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Deutsche Synonyme für Tropfenliest

Englische Synonyme für Spotted Wood Kingfisher

spotted  assigned  bedraggled  befouled  besmirched  bespangled  bespeckled  blotched  blotchy  defiled  deployed  dirtied  dotted  dotty  drabbled  draggled  dusted  embosomed  emplaced  ensconced  established  fixed  flea-bitten  flecked  fleckered  fouled  frecked  freckle-faced  freckled  freckly  installed  located  macular  maculate  maculated  patchy  peppered  placed  planted  pocked  pockmarked  pocky  pointille  pointillistic  polka-dot  positioned  posted  powdered  punctated  seated  set  settled  situate  situated  smirched  smudged  soiled  spangled  spattered  specked  speckled  speckledy  speckly  splashed  splattered  splotched  splotchy  spotty  sprinkled  stained  stationed  stippled  studded  sullied  tainted  tarnished  
spotted fever  African lethargy  Asiatic cholera  Chagres fever  German measles  Haverhill fever  acute articular rheumatism  ague  alkali disease  amebiasis  amebic dysentery  anthrax  bacillary dysentery  bastard measles  black death  black fever  blackwater fever  breakbone fever  brucellosis  bubonic plague  cachectic fever  cerebral rheumatism  chicken pox  cholera  cowpox  dandy fever  deer fly fever  dengue  dengue fever  diphtheria  dumdum fever  dysentery  elephantiasis  encephalitis lethargica  enteric fever  erysipelas  famine fever  five-day fever  flu  frambesia  glandular fever  grippe  hansenosis  hepatitis  herpes  herpes simplex  herpes zoster  histoplasmosis  hookworm  hydrophobia  infantile paralysis  infectious mononucleosis  inflammatory rheumatism  influenza  jail fever  jungle rot  kala azar  kissing disease  lepra  leprosy  leptospirosis  loa loa  loaiasis  lockjaw  madness  malaria  malarial fever  marsh fever  measles  meningitis  milzbrand  mumps  ornithosis  osteomyelitis  paratyphoid fever  parotitis  parrot fever  pertussis  pneumonia  polio  poliomyelitis  polyarthritis rheumatism  ponos  psittacosis  rabbit fever  rabies  rat-bite fever  relapsing fever  rheumatic fever  rickettsialpox  ringworm  rubella  rubeola  scarlatina  scarlet fever  schistosomiasis  septic sore throat  shingles  sleeping sickness  sleepy sickness  smallpox  snail fever  splenic fever  strep throat  swamp fever  tetanus  thrush  tinea  trench fever  trench mouth  tuberculosis  tularemia  typhoid  typhoid fever  typhus  typhus fever  undulant fever  vaccinia  varicella  variola  venereal disease  viral dysentery  whooping cough  yaws  yellow fever  yellow jack  zona  zoster  

Lexikoneinträge für Spotted Wood Kingfisher

Aloes wood () See Agalloch.
Amboyna wood () A beautiful mottled and curled wood, used in cabinetwork. It is obtained from the Pterocarpus Indicus of Amboyna, Borneo, etc.
Bethabara wood () A highly elastic wood, used for fishing rods, etc. The tree is unknown, but it is thought to be East Indian.
Brazil wood () The wood of the oriental Caesalpinia Sapan
Brazil wood () A very heavy wood of a reddish color, imported from Brazil and other tropical countries, for cabinet-work, and for dyeing. The best is the heartwood of Caesalpinia echinata, a leguminous tree
Calamander wood () A valuable furniture wood from India and Ceylon, of a hazel-brown color, with black stripes, very hard in texture. It is a species of ebony, and is obtained from the Diospyros quaesita. Called also Coromandel wood.
Campeachy Wood () Logwood.
Cinque-spotted (a.) Five-spotted.
Cocus wood () A West Indian wood, used for making flutes and other musical instruments.
Eye-spotted (a.) Marked with spots like eyes.
Gopher wood () A species of wood used in the construction of Noah's ark.
Kiabooca wood () See Kyaboca wood.
Kingfisher (n.) Any one of numerous species of birds constituting the family Alcedinidae. Most of them feed upon fishes which they capture by diving and seizing then with the beak
Kyaboca wood () Amboyna wood.
Kyaboca wood () Sandalwood (Santalum album).
Lingoa wood () Amboyna wood.
