bay  bin  bonded warehouse  bookcase  box  bunker  buttery  cargo dock  cellar  chest  closet  conservatory  crate  crib  cupboard  depository  depot  dock  drawer  dump  exchequer  glory hole  godown  hold  hutch  library  locker  lumber room  lumberyard  magasin  magazine  rack  repertory  repository  reservoir  rick  shelf  stack  stack room  storage  store  storehouse  storeroom  supply base  supply depot  tank  treasure house  treasure room  treasury  vat  vault  warehouse  wine cellar  
stock still  at a standstill  at anchor  dead-still  fixed  idle  immobile  immotive  motionless  moveless  out of commission  riding at anchor  static  stationary  statuelike  still  unemployed  unmoved  unmoving  
stockade  POW camp  abatis  advanced work  balistraria  bank  banquette  barbed-wire entanglement  barbican  barricade  barrier  bartizan  bastille  bastion  battlement  black hole  borstal  borstal institution  breastwork  bridewell  brig  bulwark  calaboose  can  casemate  cell  cheval-de-frise  circumvallation  concentration camp  condemned cell  contravallation  cooler  coop  counterscarp  curtain  death cell  death house  death row  demibastion  detention camp  dike  drawbridge  earthwork  enclosure  entanglement  escarp  escarpment  federal prison  fence  fieldwork  forced-labor camp  fortalice  fortification  gaol  glacis  guardhouse  guardroom  hoosegow  house of correction  house of detention  industrial school  internment camp  jail  jailhouse  jug  keep  labor camp  lockup  loophole  lunette  machicolation  mantelet  maximum-security prison  merlon  minimum-security prison  mound  oubliette  outwork  palisade  parados  parapet  pen  penal colony  penal institution  penal settlement  penitentiary  portcullis  postern gate  prison  prison camp  prisonhouse  rampart  ravelin  redan  redoubt  reform school  reformatory  sally port  scarp  sconce  sponging house  state prison  tenaille  the hole  tollbooth  training school  vallation  vallum  work  
stockbreeding  animal husbandry  animal rearing  bee culture  beekeeping  breeding  cattle-ranching  chicken-farming  dairy-farming  dressage  gnotobiotics  grazing  herding  horse training  horsemanship  mink-ranching  pig-keeping  sheepherding  stock raising  thremmatology  zootechnics  zootechny  
stockbroker  Realtor  Wall Streeter  bill broker  bond crowd  broker  cambist  cotton broker  curb broker  dealer  diamond broker  discount broker  estate agent  floor broker  floor trader  floorman  furniture broker  grain broker  hotel broker  insurance broker  jobber  land broker  money broker  money changer  mortgage broker  note broker  odd-lot dealer  pawnbroker  pit man  real estate agent  real estate broker  registered representative  sharebroker  ship broker  specialist  stock dealer  stock-exchange broker  stockjobber  two-dollar broker  
stockcar  Pullman  Pullman car  baggage car  boxcar  caboose  car  carriage  chair car  coach  coal car  covered waggon  day coach  diner  dinghy  dining car  drawing room  flat  flatcar  gondola  local  luggage van  mail car  mail van  palace car  parlor car  passenger car  railway car  reefer  refrigerator car  roomette  sleeper  smoker  smoking car  tank  tender  truck  van  waggon  
stockjobbing  agiotage  arbitrage  brokerage  buying in  equity capital  flier  flutter  jobbing  legal bucketing  liquidation  plunge  profit taking  round trade  scalping  speculation  spot sale  stockbrokerage  stockbroking  stockjobbery  turn  venture  venture capital  
stockpile  abundance  accumulate  accumulation  acervation  agglomerate  agglomeration  aggregate  aggregation  amass  amassment  backlog  bank  budget  cache  chunk  collect  collection  commissariat  commissary  congeries  conglobation  conglomerate  conglomeration  cornucopia  cumulate  cumulation  drift  dump  garner  garner up  gather into barns  gathering  glomeration  gob  heap  heap up  hide  hill  hive  hoard  hoard up  hold  hunk  inventory  keep  larder  lay up  lump  mass  material  materials  materiel  mound  mountain  munitions  nest egg  pile  pile up  plenitude  plenty  provisionment  provisions  put up  pyramid  rations  repertoire  repertory  reserve  reserve fund  reserve supply  reserves  reservoir  resource  rick  roll up  save  save up  savings  secrete  sinking fund  snowball  something in reserve  squirrel  squirrel away  stack  stock  stock up  stock-in-trade  store  store up  stores  supplies  supply on hand  treasure  treasure up  treasury  unexpended balance  wad  
