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Deutsche Synonyme für Syntaxfehler {m}

Englische Synonyme für bad syntax

bad  OK  abhorrent  abominable  abomination  ace-high  ailing  alarming  amiss  apocalyptic  arrant  atrocious  atrocity  bad for  bad-smelling  badly  baleful  bane  baneful  bang-up  barfy  base  befoulment  below par  black  blamable  blameworthy  blight  blue  bodeful  boding  bonzer  boss  brackish  bully  bum  but good  cankered  careless  carious  castrated  cloying  contaminated  cool  corking  corrupt  corruption  crackerjack  crappy  crestfallen  criminal  crippled  critical  critically ill  crying evil  damage  damaging  damnable  dandy  dangerous  dangersome  dark  decayed  decomposed  defective  deficient  defilement  dejected  deleterious  delicious  depressed  despaired of  despoliation  destruction  detriment  detrimental  dire  disabled  disagreeable  disconsolate  diseased  disgrace  disgraceful  disgusting  disordered  disorderly  dispirited  displeasing  disruptive  dissatisfactory  distasteful  distressing  done for  doomful  down  downhearted  dreary  ducky  dying  emasculated  error  evil  evil-starred  evilly  execrable  expiring  explosive  fab  facing death  faint  faintish  fateful  fecal  feeling awful  feeling faint  feeling something terrible  festering  fetid  fine and dandy  flagitious  flagrant  foreboding  foul  fraught with danger  froward  frowsty  frowy  frowzy  fulsome  funky  fusty  futile  game  gamy  gangrened  gangrenous  gear  given up  gloomy  going  gone bad  graceless  graveolent  great  grievance  groovy  halt  halting  hamstrung  handicapped  harm  harmful  hateful  havoc  heavy  heinous  high  hobbling  hopeless  hot  hunky-dory  hurt  hurtful  icky  ill  ill-advised  ill-behaved  ill-boding  ill-considered  ill-fated  ill-omened  ill-smelling  ill-starred  ill-suited  ill-timed  immoral  impolitic  improper  in articulo mortis  in danger  in extremis  inaccurate  inadequate  inadmissible  inadvisable  inappropriate  inapt  inauspicious  incapable of life  incapacitated  incongruous  indecorous  indisposed  inept  ine  
bad blood  acrimony  animosity  animus  antagonism  antipathy  bad temper  bad will  bitter feeling  bitterness  blighting glance  clashing  collision  competition  conflict  contrariety  contrariness  cross-purposes  disaccord  dissension  enmity  evil disposition  evil eye  feud  fractiousness  friction  hard feelings  hostility  ill blood  ill feeling  ill nature  ill will  ill-disposedness  inimicalness  malevolence  malocchio  negativeness  noncooperation  obstinacy  oppugnancy  perverseness  rancor  recalcitrance  refractoriness  repugnance  rivalry  soreness  sourness  uncooperativeness  vendetta  venom  virulence  vitriol  vying  whammy  
bad boy  booger  buffoon  bugger  cutup  devil  elf  enfant terrible  funmaker  hood  hoodlum  hooligan  imp  joker  jokester  knave  little devil  little monkey  little rascal  minx  mischief  mischief-maker  pixie  practical joker  prankster  puck  rapscallion  rascal  rogue  rowdy  ruffian  scamp  scapegrace  wag  
bad breath  BO  bad smell  body odor  fetidity  fetidness  fetor  foul breath  foul odor  frowst  graveolence  halitosis  malodor  mephitis  miasma  nidor  noxious stench  offensive odor  reek  reeking  rotten smell  stench  stench of decay  stink  
bad character  bad name  bad odor  bad report  bad reputation  bad repute  disapprobation  discredit  disesteem  disfavor  dishonor  evil repute  ill fame  ill repute  ill-favor  poor reputation  public dishonor  shady reputation  unsavory reputation  
