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verwertet Deutsch Englisch Übersetzung

verwerten {vt}
to turn to account
turning to account
turned to account
turns to account
turned to account
wieder verwerten; wieder aufbereiten; recyceln {vt}
wieder verwertend; wieder aufbereitend; recycelnd
wieder verwertet; wieder aufbereitet; recycelt
verwertet wieder
verwertete wieder
to recycle
wieder verwerten, wieder aufbereiten, recyceln {vt}
wieder verwertend, wieder aufbereitend, recycelnd
wieder verwertet, wieder aufbereitet, recycelt
verwertet wieder
verwertete wieder
to recycle
anwenden, verwenden, nutzbar machen, verwerten {vt}
anwendend, verwendend, nutzbar machend, verwertend
angewendet, verwendet, nutzbar gemacht, verwertet
wendet an, verwendet, macht nutzbar, verwertet
wendete an, verwendete, machte nutzbar, verwertete
to utilize, to utilise [Br.]
utilizing, utilising
utilized, utilised
utilizes, utilises
utilized, utilised
etw. anwenden; verwenden; nutzbar machen; verwerten {vt}
anwendend; verwendend; nutzbar machend; verwertend
angewendet; verwendet; nutzbar gemacht; verwertet
wendet an; verwendet; macht nutzbar; verwertet
wendete an; verwendete; machte nutzbar; verwertete
etw. wiederverwenden
to utilize [eAm.]; to utilise [Br.] sth.
utilizing; utilising
utilized; utilised
utilizes; utilises
utilized; utilised
to re-utilize sth.
turns to account
verwertet wieder
verwerten, ausnutzen, nutzen, ausbeuten, instrumentalisieren {vt}
verwertend, ausnutzend, nutzend, ausbeutend, instrumentalisierend
verwertet, ausgenutzt, genutzt, ausgebeutet, instrumentalisiert
to exploit
etw. verwerten {vt}
Geschäftsgeheimnisse unbefugt verwerten
Kannst du das irgendwie verwerten?
to make use of sth.; to use sth.; to utilize sth.
making use of; using; utilizing
made use of; used; utilized
to make unauthorized use of business secrets
Can you make any use of this?
verwerten, realisieren, zu Geld machen, (Gewinn) erzielen {vt}
verwertend, realisierend, zu Geld machend, erzielend
verwertet, realisiert, zu Geld gemacht, erzielt
to realize, to realise [Br.]
realizing, realising
realized, realised
etw. (kommerziell) verwerten; nutzen; ausbeuten [pej.] {vt} [econ.]
verwertend; nutzend; ausbeutend
verwertet; genutzt; ausgebeutet
ein geistiges Werk verwerten
eine Erfindung praktisch verwerten
künstlerische Leistungen gewerblich verwerten
to exploit sth.; to commercialise sth.
exploiting; commercialising
exploited; commercialised
to exploit an intellectual work
to reduce an invention to practice
to commercialize artistic performances
verwerten; realisieren; zu Geld machen; (Gewinn) erzielen {vt}
verwertend; realisierend; zu Geld machend; erzielend
verwertet; realisiert; zu Geld gemacht; erzielt
ein Pfand verwerten
eine Sicherheit verwerten
to realize; to realise [Br.]
realizing; realising
realized; realised
to enforce a lien; to realize a pledge
to realize a security

Deutsche Synonyme für verwertet

Englische Synonyme für to turn to account

to  against  as far as  en route to  for  headed for  in  in consideration of  in contemplation of  in order to  in passage to  in transit to  into  on  on route to  over against  so  so as to  so that  till  toward  towards  until  unto  up  up to  upon  versus  
to a degree  a bit  a little  after a fashion  appositely  appreciably  at any rate  at best  at least  at most  at the least  at the most  at the outside  at worst  comparatively  detectably  extremely  fairly  germanely  in a manner  in a measure  in a way  in part  in some measure  incompletely  kind of  leastwise  merely  mildly  moderately  modestly  not absolutely  not comprehensively  not exhaustively  only  part  partially  partly  pertinently  pretty  pro tanto  proportionately  purely  quite  rather  relatively  relevantly  scarcely  simply  slightly  so far  somewhat  sort of  thus far  to an extent  to some degree  to some extent  tolerably  very  visibly  
to and fro  alternately  back and forth  backward and forward  backwards and forwards  by turns  capriciously  changeably  desultorily  erratically  every other  hitch and hike  in and out  in rotation  in turns  inconstantly  make and break  mutatis mutandis  off and on  on and off  reciprocally  ride and tie  round and round  seesaw  shuttlewise  turn about  uncertainly  unsteadfastly  unsteadily  up and down  variably  vice versa  waveringly  
