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Deutsche Synonyme für anderenfalls

alternativ  anderenfalls  andernfalls  anderweitig  ansonsten  sonst  wenn  das  nicht  möglich  ist  

Englische Synonyme für or else

or  achievement  alerion  and/or  animal charge  annulet  argent  armorial bearings  armory  arms  aureate  aureateness  auric  azure  bandeau  bar  bar sinister  baton  bearings  beige  bend  bend sinister  billet  blazon  blazonry  bordure  broad arrow  buff  buff-yellow  cadency mark  canary  canary-yellow  canton  chaplet  charge  chevron  chief  citron  citron-yellow  coat of arms  cockatrice  coronet  cream  creamy  crescent  crest  cross  cross moline  crown  device  difference  differencing  eagle  ecru  ermine  ermines  erminites  erminois  escutcheon  falcon  fallow  fallowness  fess  fess point  field  file  flanch  flaxen  fleur-de-lis  fret  fur  fusil  garland  gilded  gilt  gold  gold-colored  golden  griffin  gules  gyron  hatchment  helmet  heraldic device  honor point  impalement  impaling  inescutcheon  label  lemon  lemon-yellow  lion  lozenge  luteolous  lutescent  mantling  marshaling  martlet  mascle  metal  motto  mullet  nombril point  ocherish  ocherous  ochery  ochreous  ochroid  ochrous  ochry  octofoil  ordinary  orle  pale  paly  pean  pheon  primrose  primrose-colored  primrose-yellow  purpure  quarter  quartering  rose  sable  saffron  saffron-colored  saffron-yellow  sallow  saltire  sand-colored  sandy  scutcheon  shield  spread eagle  straw  straw-colored  subordinary  tenne  tincture  torse  tressure  unicorn  vair  vert  wreath  xanthic  xanthous  yale  yellow  yellowish  yellowishness  yellowness  
oracle  Cassandra  Delphian oracle  Delphic oracle  Delphic tripod  Dodona  Pythian oracle  Python  adage  advice  ana  analects  answer  aphorism  apocalypse  apothegm  augur  augury  authority  axiom  byword  catchword  collected sayings  current saying  dictate  dictum  distich  divination  diviner  doctor  elder  elder statesman  epigram  expression  fortune-teller  gnome  golden saying  great soul  guru  illuminate  intellect  intellectual  lover of wisdom  mahatma  man of intellect  man of wisdom  mandarin  master  mastermind  maxim  mentor  message  moral  mot  motto  philosopher  phrase  pithy saying  precept  prediction  prescript  prognostication  prognosticator  prophecy  prophet  proverb  proverbial saying  proverbs  rabbi  rishi  sage  sapient  savant  saw  saying  scholar  seer  sentence  sententious expression  sibyl  sloka  soothsayer  starets  stock saying  sutra  teaching  text  thinker  verse  vision  wisdom  wisdom literature  wise man  wise old man  wise saying  witticism  wizard  word  words of wisdom  
oracular  apocalyptic  augural  auguring  bigoted  conceited  divinatory  doctrinaire  doctrinarian  dogmatic  dogmatizing  fatidic  forecasting  foreseeing  foretelling  forewarning  fortunetelling  haruspical  mantic  opinionated  opinionative  opinioned  peremptory  pontifical  positive  positivistic  predictional  predictive  predictory  prefigurative  prefiguring  presageful  presaging  presignificative  presignifying  prognostic  prognosticative  pronunciative  prophetic  self-opinionated  self-opinioned  sibyllic  sibylline  vaticinal  vaticinatory  weather-wise  
oral  acknowledged  admitted  answering  articulate  articulated  audition  blue book  communicating  communicational  communional  conventional  conversational  customary  enunciated  established  exam  examen  examination  final  final examination  fixed  folk  great go  hallowed  handed down  hearing  heroic  hoary  honors  immemorial  interacting  interactional  interactive  intercommunicational  intercommunicative  intercommunional  interresponsive  interrogative  interrogatory  inveterate  legendary  lingual  linguistic  long-established  long-standing  mandibular  maxillary  midsemester  midterm  mouthlike  mythological  nuncupative  of long standing  of the folk  oral examination  orificial  parol  prelim  prescriptive  pronounced  questioning  quiz  received  recognized  responsive  rooted  said  sonant  sounded  speech  spoken  take-home examination  telepathic  test  time-honored  told  traditional  transmissional  trial  tried and true  tripos  true-blue  understood  unwritten  uttered  venerable  verbal  viva  viva voce  vocal  vocalized  voiced  voiceful  word-of-mouth  worshipful  written  written examination  
