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Deutsche Synonyme für Treibsand


Englische Synonyme für quick sand quicksand

quick  Daedalian  able  aboveground  abrupt  acquiescent  acute  adept  adroit  agile  agog  agreeable  alacritous  alert  alive  alive and kicking  all agog  amain  amenable  among the living  animate  animated  anxious  apace  apt  ardent  artistic  astute  at flank speed  attentive  authoritative  avid  awake  bosom  brainy  bravura  breakneck  breast  breathing  breathless  brief  bright  brilliant  brisk  bursting to  canny  capable  capable of life  center of life  clean  clever  combustible  cometary  competent  compliant  conscious  consenting  content  cooperative  coordinated  core  crack  crackerjack  cunning  cursory  cute  daedal  dashing  decisive  deft  desirous  dexterous  dextrous  diplomatic  discerning  dispatchful  disposed  docile  double-quick  eager  eagle-winged  educable  effective  effectual  electrifying  endowed with life  energetic  enlivened  enthusiastic  esoteric reality  excellent  excitable  existent  expeditious  expeditiously  expert  explosive  exposed nerve  express  facile  fain  fancy  fast  favorable  favorably disposed  favorably inclined  festinate  feverish  fiery  flashing  flat-out  fleet  flickering  flying  formable  forward  full of life  furious  galloping  game  gifted  good  goodish  graceful  hair-trigger  hand over fist  hand over hand  handy  hastily  hasty  headlong  heart  heart of hearts  hell for leather  hell-bent  hell-bent for election  hep  hot  hot-tempered  hotheaded  hurried  hustling  immediate  impatient  impetuous  impressionable  impulsive  in double time  in double-quick time  in high  in high gear  in seven-league boots  in the flesh  in the mind  in the mood  inclined  ingenious  inmost heart  inmost soul  inner man  inner nature  inside  inspirited  instant  instantaneous  instinct with life  instructable  intelligent  irascible  irritable  keen  keen-witted  knowing  last-minute  lickety-cut  lickety-split  light of heel  light-footed  live  lively  living  long-lived  magisterial  malleable  
quick witted  Attic  adroit  apt  biting  brainy  bright  brilliant  clever  dexterous  droll  facetious  funny  gifted  humorous  humorsome  jesting  jocose  jocular  joking  joky  joshing  keen  keen-witted  mordant  nimble  nimble-witted  no dumbbell  not born yesterday  pointed  pungent  quick  quick-thinking  rapier-like  salt  salty  scintillating  sharp  sharp-witted  smart  sparkling  sprightly  steel-trap  talented  whimsical  witty  
quick-tempered  abrupt  bad-tempered  choleric  churlish  excitable  hot-blooded  hot-tempered  ill-tempered  impatient  impulsive  irascible  irritable  quarrelsome  short  short-tempered  snappish  splenetic  temperamental  testy  touchy  volatile  waspish  
quicken  accelerate  activate  actuate  advance  advantage  aid  animate  arouse  awake  awaken  be begotten  be born  be incarnated  boost  brace  brace up  breathe life into  bring into being  bring into existence  bring to life  brisk  brisken  buck up  bundle  bustle  call into being  call into existence  cheer  chirk up  clear the way  come alive  come into being  come into existence  come to  come to life  conceive  conduce to  contribute to  crack on  crowd  cultivate  dispatch  drive on  dynamize  ease  electrify  encourage  endow with life  energize  enliven  excite  exhilarate  expedite  explain  facilitate  favor  fillip  fire  fortify  forward  fresh up  freshen  freshen up  further  gain ground  galvanize  give birth  give life to  goad  grease  grease the ways  grease the wheels  haste  hasten  hasten on  hearten  help along  hie on  hurry  hurry along  hurry on  hurry up  hustle  hustle up  induce  inflame  infuse life into  inspirit  invigorate  jazz up  kindle  lend wings to  live again  liven  loose  lubricate  make clear  make for  make sensitive  make way for  motivate  move  oil  open the throttle  open the way  open up  pave the way  pep up  perk up  pick up  pick up speed  pique  precipitate  prepare the way  press  promote  provoke  push  