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Deutsche Synonyme für Wendepunkt

Umkehrpunkt  Wende  Wendepunkt  
Bruch  Einschnitt  Unterbrechung  Wendepunkt  Zäsur  

Englische Synonyme für point of inflection

point  L  Thule  Ultima Thule  abode  accent  accentuate  ace  acerbity  acidity  acme  acridity  acrimony  aculeate  aculeus  acuminate  acumination  address  advance guard  advantage  affective meaning  aim  aim at  airhead  allude to  ambition  amount  analyze  ancestor  angle  animus  announcer  antecedent  antler  apex  apogee  applicability  applicable  application  apposite  appropriate  appropriateness  apropos  apt  area  article  as regards  ascender  aspect  aspiration  astringency  atom  attribute  auger  avail  avant-garde  awl  ax  azimuth  back  barb  barbed wire  barblet  barbule  barbwire  basis  bastard type  battle line  beachhead  bear  beard  bearing  bearings  behalf  behoof  bellwether  belly  belly laugh  bench mark  bend  bend to  benefit  bent  beside the point  bevel  bias  bifurcation  bight  bill  birthmark  bit  bite  bitter end  bitterness  black letter  blade  blaze  blaze a trail  blemish  blotch  blue story  bodkin  body  borer  bottom  bottom dollar  boundary  bracket  bradawl  brand  breakwater  bridgehead  bring up  brink  brow  buccinator  burden  burin  bushwhacker  butt  butt end  caesura  caliber  call attention to  caltrop  cant  cap  cape  capital  cardinal point  carpet tack  case  cast  caste mark  causticity  chalk  chalk up  chapter  character  characteristic  check  check off  checkmark  chersonese  cheval-de-frise  chevron  chief thing  chisel  cicatrix  cicatrize  circumstantial  circumstantiality  climax  cloud nine  cockspur  coin  cold steel  colon  coloring  comma  compass  concern  concerning  conduce  conjugate  connotation  consideration  constituent  contribute  convenience  coral reef  core  corner  cornerstone  counsel  count  counter  course  crank  crest  crisis  critical point  crook  crotchet  crown  crumb  crux  culmen  culmination  current  cusp  cuspidate  cut  cutlery  cutter  dab  dagger  dapple  dash  datum  day  decimal point  decline  define  deflection  degree  delimit  delta  demarcate  denota  
point at  address to  advert to  aim  aim at  allude to  be taken as  bend  bring to attention  bring to notice  call attention to  cite  denominate  denote  deride  designate  determine  direct  direct attention to  direct to  directionize  emblematize  figure  finger  fix  fix on  focus on  grin at  hold in derision  hold on  laugh at  laugh to scorn  level at  make fun of  make game of  make merry with  mention  name  pan  pick out  pillory  point  point out  point to  poke fun at  present  put one on  rag  razz  refer to  ride  ridicule  roast  select  set  sight on  smile at  snicker at  snigger at  specify  stand for  stigmatize  symbol  symbolize  touch on  train  train upon  turn  turn upon  typify  
point blank  absolutely  dead  definitely  directly  even  exactly  expressly  faithfully  flush  full  in all respects  in every respect  in plain English  in plain words  ipsissimis verbis  just  kerplunk  literally  literatim  matter-of-factly  naturally  plainly  plop  plumb  plump  plunk  positively  precisely  right  rigidly  rigorously  simply  smack  smack-dab  spang  square  squarely  straight  strictly  to the letter  to the point  unaffectedly  undeviatingly  unerringly  verbally  verbatim  verbatim et litteratim  word by word  word for word  
point of view  Anschauung  angle  angle of vision  approach  assumption  attitude  basis  belief  climate of opinion  coign of vantage  common belief  community sentiment  conceit  concept  conception  conclusion  consensus gentium  consideration  doctrine  estimate  estimation  ethos  eye  feeling  footing  frame of reference  framework  general belief  idea  impression  judgment  light  lights  mental outlook  mind  mystique  notion  observation  opinion  orientation  outlook  personal judgment  perspective  place  popular belief  position  posture  presumption  prevailing belief  principle  public belief  public opinion  reaction  reference system  regard  respect  sentiment  side  sight  situation  slant  stance  stand  standpoint  system  theory  thinking  thought  universe  vantage  vantage point  view  viewpoint  way of thinking  