orange  Catawba  Persian melon  Valencia orange  akee  alligator pear  ananas  apple  apricot  avocado  banana  bearberry  berry  bilberry  blackberry  cacao  candleberry  canistel  cantaloupe  capulin  casaba  checkerberry  cherimoya  cherry  citrange  citron  citrus  citrus fruit  civet fruit  crab apple  cranberry  currant  custard apple  damson  date  dewberry  elderberry  feijoa  fig  gooseberry  grape  grapefruit  guanabana  guava  honeydew  huckleberry  icaco  ilama  imbu  jaboticaba  jackfruit  jujube  kumquat  lemon  lime  lingonberry  litchi  loganberry  loquat  mammee apple  mandarin orange  mango  mangosteen  manzanilla  marang  mayapple  medlar  melon  mulberry  muscadine  muscat  muscatel  muskmelon  navel orange  nectarine  nutmeg melon  olive  papaw  papaya  passion fruit  peach  pear  persimmon  pineapple  pippin  plantain  plum  plumcot  pomegranate  prune  quince  raisin  rambutan  raspberry  red currant  strawberry  sugar apple  sugarplum  sweetsop  tangelo  tangerine  ugli fruit  
orate  blah-blah  bombast  debate  declaim  demagogue  elocute  harangue  hold forth  mouth  out-herod Herod  perorate  rabble-rouse  rant  rave  read  recite  rodomontade  sermonize  soapbox  speechify  spiel  spout  tub-thump  
oration  address  after-dinner speech  allocution  chalk talk  debate  declamation  declaration  diatribe  discourse  eulogy  exhortation  filibuster  forensic  forensic address  formal speech  funeral oration  harangue  homily  hortatory address  inaugural  inaugural address  invective  jeremiad  lecture  monologue  panegyric  pep talk  peroration  philippic  pitch  prepared speech  prepared text  public speech  reading  recital  recitation  sales talk  salutatory  salutatory address  say  screed  set speech  speech  speechification  speeching  spiel  talk  talkathon  tirade  valediction  valedictory  valedictory address  
oratorio  Negro spiritual  anthem  cantata  canticle  choral singing  chorale  chorus  church music  doxology  glee  gospel  gospel music  hymn  hymn-tune  hymnody  hymnology  introit  madrigal  madrigaletto  mass  motet  offertory  offertory sentence  paean  passion  prosodion  psalm  psalmody  recessional  requiem  requiem mass  sacred music  spiritual  unison  white spiritual  
oratory  Lady chapel  address  articulateness  articulation  chantry  chapel  chapel of ease  chapel royal  command of language  command of words  debating  declamation  demagogism  diction  effective style  elocution  eloquence  eloquent tongue  enunciation  expression  expressiveness  facundity  felicitousness  felicity  fluency  forensics  gift of expression  gift of gab  glibness  grandiloquence  graphicness  homiletics  lecturing  magniloquence  meaningfulness  oratorium  platform oratory  public speaking  pyrotechnics  rabble-rousing  rhetoric  sacellum  sacrament chapel  sacrarium  school chapel  side chapel  silver tongue  slickness  smoothness  speaking  speechcraft  speechification  speeching  speechmaking  stump speaking  vividness  wordcraft  
orb  Aldebaran  Canicula  Dog Star  Hesper  Hesperus  Lucifer  North Star  Phosphor  Phosphorus  Polaris  Sirius  Venus  Vesper  ambit  area  arena  baby blues  bailiwick  ball  balloon  banjo eyes  beat  bladder  blob  boll  bolus  border  borderland  bright eyes  bubble  bulb  bulbil  bulblet  cap of dignity  cap of maintenance  celestial body  circle  circuit  clear eyes  comet  cornea  coronet  crown  daystar  demesne  department  diadem  discipline  domain  dominion  ellipsoid  ermine  evening star  eye  eyeball  eyelid  field  fixed stars  geoid  globe  globelet  globoid  globule  glomerulus  gob  