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Deutsche Synonyme für Triebansatz

Englische Synonyme für eye

eye  Anschauung  Sherlock  Sherlock Holmes  accountability  air hole  amaurosis  angle  angle of vision  annulet  armhole  assumption  attend  attitude  auspices  baby blues  banjo eyes  basis  be vigilant  be watchful  beagle  belief  blepharitis  blowhole  bossing  bright eyes  bullet-hole  bunghole  care  cast coquettish glances  cataract  charge  choroiditis  circlet  clear eyes  clear sight  climate of opinion  color vision  common belief  community sentiment  conceit  concept  conception  conclusion  cone vision  conjunctivitis  consensus gentium  consider  consideration  contemplate  conviction  coquet  cornea  cover  crane  crane the neck  cringle  cross-eye  day vision  daylight vision  deadeye  defective vision  defense  dekko  detached retina  dick  discernment  eagle eye  esotropia  estimate  estimation  ethos  examine  eye defect  eye-mindedness  eyeball  eyeful  eyelet  eyelid  eyesight  farsight  farsightedness  feeling  field of view  field of vision  flatfoot  flirt  follow  footing  frame of reference  framework  gallivant  gape  gasket  gaup  gawk  gaze  gaze at  gaze open-mouthed  general belief  give the eye  give the once-over  glaucoma  gloat  goggle  goggle eyes  gold-dig  grasp  grommet  guard  guide  gumshoe  gumshoe man  gutta serena  hard look  have a looksee  hawkshaw  hold in view  horizon  idea  impression  inspect  intendance  investigator  iris  iritis  judgment  jurisdiction  keen sight  keep in sight  keep in view  keep under observation  ken  keratitis  keyhole  knothole  lamp  lee  leer  leer at  leering look  lens  lid  light  lights  look  look after  look at  look on  look over  look sweet upon  look upon  look-in  loop  loophole  lustful leer  make eyes at  manhole  mental outlook  mind  mousehole  mystique  naked eye  nictitating membrane  night vision  notion  observation  observe  ocular  oculus  ogle  ogle at  opinion  optic  optic nerve  optic neuritis  orb  organ of vision  outlook  oversight  peeper  peephole  percepti  
eye opener  Mickey  Mickey Finn  aperitif  astonishment  blockbuster  blow  bomb  bombshell  catch  chaser  cocktail  doch-an-dorrach  drink  earthshaker  highball  joker  kicker  knockout drops  mixed drink  nightcap  parting cup  peripeteia  pousse-cafe  punch  revelation  shocker  staggerer  startler  stirrup cup  sundowner  surprisal  surprise  surprise ending  surprise package  surprise party  switch  thunderbolt  thunderclap  wee doch-an-dorrach  
eye opening  amazing  apocalyptic  astonishing  astounding  betraying  breathtaking  confounding  disclosing  disclosive  exposing  mind-boggling  overwhelming  revealing  revelational  revelatory  showing  spectacular  staggering  startling  stunning  surprising  talkative  
eyeball  baby blues  banjo eyes  be vigilant  be watchful  bright eyes  clear eyes  cornea  eye  eyelid  follow  gaze at  goggle eyes  have a looksee  hold in view  iris  keep in sight  keep in view  keep under observation  lens  lid  look after  look at  look on  look upon  naked eye  nictitating membrane  observe  ocular  oculus  ophthalmic  optic  optic nerve  orb  organ of vision  peeper  popeyes  pupil  reconnoiter  regard  retina  saucer eyes  sclera  scout  scrutinize  seeing  spy upon  starry orbs  unaided eye  view  visible  visual  visual organ  watch  
eyeball to eyeball  adversative  adverse  adversive  against the grain  against the tide  against the wind  antagonistic  anti  antipathetic  antipodal  antithetic  antonymous  at cross-purposes  at daggers  at daggers drawn  at issue  at odds  at opposite extremes  at variance  at war with  athwart  back to back  balancing  clashing  compensating  conflicting  confronting  contra  contradictory  contradistinct  contrapositive  contrarious  contrariwise  contrary  contrasted  converse  counter  counterbalancing  counterpoised  countervailing  cross  dead against  discordant  discrepant  eyeball-to-eyeball  face to face  facing  fronting  hostile  in confrontation  in hostile array  in opposition  inconsistent  inimical  inverse  just opposite  nose to nose  obverse  opposed  opposing  opposite  oppositional  oppositive  oppugnant  perverse  polar  polaric  polarized  poles apart  repugnant  reverse  squared off  up in arms  vis-a-vis  with crossed bayonets  
