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Deutsche Synonyme für Truppenkantine

Englische Synonyme für dining facility ; chow hall

dining  appetite  cannibal  cannibalism  cannibalistic  carnivorism  carnivority  carnivorous  carnivorousness  chewing  commensal  consumption  cropping  deglutition  devouring  devourment  dietetic  dieting  eating  epulation  feasting  feeding  flesh-eating  fruitarian  gastronomic  gluttonous  gluttony  gobbling  grain-eating  graminivorous  granivorous  grass-eating  grazing  herbivorism  herbivority  herbivorous  herbivorousness  hunger  ingestion  insect-eating  insectivorous  lactovegetarian  licking  man-eating  manducation  mastication  meat-eating  mensal  messing  munching  nibbling  nourishing  nutrition  nutritious  omnivorism  omnivorous  omnivorousness  omophagous  omophagy  pantophagous  pantophagy  pasture  pasturing  pecking  phytivorous  phytophagous  plant-eating  postprandial  prandial  predacious  preprandial  regalement  relishing  rumination  savoring  tasting  vegetable-eating  vegetarian  vegetarianism  wolfing  
dining room  automat  beanery  bistro  buffet  buvette  cafe  cafeteria  canteen  cantina  chophouse  chuck wagon  coffee shop  coffeehouse  coffeeroom  commons  cookhouse  cookshack  cookshop  diner  dinette  dining car  dining hall  dining saloon  dog wagon  drive-in  drive-in restaurant  eatery  eating house  fast-food chain  grill  grillroom  hamburger stand  hash house  hashery  hot-dog stand  kitchen  lunch counter  lunch wagon  luncheonette  lunchroom  mess  mess hall  messroom  pizzeria  quick-lunch counter  refectory  restaurant  salle a manger  smorgasbord  snack bar  tavern  tearoom  trattoria  

Lexikoneinträge für dining facility [Am.]; chow hall [Am.] [slang] / dining facilities; chow halls

Dining (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Dine
Dining (n. & a.) from Dine, a.
Facilities (pl. ) of Facility
Facility (n.) The quality of being easily performed
Facility (n.) Ease in performance
Facility (n.) Easiness to be persuaded
Facility (n.) Easiness of access
Facility (n.) That which promotes the ease of any action or course of conduct
Hall (n.) A building or room of considerable size and stateliness, used for public purposes
Hall (n.) The chief room in a castle or manor house, and in early times the only public room, serving as the place of gathering for the lord's family with the retainers and servants, also for cooking and eating. It was often contrasted with the bower, which was the private or sleeping apartment.
Hall (n.) A vestibule, entrance room, etc., in the more elaborated buildings of later times.
Hall (n.) Any corridor or passage in a building.
Hall (n.) A name given to many manor houses because the magistrate's court was held in the hall of his mansion
Hall (n.) A college in an English university (at Oxford, an unendowed college).
Hall (n.) The apartment in which English university students dine in common
Hall (n.) Cleared passageway in a crowd
Hall-mark (n.) The official stamp of the Goldsmiths' Company and other assay offices, in the United Kingdom, on gold and silver articles, attesting their purity. Also used figuratively
Moot-hall (n.) Alt. of Moot-house
Slang () imp. of Sling. Slung.
Slang (n.) Any long, narrow piece of land
Slang (n.) A fetter worn on the leg by a convict.
Slang (n.) Low, vulgar, unauthorized language
Slang (v. t.) To address with slang or ribaldry
Slang-whanger (n.) One who uses abusive slang
Slang () of Sling
Wool-hall (n.) A trade market in the woolen districts.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