gobbet  goggle eyes  great seal  heavenly body  hemisphere  iris  judicial circuit  jurisdiction  knob  knot  lamp  lens  lid  living sapphires  lodestar  march  morning star  naked eye  nictitating membrane  oblate spheroid  ocular  oculus  optic  optic nerve  orbit  orblet  organ of vision  pale  peeper  pellet  polar star  polestar  popeyes  precinct  privy seal  prolate spheroid  province  pupil  purple  purple pall  realm  regalia  retina  robe of state  rod  rod of empire  rondure  round  royal crown  saucer eyes  scepter  sclera  seal  signet  sphere  spheroid  spherule  starry host  starry orbs  stars  subdiscipline  tiara  triple plume  unaided eye  uraeus  visual organ  walk  winker  
orbit  Earth insertion  LEM  LM  O  air lane  ambit  annular muscle  annulus  aphelion  apogee  area  arena  areola  astronomical longitude  attitude-control rocket  aureole  autumnal equinox  bailiwick  ball  ballistic capsule  balloon  beat  bladder  blob  boll  bolus  border  borderland  bubble  bulb  bulbil  bulblet  burn  capsule  celestial equator  celestial longitude  celestial meridian  chaplet  circle  circling  circuit  circuiteer  circuition  circuitousness  circuitry  circularity  circulate  circulation  circumambience  circumambiency  circumambulate  circumambulation  circumference  circumflexion  circumlocution  circummigrate  circummigration  circumnavigate  circumnavigation  circumvent  circus  close the circle  closed circle  colures  come full circle  compass  constituency  corona  coronet  course  crown  cycle  deep-space ship  demesne  department  describe a circle  deviance  deviancy  deviation  deviousness  diadem  digression  discipline  discus  disk  docking  docking maneuver  domain  dominion  ecliptic  ellipsoid  encircle  encompass  equator  equinoctial  equinoctial circle  equinoctial colure  equinox  eternal return  excursion  excursus  extension  extent  fairy ring  ferry rocket  field  flank  flight path  footing  fuel ship  full circle  galactic longitude  garland  geocentric longitude  geodetic longitude  geoid  girdle  girdle the globe  globe  globelet  globoid  globule  glomerulus  glory  go about  go around  go round  go the round  gob  gobbet  great circle  gyre  gyring  halo  heliocentric longitude  hemisphere  indirection  injection  insertion  itinerary  judicial circuit  jurisdiction  knob  knot  lap  lasso  line  logical circle  longitude  loop  looplet  lunar excursion module  lunar module  magic circle  make a circuit  manned rocket  march  meandering  meridian  module  moon ship  multistage rocket  noose  oblate spheroid  orb  orbiting  orblet  pale  parking orbit  path  pellet  perigee  perihelion  period  precinct  prim  
orbital  O-shaped  ambagious  backhanded  circuitous  circular  deviating  deviative  devious  digressive  discursive  excursive  helical  indirect  meandering  oblique  out-of-the-way  rotary  round  roundabout  spiral  
orbiting  circling  circuition  circuitousness  circuitry  circularity  circulation  circumambience  circumambiency  circumambulation  circumflexion  circumlocution  circummigration  circumnavigation  deviance  deviancy  deviation  deviousness  digression  excursion  excursus  gyre  gyring  indirection  meandering  orbit  roundaboutness  rounding  spiral  spiraling  turn  turning  wheeling  
orchard  arable land  barnyard  barton  bocage  bosk  cattle ranch  chicken farm  collective farm  coppice  copse  cotton plantation  croft  dairy farm  demesne  demesne farm  dry farm  dude ranch  factory farm  fallow  farm  farmery  farmhold  farmland  farmplace  farmstead  farmyard  fruit farm  fur farm  grain farm  grange  grassland  grove  hacienda  holt  homecroft  homefarm  homestead  hurst  kibbutz  kolkhoz  location  mains  manor farm  pasture  pen  plantation  poultry farm  ranch  rancheria  rancho  shaw  sheep farm  spinney  station  steading  stock farm  toft  tope  truck farm  wood lot  woodlet  
