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cup Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

Kuppa {f}; Cuppa {f} (eines Kelchs) [art]
bowl (of a chalice)
Leyland-Zypresse {f}; Bastardzypresse {f} (Cupressocyparis leylandii) (Hybridart) [bot.]
Leyland cypress (hybride species)
Scheinzypressen {pl} (Chamaecyparis) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]
Lawsons Scheinzypresse {f} (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana)
Muschelzypresse; Hinoki-Scheinzypresse (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
Nutka-Scheinzypresse {f}; Nutkazypresse {f}; Sitkazypresse {f} (Cupressus Chamaecyparis Xanthocyparis nootkatensis)
Sawara-Zypresse {f}; erbsenfrüchtige Scheinzypresse {f} (Chamaecyparis pisifera)
Feuerscheinzypresse {f}; Hinoki(schein)zypresse {f}; Hinokibaum {f} (Chamaecyparis obtusa)
Zederzypresse {f}; weiße Scheinzypresse {f} (Chamaecyparis thyoides)
false cypresses; white cedars (botanical genus)
Lawson's (false) cypress; Lawson's cedar; ginger pine; Oregon cedar; Port Orford (white) cedar
Japanese cypress; Hinoki cypress; hinoki
Nootka cypress; Nootka cedar; Alaska (yellow) cedar
Sawara cypress
hinoki (false) cypress
Atlantic white cedar; Southern white cedar
Zypresse {f} [bot.]
Zypressen {pl} (Cupressus) (botanische Gattung)
Arizonazypresse {f} (Cupressus arizonica)
italienische Zypresse {f}; Mittelmeerzypresse {f}; echte Zypresse {f} (Cupressus sempervirens)
Kaschmirzypresse {f} (Cupressus cashmeriana)
Modoc-Zypresse {f} (Cupressus baker)
Monterey-Zypresse {f} (Cupressus macrocarpa)
Tränenzypresse {f}; Trauerzypresse {f} (Cupressus funebris)
Yunnan-Zypresse {f} (Cupressus duclouxiana)
cypresses (botanical genus)
Arizona cypress
Italian cypress; Mediterranean cypress
Kashmir cypress
Modoc cypress; Baker's cypress
Monterey cypress
Chinese weeping cypress; mourning cypress
Yunnan cypress; Chinese cypress; Ducloux cypress

Deutsche Synonyme für cup

Englische Synonyme für bowl

bowl  adobe  advance  agora  alveolation  alveolus  amphitheater  antrum  arena  armpit  athletic field  auditorium  background  basin  bear garden  biscuit  bisque  boxing ring  brick  bull ring  bunt  butt  campus  canvas  cast  catapult  cave  cave in  cavity  cement  ceramic ware  ceramics  change of pace  change-up  china  chuck  chunk  circus  cockpit  coliseum  colosseum  concave  concavity  course  crater  crock  crockery  crypt  cup  curve  dart  dash  depression  dip  dish  downcurve  drive  enamelware  fastball  field  fire  firebrick  fling  flip  floor  fold  follicle  fork  forum  forward  forward pass  funnel chest  furl  glass  ground  gym  gymnasium  hall  heave  hippodrome  hole  hollow  hollow out  hollow shell  hurl  hurtle  impel  incurve  jerk  jug  knuckleball  lacuna  lance  lateral  lateral pass  launch  let fly  lists  lob  locale  marketplace  mat  milieu  move  open forum  outcurve  palaestra  pan  parade ground  pass  pedal  peg  pelt  pit  pitch  pitchfork  place  platform  pocket  pole  porcelain  pot  pottery  precinct  prize ring  propel  public square  punch bowl  purlieu  push  put  put the shot  range  refractory  retire  retreat  ring  roll  roll up  row  scene  scene of action  scenery  scoop  screwball  serve  service  setting  shell  shot-put  shove  shunt  shy  sink  sinker  sinus  site  slider  sling  snap  socket  sphere  spin  spitball  spitter  squared circle  stadium  stage  stage set  stage setting  sweep  sweep along  terrain  theater  throw  thrust  tile  tiling  tilt  tilting ground  tiltyard  toss  treadle  troll  trough  trundle  upcurve  urn  vase  vug  walk  wheel  wrestling ring  
bowl over  amaze  astonish  astound  awe  awestrike  bedaze  bedazzle  bewilder  blow down  blow over  boggle  bowl down  bring down  bulldog  cast down  chop down  confound  cut down  dash down  daze  dazzle  deck  down  drop  dumbfound  dumbfounder  electrify  fell  fetch down  flabbergast  flatten  floor  frighten  ground  hew down  jar  jolt  knock down  knock over  lay level  lay low  lay out  level  mow down  overwhelm  paralyze  perplex  petrify  precipitate  prostrate  pull down  rase  raze  send headlong  shake  shock  spread-eagle  stagger  startle  strike dead  strike dumb  strike with wonder  stun  stupefy  supinate  surprise  take aback  take down  throw  throw down  topple  trip  tumble  whack down  
bowlegged  bandy  bandy-legged  bent  blemished  bloated  bowed  club-footed  crooked  curved  defaced  deformed  disfigured  dwarfed  flatfooted  grotesque  ill-made  ill-proportioned  ill-shaped  knock-kneed  malformed  marred  misbegotten  misproportioned  misshapen  monstrous  mutilated  out of shape  pigeon-toed  pug-nosed  rachitic  rickety  simous  snub-nosed  stumpy  swaybacked  talipedic  truncated  

