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Deutsche Synonyme für Terz

Aufruhr  Aufstand  (umgangssprachlich)  Krawall  Lärm  Terz  (umgangssprachlich)  Theater  (umgangssprachlich)  Tumult  Unruhe  

Englische Synonyme für third

third  consecutive intervals  degree  diapason  diatessaron  diatonic interval  diatonic semitone  divide in thirds  enharmonic diesis  enharmonic interval  fifth  fourth  half step  halftone  interval  irregular  less semitone  melodic interval  note  octave  parallel octaves  schlock  schmatte  second  semitone  seventh  sixth  step  tertiary  tierce  tone  trichotomize  trifurcate  unison interval  whole step  
third class  Mickey Mouse  base  cheap  cheesy  coarse  common  fourth-class  inferior  irregular  low-class  low-grade  low-quality  low-test  mean  paltry  poor  punk  second-best  second-class  seedy  shabby  tacky  third-rate  tinny  
third degree  cross-examination  cross-examine  cross-interrogate  cross-interrogation  cross-question  cross-questioning  direct examination  extract information  go over  grill  grilling  inquisition  interrogation  make inquisition  police interrogation  pry out  redirect examination  roast  the grill  
third estate  bourgeoisie  common people  common run  common sort  commonage  commonality  commonalty  commoners  commons  laborers  linendrapers  lower classes  lower middle class  lower orders  lumpen proletariat  middle class  middle orders  ordinary people  peasantry  plain folks  plain people  proletariat  rank and file  shopkeepers  small tradesmen  the lower cut  the other half  the third estate  toilers  toiling class  upper middle class  vulgus  working class  working people  
third party  American Party  Anti-Monopoly Party  Bull Moose Party  Communist Party  Conservative Party  Constitutional Union Party  Democratic Party  Democratic-Republican Party  Farmer-Labor Party  Federalist Party  Free Soil Party  Greenback Party  Know-Nothing Party  Labour Party  Liberal Party  Liberal Republican Party  Liberty Party  National Republican Party  Populist Party  Progressive Party  Prohibition Party  Republican Party  Socialist Labor Party  Socialist Party  Socialist Workers Party  Tammany Hall  Tory Party  Whig Party  arbiter  arbitrator  camp  city hall  faction  impartial arbitrator  judge  machine  magistrate  major party  minor party  moderator  multiple party system  one-party system  opposition party  party  party in power  political machine  political party  referee  splinter party  two-party system  umpire  unbiased observer  
third rate  Mickey Mouse  base  cheap  cheesy  coarse  common  fourth-class  inferior  irregular  low-class  low-grade  low-quality  low-test  mean  paltry  poor  punk  second-best  second-class  seedy  shabby  tacky  third-class  tinny  
third string  agent  alternate  alternative  analogy  back seat  backup  cast  change  changeling  company  comparison  complement  copy  counterfeit  crew  deputy  double  dummy  eight  eleven  equal  equivalent  ersatz  exchange  fake  fill-in  first string  first team  five  ghost  ghostwriter  humbleness  humility  imitation  inferiority  juniority  locum tenens  lowliness  makeshift  metaphor  metonymy  minority  next best thing  nine  personnel  phony  pinch hitter  platoon  proxy  relief  replacement  representative  reserves  ringer  rowing crew  second fiddle  second string  second team  secondariness  secondary  servility  sign  spares  squad  stand-in  string  sub  subjection  subordinacy  subordination  subservience  substituent  substitute  substitution  succedaneum  superseder  supplanter  surrogate  symbol  synecdoche  team  token  understudy  utility player  varsity  vicar  vice-president  vice-regent  
third world  Laodicean  anythingarian  apathetic  autarchic  autarkic  autonomous  centrist  even  fence-sitter  fifty-fifty  free lance  free spirit  free trader  free-spirited  freethinker  freewheeling  half-and-half  impartial  independent  indifferent  individualist  individualistic  inner-directed  isolationist  latitudinarian  liberal  libertarian  libertine  midway  moderate  mugwump  neuter  neutral  nonaligned  noncommitted  nonpartisan  nothingarian  on the fence  passive  rugged individualist  self-contained  self-dependent  self-determined  self-directing  self-governed  self-governing  self-reliant  self-subsistent  self-sufficient  self-supporting  sovereign  third force  third-force  uncommitted  uninvolved  

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