bad debt  accounts payable  accounts receivable  amount due  bad debts  bill  bills  borrowing  charges  chits  debt  default  defection  delinquence  delinquency  dishonor  dishonoring  due  dues  financial commitment  floating debt  funded debt  indebtedness  indebtment  liability  maturity  national debt  nondischarge of debts  nonpayment  nonremittal  obligation  outstanding debt  pledge  protest  protested bill  public debt  repudiation  score  uncollectible  uncollectibles  unfulfilled pledge  
bad faith  Machiavellianism  Punic faith  ambidexterity  artifice  barratry  breach  breach of contract  breach of faith  breach of privilege  breach of promise  breach of trust  breaking  contravention  cunning  deceitfulness  dereliction  disaffection  dishonesty  disloyalty  double-dealing  doubleness  doubleness of heart  duplicity  faithlessness  falseheartedness  falseness  falsity  fickleness  improbity  inconstancy  infidelity  infraction  infringement  low cunning  mala fides  offense  recreancy  transgression  treachery  trespass  trothlessness  two-facedness  unfaith  unfaithfulness  unloyalty  unsteadfastness  untrueness  violation  wile  
bad guy  Roscius  actor  actress  antagonist  barnstormer  character  character actor  character man  character woman  child actor  diseur  diseuse  dramatizer  feeder  foil  heavy  histrio  histrion  ingenue  juvenile  matinee idol  mime  mimer  mimic  monologist  mummer  pantomime  pantomimist  playactor  player  protean actor  reciter  soubrette  stage performer  stage player  stooge  straight man  stroller  strolling player  theatrical  thespian  trouper  utility man  villain  
bad habit  automatism  besetting sin  characteristic  creature of habit  custom  failing  failure  fault  flaw  foible  force of habit  frailty  habit  habit pattern  habitude  imperfection  infirmity  moral flaw  pattern  peculiarity  practice  praxis  second nature  stereotype  stereotyped behavior  trick  usage  use  vice  way  weak point  weak side  weakness  wont  
bad influence  Jonah  Rasputin  Svengali  VIP  access  big wheel  court  curse  eminence grise  enchantment  evil eye  evil genius  evil star  five-percenter  friend at court  good influence  gray eminence  heavyweight  hex  hidden hand  hoodoo  ill wind  influence  influence peddler  influencer  ingroup  jinx  key  kingmaker  lobby  lobbyist  lords of creation  malevolent influence  malocchio  man of influence  manipulator  open sesame  powers that be  pressure group  sinister influence  special interests  special-interest group  spell  the Establishment  very important person  voodoo  whammy  wheeler-dealer  wire-puller  
bad job  bevue  blunder  bobble  boggle  bonehead play  boner  boo-boo  botch  bungle  bungling  clumsy performance  error  etourderie  flub  fluff  foozle  fumble  gaucherie  haphazardness  hash  loose ends  mess  messiness  miscue  mistake  muff  off day  sad work  slapdash  slip  slipshoddiness  slipshodness  sloppiness  slovenliness  slovenly performance  slovenry  sluttishness  stumble  trip  untidiness  
bad language  billingsgate  blue language  colorful language  cursing  cussing  dirty language  dirty talk  dysphemism  evil speaking  filth  filthy language  foul language  obscenity  profane swearing  profanity  ribaldry  scatology  strong language  swearing  unparliamentary language  unrepeatable expressions  vile language  vulgar language  
