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Deutsche Synonyme für postlagernd

Englische Synonyme für poste restante

posted  abreast of  as earnest  assigned  at stake  au courant  booked  briefed  deployed  deposited  documented  down  educated  embosomed  emplaced  enlightened  enrolled  ensconced  entered  established  filed  fixed  in hock  in pawn  indexed  informed  inscribed  installed  instructed  legal  located  logged  minuted  of record  official  on deposit  on file  on record  on the books  pawned  placed  planted  pledged  positioned  primed  put up  recorded  registered  schooled  seated  set  settled  situate  situated  spotted  staked  stationed  taught  trained  up on  up the spout  up-to-date  versed  well-versed  written down  
poster  advertisement  affiche  announcement  banner  bill  billboard  broadside  carrier  carrier pigeon  circular  flier  handbill  homer  homing pigeon  mail car  mail coach  mail packet  mail train  mail truck  mailer  mailplane  notice  packet boat  pigeon post  placard  post boat  post car  post coach  post-horse  post-office car  railway mail car  sign  signboard  
posterior  aft  after  aftermost  afterpart  afterpiece  appendant  arse  ass  attendant  back  back door  back seat  back side  backside  backward  behind  bottom  breech  bum  butt  buttocks  cadet  consecutive  consequent  croup  crupper  derriere  ensuing  flack  following  haunches  heel  hind  hind end  hind part  hinder  hindermost  hindhand  hindhead  hindmost  junior  later  latter  lineal  nates  next  occiput  postern  postpositional  postpositive  proximate  puisne  rear  rear end  rearmost  rearward  retral  retrograde  reverse  rump  seat  sequacious  sequent  sequential  stern  subsequent  succeeding  successive  suffixed  tail  tail end  tailpiece  tuchis  younger  
posteriority  aftertime  afteryears  by-and-by  coming after  consecution  consecutiveness  continuation  continuity  course ahead  crystal ball  descent  determinism  distant future  eventuality  expectation  extension  following  foresight  forward look  future  future tense  futurism  futurity  hereafter  immediate future  immediate prospect  imminence  line  lineage  logical sequence  near future  offing  order  order of succession  outlook  postposition  prediction  probability  procession  progression  project  prolongation  prophecy  prospect  rotation  sequence  series  subjunction  succession  successiveness  suffixation  the future  the morrow  the sweet by-and-by  time ahead  time just ahead  time to come  tomorrow  
posterity  aftermath  agnate  ancestry  backup man  blood  blood relation  blood relative  brood  children  clansman  cognate  collateral  collateral relative  conclusion  connections  consanguinean  consequence  descendant  descendants  distaff side  distant relation  dynasty  effect  enate  family  flesh  flesh and blood  folks  german  heir  heirs  inheritor  issue  kin  kindred  kinfolk  kinnery  kinsfolk  kinsman  kinsmen  kinswoman  kith and kin  line  lineage  near relation  next of kin  offspring  people  progeniture  progeny  relations  relatives  replacement  seed  sequel  sib  sibling  spear kin  spear side  spindle kin  spindle side  successor  successors  sword side  tribesman  uterine kin  
postern  French door  aft  after  aftermost  afterpart  afterpiece  archway  back  back door  back seat  back side  backward  barway  behind  breech  bulkhead  carriage entrance  cellar door  cellarway  door  doorjamb  doorpost  doorway  front door  gate  gatepost  gateway  hatch  hatchway  heel  hind  hind end  hind part  hinder  hindermost  hindhand  hindhead  hindmost  lintel  occiput  porch  portal  porte cochere  posterior  propylaeum  pylon  rear  rear end  rearmost  rearward  retrograde  reverse  scuttle  side door  stern  stile  storm door  tail  tail end  tailpiece  threshold  tollgate  trap  trap door  turnpike  turnstile  


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Postlagernd ist die deutsche Bezeichnung für den im internationalen Postverkehr gebräuchlichen Begriff ?poste restante?. Sie bezeichnet die Möglichkeit, Postsendungen an den Postempfänger nicht persönlich zuzustellen oder in seinen Hausbriefkasten einzulegen, sondern in einer Postfiliale zu lagern, bis sie vom Postempfänger abgeholt werden.
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