push forward  push on  push through  put forward  put on  put on steam  race  railroad through  reanimate  recreate  refine  refresh  refreshen  regale  reinvigorate  remove friction  renew  resurge  resuscitate  return to life  rev  revive  revivify  rise again  rouse  run interference for  rush  rush along  see the light  sensibilize  sensitize  set forward  set up  shake up  sharpen  simplify  smooth  smooth the way  snap up  soap the ways  spark  speed  speed along  speed up  spur  stampede  step on it  step up  stimulate  stir  unbar  unblock  unclog  unjam  urge  vitalize  vivify  wake  warm  whet  whip  whip along  zip up  
quickening  acceleration  activating  animating  animation  animative  bracing  clarification  double time  double-quick  double-quick time  drive  easing  energizing  enlivening  enlivenment  exhilarating  exhilaration  exhilarative  expediting  expedition  facilitation  festination  forced march  forwarding  getaway  hastening  hurrying  impetus  invigorating  invigoration  invigorative  life-giving  pickup  revitalization  revival  rousing  simplification  simplifying  smoothing  speeding  speedup  step-up  stimulating  stimulation  stimulative  streamlining  thrust  tonic  viable  vitalization  vitalizing  vivification  vivifying  
quickly  PDQ  agilely  amain  animatedly  anxiously  apace  at flank speed  at once  at the double  avidly  breathlessly  briefly  by forced marches  cursorily  decisively  directly  double-quick  eagerly  enthusiastically  expeditiously  fast  feverishly  flat-out  fleetingly  flickeringly  flittingly  for a moment  forthwith  furiously  hand over fist  hand over hand  hastily  headlong  hell for leather  hell-bent  hell-bent for election  helter-skelter  hotfoot  hurriedly  hurry-scurry  immediately  impatiently  impetuously  impulsively  in an instant  in double time  in double-quick time  in high  in high gear  in no time  in passing  in seven-league boots  instanter  instantly  keenly  lickety-cut  lickety-split  momentarily  nimbly  on the double  on the instant  on the run  on the spot  pell-mell  post  posthaste  precipitately  pretty damned quick  promptly  pronto  quick  rapidly  rashly  readily  recklessly  right away  right off  shortly  slapdash  smartly  snappily  speedily  spryly  straightaway  straightway  subito  suddenly  summarily  superficially  swiftly  transiently  trippingly  under forced draft  vivaciously  whip and spur  with a rush  with alacrity  with all haste  with all speed  with dispatch  with giant strides  with gusto  with haste  with open arms  with rapid strides  with relish  with speed  with zest  without delay  without further delay  zestfully  
quickness  ability  abruptness  acuity  acuteness  address  adeptness  adroitness  agility  air speed  airmanship  alacrity  alertness  animation  anxiety  anxiousness  appetite  aptitude  aptness  artfulness  artisanship  artistry  attention  attentiveness  avidity  avidness  bat  braininess  bravura  breathless impatience  brightness  brilliance  briskness  capability  capacity  celerity  cheerful readiness  clear thinking  cleverness  command  competence  control  coordination  craft  craftsmanship  cunning  decisiveness  deftness  dexterity  dexterousness  dextrousness  diplomacy  dispatch  docility  eagerness  educability  efficiency  elan  esprit  expedition  expeditiousness  expertise  facility  fastness  feverishness  finesse  flair  flight  flit  flurry  forwardness  furiousness  gait  genius  giftedness  gifts  grace  grip  ground speed  gust  gusto  handiness  haste  hastiness  horsemanship  hurriedness  hurry  immediacy  immediateness  impatience  impetuosity  impetuousness  impressionability  impulsiveness  ingeniousness  ingenuity  instantaneousness  intelligence  keen desire  keen-wittedness  keenness  knots  know-how  life  lightning speed  liveliness  malleability  marksmanship  mastership  mastery  mental alertness  mercurial mind  miles per hour  moldability  motivation  native cleverness  nimble mind  nimble-wittedness  nimbleness  nous  overhastiness  pace  plasticity  pliability  practical ability  precipitance  precipitancy  precipitateness  precipitation  precipitousness  proficiency  promptitude  promptness  prowess  punctuality  punctualness  quick parts  quick thinking  quick wit  quick-wittedness  rapidity  rashness  readiness  ready wit  receptivity  recklessness  resource  resourcefulness  round pace  rpm  rush  savoir-faire  savvy  seamanship  sharp-wittedness  sharpness  skill  skillfulness  sleeplessness  smartness  smarts  snappiness  speed  speediness  spirit  sprightly wit  spryness  style  suddenness  summariness  susceptibility  
