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Deutsche Synonyme für Traumdeuter

Englische Synonyme für dream reader

dream  Miss America  Walter Mitty  absence of mind  absentmindedness  absorption  abstractedness  abstraction  ace  ache  airy hope  airy nothing  aspiration  assume  autism  bad dream  bathing beauty  be absent  be afraid  beau ideal  beaut  beauty  beauty contest winner  beauty queen  believe  belle  bemusement  brown study  bubble  bunny  castle-building  charmer  chimera  conceive  conclude  conjure up  consider  corker  cover girl  crackerjack  crave  daisy  dandy  darb  daresay  daydream  daydreamer  daydreaming  dazzler  deception  deduce  deem  delirium tremens  deluded belief  delusion  depth of thought  dereism  dilly  divagate  divine  dream of  dream vision  dreaming  dreamland  dreamworld  enchantress  engrossment  expect  false belief  fancy  fantasy  fantasying  feel  fit of abstraction  flight of fancy  freak out  gather  go woolgathering  golden dream  grant  great beauty  hallucinate  hallucination  hallucinosis  hanker  high goal  honey  humdinger  hunger  idealism  ideals  ignis fatuus  illusion  imagine  incubus  infer  killer-diller  knockout  lady fair  let  let be  lollapaloosa  looker  lulu  lust  mind-expansion  mirage  misbelief  misconception  model  moon  mooning  moonraking  muse  musefulness  musing  muted ecstasy  nightmare  opine  paragon  peach  phantasm  pine  pinup  pinup girl  pip  pipe  pipe dream  pipe-dream  pipe-dreaming  pippin  prefigure  preoccupation  presume  presuppose  presurmise  provisionally accept  pussycat  quixotic ideal  rainbow  raving beauty  reaching high  reckon  reigning beauty  repute  reverie  say  self-deceit  self-deception  self-delusion  sex kitten  sigh  slick chick  speculation  stargaze  stargazing  stray  study  stunner  suppose  surmise  suspect  sweetheart  take  take for  take for granted  take it  think  thirst  trance  trick  trip  tripping  understand  unreal hope  upward looking  utopia  vapor  vision  wander  whiz  woolgathering  wrong impression  
dream up  beget  breed  bring forth  bring into being  call into being  coin  conceit  conceive  conceptualize  concoct  contrive  cook up  create  dense  design  develop  devise  discover  engender  evolve  experience imaginatively  fabricate  fancy  fantasize  fictionalize  formulate  frame  generate  give being to  give rise to  hatch  hatch up  ideate  imagine  improvise  invent  make do with  make up  mature  mint  mold  originate  plan  procreate  produce  shape  spawn  strike out  suppose  think out  think up  vamp up  
dreamer  Don Quixote  Quixote  Utopian  daydreamer  dreamer of dreams  enthusiast  escapist  idealist  idealizer  illusionist  lotus-eater  prophet  rhapsodist  romancer  romantic  romanticist  seer  theorist  utopian  utopianist  utopianizer  visionary  wishful thinker  
dreaming  Walter Mitty  absence of mind  absent  absentminded  absentmindedness  absorbed  absorption  abstracted  abstractedness  abstraction  bemused  bemusement  brown study  castle-building  charmed  daydream  daydreamer  daydreaming  daydreamy  depth of thought  dream  dreamery  dreamful  dreamfulness  dreaminess  dreamlike  dreamlikeness  dreamy  dreamy-eyed  dreamy-souled  drowsing  ecstatic  elsewhere  enchanted  engrossed  engrossment  entranced  fantasy  fantasying  faraway  fit of abstraction  half-awake  in a reverie  in a trance  in the clouds  lost  lost in thought  meditative  mooning  moonraking  muse  museful  musefulness  musing  muted ecstasy  napping  nodding  oblivious  pensive  pensiveness  pipe dream  pipe-dreaming  preoccupation  preoccupied  rapt  reverie  somewhere else  spellbound  spelled  stargazing  study  taken up  trance  tranced  transported  unconscious  woolgathering  wrapped in thought  
dreamland  Agapemone  Arcadia  Big Rock-Candy Mountain  Canaan  Cloudcuckooland  Cockaigne  Eden  Eldorado  Erewhon  Garden of Eden  Goshen  Happy Valley  Land of Youth  Laputa  Never-Never-land  Neverland  New Atlantis  Pandemonium  Quivira  Shangri-la  Utopia  airy nothing  autism  beauty sleep  beddy-bye  bedtime  blanket drill  bubble  bye-bye  chimera  cloudland  daydream  deception  deluded belief  delusion  dereism  doze  dream  dream vision  dreamworld  drowse  dystopia  faerie  fairyland  false belief  fitful sleep  heaven  hibernation  ignis fatuus  illusion  kakotopia  kingdom come  land of Nod  land of dreams  land of enchantment  land of faerie  land of plenty  land of promise  light sleep  lotus land  millennium  misbelief  misconception  paradise  pipe dream  promised land  repose  self-deceit  self-deception  self-delusion  shut-eye  silken repose  sleep  sleepland  sleepwalking  slumber  slumberland  snoozle  somnambulism  somniloquy  somnus  trick  trip  unconsciousness  utopia  vapor  winter sleep  wonderland  wrong impression  
dreamlike  chimerical  delusional  delusionary  delusive  delusory  fancied  fanciful  fantastic  hallucinational  hallucinative  hallucinatory  illusional  illusionary  illusive  illusory  imaginary  insubstantial  surreal  unbelievable  unreal  unsubstantial  visionary  
dreamworld  airy nothing  autism  bubble  chimera  daydream  deception  deluded belief  delusion  dereism  dream  dream vision  dreamland  false belief  ignis fatuus  illusion  misbelief  misconception  pipe dream  self-deceit  self-deception  self-delusion  trick  trip  vapor  wrong impression  
dreamy  Barmecidal  Barmecide  absent  absent-minded  absentminded  absorbed  abstracted  airy  anesthetized  apparent  apparitional  appeasing  astral  autistic  bemused  calming  castle-building  cataleptic  charmed  chimeric  comatose  cool  cradling  dandy  daydreaming  daydreamy  deceptive  delusional  delusionary  delusive  delusory  dereistic  divine  doped  dozy  dreamful  dreaming  dreamlike  dreamy-eyed  dreamy-souled  drowsing  drowsy  drugged  drugged with sleep  ecstatic  elsewhere  enchanted  engrossed  entranced  erroneous  faint  fallacious  false  fanciful  fantastic  faraway  gentle  gentling  glorious  groovy  half asleep  half-awake  heavy  heavy with sleep  heavy-eyed  hushing  idealistic  illusional  illusionary  illusive  illusory  imaginary  in a reverie  in a stupor  in a trance  in the clouds  indefinite  indistinct  intangible  languid  lazy  lethargic  lost  lost in thought  lulling  meditative  misleading  misty  mollifying  mooning  moonraking  museful  musing  napping  narcoleptic  narcose  narcotized  narcous  neat  nifty  nodding  oblivious  occupied  oscitant  ostensible  otherworldly  out of it  pacifying  peaceable  peaceful  peachy  pensive  phantasmagoric  phantasmal  phantom  pipe-dreaming  preoccupied  quiet  quietening  rapt  relaxing  restful  rocking  romantic  sedated  seeming  self-deceptive  self-deluding  shadowy  sleep-drowned  sleep-drunk  sleep-filled  sleep-swollen  sleepful  sleepy  slumberous  slumbery  snoozy  somewhere else  somnolent  soothful  soothing  soporific  specious  spectral  spellbound  spelled  stargazing  stilling  stretchy  stuporose  stuporous  super  supposititious  taken up  thoughtful  tranced  tranquil  tranquilizing  transported  unactual  unconscious  undefined  unfounded  unreal  unsubstantial  unworldly  vague  visionary  whimsical  woolgathering  wrapped in thought  yawning  yawny  