eyeful  beaut  dekko  eye  knockout  leer  leering look  look  look-in  looker  lovely  lustful leer  picture  poem  preview  prospect  regard  scene  sidelong look  sight  sly look  stunner  thing of beauty  view  vision  
eyeglass  Polaroid glasses  achromatic lens  astigmatic lens  bifocals  blinkers  burning glass  camera  cheaters  coated lens  colored glasses  concave lens  concavo-convex lens  condenser  contact lens  convex lens  dark glasses  divided spectacles  eyeglasses  eyepiece  glass  glasses  goggles  granny glasses  hand lens  harlequin glasses  horn-rimmed glasses  lens  lorgnette  lorgnon  magnifier  magnifying glass  meniscus  mini-specs  monocle  nippers  object glass  objective  objective prism  ocular  pair of glasses  peepers  prism  quizzing glass  reader  readers  reading glass  reading glasses  shades  specs  spectacles  sun-specs  sunglasses  telephoto lens  toric lens  trifocals  varifocal lens  zoom lens  
eyelet  air hole  annulet  armhole  blowhole  bullet-hole  bunghole  circlet  cringle  deadeye  eye  gasket  grommet  guide  keyhole  knothole  loop  loophole  manhole  mousehole  peephole  pigeonhole  pinhole  placket  placket hole  porthole  punch-hole  ringlet  roundlet  spiracle  tap  vent  venthole  
eyesight  clear sight  color vision  command  cone vision  day vision  daylight vision  discernment  domination  eye  eye-mindedness  eyereach  eyeshot  farsight  farsightedness  field of view  field of vision  horizon  keen sight  ken  limit of vision  line of sight  naked eye  night vision  outlook  outlook over  perception  peripheral field  peripheral vision  perspective  perspicacity  perspicuity  photopia  power of sight  prospect  purview  quick sight  range  rod vision  scan  scope  scope of vision  scotopia  seeing  sense of sight  sight  sightedness  sightliness  survey  sweep  twilight vision  unobstructed vision  view  vision  vista  visual acuity  visual field  visual sense  
eyesore  baboon  bag  blemish  bloodstain  blot  blotch  blur  brand  dab  daub  dog  fleck  flick  flyspeck  fright  gargoyle  hag  harridan  macula  maculation  macule  mark  mess  monster  monstrosity  no beauty  patch  scarecrow  sight  smear  smirch  smouch  smudge  smut  smutch  spatter  speck  speckle  splash  splatter  splotch  spot  stain  stigma  taint  tarnish  teratism  ugly duckling  witch  
eyestrain  brain fag  debilitation  debility  enervation  enfeeblement  faintness  fatigue  goneness  heart strain  jadedness  languor  lassitude  mental fatigue  mental strain  overstrain  overtiredness  sleepiness  stance fatigue  strain  tiredness  weakness  wearifulness  weariness  
eyewash  adulation  balls  balm  baloney  balsam  bilge  blague  blandishment  blarney  bosh  brilliantine  bull  bullshit  bunk  bunkum  cajolement  cajolery  cerate  chrism  claptrap  cold cream  collyrium  compliment  crap  cream  demulcent  embrocation  emollient  eye-lotion  eyewater  face cream  fair words  fawning  flam  flattery  flimflam  gammon  grease  hand lotion  hogwash  hoke  hokum  honeyed phrases  honeyed words  hooey  horsefeathers  humbug  humbuggery  incense  inunction  inunctum  jiggery-pokery  lanolin  lenitive  liniment  lotion  malarkey  moonshine  nard  oil  ointment  palaver  pomade  pomatum  praise  pretty lies  rot  salve  soap  soft soap  soothing syrup  spikenard  sweet nothings  sweet talk  sweet words  sycophancy  twaddle  unction  unguent  unguentum  vulnerary  wheedling  
eyewitness  TV-viewer  absolute  adducible  admissible  attestant  attestative  attestator  attester  attestive  authentic  based on  beholder  bird-watcher  bystander  certain  circumstantial  cojuror  compurgator  conclusive  convincing  cumulative  damning  decisive  deponent  determinative  documentary  documented  drugstore cowboy  earwitness  evidential  evidentiary  ex parte  eye-witness  factual  final  firsthand  founded on  gaper  gazer  gazer-on  girl-watcher  goggler  grounded on  hearsay  implicit  incontrovertible  indicative  indisputable  informant  informer  irrefutable  irresistible  kibitzer  looker  looker-on  material  nuncupative  observer  ogler  onlooker  overwhelming  passerby  perceiver  percipient  presumptive  probative  reliable  seer  sidewalk superintendent  significant  spectator  spectatress  spectatrix  suggestive  sure  swearer  symptomatic  televiewer  television-viewer  telling  testifier  valid  video-gazer  viewer  voucher  watcher  weighty  witness  


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