point out  address to  advert  advert to  allude  allude to  assign  be taken as  bring to attention  bring to notice  bring up  call attention to  cite  conduct to  denominate  denote  designate  determine  direct attention to  direct to  emblematize  figure  finger  fix  focus on  indicate  lead to  mark  mention  name  pick out  pin down  point at  point out to  point the way  point to  put right  refer to  select  set  set right  set straight  show  show the way  signify  specialize  specify  stand for  state  steer  stigmatize  stipulate  symbol  symbolize  touch on  typify  
point to  account for  accredit with  accrete to  acknowledge  address to  advert to  aim  aim at  allude to  apply to  approve  argue  ascribe to  assign to  attach to  attest  attribute to  augur  be taken as  bend  bend to  bespeak  betoken  bias  blame  blame for  blame on  breathe  bring home to  bring to attention  bring to notice  call attention to  charge on  charge to  cite  conduce  confess  connect with  connote  contribute  credit with  demonstrate  denominate  denote  designate  determine  direct  direct attention to  direct to  directionize  display  dispose  divine  emblematize  evidence  evince  exhibit  express  fasten upon  father upon  figure  finger  fix  fix on  fix upon  focus on  foretoken  furnish evidence  give indication of  go  go to show  hang on  have a tendency  head  hint  hold on  illustrate  imply  impute to  incline  indicate  involve  lay to  lead  lean  level at  look to  manifest  mark  mean  mention  name  pick out  pin on  pinpoint  place upon  point  point at  point out  prefigure  preindicate  present  presign  presignal  presignify  pretypify  redound to  refer to  saddle on  saddle with  select  serve  set  set down to  set forth  set toward  settle upon  show  show a tendency  show signs of  sight on  signalize  signify  speak for itself  speak volumes  specify  spell  stand for  stigmatize  suggest  symbol  symbolize  symptomatize  tell  tend  tend to show  token  touch on  train  train upon  trend  turn  turn upon  typify  verge  warp  work toward  
point up  accent  accentuate  belabor  dwell on  emphasize  give emphasis to  harp on  highlight  italicize  overaccentuate  overemphasize  overstress  place emphasis on  punctuate  rub in  spotlight  star  stress  underline  underscore  
point-blank  abrupt  abruptly  blunt  bluntly  candidly  categorical  categorically  close  direct  directly  downright  explicit  explicitly  flat  flatly  frankly  nearby  openly  outright  plainly  right away  short  straight  straightforward  to the point  unalloyed  uncompromising  uncompromisingly  unmitigated  unreserved  unreservedly  
pointed  Attic  Spartan  V-shaped  Y-shaped  abbreviated  abridged  acanthoid  acanthous  accented  accentuated  acicular  aciform  acuate  aculeate  aculeiform  acuminate  acute  akimbo  allegorical  angular  aphoristic  apiculate  aposiopestic  arresting  associational  axiomatic  barbed  bent  biting  brief  brilliant  brusque  clever  clipped  close  compact  compendious  compressed  concise  condensed  connotational  connotative  conspicuous  contracted  cornered  cornuted  crisp  crooked  crotched  curt  cusped  cuspidate  cut  cutting  decided  definable  denotational  denotative  docked  droll  elliptic  emphasized  emphatic  epigrammatic  expressive  extended  extensional  facetious  figurative  forceful  forcible  forked  formulaic  formulistic  full of meaning  full of point  full of substance  funny  furcal  furcate  geniculate  geniculated  gnomic  hebetate  hispid  hooked  horned  horny  humorous  humorsome  in red letters  incisive  indicative  intelligible  intensional  interpretable  italicized  jagged  jesting  jocose  jocular  joking  joky  joshing  keen  keen-witted  knee-shaped  laconic  marked  meaning  meaningful  meaty  metaphorical  mordant  mucronate  muricate  needle-pointed  needle-sharp  nimble-witted  outstanding  peaked  peaky  penetrating  piercing  pithy  platitudinous  pointy  positive  pregnant  prominent  pronged  proverbial  pruned  punctuated  pungent  quick-witted  rapier-like  readable  referential  remarkable  reserved  salient  salt  salty  saw-toothed  sawtooth  scintillating  sententious  serrate  serrated  sharp  sharp-cornered  sharp-pointed  short  short and sweet  shortened  signal  significant  significative  smart  sparkling  spiculate  spiked  spiky  spined  spinous  spiny  sprightly  starred  stressed  striking  substantial  succinct  suggestive  summary  symbolic  synopsized  taciturn  tapered  tapering  telling  terse  tight  tined  to the point  toothed  transferred  trenchant  truncated  unbated  underlined  un  