to be expected  according to expectation  any day  any hour  any minute  any moment  any time  any time now  as a rule  as expected  as may be  as per usual  as things go  as usual  chiefly  commonly  counted on  customarily  expected of  generally  habitually  imminently  impendingly  in character  just as predicted  just like one  mainly  most often  mostly  naturally  normally  normatively  one all over  ordinarily  prescriptively  regularly  taken for granted  usually  
to blame  accountable  accusable  amenable  answerable  arraignable  at fault  blamable  blameworthy  censurable  chargeable  criminal  culpable  faulty  guilty  impeachable  implicated  imputable  inculpated  indictable  involved  liable  open to criticism  peccant  reprehensible  reproachable  reprovable  responsible  responsible for  
to come  about to be  advancing  already in sight  approaching  approximate  approximative  at hand  attracted to  billed  booked  brewing  close  close at hand  coming  desired  destinal  destined  determined  drawn to  emergent  eventual  extrapolated  fatal  fated  fatidic  forthcoming  future  futuristic  gathering  going to happen  hereafter  hoped-for  immediate  imminent  impendent  impending  in danger imminent  in prospect  in reserve  in store  in the cards  in the offing  in the wind  in view  instant  later  looming  lowering  lurking  menacing  near  near at hand  nearing  on the horizon  oncoming  overhanging  planned  plotted  predicted  preparing  probable  projected  prophesied  prospective  proximate  scheduled  slated  that will be  threatening  to-be  ultimate  upcoming  waiting  
to do  ado  agitation  bluster  bobbery  boil  boiling  bother  botheration  brawl  broil  brouhaha  burst  bustle  churn  clamor  coil  commotion  conturbation  discomposure  disorder  disquiet  disquietude  disturbance  donnybrook  donnybrook fair  dustup  ebullience  ebullition  eddy  effervescence  embroilment  excitement  feery-fary  ferment  fermentation  fever  feverishness  fidgetiness  fidgets  fit  flap  flurry  fluster  flutter  flutteration  flutteriness  foment  foofaraw  fracas  free-for-all  fume  furore  fuss  fussiness  hassle  helter-skelter  hubbub  hullabaloo  hurly-burly  hurrah  hurry  hurry-scurry  inquietude  jitters  jumpiness  maelstrom  malaise  melee  moil  nerviness  nervosity  nervousness  pell-mell  perturbation  pother  racket  rampage  restlessness  riot  roil  rough-and-tumble  roughhouse  rout  row  ruckus  ruction  ruffle  rumpus  scramble  seethe  seething  shindy  spasm  spurt  stew  stir  sweat  swirl  swirling  trepidation  trepidity  trouble  tumult  tumultuation  turbidity  turbulence  turmoil  twitter  unease  unquiet  unrest  uproar  upset  vortex  whirl  yeastiness  
to spare  de trop  dispensable  excess  expendable  expletive  extra  fresh  gratuitous  held back  held in reserve  held out  in abeyance  in excess  in hand  left  leftover  mint  needless  net  new  nonessential  odd  original  outstanding  over  pleonastic  pristine  prolix  put aside  put by  redundant  remaining  remanent  reserve  saved  spare  stored  supererogatory  superfluous  surplus  surviving  suspended  tautologic  tautologous  unapplied  unbeaten  uncalled-for  unconsumed  unemployed  unessential  unexercised  unexpended  unhandled  unnecessary  unneeded  unspent  untapped  untouched  untrodden  unused  unutilized  verbose  waived  
to the hilt  ad infinitum  all over  altogether  at all points  at full length  completely  comprehensively  entirely  every bit  every inch  every whit  exhaustively  fully  globally  head and shoulders  heart and soul  hundred per cent  in all respects  in every respect  in extenso  in full  in full measure  inclusively  inside and out  inside out  integrally  largely  neck deep  on all counts  one and all  outright  overall  root and branch  roundly  thoroughly  through and through  throughout  to the brim  to the death  to the end  totally  tout a fait  unconditionally  unreservedly  wholly  you name it  
to the letter  absolutely  dead  definitely  directly  even  exactly  expressly  faithfully  in all respects  in every respect  ipsissimis verbis  just  literally  literatim  plumb  point-blank  positively  precisely  right  rigidly  rigorously  square  squarely  straight  strictly  undeviatingly  unerringly  verbally  verbatim  verbatim et litteratim  word by word  word for word  