Myall wood () A durable, fragrant, and dark-colored Australian wood, used by the natives for spears. It is obtained from the small tree Acacia homolophylla.
Nicaragua wood () Brazil wood.
Omander wood () The wood of Diospyros ebenaster, a kind of ebony found in Ceylon.
Rosetta wood () An east Indian wood of a reddish orange color, handsomely veined with darker marks. It is occasionally used for cabinetwork.
Sapan wood () A dyewood yielded by Caesalpinia Sappan, a thorny leguminous tree of Southern Asia and the neighboring islands. It is the original Brazil wood.
Sappan wood () Sapan wood.
Sea wood louse () A sea slater.
Shittim wood (n.) The wood of the shittah tree.
Spotted (imp. & p. p.) of Spot
Spotted (a.) Marked with spots
Thyine wood () The fragrant and beautiful wood of a North African tree (Callitris quadrivalvis), formerly called Thuja articulata. The tree is of the Cedar family, and furnishes a balsamic resin called sandarach.
Wood (a.) Mad
Wood (v. i.) To grow mad
Wood (n.) A large and thick collection of trees
Wood (n.) The substance of trees and the like
Wood (n.) The fibrous material which makes up the greater part of the stems and branches of trees and shrubby plants, and is found to a less extent in herbaceous stems. It consists of elongated tubular or needle-shaped cells of various kinds, usually interwoven with the shinning bands called silver grain.
Wood (n.) Trees cut or sawed for the fire or other uses.
Wood (v. t.) To supply with wood, or get supplies of wood for
Wood (v. i.) To take or get a supply of wood.
Wood-bound (a.) Incumbered with tall, woody hedgerows.
Wood-layer (n.) A young oak, or other timber plant, laid down in a hedge among the whitethorn or other plants used in hedges.
Wood-note (n.) A wild or natural note, as of a forest bird.
Wood-sare (n.) A kind of froth seen on herbs.
Wood-sere (n.) The time when there no sap in the trees
Wood's metal () A fusible alloy consisting of one or two parts of cadmium, two parts of tin, four of lead, with seven or eight part of bismuth. It melts at from 66¡
Wood tick () Any one of several species of ticks of the genus Ixodes whose young cling to bushes, but quickly fasten themselves upon the bodies of any animal with which they come in contact. When they attach themselves to the human body they often produce troublesome sores. The common species of the Northern United States is Ixodes unipunctata.
Wood-wash (n.) Alt. of Wood-waxen
Wood-wax (n.) Alt. of Wood-waxen
Wood-waxen (n.) Same as Woadwaxen.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

Battle of the Marne
Belleau Wood
Marne River
a World War I battle in northwestern France where the Allies defeated the Germans in
spotted eagle ray
spotted ray
Aetobatus narinari
ray with back covered with white or yellow spots, widely distributed in warm seas
peewit pewit wood pewee
Contopus virens
small oliveolored woodland flycatchers of eastern North America
western wood pewee
Contopus sordidulus
small flycatcher of western North America
spotted antbird
Hylophylax naevioides
a kind of antbird
spotted flycatcher
Muscicapa striata
Muscicapa grisola
common European woodland flycatcher with greyish-brown plumage
wood thrush
Hylocichla mustelina
large thrush common in eastern American woodlands, noted for its melodious song
wood warbler Phylloscopus sibilatrix European woodland warbler with dull yellow plumage
New World warbler
wood warbler
small brightolored American songbird with a weak unmusical song
wood swallow
swallow shrike
Australasian and Asiatic bird related to the shrikes and resembling a swallow
spotted owl
Strix occidentalis
a large owl of North America found in forests from British Columbia to central Mexico, has dark brown plumage and a heavily spotted chest
spotted salamander fire salamander
Salamandra maculosa
European salamander having dark skin with usually yellow spots
spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum glossy black North American salamander with yellow spots
wood frog
Rana sylvatica
wideanging light-brown frog of moist North American woodlands especially spruce
Chihuahuan spotted whiptail
Cnemidophorus exsanguis
having longitudinal stripes overlaid with light spots, upland lizard of United States southwest and Mexico
wood tick
American dog tick
Dermacentor variabilis
common tick that can transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia
horse of the wood
Tetrao urogallus
large black Old World grouse
wood pigeon
ringdove cushat
Columba palumbus
Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck
kingfisher nonpasserine large-headed bird with a short tail and long sharp bill, usually crested and brightolored, feed mostly on fish
