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ebenso Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

ebenso {adv}
ebenso gut
ebenso wenig
ebenso groß sein wie ...
just as; as
just as well
just as little; no more than
to be just as big as ...
ebenso {adj}
ebenso gut
ebenso wenig
ebenso groß sein wie ...
just as, as
just as well
just as little, no more than
to be just as big as ...
ebenso wie; wie {adv}
unsere Erfahrungen - positive ebenso wie negative -
Männer wie Frauen sollten dieses Buch lesen.
our experiences - positive and negative alike -
Men and women alike should read this book.
ebenso gern; ebensogern [alt] {adv}
Meine Schwester mag ich ebenso gern wie meinen Bruder.
just as much; equally well; likewise
I like my sister just as much as my brother.
ebenso (wie jmd.); gleich; auch {adv}
so auch Bennett und Collins 2010 (bibliographischer Verweis)
Ihre zweite Ehe war ebenso unglücklich.
Sie tat das Gleiche wie ich.; Sie machte es ebenso wie ich.
Er legte sich einen Schal um und sagte den Mädchen sie sollten das Gleiche tun es ihm gleich tun.
Meiner Frau geht's gut und den Kindern auch.
Die Suppe war einfach köstlich. Auch das Landbrot schmeckte ausgezeichnet.
Mir geht es genauso.; Bei mir ist es auch so genauso.
'Ich gehe morgen wählen.' 'Ich auch.'
likewise (with sb.)
likewise Bennet and Collins 2010 (bibliographic reference)
Her second marriage was likewise unhappy.
She did likewise with me.
He put on a scarf and told the girls to do likewise.
My wife is well the children likewise.
The soup was simply delicious. Likewise the cottage loaf was excellent.
Likewise with me.; It's the same with me.
'I'm going to vote tomorrow.' 'Likewise.'
ebenso {adv}
Bei mir ist es ebenso., Bei mir ist es auch so.
equally, likewise
It is the same with me, too., Likewise with me., It is also the same with me.
just as
as ... as
ebenso wie jmd. etw.
in common with so. sth. [geh.]
as well
ebenso wie
as well as
ebenso wie
just as
gerade, ebenso
just as
Kinder ebenso
children as well
ebenso; auch {adv}
ebenso viel; ebensoviel [alt] {adv} (wie)
as much; just as much (as); no less (than)
ebenso sehr ... wie auch
as much ... as
ebenso gern, ebensogern [alt] {adv}
just as much, equally well, likewise
das dauert ebenso lang
that takes just as long
ebenso viel, ebensoviel [alt] {adv} (wie)
as much, just as much (as), no less (than)
ebenso wie alle anderen Steuern
as well as any other taxes
werden Sie die Sache ebenso einschätzen
will you see things in the same light
gleich, ähnlich, ebenso, ohne Unterschied
gleich; ähnlich; ebenso; ohne Unterschied {adv}
gleicher Ansicht sein
Große Köpfe denken ähnlich.
to think alike
Great minds think alike. GMTA
auch, ebenso, ferner, außerdem {adv}
ich auch
ich auch nicht
also, too
me too
neither do I
auch; ebenso {adv}
ich auch
ich auch nicht
Ich auch nicht.
Wir müssen auch gehen.
Sie ist auch eine geschätzte Kollegin.
Rauchen macht krank und es ist auch teuer.
also; too (postpositive); as well (postpositive)
me too
neither do I
Me neither.
We have to go as well.
She is also a valued colleague. (formal written); She's a valued colleague too. (less formal); She's a valued colleague as well [Br.]. (informal spoken)
Smoking makes you ill and it is also expensive and it costs a lot too as well [Br.].
Bestrafung {f}; Strafe {f}; Abstrafung {f}
Bestrafungen {pl}; Strafen {pl}; Abstrafungen {pl}
eine gerechte Strafe; eine verdiente Strafe
zur Strafe
etw. unter Strafe stellen [jur.]
Die Strafe sollte immer angemessen sein.
Ebenso ist zu bestrafen wer eine Gefahr für den Tierbestand herbeiführt. (Strafbestimmung)
a just punishment
as a punishment
to make sth. a punishable offence
The punishment should always fit match the crime.
The same punishment shall be applied to any person who creates a hazard for the animal population. (penal provision)

Deutsche Synonyme für ebenso

desgleichen  detto  (österr.)  dgl.  dito  ebenso  
dasselbe  ebenso  genauso  gleich  gleichartig  ident  (österr.)  identisch  ohne  Unterschied  wie  
auch  ebenfalls  ebenso  fernerhin  genauso  gleichermaßen  gleichfalls  gleichwohl  im  gleichen  Sinne  wiewohl  
ansonsten  außerdem  auch  überdies  darüber  hinaus  des  Weiteren  ebenso  ferner  im  Übrigen  noch  dazu  obendrein  u.  a.  und  unter  anderem  weiterhin  weiters  (österr.)  zudem  zumal  zusätzlich  