bad lot  backslider  bad egg  black sheep  blighter  degenerate  fallen angel  good-for-nothing  lecher  lost sheep  lost soul  lowlife  miscreant  mucker  no-good  pervert  pimp  profligate  recidivist  recreant  reprobate  rounder  scapegrace  sorry lot  trollop  waster  whore  worm  
bad name  bad character  bad odor  bad report  bad reputation  bad repute  disapprobation  discredit  disesteem  disfavor  dishonor  evil repute  ill fame  ill repute  ill-favor  poor reputation  public dishonor  shady reputation  unsavory reputation  
bad news  aggravation  annoyance  bad child  bad example  bad man  bad person  bad woman  bedevilment  bore  bother  botheration  bothersomeness  crashing bore  devilment  difficulty  disreputable  disreputable person  dogging  downer  drag  evangel  exasperation  glad tidings  good news  good word  gospel  harassment  harrying  headache  hounding  molestation  nuisance  objectionable person  persecution  persona non grata  pest  problem  trial  trouble  unacceptable person  undesirable  unworthy  vexation  vexatiousness  worriment  worry  
bad notices  adverse criticism  animadversion  aspersion  bad press  captiousness  carping  cavil  caviling  censoriousness  criticism  exception  faultfinding  flak  hairsplitting  hit  home thrust  hostile criticism  hypercriticalness  hypercriticism  imputation  knock  nagging  niggle  niggling  nit  nit-picking  obloquy  overcriticalness  pestering  pettifogging  priggishness  quibble  quibbling  rap  reflection  reproachfulness  slam  stricture  swipe  taking exception  trichoschistism  
bad person  criminal  crook  deceiver  delinquent  evildoer  felon  gangster  lawbreaker  malefactor  malevolent  malfeasant  malfeasor  misfeasor  mobster  outlaw  public enemy  racketeer  sinner  thief  transgressor  villain  worker of ill  wrongdoer  
bad press  adverse criticism  animadversion  aspersion  bad notices  captiousness  carping  cavil  caviling  censoriousness  criticism  exception  faultfinding  flak  hairsplitting  hit  home thrust  hostile criticism  hypercriticalness  hypercriticism  imputation  knock  nagging  niggle  niggling  nit  nit-picking  obloquy  overcriticalness  pestering  pettifogging  priggishness  quibble  quibbling  rap  reflection  reproachfulness  slam  stricture  swipe  taking exception  trichoschistism  
bad taste  Babbittry  Gothicism  barbarism  barbarousness  bombasticness  bourgeois taste  cacology  cacophony  camp  campiness  clumsiness  coarseness  crudeness  cumbrousness  dysphemism  gracelessness  grossness  harshness  heaviness  high camp  ill-balanced sentences  impropriety  impurity  inappropriateness  inconcinnity  incorrectness  indecency  indecorousness  indecorum  indelicacy  inelegance  inelegancy  infelicity  kitsch  lack of finish  lack of polish  leadenness  low camp  philistinism  pompousness  ponderousness  poor diction  poor taste  pop  pop culture  roughness  rudeness  sesquipedalianism  sesquipedality  slipshod construction  stiltedness  tastelessness  turgidity  unaestheticism  unaestheticness  unbecomingness  uncouthness  uneuphoniousness  unfittingness  ungracefulness  unrefinement  unseemliness  unsuitability  unsuitableness  unwieldiness  vulgar taste  vulgarism  vulgarity  vulgarness  
bad temper  Irish  anger  asperity  bad blood  bad humor  bad will  bile  biliousness  blighting glance  causticity  choler  corrosiveness  dander  discontent  evil disposition  evil eye  gall  ill humor  ill nature  ill temper  ill will  ill-disposedness  malevolence  malocchio  sourness  spleen  temper  whammy  