pointedly  abundantly  acutely  advisedly  amazingly  amply  aphoristically  astonishingly  awesomely  briefly  brusquely  by design  calculatedly  concisely  consciously  conspicuously  contemplatedly  copiously  crisply  curtly  deliberately  designedly  eminently  emphatically  exceptionally  exquisitely  extraordinarily  exuberantly  famously  generously  glaringly  impressively  in cold blood  incredibly  intensely  intentionally  knowingly  laconically  magically  magnanimously  magnificently  markedly  marvelously  meditatedly  nobly  notably  on purpose  particularly  peculiarly  pithily  preeminently  premeditatedly  profusely  prominently  pronouncedly  purposefully  purposely  purposively  remarkably  richly  sententiously  shortly  signally  singularly  splendidly  strikingly  succinctly  summarily  superlatively  surpassingly  surprisingly  tersely  uncommonly  unusually  voluntarily  willfully  with full intent  with intent  with malice aforethought  with purpose  wittingly  wonderfully  wondrous  worthily  
pointer  Gyropilot  advice  alerting  arrow  automatic pilot  blaze  boatheader  boatsteerer  caution  cicerone  clue  compass needle  courier  cowherd  coxswain  cue  direction  direction post  dragoman  drover  finger post  fist  goatherd  guide  guideboard  guidepost  guider  hand  helmsman  herd  herdsman  hint  hour hand  index  index finger  indicator  lead  lubber line  mercury  milepost  minute hand  monition  navigator  needle  office  passing word  piece of advice  pilot  point  recommendation  river pilot  rod  shepherd  sign  signboard  signpost  steer  steerer  steersman  stick  suggestion  tip  tip-off  tour director  tour guide  warning  whisper  
pointless  abrupt  absurd  aimless  arid  asinine  barren  blah  blank  bloodless  bluff  blunt  blunt-edged  blunt-ended  blunt-pointed  blunted  bluntish  bootless  characterless  cold  colorless  dead  dismal  draggy  drearisome  dreary  dry  dryasdust  dull  dull-edged  dull-pointed  dulled  dullish  dusty  edgeless  effete  elephantine  empty  etiolated  fade  faired  fatuous  feckless  flat  fruitless  futile  heavy  ho-hum  hollow  impotent  inane  ineffective  ineffectual  inexcitable  insignificant  insipid  jejune  leaden  lifeless  low-spirited  meaningless  no go  nonsensical  obtuse  of no use  pale  pallid  pedestrian  plodding  poky  ponderous  preposterous  purportless  purposeless  ridiculous  rounded  senseless  silly  slow  smoothed  solemn  spiritless  sterile  stiff  stodgy  stuffy  stupid  superficial  superfluous  tasteless  tedious  unavailing  unedged  unlively  unmeaning  unpointed  unproductive  unsharp  unsharpened  useless  vain  vapid  wooden  worthless  
pointlessly  aimlessly  aridly  barrenly  bloodlessly  bootlessly  colorlessly  dismally  draggily  drearily  drearisomely  dryly  dully  dustily  effetely  emptily  fecklessly  fruitlessly  futilely  heavily  hollowly  inanely  insipidly  jejunely  lifelessly  needlessly  pallidly  ploddingly  ponderously  purposelessly  slowly  spiritlessly  stodgily  stuffily  superficially  tastelessly  tediously  to little purpose  to no purpose  uninterestingly  unnecessarily  uselessly  vainly  vapidly  
pointlessness  absurdity  aimlessness  aridity  barrenness  bloodlessness  bootlessness  characterlessness  colorlessness  deadness  dismalness  dragginess  dreariness  dryness  dullness  dustiness  effeteness  emptiness  etiolation  fatuity  fecklessness  flatness  fruitlessness  futility  heaviness  hollowness  impotence  inanity  ineffectiveness  ineffectuality  inefficacy  inexcitability  insipidity  insipidness  jejunity  leadenness  lifelessness  lowness of spirit  meaninglessness  nugacity  otiosity  paleness  pallor  pokiness  ponderousness  profitlessness  purposelessness  rat race  slowness  solemnity  spiritlessness  sterility  stiffness  stodginess  stuffiness  superficiality  tastelessness  tediousness  the absurd  triviality  uninterestingness  unliveliness  unproductiveness  unprofitability  unprofitableness  valuelessness  vanity  vapidity  vapidness  vicious circle  woodenness  worthlessness  

Lexikoneinträge für point of inflection

Cover-point (n.) The fielder in the games of cricket and lacrosse who supports "point."