Lexikoneinträge für dream reader / dream readers

Dream (n.) The thoughts, or series of thoughts, or imaginary transactions, which occupy the mind during sleep
Dream (n.) A visionary scheme
Dream (n.) To have ideas or images in the mind while in the state of sleep
Dream (n.) To let the mind run on in idle revery or vagary
Dream (v. t.) To have a dream of
Reader (n.) One who reads.
Reader (n.) One whose distinctive office is to read prayers in a church.
Reader (n.) One who reads lectures on scientific subjects.
Reader (n.) A proof reader.
Reader (n.) One who reads manuscripts offered for publication and advises regarding their merit.
Reader (n.) One who reads much
Reader (n.) A book containing a selection of extracts for exercises in reading

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

pipe dream
a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe), I have this pipe dream about being emperor of the universe
dream a state of mind characterized by abstraction and release from reality, he went about his work as if in a dream
dream dreaming a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep, I had a dream about you last night
dream dreaming imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake, he lives in a dream that has nothing to do with reality
wet dream an erotic dream (usually at night) accompanied by the (nocturnal) emission of semen
reader one of a series of texts for students learning to read
McGuffey Eclectic Readers readers that combined lessons in reading with moralistic messages
a cherished desire, his ambition is to own his own business
American Dream the widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did
lay reader a layman who is authorized by the bishop to read parts of the service in an Anglican or Episcopal church
lecturer reader
a public lecturer at certain universities
lector reader someone who reads the lessons in a church service, someone ordained in a minor order of the Roman Catholic Church
lip reader someone who can understand spoken words by watching the movements of a speaker's lips
mind reader telepathist thoughteader a magician who seems to discern the thoughts of another person (usually by clever signals from an accomplice)
news reader
someone who reads out broadcast news bulletin
someone who reads proof in order to find errors and mark corrections
reader a person who enjoys reading
reader a person who can read, a literate person
reviewer referee reader someone who reads manuscripts and judges their suitability for publication
subscriber reader someone who contracts to receive and pay for a service or a certain number of issues of a publication
mental telepathist
mind reader
someone with the power of communicating thoughts directly
dream someone or something wonderful, this dessert is a dream
think up
think of
dream up
devise or invent, He thought up a plan to get rich quickly, no-one had ever thought of such a clever piece of software
have a daydream, indulge in a fantasy
dream experience while sleeping, She claims to never dream, He dreamt a strange scene


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