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Deutsche Synonyme für steril

aseptisch  keimfrei  sauber  steril  
fruchtlos  infertil  steril  unfruchtbar  zeugungsunfähig  

Englische Synonyme für sterile

sterile  abortive  acarpous  antiseptic  arid  aseptic  bare  barren  blah  blank  bloodless  boiled  bootless  celibate  characterless  childless  cold  colorless  counterproductive  dead  decontaminated  desert  desolate  disinfected  dismal  draggy  drained  drearisome  dreary  dried-up  dry  dryasdust  dull  dusty  effete  elephantine  empty  etiolated  exhausted  fade  fallow  fatuitous  fatuous  feckless  flat  fruitless  futile  gainless  gaunt  gelded  heavy  ho-hum  hollow  hygienic  impotent  inadequate  inane  ineffective  ineffectual  inefficacious  inexcitable  infecund  infertile  inoperative  insipid  invalid  issueless  jejune  leached  leaden  lifeless  low-spirited  menopausal  noncreative  nonfertile  nonproducing  nonproductive  nonprolific  nonremunerative  nugacious  nugatory  of no force  otiose  pale  pallid  pasteurized  pedestrian  plodding  pointless  poky  ponderous  profitless  prophylactic  pure  rewardless  sanitary  sine prole  slow  solemn  spiritless  stale  sterilized  stiff  stodgy  stuffy  sucked dry  superficial  tasteless  tedious  teemless  unavailing  uncontaminated  uncreative  uncultivated  unfertile  unfruitful  uninfected  uninspired  uninventive  unlively  unplowed  unpolluted  unproductive  unprofitable  unprolific  unremunerative  unrewarding  unsown  untilled  useless  vain  vapid  virgin  waste  wasted  without issue  wooden  worn-out  


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