Dew-point (n.) The temperature at which dew begins to form. It varies with the humidity and temperature of the atmosphere.
Dust-point (n.) An old rural game.
Inflection (n.) The act of inflecting, or the state of being inflected.
Inflection (n.) A bend
Inflection (n.) A slide, modulation, or accent of the voice
Inflection (n.) The variation or change which words undergo to mark case, gender, number, comparison, tense, person, mood, voice, etc.
Inflection (n.) Any change or modification in the pitch or tone of the voice.
Inflection (n.) A departure from the monotone, or reciting note, in chanting.
Inflection (n.) Same as Diffraction.
Libration point (n.) any one of five points in the plane of a system of two large astronomical bodies orbiting each other, as the Earth-moon system, where the gravitational pull of the two bodies on an object are approximately equal, and in opposite directions. A solid object moving in the same velocity and direction as such a libration point will remain in gravitational equilibrium with the two bodies of the system and not fall toward either body.
Point (v. t. & i.) To appoint.
Point (n.) That which pricks or pierces
Point (n.) An instrument which pricks or pierces, as a sort of needle used by engravers, etchers, lace workers, and others
Point (n.) Anything which tapers to a sharp, well-defined termination. Specifically: A small promontory or cape
Point (n.) The mark made by the end of a sharp, piercing instrument, as a needle
Point (n.) An indefinitely small space
Point (n.) An indivisible portion of time
Point (n.) A mark of punctuation
Point (n.) Whatever serves to mark progress, rank, or relative position, or to indicate a transition from one state or position to another, degree
Point (n.) That which arrests attention, or indicates qualities or character
Point (n.) Hence, the most prominent or important feature, as of an argument, discourse, etc.
Point (n.) A small matter
Point (n.) A dot or mark used to designate certain tones or time
Point (n.) A dot or mark distinguishing or characterizing certain tones or styles
Point (n.) A dot placed at the right hand of a note, to raise its value, or prolong its time, by one half, as to make a whole note equal to three half notes, a half note equal to three quarter notes.
Point (n.) A fixed conventional place for reference, or zero of reckoning, in the heavens, usually the intersection of two or more great circles of the sphere, and named specifically in each case according to the position intended
Point (n.) One of the several different parts of the escutcheon. See Escutcheon.
Point (n.) One of the points of the compass (see Points of the compass, below)
Point (n.) A short piece of cordage used in reefing sails. See Reef point, under Reef.
Point (n.) A a string or lace used to tie together certain parts of the dress.
Point (n.) Lace wrought the needle
Point (n.) A switch.
Point (n.) An item of private information
Point (n.) A fielder who is stationed on the off side, about twelve or fifteen yards from, and a little in advance of, the batsman.
Point (n.) The attitude assumed by a pointer dog when he finds game
Point (n.) A standard unit of measure for the size of type bodies, being one twelfth of the thickness of pica type. See Point system of type, under Type.
Point (n.) A tyne or snag of an antler.
Point (n.) One of the spaces on a backgammon board.
Point (n.) A movement executed with the saber or foil
Point (n.) To give a point to
Point (n.) To direct toward an abject
Point (n.) Hence, to direct the attention or notice of.
Point (n.) To supply with punctuation marks
Point (n.) To mark (as Hebrew) with vowel points.
Point (n.) To give particular prominence to
Point (n.) To indicate or discover by a fixed look, as game.