stocks  Oregon boat  assessable stock  authorized capital stock  bilbo  blue chip  blue chip stock  bond  bonds  borrowed stock  branks  bridle  camisole  capital stock  chains  collar  common stock  convertible preferred stock  corporate stock  crank  cucking stool  cuffs  cumulative preferred stock  cyclical stock  defensive stock  deferred stock  ducking stool  eighth stock  equities  equity  equity security  fancies  fetter  finger pillory  floating stock  gag  glamour issue  growth stock  guaranteed stock  gyves  halter  hamper  handcuffs  high-flier  hobbles  hopples  hot issue  hypothecated stock  inactive stock  income stock  irons  issued capital stock  leading strings  leash  letter stock  loaned stock  long stock  manacle  muzzle  nonassessable stock  nonvoting stock  ordinary shares  pale blue chip  participating preferred stock  penny stock  pillory  preference stock  preferred stock  protective stock  quarter stock  rails  reins  restraint  restraints  reverse split  seasoned stock  shackle  share ledger  shares  short stock  special situation stock  specialty stock  speculative stock  split  standard stock  steels  stock  stock ledger  stock list  stock split  straightjacket  strait-waistcoat  straitjacket  stranglehold  ten-share unit stock  tether  trammel  trammels  treadmill  treasury stock  trebuchet  triangle  triangles  unissued capital stock  utilities  voting stock  whipping post  wooden horse  yoke  
stocks and bonds  assurance  bond  callable securities  cats and dogs  certificate of deposit  corporation securities  foreign securities  futures contract  government securities  guarantee  guaranty  indemnity  insurance  junior securities  listed securities  marketable securities  municipal securities  negotiable securities  noncallable securities  note  outstanding securities  over-the-counter securities  portfolio  securities  security  senior securities  short-term note  subject to call  surety  tie  treasury bill  treasury bond  treasury certificate  treasury note  undigested securities  unregistered securities  warrant  warranty  
stocky  adipose  beefy  big-bellied  bloated  blocky  blowzy  bosomy  brawny  burly  buxom  chubby  chunky  corpulent  distended  dumpy  fat  fattish  fleshy  full  gross  heavyset  hefty  hippy  imposing  low-set  lumpish  lumpy  lusty  meaty  mesomorphic  obese  overweight  paunchy  plump  podgy  portly  potbellied  pudgy  puffy  pug  pugged  pursy  retrousse  roly-poly  rotund  short  snub-nosed  solid  squab  square  squat  squattish  squatty  stalwart  stout  strapping  stubbed  stubby  stumpy  sturdy  swollen  thick  thick-bodied  thickset  top-heavy  tubby  turned-up  well-fed  

Lexikoneinträge für stock dividend

Dividend (n.) A sum of money to be divided and distributed
Dividend (n.) A number or quantity which is to be divided.
Mahon stock () An annual cruciferous plant with reddish purple or white flowers (Malcolmia maritima). It is called in England Virginia stock, but the plant comes from the Mediterranean.
Stock (n.) The stem, or main body, of a tree or plant
Stock (n.) The stem or branch in which a graft is inserted.
Stock (n.) A block of wood
Stock (n.) Hence, a person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post
Stock (n.) The principal supporting part
Stock (n.) The wood to which the barrel, lock, etc., of a musket or like firearm are secured
Stock (n.) The handle or contrivance by which bits are held in boring
Stock (n.) The block of wood or metal frame which constitutes the body of a plane, and in which the plane iron is fitted
Stock (n.) The wooden or iron crosspiece to which the shank of an anchor is attached. See Illust. of Anchor.
Stock (n.) The support of the block in which an anvil is fixed, or of the anvil itself.
Stock (n.) A handle or wrench forming a holder for the dies for cutting screws
Stock (n.) The part of a tally formerly struck in the exchequer, which was delivered to the person who had lent the king money on account, as the evidence of indebtedness. See Counterfoil.
Stock (n.) The original progenitor
Stock (n.) Money or capital which an individual or a firm employs in business
Stock (n.) Same as Stock account, below.
Stock (n.) Supply provided
Stock (n.) Domestic animals or beasts collectively, used or raised on a farm
Stock (n.) That portion of a pack of cards not distributed to the players at the beginning of certain games, as gleek, etc., but which might be drawn from afterward as occasion required
Stock (n.) A thrust with a rapier
Stock (n.) A covering for the leg, or leg and foot
Stock (n.) A kind of stiff, wide band or cravat for the neck
Stock (n.) A frame of timber, with holes in which the feet, or the feet and hands, of criminals were formerly confined by way of punishment.
Stock (n.) The frame or timbers on which a ship rests while building.
Stock (n.) Red and gray bricks, used for the exterior of walls and the front of buildings.