Englische Synonyme für just as; as

just  Christian  OK  absolute  absolutely  accurate  accurately  actionable  admissible  all  all in all  all right  all-knowing  all-powerful  all-seeing  all-wise  almighty  almost  alone  aloof  altogether  angelic  applicable  appropriate  approximately  apt  as well  at best  at most  authoritative  authorized  awfully  balanced  bang  barely  becoming  befitting  binding  blameless  boundless  but  changeless  clean  cogent  comely  competent  completely  condign  conscientious  consistent  constitutional  correct  creating  creative  credible  creditable  dead  dead right  decent  defensible  definitely  dependable  deserved  detached  directly  disinterested  dispassionate  due  equal  equitable  erect  estimable  eternal  eternally the same  ethical  even  evenhanded  everlasting  exactly  exceedingly  exclusively  expressly  fair  fair and square  fair-minded  faithful  faithfully  faultless  felicitous  fit  fitting  flawless  full of integrity  glorious  godly  good  hallowed  happy  hardly  high-minded  high-principled  highest  highly respectable  holy  honest  honorable  immaculate  immortal  immutable  impartial  impersonal  in all respects  in every respect  in toto  indifferent  infinite  inspired  inviolate  ipsissimis verbis  irreproachable  judicial  juridical  just now  just right  justiciable  justifiable  justified  kosher  lately  law-abiding  law-loving  law-revering  lawful  lawmaking  legal  legislative  legit  legitimate  letter-perfect  level  licit  limitless  literally  literatim  logical  loving  luminous  majestic  making  manly  meet  meet and right  merciful  merely  merited  meticulous  mightily  mighty  moral  nearly  neutral  noble  numinous  objective  okay  omnipotent  omnipresent  omniscient  one  only  only just  only too  perfect  perfectly  permanent  perpetual  plainly  plausible  plumb  point-blank  positively  powerful  powerfully  precisely  pretty  principled  proper  pure  purely  quite  radiant  rational  real  rea  
just about  about  all but  almost  approximately  around  as good as  circa  close  close upon  closely  near  near enough to  near upon  nearabout  nearly  nigh  nighhand  not quite  practically  pretty near  somewhere about  upwards of  well-nigh  
just around the corner  about  about to be  accessible  adaptable  after a time  after a while  afterward  afterwards  all-around  along toward  already in sight  anon  approaching  around  at close quarters  at hand  available  before long  brewing  by and by  by destiny  close  close about  close at hand  close by  coming  convenient  fast by  fatally  forthcoming  future  gathering  going to happen  handy  hard  hard by  hereabout  hereabouts  hopefully  immediate  imminent  imminently  impendent  impending  in aftertime  in danger imminent  in prospect  in reserve  in spitting distance  in store  in the cards  in the future  in the offing  in the wind  in view  instant  later  looming  lowering  lurking  menacing  near  near at hand  nearabout  nearabouts  nearby  nearing  nigh  nigh about  not far  of all work  on call  on deck  on hand  on tap  on the horizon  only a step  overhanging  predictably  preparing  probably  proximo  ready  soon  that will be  thereabout  thereabouts  threatening  to come  to hand  tomorrow  upcoming  versatile  waiting  within call  within earshot  within hearing  within reach  
just right  OK  a propos  absolute  absolutely  accurate  accurately  ad rem  adapted  agreeably  all right  applicable  apposite  appropriate  apropos  apt  becoming  befitting  beyond all praise  by consensus  chaste  compatibly  completely  concordantly  congenially  consonantly  correct  correctly  dead right  defectless  dovetailing  entirely  faultless  faultlessly  felicitous  fit  fitted  fitting  fittingly  flawless  flawlessly  fully  geared  hand in glove  happy  harmoniously  ideal  ideally  immaculate  immaculately  impeccable  impeccably  in chorus  in concert  in keeping  in line  in step  in unison  indefectible  indefective  infallible  infallibly  irreproachable  just  just so  letter-perfect  likely  meshing  meticulous  okay  on the button  opportune  pat  peerless  perfect  perfectly  proper  properly  pure  purely  qualified  relevant  right  rightly  seasonable  sic  sinless  so  sortable  spotless  spotlessly  stainless  straight  straight-up-and-down  suitable  suited  suiting  tailored  taintless  thoroughly  to the point  to the purpose  totally  unadulterated  unanimously  unblemished  uncontaminated  unfaultable  unmixed  unspotted  untainted  wholly  with it  
juste milieu  abnegation  abstinence  average  balance  calm  calmness  center  conservatism  constraint  continence  control  cool  dispassion  evenness  generality  gentleness  golden mean  happy medium  impartiality  judiciousness  lenity  mean  meden agan  median  mediocrity  medium  middle  middle course  middle ground  middle point  middle position  middle state  middle way  middle-of-the-road  midpoint  mildness  moderateness  moderation  moderationism  neutrality  nonviolence  norm  normal  nothing in excess  pacifism  par  prudence  repose  restraint  rule  run  self-abnegation  self-control  self-denial  self-restraint  serenity  sobriety  stability  steadiness  temperance  temperateness  tranquillity  unexcessiveness  unextravagance  unextremeness  via media  