quicksand  baygall  bind  bog  bottom  bottomland  bottoms  breakers ahead  buffalo wallow  cardhouse  cause for alarm  clutch  complication  coral heads  crisis  crunch  danger  dangerous ground  embarrassing position  embarrassment  emergency  endangerment  everglade  fen  fenland  fine how-do-you-do  gaping chasm  gathering clouds  glade  hazard  hell to pay  hobble  hog wallow  holm  hot water  house of cards  how-do-you-do  imbroglio  imperilment  ironbound coast  jam  jeopardy  ledges  lee shore  marais  marish  marsh  marshland  meadow  menace  mere  mess  mire  mix  moor  moorland  morass  moss  mud  mud flat  parlous straits  pass  peat bog  peril  pickle  pinch  pitfall  plight  predicament  pretty pass  pretty pickle  pretty predicament  quagmire  quicksands  risk  rockbound coast  rocks  rocks ahead  salt marsh  sandbank  sandbar  sands  scrape  shallows  shoals  slob land  slough  sough  spot  squeeze  stew  sticky wicket  storm clouds  strait  straits  sump  swale  swamp  swampland  taiga  thin ice  threat  tight spot  tight squeeze  tightrope  tricky spot  undercurrent  undertow  unholy mess  wallow  wash  
quicksilver  April showers  Proteus  active  activist  activistic  alive  animated  antelope  arrow  aureate  blue darter  blue streak  bouncing  bouncy  brass  brassy  brazen  breezy  brisk  bronze  bronzy  bubbly  cannonball  chameleon  changeable  chipper  cloud shapes  copper  coppery  coquettish  courser  cupreous  cuprous  dart  eagle  ebullient  effervescent  electricity  energetic  express train  faddish  ferrous  ferruginous  fickle  flash  flighty  flirtatious  frisky  full of go  full of life  full of pep  gazelle  gilt  gold  gold-filled  gold-plated  golden  greased lightning  greyhound  hare  inconstant  iron  ironlike  jet plane  kaleidoscope  lead  leaden  light  lightning  live  lively  mercurial  mercurous  mercury  militant  moon  nickel  nickelic  nickeline  peppy  perky  pert  pewter  pewtery  rocket  rolling stone  scared rabbit  shifting sands  shot  silver  silver-plated  silvery  skittish  smacking  snappy  spanking  spirited  sprightly  spry  steel  steely  streak  streak of lightning  striped snake  swallow  the weather  thought  thunderbolt  tin  tinny  torrent  toying  undependable  unpredictable  unreliable  vacillating  versatile  vivacious  volatile  water  weather vane  weathercock  wheel of fortune  whirligig  wind  zingy  

Lexikoneinträge für quick sand quicksand

Double-quick (a.) Of, or performed in, the fastest time or step in marching, next to the run
Double-quick (n.) Double-quick time, step, or march.
Double-quick (v. i. & t.) To move, or cause to move, in double-quick time.
Quick (superl.) Alive
Quick (superl.) Characterized by life or liveliness
Quick (superl.) Speedy
Quick (superl.) Impatient
Quick (superl.) Fresh
Quick (superl.) Sensitive
Quick (superl.) Pregnant
Quick (adv.) In a quick manner
Quick (n.) That which is quick, or alive
Quick (n.) The life
Quick (n.) Quitch grass.
Quick (v. t. & i.) To revive
Quicksand (n.) Sand easily moved or readily yielding to pressure
Quick-scented (a.) Acute of smell.
Quick-sighted (a.) Having quick sight or acute discernment
Quick-witted (a.) Having ready wit
Quick-wittedness (n.) Readiness of wit.
Sand (n.) Fine particles of stone, esp. of siliceous stone, but not reduced to dust
Sand (n.) A single particle of such stone.
Sand (n.) The sand in the hourglass
Sand (n.) Tracts of land consisting of sand, like the deserts of Arabia and Africa
Sand (n.) Courage
Sand (v. t.) To sprinkle or cover with sand.