Lexikoneinträge für bowl (of a chalice)

Bowl (n.) A concave vessel of various forms (often approximately hemispherical), to hold liquids, etc.
Bowl (n.) Specifically, a drinking vessel for wine or other spirituous liquors
Bowl (n.) The contents of a full bowl
Bowl (n.) The hollow part of a thing
Bowl (n.) A ball of wood or other material used for rolling on a level surface in play
Bowl (n.) An ancient game, popular in Great Britain, played with biased balls on a level plat of greensward.
Bowl (n.) The game of tenpins or bowling.
Bowl (v. t.) To roll, as a bowl or cricket ball.
Bowl (v. t.) To roll or carry smoothly on, or as on, wheels
Bowl (v. t.) To pelt or strike with anything rolled.
Bowl (v. i.) To play with bowls.
Bowl (v. i.) To roll a ball on a plane, as at cricket, bowls, etc.
Bowl (v. i.) To move rapidly, smoothly, and like a ball
Bowl-legged (a.) Having crooked legs, esp. with the knees bent outward.
Chalice (n.) A cup or bowl

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

roll bowl the act of rolling something (as the ball in bowling)
bowl a dish that is round and open at the top for serving foods
bowl a round vessel that is open at the top, used chiefly for holding food or liquids,
bowl pipe bowl a small round container that is open at the top for holding tobacco
bowl a wooden ball (with flattened sides so that it rolls on a curved course) used in the game of lawn bowling
bowling ball
a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling
cereal bowl a bowl for holding breakfast cereal
a bowl-shaped drinking vessel, especially the Eucharistic cup
finger bowl small bowl for rinsing the fingers at table
fish bowl
goldfish bowl
a transparent bowl in which small fish are kept
mixing bowl bowl used with an electric mixer
punch bowl a large bowl for serving beverages, usually with a ladle
salad bowl a large bowl for mixing and serving a salad
salad plate
salad bowl
a plate or bowl for individual servings of salad
slop basin
slop bowl
a bowl into which the dregs of teacups and coffee cups are emptied at the table
soup bowl a bowl for serving soup
bowl arena sports stadium
a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
sugar bowl a dish in which sugar is served
toilet bowl the bowl of a toilet that can be flushed with water
dust bowl a region subject to dust storms, especially the central region of United States subject to dust storms in the s
chalice vine
trumpet flower cupflower Solandra guttata
Mexican evergreen climbing plant having large solitary funnel-shaped fragrant yellow flowers with purple-brown ridges in the throat
the quantity contained in a bowl
a concave shape with an open top
goldfish bowl
fish bowl
a state of affairs in which you have no privacy, the president lives in a goldfish bowl
bowl over
overcome with amazement, This boggles the mind!
bowl engage in the sport of bowling, My parents like to bowl on Friday nights
bowl hurl a cricket ball from one end of the pitch towards the batsman at the other end
bowl roll (a ball)
overturn tip over turn over upset
knock over
bowl over
tump over
cause to overturn from an upright or normal position, The cat knocked over the flower vase, the clumsy customer turned over the vase, he tumped over his beer
bowl-shaped having a concave shape with an open top like a bowl


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