Stock (n.) Any cruciferous plant of the genus Matthiola
Stock (n.) An irregular metalliferous mass filling a large cavity in a rock formation, as a stock of lead ore deposited in limestone.
Stock (n.) A race or variety in a species.
Stock (n.) In tectology, an aggregate or colony of persons (see Person), as trees, chains of salpae, etc.
Stock (n.) The beater of a fulling mill.
Stock (n.) A liquid or jelly containing the juices and soluble parts of meat, and certain vegetables, etc., extracted by cooking
Stock (v. t.) To lay up
Stock (v. t.) To provide with material requisites
Stock (v. t.) To suffer to retain milk for twenty-four hours or more previous to sale, as cows.
Stock (v. t.) To put in the stocks.
Stock (a.) Used or employed for constant service or application, as if constituting a portion of a stock or supply
Stock-blind (a.) Blind as a stock
Stock-still (a.) Still as a stock, or fixed post
Tool-stock (n.) The part of a tool-rest in which a cutting tool is clamped.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

incentive option
incentive stock option
an option granted to corporate executives if the company achieves certain financial goals
split stock split
split up
an increase in the number of outstanding shares of a corporation without changing the shareholders' equity, they announced a two-for-one split of the common stock
reverse split
reverse stock split
split down
a decrease in the number of outstanding shares of a corporation without changing the shareholders' equity
technical analysis
technical analysis of stock trends
(stock exchange) analysis of past price changes in the hope of forecasting future price changes
making an itemized list of merchandise or supplies on hand, an inventory may be necessary to see if anything is missing, they held an inventory every month
an instance of stocktaking, the auditor did not attend the stocktake or check the valuations
stock issue (corporation law) the authorization and delivery of shares of stock for sale to the public or the shares thus offered at a particular time
farm animal
any animals kept for use or profit
American Stock Exchange
a stock exchange in New York
an ornamental white cravat
New York Stock Exchange
N. Y. Stock Exchange
big board
a stock exchange in New York
rolling stock collection of wheeled vehicles owned by a railroad or motor carrier
the merchandise that a shop has on hand, they carried a vast inventory of hardware, they stopped selling in exact sizes in order to reduce inventory
stock the handle end of some implements or tools, he grabbed the cue by the stock
stock gunstock the handle of a handgun or the butt end of a rifle or shotgun or part of the support of a machine gun or artillery gun, the rifle had been fitted with a special stock
stock lumber used in the construction of something, they will cut round stock to -inch diameter
stock car a racing car with the basic chassis of a commercially available car
stock car a car kept in dealers' stock for regular sales
stock exchange
stock market
securities market
an exchange where security trading is conducted by professional stockbrokers
stock-in-trade any equipment constantly used as part of a profession or occupation, friendliness is the salesman's stock in trade
stock room
storeroom for storing goods and supplies used in a business
stock saddle
Western saddle
an ornamented saddle used by cowboys, has a high horn to hold the lariat
stock ticker
a character printer that automatically prints stock quotations on ticker tape
reappraisal of a situation or position or outlook
stock purchase plan an organized plan for employees of a company to buy shares of its stock
employee stock ownership plan
a program under which employees regularly accumulate shares and may ultimately assume control of the company
stock-index futures a futures contract based on a stock index, a bet on the future price of the indexed group of stocks
stock list
a detailed list of all the items in stock
stock power a power of attorney document to transfer ownership of a registered security from the owner to another party
stock symbol the letters used to identify listed companies on the securities exchanges where they are traded
stock index
stock market index
index based on a statistical compilation of the share prices of a number of representative stocks
stock warrant a written certificate that gives the holder the right to purchase shares of a stock for a specified price within a specified period of time
summer stock theatrical productions performed by a stock company during the summer
beef broth
beef stock
a stock made with beef
chicken broth
chicken stock
a stock made with chicken
broth stock liquid in which meat and vegetables are simmered, used as a basis for e.g. soups or sauces, she made gravy with a base of beef stock
stock cube a cube of dehydrated stock
a special variety of domesticated animals within a species, he experimented on a particular breed of white rats, he created a new strain of sheep
stock company repertory company a theatrical company that performs plays from a repertoire
stock company a company whose capital is represented by stock
joint-stock company a company (usually unincorporated) which has the capital of its members pooled in a common fund, transferable shares represent ownership interest, shareholders are legally liable for all debts of the company
stock breeder
a person who breeds animals
an employee whose job is to take inventory, an outside stocktaker had to be hired
stock trader someone who buys and sells stock shares
stock raiser
stock farmer
farmer who breed or raises livestock
Malcolm stock
any of various ornamental flowering plants of the genus Malcolmia
Virginian stock
Virginia stock
Malcolmia maritima
erect branching herb cultivated for its loose racemes of fragrant white or pink or red or lilac flowers, native to sands and sea cliffs of southwestern Greece and southern Albania