Sand (v. t.) To drive upon the sand.
Sand (v. t.) To bury (oysters) beneath drifting sand or mud.
Sand (v. t.) To mix with sand for purposes of fraud
Sand-blind (a.) Having defective sight

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

band aid
quick fix
hurried repair
quick march marching at quick time
sand tiger
sand shark
Carcharias taurus
Odontaspis taurus
shallow-water shark with sharp jagged teeth found on both sides of Atlantic, sometimes dangerous to swimmers
bank martin
bank swallow
sand martin
Riparia riparia
swallow of the northern hemisphere that nests in tunnels dug in clay or sand banks
side-blotched lizard
sand lizard Uta stansburiana
one of the most abundant lizards in the arid western United States
sand lizard Lacerta agilis a common and widely distributed lizard of Europe and central Asia
hognose snake
puff adder sand viper
harmless North American snake with upturned nose, may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed
sand snake small North American burrowing snake
banded sand snake
Chilomeniscus cinctus
a sand snake of southwestern United States, lives in fine to coarse sand or loamy soil in which it `swims', banding resembles that of coral snakes
horned viper
sand viper horned asp
Cerastes cornutus
highly venomous viper of northern Africa and southwestern Asia having a horny spine above each eye
sand grouse
pigeon-like bird of arid regions of the Old World having long pointed wings and tail and precocial downy young
beach flea
sand hopper
sand flea
small amphipod crustaceans that hop like fleas, common on ocean beaches
sand cat a desert wildcat
sand fly
Phlebotomus papatasii
any of various small dipterous flies, bloodsucking females can transmit sandfly fever and leishmaniasis
sand cricket
Jerusalem cricket
Stenopelmatus fuscus
large wingless nocturnal grasshopper that burrows in loose soil along the Pacific coast of the United States
sand dollar flattened disklike sea urchins that live on sandy bottoms
sand rat Meriones longifrons southern European gerbil
sand rat small nearly naked African mole rat of desert areas
hog badger
hog-nosed badger
sand badger
Arctonyx collaris
southeast Asian badger with a snout like a pig
sand stargazer small pallid fishes of shoal tropical waters of North America and South America having eyes on stalks atop head, they burrow in sand to await prey
sand lance
sand launce
sand eel
very small silvery eellike schooling fishes that burrow into sandy beaches
sand dab small food fishes of the Pacific coast of North America
sand sole
Psettichthys melanostichus
a common flatfish of the Pacific coast of North America
sand trap
a hazard on a golf course
sand painting a painting done by Amerindians (especially Navaho), made of fine colored sands on a neutral background
sand wedge a wedge used to get out of sand traps
fortitude and determination, he didn't have the guts to try it
quick any area of the body that is highly sensitive to pain (as the flesh underneath the skin or a fingernail or toenail)
mental quickness
intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay
short temper
quick temper
a feeling of resentful anger
quick bread breads made with a leavening agent that permits immediate baking
sand dab the lean flesh of a small flounder from the Pacific coast of North America
sand dune
a ridge of sand created by the wind, found in deserts or near lakes and oceans
quicksand a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down
sand bar
a bar of sand
quick study
someone able to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly and easily, she soaks up foreign languages like a sponge
George Sand
Amandine Aurore Lucie Dupin
Baroness Dudevant
French writer known for works concerning women's rights and independence (-)
sand spurry
sea spurry
Spergularia rubra
prostrate weedy herb with tiny pink flowers, widespread throughout Europe and Asia on sand dunes and heath and coastal cliffs, naturalized in eastern North America
sand verbena any of various plants of the genus Abronia of western North America and Mexico having flowers resembling verbena
sweet sand verbena Abronia elliptica
plant having heads of fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers, grows in sandy arid regions
sweet sand verbena Abronia fragrans taller than Abronia elliptica and having night-blooming flowers
yellow sand verbena
Abronia latifolia
plant having hemispherical heads of yellow trumpet-shaped flowers, found in coastal dunes from California to British Columbia
beach sand verbena
pink sand verbena
Abronia umbellata
prostrate herb having heads of deep pink to white flowers, found in coastal dunes from British Columbia to Baja California
desert sand verbena
Abronia villosa
