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Deutsche Synonyme für Trog

Bottich  Kübel  Trog  Wanne  Zuber  

Englische Synonyme für trough

trough  adit  aerospace  aerosphere  air hole  air pocket  airspace  alveolation  alveolus  amplitude  antinode  antrum  aqueduct  armpit  basin  billow  bore  bottom  bottom glade  bottoms  bowl  breakers  bump  burrow  canal  canalization  canalize  carve  cavity  ceiling  chamfer  channel  chisel  chop  choppiness  chopping sea  chute  comb  comber  concave  concavity  conduit  corrugate  course  crack  crater  crest  crimp  crosswind  crypt  cup  cut  dado  dale  de Broglie wave  dell  delve  depression  diffraction  dig  dig out  dike  dingle  dip  dirty water  ditch  dredge  drill  drive  duct  eagre  eaves trough  egress  electromagnetic radiation  electromagnetic wave  empty space  engrave  entrance  entrenchment  excavate  exit  favorable wind  flute  fog  fold  follicle  fosse  frequency  frequency band  frequency spectrum  front  funnel chest  furrow  gap  gash  gill  glen  goffer  gouge  gouge out  gravity wave  groove  ground swell  grove  grub  guide  guided wave  gully  gutter  ha-ha  head wind  heave  heavy sea  heavy swell  high-pressure area  hole  hollow  hollow shell  in phase  incise  ingress  interference  intervale  ionosphere  jetstream  kennel  lacuna  lift  light  longitudinal wave  lop  low-pressure area  lower  lunar rill  mechanical wave  mine  moat  node  out of phase  overcast  pass  passage  passageway  peak  penstock  pentrough  period  periodic wave  pit  pleat  plow  pocket  popple  punch bowl  quarry  rabbet  radio wave  ravine  ray  reinforcement  resonance  resonance frequency  riffle  rifle  ripple  rise  roll  roller  rough water  roughness  rut  sap  scend  scoop  scoop out  score  scrabble  scrape  scratch  sea  seismic wave  send  shell  shock wave  shoot  shovel  sink  sinus  slit  socket  sound wave  soup  space  spade  strath  stratosphere  streak  striate  substratosphere  sunk fence  surf  surface wave  surge  swell  tail wind  tidal bore  tidal wave  tide wave  transverse wave  trench  tropopause  troposphere  troughi  


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