Lexikoneinträge für bad syntax

Bad (imp.) Bade.
Bad (superl.) Wanting good qualities, whether physical or moral
Bad lands () Barren regions, especially in the western United States, where horizontal strata (Tertiary deposits) have been often eroded into fantastic forms, and much intersected by ca–ons, and where lack of wood, water, and forage increases the difficulty of traversing the country, whence the name, first given by the Canadian French, Mauvaises Terres (bad lands).
Bad () of Bid
Syntax (n.) Connected system or order
Syntax (n.) That part of grammar which treats of the construction of sentences

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

bad manners
impoliteness resulting from ignorance
that which is below standard or expectations as of ethics or decency, take the bad with the good
syntax sentence structure
phrase structure
the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
syntax studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences
syntax checker a program to check natural language syntax
syntax language a language used to describe the syntax of another language
syntax error an error of language resulting from code that does not conform to the syntax of the programming language, syntax errors can be recognized at compilation time, a common syntax error is to omit a parenthesis
bad luck
unnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate event
bad temper
ill temper
a persisting angry mood
bad blood
a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
syntax a systematic orderly arrangement
Bad Lands
an eroded and barren region in southwestern South Dakota and northwestern Nebraska
bad fairy a fairy that tends to cause harm
bad egg (old-fashioned slang) a bad person
bad guy any person who is not on your side
bad person a person who does harm to others
trouble maker
bad hat
someone who deliberately stirs up trouble
bad luck
mischance mishap
an unpredictable outcome that is unfortunate, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all
bad check
bad cheque
a check that is dishonored on presentation because of insufficient funds, issuing a bad check is a form of larceny
bad debt a debt that is unlikely to be repaid
bad block (computer science) a block (usually one sector) that cannot reliably hold data
bad luck
tough luck
ill luck
an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes
bad weather
weather unsuitable for outdoor activities
go bad
become unfit for consumption or use, the meat must be eaten before it spoils
go bad give way
die give out
conk out
go break break down
stop operating or functioning, The engine finally went, The car died on the road, The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town, The coffee maker broke, The engine failed on the way to town, her eyesight went after the accident
feeling physical discomfort or pain (`tough' is occasionally used colloquially for `bad'), my throat feels bad, she felt bad all over, he was feeling tough after a restless night
socially incorrect in behavior, resentment flared at such an unmannered intrusion
too bad
deserving regret, regrettable remarks, it's regrettable that she didn't go to college, it's too bad he had no feeling himself for church
(of foodstuffs) not in an edible or usable condition, bad meat, a refrigerator full of spoilt food
not working properly, a bad telephone connection, a defective appliance
reproduced fraudulently, like a bad penny..., a forged twenty dollar bill
f bang-up
not bad(p)
very good, he did a bully job, a neat sports car, had a great time at the party, you look simply smashing
bad having undesirable or negative qualities, a bad report card, his sloppy appearance made a bad impression, a bad little boy, clothes in bad shape, a bad cut, bad luck, the news was very bad, the reviews were bad, the pay is bad, it was a bad light for reading, the movie was a bad choice
bad characterized by wickedness or immorality, led a very bad life
annoyed and irritable
sorry bad
feeling or expressing regret or sorrow or a sense of loss over something done or undone, felt regretful over his vanished youth, regretful over mistakes she had made, he felt bad about breaking the vase
bad capable of harming, bad air, smoking is bad for you
physically unsound or diseased, has a bad back, a bad heart, bad teeth, an unsound limb, unsound teeth
very intense, a bad headache, in a big rage, had a big (or bad) shock, a bad earthquake, a bad storm
bad risky
not financially safe or secure, a bad investment, high risk investments, anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky, speculative business enterprises
bad nonstandard, so-called bad grammar
bad below average in quality or performance, a bad chess player, a bad recital
hard put
in a bad way(p)
facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty, distressed companies need loans and technical advice, financially hard-pressed Mexican hotels are lowering their prices, we were hard put to meet the mortgage payment, found themselves in a bad way financially
not capable of being collected, a bad (or uncollectible) debt
badly bad very much, strongly, I wanted it badly enough to work hard for it, the cables had sagged badly, they were badly in need of help, he wants a bicycle so bad he can taste it
badly bad with great intensity (`bad' is a nonstandard variant for `badly'), the injury hurt badly, the buildings were badly shaken, it hurts bad, we need water bad


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Syntaxfehler im Allgemeinen sind Verstöße gegen die Satzbauregeln einer Sprache. In der Informatik bezieht sich das Wort in der Regel auf den sogenannten kontextfreien Anteil der syntaktischen Regeln einer Programmiersprache. Programme mit Syntaxfehlern werden von einem Compiler oder Interpreter zurückgewiesen. Ein syntaktisch korrektes Programm kann aber zu Laufzeitfehlern führen, wenn es semantische Fehler enthält.
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