orchestra  German band  L  Philharmonic  R  acting area  apron  apron stage  audience  auditorium  auditory  backstage  balcony  band  band shell  bandstand  big band  board  box  box seat  brass  brass band  brass choir  brass quintet  brass section  brasses  bridge  callithumpian band  chamber orchestra  combo  concert band  congregation  coulisse  desks  dixieland band  dock  dress circle  dressing room  ensemble  fauteuil  flies  fly floor  fly gallery  forestage  gallery  gamelan orchestra  greenroom  grid  gridiron  groundling  group  house  jazz band  jug band  lightboard  loge  military band  nigger heaven  orchestra circle  orchestra pit  paradise  parquet  parquet circle  parterre  peanut gallery  performing area  philharmonic  pit  proscenium  proscenium boxes  proscenium stage  quartet  quintet  ragtime band  rock-and-roll group  sextet  shell  skiffle band  spectator  stage  stage left  stage right  stall  standing room  steel band  street band  string band  string choir  string orchestra  string quartet  strings  swing band  switchboard  symphony  symphony orchestra  the boards  theater  theatre stall  trio  waits  wings  woodwind  woodwind choir  woodwind quartet  woodwinds  
orchestrate  adapt  arrange  blend  compose  harmonize  instrument  instrumentate  integrate  make an adaptation  melodize  musicalize  put to music  score  set  set to music  symphonize  synthesize  transcribe  transpose  unify  write  
orchestration  Nachtmusik  absolute music  adaptation  air varie  aleatory  aleatory music  arrangement  chamber music  chamber orchestra  composition  descant  electronic music  etude  exercise  harmonization  incidental music  instrumental music  instrumentation  intonation  invention  modulation  nocturne  opus  phrasing  piece  preparation  production  program music  resolution  ricercar  score  setting  solution  sonata  sonatina  string orchestra  string quartet  study  suspension  theme and variations  tone painting  transcription  trio  variation  work  
orchestrator  arranger  ballad maker  balladeer  balladist  balladmonger  composer  contrapuntist  ethnomusicologist  harmonist  harmonizer  hymnist  hymnographer  hymnologist  librettist  madrigalist  melodist  melodizer  musicographer  musicologist  scorer  song writer  songsmith  symphonist  tone poet  tunesmith  
ordain  allocate  allot  appoint  appropriate to  assign  assign to  authorize  bid  call on  call the signals  call upon  canonize  carry on  charge  command  commission  consecrate  constitute  declare  declare lawful  decree  designate  destinate  destine  detail  devote  dictate  direct  doom  earmark  enact  enact laws  enjoin  enlist  enroll  establish  fate  filibuster  foredoom  formulate  frock  get the floor  give an order  give the word  have the floor  impose  inaugurate  induct  initiate  install  instate  instruct  invest  issue a command  issue a writ  keep  kill  lay down  legalize  legislate  legitimate  legitimatize  legitimize  lobby through  logroll  lot  make a regulation  make assignments  make legal  manage  mandate  mark  mark off  mark out for  name  nominate  operate  order  order about  ordinate  pass  pigeonhole  pocket  portion off  prescribe  proclaim  promulgate  pronounce  put in force  put through  railroad through  regulate  reserve  restrict  restrict to  roll logs  rule  run  saint  sanction  say the word  schedule  select  set  set apart  set aside  set off  sign on  sign up  tab  table  tag  take the floor  validate  veto  yield the floor  
ordeal  Sabbat  acid test  adversity  affliction  anguish  assay  blank determination  brouillon  calvary  criterion  cross  crucial test  crucible  determination  disaster  distress  docimasy  essay  feeling out  fiery ordeal  first draft  ghost dance  grief  hardship  kiteflying  magic circle  misery  misfortune  nightmare  ordeal by battle  probation  proof  rough draft  rough sketch  sounding out  standard  suffering  test  test case  touchstone  tragedy  trial  trials and tribulations  tribulation  tribulations  troubles  try  verification  visitation  

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