Point (n.) To fill up and finish the joints of (a wall), by introducing additional cement or mortar, and bringing it to a smooth surface.
Point (n.) To cut, as a surface, with a pointed tool.
Point (v. i.) To direct the point of something, as of a finger, for the purpose of designating an object, and attracting attention to it
Point (v. i.) To indicate the presence of game by fixed and steady look, as certain hunting dogs do.
Point (v. i.) To approximate to the surface
Point-blank (n.) The white spot on a target, at which an arrow or other missile is aimed.
Point-blank (n.) With all small arms, the second point in which the natural line of sight, when horizontal, cuts the trajectory.
Point-blank (n.) With artillery, the point where the projectile first strikes the horizontal plane on which the gun stands, the axis of the piece being horizontal.
Point-blank (a.) Directed in a line toward the object aimed at
Point-blank (a.) Hence, direct
Point-blank (adv.) In a point-blank manner.
Point d'appui () See under Appui.
Point-device (a.) Alt. of Point-devise
Point-devise (a.) Uncommonly nice and exact
Point-device (adv.) Alt. of Point-devise
Point-devise (adv.) Exactly.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

point after
point after touchdown
extra point
in American football a point awarded for a successful place kick following a touchdown
jumping-off point
point of departure
a beginning from which an enterprise is launched, he uses other people's ideas as a springboard for his own, reality provides the jumping-off point for his illusions, the point of departure of international comparison cannot be an institution but must be the function it carries out
three-point landing a landing in which all three wheels of the aircraft touch the ground at the same time
point duty the control of traffic by a policeman stationed at an intersection
three-point turn the act of turning a vehicle around in a limited space by moving in a series of back and forward arcs
blue point
small edible oyster typically from the southern shore of Long Island
blue point Siamese Siamese cat having a bluish creamolored body and dark grey points
basic point defense missile system a shipboard missile system
street corner
turning point
the intersection of two streets, standing on the corner watching all the girls go by
diamond point a very hard small point made from a diamond
distributor point
breaker point
a contact in the distributor, as the rotor turns its projecting arm contacts them and current flows to the spark plugs
dry point a steel needle for engraving without acid on a bare copper plate
dry point a print produced by dry point engraving
gros point needlepoint embroidery done with large stitches
gros point a needlepoint stitch covering two horizontal and two vertical threads
petit point needlepoint done with small stitches
petit point tent stitch a small diagonal needlepoint stitch
point sharp end, he stuck the point of the knife into a tree, he broke the point of his pencil
point power point a wall socket
point gunpoint the gun muzzle's direction, he held me up at the point of a gun
point-and-shoot camera a lightweight photographic camera with an autofocus
point lace
lace worked with a needle in a buttonhole stitch on a paper pattern
the head and sharpened point of a spear
three-way switch
three-point switch
an electric switch that has three terminals, used to control a circuit from two different locations
well point
a perforated tube driven into the ground to collect water from the surrounding area
boiling point being highly angry or excited, ready to boil over, after an hour of waiting I was at the boiling point
vanishing point the appearance of a point on the horizon at which parallel lines converge
point spot an outstanding characteristic, his acting was one of the high points of the movie
point a distinguishing or individuating characteristic, he knows my bad points as well as my good points
selling point a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers
Curie temperature
Curie point
the temperature above which a ferromagnetic substance loses its ferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic
dew point the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins
flash point
the lowest temperature at which the vapor of a combustible liquid can be ignited in air
freezing point
melting point
the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid
boiling point boil the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level, they brought the water to a boil
the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip
point of view the spatial property of the position from which something is observed
forte strong suit
long suit
specialty speciality strong point
an asset of special worth or utility, cooking is his forte
weak point an attribute that is inadequate or deficient
craniometric point a landmark on the skull from which craniometric measurements can be taken
auricular point
the craniometric point at the center of the opening of the external acoustic meatus
jugal point
the craniometric point at the union of the frontal and temporal processes of the zygomatic bone
orbital point
the craniometric point at the lowest point on the lower edge of the orbit
alveolar point
craniometric point that is the most anterior point in the midline on the alveolar process of the maxilla
pressure point an area on the skin that is highly sensitive to pressure, you must know the pressure points in order to administer shiatsu
McBurney's point a point one third of the way along a line drawn from the hip to the umbilicus, the point of maximum sensitivity in acute appendicitis
point system a system of evaluation based on awarding points according to rules
point of honor a concern that seriously reflects on your honor
pressure point where problems or difficulties are likely to occur, a key pressure point in the controversy was the building permit
focal point
direction centering
the concentration of attention or energy on something, the focus of activity shifted to molecular biology, he had no direction in his life
grade point a numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course taken at a college or university multiplied by the number of credit hours awarded for the course
point of no return
a line that when crossed permits of no return and typically results in irrevocable commitment
data point
an item of factual information derived from measurement or research
an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole, several of the details are similar, a point of information
sticking point a point at which an impasse arises in progress toward an agreement or a goal
case in point
an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
zero point
the point on a scale from which positive or negative numerical quantities can be measured
point a geometric element that has position but no extension, a point is defined by its coordinates
intersection point
point of intersection
a point where lines intersect
high point the most enjoyable part of a given experience, the trumpet solo was the high point of the concert
point the object of an activity, what is the point of discussing it?
