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Deutsche Synonyme für bang

angstbesetzt  angstvoll  ängstlich  bang  besorgt  (um,  wegen)  furchtsam  furchtsam  (vor)  kleinmütig  
bang up  OK  ace-high  bad  bonzer  boss  bully  but good  cool  corking  
bang  abruptly  accurately  aggressiveness  antitoxin  backfire  bag  bang into  bangs  bar  
slam bang  a corps perdu  carelessly  desperately  furiously  happen what may  hastily  head over heels  headfirst  headforemost  

Englische Synonyme für anxious

anxious  aching  aghast  agitated  agog  alacritous  alarmed  all agog  all-overish  anguished  animated  annoyed  antsy  antsy-pantsy  anxioused up  apprehensive  ardent  athirst  avid  beset  bored  bothered  breathless  bursting to  careful  cautious  chafing  cheerless  concerned  depressed  desirous  disgusted  disquieted  distressed  disturbed  eager  edgy  embarrassed  enthusiastic  excited  fearful  foreboding  forward  fretful  fretting  frightened  full of life  grim  harassed  hasty  hopped-up  ill at ease  impatient  impetuous  importunate  in a lather  in a pucker  in a stew  in a sweat  in suspense  inconvenienced  irked  jittery  joyless  keen  keyed-up  lively  longing  misgiving  nauseated  nauseous  nervous  on edge  on tenterhooks  on tiptoe  overanxious  overapprehensive  panting  perturbed  plagued  pleasureless  pressing  prey to malaise  prompt  put to it  puzzled  qualmish  qualmy  quick  quivering  raring to  ready  ready and willing  repelled  restive  restless  revolted  sad  scared  scary  sickened  solicitous  sore beset  spirited  squirming  squirmy  strained  suffering angst  suspenseful  taut  tense  terrified  thirsty  troubled  uncertain  uneasy  unfulfilled  ungratified  unhappy  unpatient  unquiet  unsatisfied  upset  urgent  vexed  vital  vivacious  vivid  wary  watchful  with bated breath  with muscles tense  worried  yearning  zealous  zestful  
anxiously  animatedly  apprehensively  avidly  breathlessly  concernedly  eagerly  enthusiastically  fretfully  impatiently  intolerantly  keenly  misgivingly  promptly  quickly  readily  restively  restlessly  solicitously  uneasily  vivaciously  with alacrity  with gusto  with open arms  with relish  with zest  worriedly  zealously  zestfully  


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