stock gillyflower any of several Old World plants cultivated for their brightly colored flowers
brompton stock
Matthiola incana
European plant with racemes of sweet-scented flowers, widely cultivated as an ornamental
jack bean
wonder bean
giant stock bean
Canavalia ensiformis
annual semi-erect bushy plant of tropical South America bearing long pods with white seeds grown especially for forage
stock a plant or stem onto which a graft is made, especially a plant grown specifically to provide the root part of grafted plants
persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant
stock option a benefit given by a company to an employee in the form of an option to buy stock in the company at a discount or at a fixed price, stock options are not much use as an incentive if the price at which they can be exercised is out of reach
stock option the right to buy or sell a stock at a specified price within a stated period
stock buyback a corporation's purchase of its own outstanding stock, increases earnings
so stock price rises (which can discourage a takeover attempt)
dividend a bonus, something extra (especially a share of a surplus)
stock the capital raised by a corporation through the issue of shares entitling holders to an ownership interest (equity), he owns a controlling share of the company's stock
capital stock the book value of the outstanding shares of a corporation
blue chip
bluehip stock
a common stock of a nationally known company whose value and dividends are reliable, typically have high price and low yield, blue chips are usually safe investments
classified stock common stock classified as A or B where A has certain advantages (e.g., voting power) that B does not
common stock
common shares
ordinary shares
stock other than preferred stock, entitles the owner to a share of the corporation's profits and a share of the voting power in shareholder elections, overmillion Americans invest in common stocks
stock of record stock held by stockholders of record on a given date
no-par-value stock
no-par stock
stock with no par value specified in the corporate charter or on the stock certificate
preferred stock
preferred shares
preference shares
stock whose holders are guaranteed priority in the payment of dividends but whose holders have no voting rights
cumulative preferred
cumulative preferred stock
preferred stock whose dividends if omitted accumulate until paid out
common stock equivalent preferred stock or convertible bonds or warrants that can be converted into common stock
control stock shares owned by shareholders who have a controlling interest
growth stock stock of a corporation that has had faster than average gains in earnings and is expected to continue to
hot stock
hot issue
newly issued stock that is in great public demand
penny stock a stock selling for less that $
authorized shares
authorized stock
capital stock
the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation
quarter stock stock with a par value of $
stock fund
a supply of something available for future use, he brought back a large store of Cuban cigars
seed stock a supply of seeds (or tubers) reserved for planting
dividend warrant an order of payment (such as a check payable to a shareholder) in which a dividend is paid
dividend that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders, usually paid quarterly
stock dividend a dividend paid in stock rather than in cash
extra dividend a dividend paid in addition to the regular dividend
equalizing dividend a dividend paid to compensate shareholders for losses resulting from a change in the dividend schedule
stock certificate
a certificate documenting the shareholder's ownership in the corporation, the value of his stocks doubled during the past year
stock warrant
stock-purchase warrant
a type of security issued by a corporation (usually together with a bond or preferred stock) that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain amount of common stock at a stated price, as a sweetener they offered warrants along with the fixed-income securities
treasury stock
treasury shares
reacquired stock
stock that has been bought back by the issuing corporation and is available for retirement or resale, it is issued but not outstanding, it cannot vote and pays no dividends
voting stock shares in a corporation that entitle the shareholder to voting and proxy rights
watered stock stock representing ownership of overvalued assets, stock of a corporation whose total worth is less than its invested capital
letter stock stock that has not been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and cannot be sold to the general public
over the counter stock
OTC stock
unlisted stock
stock that is not listed and traded on an organized exchange
dividend a number to be divided by another number
stock the reputation and popularity a person has, his stock was so high he could have been elected mayor
sprout stock put forth and grow sprouts or shoots, the plant sprouted early this year
size up
take stock
to look at critically or searchingly, or in minute detail, he scrutinized his likeness in the mirror
have on hand, Do you carry kerosene heaters?
stock provide or furnish with a stock of something, stock the larder with meat
stock buy in
stock up
amass so as to keep for future use or sale or for a particular occasion or use, let's stock coffee as long as prices are low
stock supply with livestock, stock a farm
stock supply with fish, stock a lake
stock equip with a stock, stock a rifle
take stock
make or include in an itemized record or report, Inventory all books before the end of the year
in stock(p) available for use or sale, they have plenty of stonewashed jeans in stock
out of stock(p) not available for sale or use, too many items are out of stock
absolutely still, frozen with horror, they stood rooted in astonishment


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