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Deutsche Synonyme für Sublimationsdruck

Englische Synonyme für dye sublimation DS

dye  acid color  aniline  aniline dye  apply paint  artificial dye  bedaub  bedizen  begild  besmear  besprinkle  breathe  brew  brush on paint  calcimine  chromogen  coat  coat of paint  coating  color  color filter  color gelatin  colorant  coloring  complexion  cover  dab  daub  dead-color  decoct  deep-dye  dip  distemper  double-dye  dredge  drier  dyestuff  emblazon  enamel  engild  entincture  exterior paint  face  fast-dye  flat coat  flat wash  flavor  floor enamel  fresco  fuchsine  garancine  gild  glaze  gloss  grain  ground  hue  illuminate  imbrue  imbue  impregnate  infiltrate  infuse  ingrain  instill  interior paint  japan  lacquer  lake  lay on color  leaven  madder  medium  opaque color  paint  parget  penetrate  permeate  pervade  pigment  prime  prime coat  primer  priming  saturate  season  shade  shadow  shellac  slop on paint  smear  stain  steep  stipple  suffuse  temper  tempera  thinner  tinct  tinction  tincture  tinge  tint  tone  transfuse  transparent color  turpentine  turps  undercoat  undercoating  varnish  vehicle  wash  wash coat  whitewash  woad  
dyed-in-the-wool  absolute  all-embracing  all-encompassing  all-out  all-pervading  born  broad-based  chronic  clean  clear  colorfast  comprehensive  confirmed  congenital  constant  consummate  deep-dyed  deep-engraven  deep-fixed  deep-grounded  deep-laid  deep-rooted  deep-seated  deep-set  deep-settled  double-dyed  downright  egregious  embedded  embossed  engrafted  engraved  entrenched  established  etched  exhaustive  fadeless  fast  firmly established  fixed  graven  implanted  impressed  imprinted  incorrigible  inculcated  indelible  indelibly impressed  infixed  ingrain  ingrained  ingrown  instilled  intensive  inveterate  inwrought  irreversible  long-established  old-line  omnibus  omnipresent  on a rock  on bedrock  out-and-out  outright  perfect  pervasive  plain  plumb  pure  radical  regular  rooted  set  settled  settled in habit  sheer  stabilized  straight  sweeping  thorough  thoroughgoing  through-and-through  total  ubiquitous  unconditional  unfading  universal  unmitigated  unqualified  unreserved  unrestricted  utter  veritable  vested  well-established  well-founded  well-grounded  well-set  well-settled  wholesale  


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