soft-haired sticky plant with heads of bright pink trumpet-shaped flowers, found in sandy desert soil, after ample rains may carpet miles of desert with pink from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico
sand sage
silvery wormwood
Artemisia filifolia
silver-haired shrub of central and southern United States and Mexico, a troublesome weed on rangelands
dog grass couch grass
quack grass
quick grass
witch grass witchgrass Agropyron repens
European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes, naturalized in North America as a weed
sand dropseed
Sporobolus cryptandrus
erect smooth grass of sandy places in eastern North America
sand sedge
sand reed
Carex arenaria
European maritime sedge naturalized along Atlantic coast of United States, rootstock has properties of sarsaparilla
b common bearberry
red bearberry
wild cranberry
hog cranberry
sand berry
mountain box
bear's grape
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries, leaves turn red in autumn
sand myrtle
Leiophyllum buxifolium
low-growing evergreen shrub of New Jersey to Florida grown for its many white star-shaped flowers and glossy foliage
sand leek
giant garlic
Spanish garlic
Allium scorodoprasum
European leek cultivated and used like leeks
Western sand cherry
Rocky Mountains cherry
Prunus besseyi
dwarf ornamental shrub of western United States having large black to red and yellow sweet edible fruit
sand cherry
Prunus pumila
Prunus pumilla susquehanae
Prunus susquehanae
Prunus cuneata
small straggling American cherry growing on sandy soil and having minute scarcely edible purplish-black fruit
sand blackberry
Rubus cuneifolius
stiff shrubby blackberry of the eastern United States (Connecticut to Florida)
chickweed phlox
sand phlox
Phlox bifida
Phlox stellaria
low mat-forming herb of rocky places in United States
sand devil's claw
Proboscidea arenaria
Martynia arenaria
alternatively placed in genus Martynia
fast buck
quick buck
quick or easy earnings, they are traders out to make a fast buck
liquid assets
current assets
quick assets
assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)
sand tumor
a tumor derived from fibrous tissue of the meninges or choroid plexus or certain other structures associated with the brain, characterized by sandlike particles
sand crack a fissure in the wall of a horse's hoof often causing lameness
quicksand a treacherous situation that tends to entrap and destroy
sand a loose material consisting of grains of rock or coral
quick time a normal marching pace ofsteps per minute
freeze rapidly so as to preserve the natural juices and flavors, quick-freeze the shrimp
rub with sandpaper, sandpaper the wooden surface
rough-sand sand roughly, rough-sand the door before painting it
sand cast pour molten metal into a mold of sand
moving quickly and lightly, sleek and agile as a gymnast, as nimble as a deer, nimble fingers, quick of foot, the old dog was so spry it was halfway up the stairs before we could stop it
quick-witted mentally nimble and resourceful, quick-witted debater, saved an embarrassing situation with quick-witted tact
quick-change(a) adept at changing from one thing to another especially changing costumes, a quick-change artist
quick-drying of a liquid substance that dries quickly
having keen hearing
easily aroused or excited, a quick temper, a warm temper
double-quick (of a marching cadence) very quick
quick straightaway
performed with little or no delay, an immediate reply to my letter, a prompt reply, was quick to respond, a straightaway denial
accomplished rapidly and without delay, was quick to make friends, his quick reaction prevented an accident, hoped for a speedy resolution of the problem, a speedy recovery, he has a right to a speedy trial
(used of foods) preserved by freezing sufficiently rapidly to retain flavor and nutritional value, frozen foods
quickly aroused to anger, a hotheaded commander
hurried and brief, paid a flying visit, took a flying glance at the book, a quick inspection, a fast visit
apprehending and responding with speed and sensitivity, a quick mind, a ready wit
keenly perceptive or alert, quick-sighted into the faults of the time- Leonard Bacon
having very keen vision, quick-sighted as a cat
visually impaired
visually challenged
having greatly reduced vision
promptly quickly quick with little or no delay, the rescue squad arrived promptly, come here, quick!
double time
double quick
at a faster speed, now let's play the piece again double-quick


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Treibsand ist eine Suspension aus Sand in Wasser. Obwohl er im ungestörten Zustand einigermaßen fest erscheint, verhält er sich unter Druckeinfluss wie ein spezieller Typ Flüssigkeit: ein nichtnewtonsches Fluid.
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