Eurasian kingfisher
Alcedo atthis
small kingfisher with greenish-blue and orange plumage
belted kingfisher
Ceryle alcyon
greyish-blue North American kingfisher with a chestnut band on its chest
wood hoopoe tropical African bird having metallic blackish plumage but no crest
wood duck
summer duck
wood widgeon
Aix sponsa
showy North American duck that nests in hollow trees
wood drake male wood duck
wood ibis wood stork flinthead
Mycteria americana
an American stork that resembles the true ibises in having a downwardurved bill, inhabits wooded swamps of New World tropics
wood ibis wood stork Ibis ibis any of several Old World birds of the genus Ibis
maori hen
wood hen
flightless New Zealand rail of thievish disposition having short wings each with a spur used in fighting
spotted crake
Porzana porzana
Eurasian rail of swamps and marshes
spotted sandpiper
Actitis macularia
common North American sandpiper
liver-spotted dalmatian a brown-spotted dalmatian
spotted hyena
laughing hyena
Crocuta crocuta
African hyena noted for its distinctive howl
spotted lynx
Lynx pardina
of southern Europe
jackass bat
spotted bat
Euderma maculata
a large bat of the southwestern United States having spots and enormous ears
two-spotted ladybug
Adalia bipunctata
red ladybug with a black spot on each wing
wood ant
Formica rufa
reddish-brown European ant typically living in anthills in woodlands
dry-wood termite any of various termites that live in and feed on dry wood that is not connected with the soil
red-spotted purple
Limenitis astyanax
similar to the banded purple but with red spots on underwing surfaces
wood rabbit
cottontail rabbit
common small rabbit of North America having greyish or brownish fur and a tail with a white underside, a host for Ixodes pacificus and Ixodes scapularis (Lyme disease ticks)
European wood mouse
Apodemus sylvaticus
nocturnal yellowish-brown mouse inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
wood mouse any of various New World woodland mice
wood rat
any of various small short-tailed rodents of the northern hemisphere having soft fur grey above and white below with furred tails and large ears, some are hosts for Ixodes pacificus and Ixodes scapularis (Lyme disease ticks)
dusky-footed wood rat a wood rat with dusky feet
polecat wood pussy
American musteline mammal typically ejecting an intensely malodorous fluid when startled, in some classifications put in a separate subfamily Mephitinae
spotted skunk
little spotted skunk
Spilogale putorius
small skunk with a marbled black and white coat, of United States and Mexico
Australian arowana
Dawson River salmon
spotted barramundi
spotted bonytongue
Scleropages leichardti
a species of large fish found in Australian rivers
spotted sunfish
Lepomis punctatus
inhabits streams from South Carolina to Florida, esteemed panfish
Kentucky black bass
spotted black bass
Micropterus pseudoplites
a variety of black bass
spotted weakfish
spotted sea trout
spotted squeateague
Cynoscion nebulosus
weakfish of southern Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of United States
number one wood
a golf club (a wood) with a near vertical face that is used for hitting long shots from the tee
metal wood golf wood with a metal head instead of the traditional wooden head
wood file
a coarse file with sharp pointed projections
wood a golf club with a long shaft used to hit long shots, originally made with a wooden head, metal woods are now standard
wood chisel a chisel for working wood, it is either struck with a mallet or pushed by hand
wood block
wood engraving
engraving consisting of a block of wood with a design cut into it, used to make prints
woodcut wood engraving a print made from a woodcut
wood vise
woodworking vise
shoulder vise
a vise with jaws that are padded in order to hold lumber without denting it
woodwind instrument
any wind instrument other than the brass instruments
wood grain
texture produced by the fibers in wood
spotted dick a suet pudding containing currants
the trees and other plants in a large densely wooded area
wood nymph
a deity or nymph of the woods
Grant Wood
United States painter noted for works based on life in the Midwest (-)
Wood Mrs. Henry Wood
Ellen Price Wood
English writer of novels about murders and thefts and forgeries (-)
Wood Sir Henry Wood
Sir Henry Joseph Wood
English conductor (-)
Wood Natalie Wood United States film actress (-)
tarwood tar-wood Dacrydium colensoi New Zealand silver pine of conical habit with long slender flexuous branches, adapted to cold wet summers and high altitudes
tarwood tar-wood New Zealand mountain pine