facility a service that an organization or a piece of equipment offers you, a cell phone with internet facility
facility something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service, catering facilities, toilet facilities, educational facilities
dining the act of eating dinner
chow chow
breed of medium-sized dogs with a thick coat and fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongues, believed to have originated in northern China
entrance hall
hall foyer
a large entrance or reception room or area
assembly hall a hall where many people can congregate
athletic facility a facility for athletic events
dance hall
dance palace
large room used mainly for dancing
beer hall a hall or barroom featuring beer and (usually) entertainment
billiard room
billiard saloon
billiard parlor
billiard parlour
billiard hall
a room in which billiards is played
cafeteria facility (usually plural) facilities for providing food for employees or visitors
city hall a building that houses administrative offices of a municipal government
concert hall a hall where concerts are given
dining area an area arranged for dining, they put up tents for the dining area
dining car
dining compartment
buffet car
a passenger car where food is served in transit
dining-hall a large room at a college or university, used especially for dining
dining room
a room used for dining
dining table
a table at which meals are served, he helped her clear the dining table, a feast was spread upon the board
docking facility
landing in a harbor next to a pier where ships are loaded and unloaded or repaired, may have gates to let water in or out, the ship arrived at the dock more than a day late
residence hall
hall student residence
a college or university building containing living quarters for students
exhibition hall
exhibition area
a large hall for holding exhibitions
a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry, the assembly plant is an enormous facility
great hall the principal hall in a castle or mansion, can be used for dining or entertainment
hall a large building for meetings or entertainment
hall a large room for gatherings or entertainment, lecture hall, pool hall
hall a large building used by a college or university for teaching or research, halls of learning
Hall of Fame a building containing trophies honoring famous people
hall of residence a university dormitory
an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open, the elevators were at the end of the hall
Independence Hall the building in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence was signed
manor hall
the large room of a manor or castle
mansion house
manse hall residence
a large and imposing house
medical building
health facility
healthcare facility
building where medicine is practiced
mess hall
a (large) military dining room where service personnel eat or relax
music hall
vaudeville theater
vaudeville theatre
a theater in which vaudeville is staged
National Baseball Hall of Fame a Hall of Fame and museum in Cooperstown, New York, honoring great baseball players
penal institution
penal facility
an institution where persons are confined for punishment and to protect the public
public toilet
comfort station
public convenience
convenience public lavatory
toilet facility
wash room
a toilet that is available to the public
recreational facility
recreation facility
a public facility for recreation
research center
research facility
a center where research is done
study hall a classroom reserved for study
town hall a government building that houses administrative offices of a town government
wind farm
wind park
wind energy facility
a power plant that uses wind turbines to generate electricity
a natural effortlessness, they conversed with great facility, a happy readiness of conversation--Jane Austen
skillful performance or ability without difficulty, his quick adeptness was a product of good design, he was famous for his facility as an archer
hall pass written permission from a teacher for a student to be out the classroom and in the halls of the school
music hall
a variety show with songs and comic acts etc.
patois vernacular
a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves), they don't speak our lingo
rhyming slang slang that replaces words with rhyming words or expressions and then typically omits the rhyming component, Cockney rhyming slang
slang slang expression
slang term
informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions, often vituperative or vulgar, their speech was full of slang expressions
chuck eats
informal terms for a meal
chow mein chop suey served with fried noodles
Tammany Hall
Tammany Society
a political organization within the Democratic Party in New York City (late 's and early 's) seeking political control by corruption and bossism
extended care facility a medical institution that provides prolonged care (as in cases of prolonged illness or rehabilitation from acute illness)
hiring hall a union-operated placement office where jobs are allotted to applicants according to seniority or rotation
chow line a queue of people waiting for food to be served (especially at a military camp)
Zhou dynasty
Chou dynasty
Chow dynasty
the imperial dynasty of China from to BC, notable for the rise of Confucianism and Taoism
door guard
hall porter
porter gatekeeper
someone who guards an entrance
dining companion
someone you dine with
Asaph Hall
United States astronomer who discovered Phobos and Deimos (the two satellites of Mars) (-)
Hall Charles Francis Hall United States explorer who led three expeditions to the Arctic (-)
Hall Charles Martin Hall United States chemist who developed an economical method of producing aluminum from bauxite (-)
Hall G. Stanley Hall
Granville Stanley Hall
United States child psychologist whose theories of child psychology strongly influenced educational psychology (-)
Hall Radclyffe Hall
Marguerite Radclyffe Hall
English writer whose novel about a lesbian relationship was banned in Britain for many years (-)
McCormick Cyrus McCormick
Cyrus Hall McCormick
United States inventor and manufacturer of a mechanical harvester (-)
Hall's honeysuckle
Lonicera japonica halliana
a variety of Japanese honeysuckle that grows like a vine, established as an aggressive escape in southeastern United States
study hall a period of time during the school day that is set aside for study
slang abuse with coarse language
a gull
slang befool
cod fool put on
take in
put one over put one across
fool or hoax, The immigrant was duped because he trusted everyone, You can't fool me!
slang use slang or vulgar language


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