phi coefficient
phi correlation
fourfold point correlation
an index of the relation between any two sets of scores that can both be represented on ordered binary dimensions (e.g., male-female)
point of view
a mental position from which things are viewed, we should consider this problem from the viewpoint of the Russians, teaching history gave him a special point of view toward current events
point system a system of writing or printing using patterns of raised dots that can be read by touch
a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list, he noticed an item in the New York Times, she had several items on her shopping list, the main point on the agenda was taken up first
point a brief version of the essential meaning of something, get to the point, he missed the point of the joke, life has lost its point
rallying point a point or principle on which scattered or opposing groups can come together
talking point an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion
point of order a question as to whether the current proceedings are allowed by parliamentary procedure
decimal point
percentage point
the dot at the left of a decimal fraction
fixed-point part
the positive fractional part of the representation of a logarithm, in the expression log . the mantissa is .
fixed-point notation
fixed-point representation system
a radix numeration system in which the location of the decimal point is fixed by convention
floating-point notation
floating-point representation system
a radix numeration system in which the location of the decimal point is indicated by an exponent of the radix, in the floating-point representation system, . is represented as .- where - is the exponent
point head a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer, the point of the arrow was due north
exclamation mark
exclamation point
a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation
full stop
stop full point
a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations, in England they call a period a stop
suspension point (usually plural) one of a series of points indicating that something has been omitted or that the sentence is incomplete
question mark
interrogation point
a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question
pedal point
a sustained bass note
the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
modulation inflection a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified
vowel point a mark placed below or near a consonant (as in Hebrew or Arabic) to indicate the spoken vowel
reference point
point of reference
an indicator that orients you generally, it is used as a reference for comparing the heating and the electrical energy involved
lubber's line
lubber line
lubber's mark
lubber's point
a fixed line on a ship's compass indicating its heading
grade point average
a measure of a student's academic achievement at a college or university, calculated by dividing the total number of grade points received by the total number attempted
deviation from a straight or normal course
turning point
an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend, the agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations
point mutation
gene mutation
(genetics) a mutation due to an intramolecular reorganization of a gene
blue point
oysters originally from Long Island Sound but now from anywhere along the northeastern seacoast, usually eaten raw
point of apoapsis
(astronomy) the point in an orbit farthest from the body being orbited
jumping-off place
point of departure
a place from which an enterprise or expedition is launched, one day when I was at a suitable jumping-off place I decided to see if I could find him, my point of departure was San Francisco
celestial point a point in the heavens (on the celestial sphere)
equinoctial point
(astronomy) either of the two celestial points at which the celestial equator intersects the ecliptic
navel point
the center point or middle of something, the Incas believed that Cuzco was the navel of the universe
end point
a place where something ends or is complete
extreme point
the point located farthest from the middle of something
geographic point
geographical point
a point on the surface of the Earth
point source a concentrated source (especially of radiation or pollution) that is spatially constricted
point of periapsis
(astronomy) the point in an orbit closest to the body being orbited
point the precise location of something, a spatially limited location, she walked to a point where she could survey the whole street
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