Halocarpus bidwilli
Dacrydium bidwilli
New Zealand shrub
umbrella tree umbrella magnolia
Magnolia tripetala
small deciduous tree of eastern North America having creamy white flowers and large leaves in formations like umbrellas at the ends of branches
wood anemone Anemone nemorosa European anemone with solitary white flowers common in deciduous woodlands
wood anemone snowdrop Anemone quinquefolia common anemone of eastern North America with solitary pink-tinged white flowers
granadilla wood
wood of the granadilla tree used for making musical instruments especially clarinets
red sandalwood Barbados pride
peacock flower fence
Adenanthera pavonina
East Indian tree with racemes of yellow-white flowers, cultivated as an ornamental
sabicu sabicu wood the wood of the sabicu which resembles mahogany
celandine poppy
wood poppy
Stylophorum diphyllum
perennial herb native to woodland of the eastern United States having yellow flowers
wood aster any of several asters of eastern North America usually growing in woods
white wood aster
Aster divaricatus
rhizomatous perennial wood aster of eastern North America with white flowers
Joe-Pye weed spotted Joe-Pye weed
Eupatorium maculatum
North American herb having whorled leaves and terminal clusters of small pinkish or purple flower heads
kingfisher daisy
Felicia bergeriana
softly hairy South African herb having flowers with bright blue rays
wood cudweed
Gnaphalium sylvaticum
weedy perennial of north temperate regions having woolly foliage and dirty white flowers in a leafy spike
spotted coral root
Corallorhiza maculata
common coral root having yellowish- or reddish- or purplish-brown leafless stems bearing loose racemes of similarly colored flowers with white purple-spotted lips, Guatemala to Canada
common spotted orchid
Dactylorhiza fuchsii
Dactylorhiza maculata fuchsii
European orchid having lanceolate leaves spotted purple and pink to white or mauve flowers spotted or lined deep red or purple
bracelet wood
Jacquinia armillaris
small West Indian shrub or tree with hard glossy seeds patterned yellow and brown that are used to make bracelets
wood meadowgrass
Poa nemoralis
Agrostis alba
slender European grass of shady places, grown also in northeastern America and temperate Asia
balsa balsa wood strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats
Jamaican cherry
calabur tree
silk wood
Muntingia calabura
a fast-growing tropical American evergreen having white flowers and white fleshy edible fruit, bark yields a silky fiber used in cordage and wood is valuable for staves
red beech brown oak
crow's foot
stave wood
silky elm
Heritiera trifoliolata
Terrietia trifoliolata
large tree of Australasia
needle wood
Hakea leucoptera
large bushy shrub with pungent pointed leaves and creamy white flowers, central and eastern Australia
wood from the hard woody root of the briar Erica arborea, used to make tobacco pipes
mountain laurel wood laurel American laurel
calico bush
Kalmia latifolia
a North American evergreen shrub having glossy leaves and white or roseolored flowers
spotted gum
Eucalyptus maculata
large gum tree with mottled bark
spurge laurel
wood laurel Daphne laureola
bushy Eurasian shrub with glossy leathery oblong leaves and yellow-green flowers
leatherwood moosewood moose-wood wicopy
Dirca palustris
deciduous shrub of eastern North America having tough flexible branches and pliable bark and small yellow flowers
bird's-foot violet
pansy violet
Johnny-jump-up wood violet Viola pedata
common violet of the eastern United States with large pale blue or purple flowers resembling pansies
hedge violet
wood violet Viola sylvatica
Viola reichenbachiana
common European violet that grows in woods and hedgerows
wood nettle
Laportea canadensis
American perennial herb found in rich woods and provided with stinging hairs, provides fibers used for textiles
osage orange
bow wood
mock orange Maclura pomifera
small shrubby deciduous yellowwood tree of south central United States having spines, glossy dark green leaves and an inedible fruit that resembles an orange, its hard orangeolored wood used for bows by Native Americans, frequently planted as boundary hedge
trumpet tree
snake wood
Cecropia peltata
tropical American tree with large peltate leaves and hollow stems
wood lily Lilium philadelphicum lily of eastern North America having orange to orangeed purple-spotted flowers
wild garlic wood garlic
Allium ursinum
pungent Old World weedy plant
wild hyacinth wood hyacinth
bluebell harebell Hyacinthoides nonscripta
Scilla nonscripta
sometimes placed in genus Scilla


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