justice  Astraea  Dike  JP  Jupiter Fidius  Justice  Justitia  Minos  Nemesis  Rhadamanthus  Themis  actionability  applicability  arbiter  arbitrator  assured probity  balance  beak  bencher  blamelessness  blindfolded Justice  cardinal virtues  character  charity  cleanness  coequality  coextension  constitutional validity  constitutionalism  constitutionality  correspondence  court  critic  decency  detention  due process  dueness  entitledness  entitlement  equality  equation  equilibrium  equipoise  equipollence  equiponderance  equitableness  equity  equivalence  equivalency  erectness  estimableness  evenness  expectation  fair play  fair-mindedness  fairness  faith  fortitude  good character  goodness  high ideals  high principles  high-mindedness  his honor  his lordship  his worship  honesty  honor  honorableness  hope  identity  immaculacy  impartiality  imprisonment  incarceration  indicator  integrity  irreproachability  irreproachableness  judge  judger  judgment  judicatory  judicature  judicial process  judiciary  judiciousness  jurisdiction  justiciability  justifiable expectation  justness  law  lawfulness  legal form  legal process  legalism  legality  legitimacy  legitimateness  levelness  licitness  likeness  love  magistrate  meritedness  moderator  moral excellence  moral strength  morality  natural virtues  neutrality  nobility  objectiveness  objectivity  par  parallelism  parity  poise  principles  prison  probity  proportion  prudence  punishment  pureness  purity  rectitude  referee  reputability  respectability  right  righteousness  rightfulness  scope  stainlessness  supernatural virtues  symmetry  temperance  the courts  the law  theological virtues  umpire  unimpeachability  unimpeachableness  unspottedness  uprightness  upstandingness  validity  virtue  virtuousness  worthiness  
justifiable  admissible  allowable  balanced  cogent  condonable  credible  defensible  deserved  dispensable  due  equitable  even  evenhanded  excusable  exemptible  expiable  fair  fair and square  fit  forgivable  good  inoffensive  just  justified  lawful  legal  legitimate  legitimized  level  licit  logical  meet  meet and right  merited  pardonable  permissible  plausible  proper  rational  reasonable  remissible  right  right and proper  rightful  sanctionable  sane  sensible  sound  square  tenable  unobjectionable  venial  vindicable  warrantable  warranted  well-argued  well-founded  well-grounded  wholesome  
justification  Intertype  Linotype  Monotype  account  apologetic  apologia  beatification  beatitude  blessedness  blessing  canonization  cold-type typesetting  composing  composing stick  composition  computerized typesetting  consecration  dedication  defense  defensibility  devotion  drumhead justice  dueness  dummy  enshrinement  equitableness  equity  evenhandedness  exaltation  furniture  galley chase  give-and-take  glorification  grace  hallowing  hot-metal typesetting  imposition  justice  justifiability  justifiableness  justification by works  justness  lawfulness  layout  legality  line of type  measure for measure  meetness  nemesis  photocomposition  photosetting  phototypesetter  phototypesetting machine  poetic justice  properness  propriety  purification  quoin  rationale  rationalization  reason  retributive justice  right  rightfulness  rightness  rude justice  sainthood  sainting  sanctification  scales of justice  setting  setting apart  slug  state of grace  summary justice  typesetting  typesetting machine  warrantability  warrantedness  what is right  
justified  balanced  born again  circumcised  converted  defensible  deserved  due  earned  entitled  equitable  even  evenhanded  fair  fair and square  fit  good  just  justifiable  lawful  legal  level  meet  meet and right  merited  proper  qualified  reborn  redeemed  regenerate  regenerated  renewed  right  right and proper  rightful  saved  spiritually purified  square  warrantable  warranted  well-earned  well-grounded  worthy  
justify  absolve  account  account for  acquit  allow  amnesty  approve  argue  assert  authenticate  authorize  back  bear out  claim  clear  compose  confirm  contend  corroborate  cry sour grapes  decontaminate  defend  demonstrate  destigmatize  discharge  dismiss  dispense from  do justice to  exculpate  excuse  exempt  exempt from  exonerate  explain  explain away  extenuate  forgive  free  give absolution  gloss  grant amnesty to  grant immunity  grant remission  impose  legalize  legitimate  legitimatize  legitimize  let go  let off  make up  nonpros  overrun  palliate  pardon  permit  pi  pi a form  prove  purge  quash the charge  rationalize  rehabilitate  reinstate  release  remit  restore  sanction  set  set free  set in print  shrive  substantiate  support  sustain  uphold  validate  verify  vindicate  warrant  whitewash  withdraw the charge  
justly  correctly  decently  decorously  deservedly  disinterestedly  dispassionately  duly  equally  equitably  evenly  fair  fairly  fitly  fittingly  impartially  impersonally  justifiably  justifiedly  meetly  nicely  properly  rightfully  rightly  upon even terms  warrantably  warrantedly  without distinction  

Lexikoneinträge für just as; as / just as well / just as little; no more than / to be just as big as ...

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