to the point  Spartan  a propos  abbreviated  abridged  ad rem  adapted  admissible  aposiopestic  appertaining  applicable  applying  apposite  appropriate  apropos  apt  becoming  befitting  belonging  brief  brusque  clipped  close  compact  compendious  compressed  concise  condensed  contracted  crisp  curt  cut  docked  dovetailing  elliptic  epigrammatic  felicitous  fit  fitted  fitting  geared  germane  gnomic  happy  in plain English  in plain words  in point  involving  just right  laconic  likely  material  matter-of-factly  meshing  naturally  on the button  opportune  pat  pertaining  pertinent  pithy  plainly  point-blank  pointed  pruned  qualified  relevant  reserved  right  seasonable  sententious  short  short and sweet  shortened  simply  sortable  succinct  suitable  suited  suiting  summary  synopsized  taciturn  tailored  terse  tight  to the purpose  truncated  unaffectedly  
toad  amphibian  apple-polisher  ass-licker  backscratcher  backslapper  batrachian  bootlick  bootlicker  brown-nose  brownie  bullfrog  clawback  courtier  creature  cringer  croaker  dog  dupe  fawner  flatterer  flunky  footlicker  frog  groveler  handshaker  helot  hoppytoad  hoptoad  instrument  jackal  kowtower  lackey  led captain  lickspit  lickspittle  mealymouth  minion  newt  paddock  peon  polliwog  prick  puppet  salamander  scum  serf  shit  shithead  skunk  slave  snake  spaniel  stinker  stooge  suck  sycophant  tadpole  timeserver  toadeater  toady  tool  tree frog  tree toad  truckler  tufthunter  turd  yes-man  
toadstool  algae  autophyte  bean  bracken  brown algae  climber  conferva  confervoid  creeper  diatom  fern  fruits and vegetables  fucus  fungus  grapevine  green algae  gulfweed  herb  heterophyte  ivy  kelp  legume  lentil  liana  lichen  liverwort  mold  moss  mushroom  parasite  parasitic plant  pea  perthophyte  phytoplankton  planktonic algae  plant families  puffball  pulse  red algae  rockweed  rust  saprophyte  sargasso  sargassum  sea lentil  sea moss  sea wrack  seaweed  smut  succulent  vetch  vine  wort  wrack  
toady  apple-polish  apple-polisher  ass-licker  backscratcher  backslapper  bend the knee  bootlick  bootlicker  bow  bow and scrape  brown-nose  brownie  clawback  courtier  cower  crawl  creature  creep  cringe  cringer  crouch  dupe  fawn  fawner  flatter  flatterer  flunky  follow  footlicker  grovel  groveler  handshaker  helot  instrument  jackal  kneel  kowtow  kowtower  lackey  led captain  lick the dust  lickspit  lickspittle  mealymouth  minion  peon  puppet  serf  slave  spaniel  stooge  stoop  suck  sycophant  tag  tail  timeserver  toad  toadeat  toadeater  tool  trail  truckle  truckler  tufthunter  yes-man  
toadying  abject  apple-polishing  ass-kissing  backscratching  beggarly  bootlicking  brown-nosing  cowering  crawling  cringing  crouching  fawnery  fawning  flattering  flunkyism  footlicking  groveling  handshaking  hangdog  ingratiating  ingratiation  insinuation  kowtowing  mealymouthed  mealymouthedness  obeisance  obeisant  obsequious  obsequiousness  on bended knee  parasitic  parasitism  prostrate  prostration  sniveling  sponging  sycophancy  sycophantic  timeserving  toadeating  toadyish  toadyism  truckling  tufthunting  
toast  French bread  Irish soda bread  Italian bread  anniversaries  appreciation  bake  barbecue  baste  be in heat  beige  belle  bib  black bread  blanch  blaze  bloom  boil  booze  braise  bread  bread stick  bread stuff  brew  broil  brown  brown bread  brownish  brownish-yellow  brunet  burn  celebrating  celebration  ceremony  cheers  chocolate  choke  cinnamon  cocoa  cocoa-brown  coddle  coffee  coffee-brown  combust  commemoration  congratulate  cook  cracked-wheat bread  crust  curry  dark bread  darling  devil  do  do to perfection  drab  drain the cup  dressing ship  drink  drink in  drink off  drink to  drink up  dun  dun-brown  dun-drab  ecru  fanfare  fanfaronade  favorite  fawn  fawn-colored  felicitate  festivity  fine lady  fire  flame  flame up  flare  flare up  flicker  flourish of trumpets  flush  fricassee  frizz  frizzle  fry  fuscous  garlic bread  gasp  glow  good wishes  graham bread  grande dame  greet  greetings  grege  griddle  grill  guzzle  hazel  heat  hero  heroine  holiday  honor  idol  imbibe  incandesce  jubilee  khaki  loaf of bread  lurid  marking the occasion  matzo  matzoth  memorialization  memory  nut bread  nut-brown  observance  olive-brown  olive-drab  ovation  oven-bake  pain  pan  pan-broil  pant  parboil  parch  pay tribute to  pita  pledge  poach  precieuse  prepare  prepare food  pull  pumpernickel  quaff  radiate heat  raisin bread  rejoicing  religious rites  remembrance  remembrances  revel  rite  ritual observance  roast  rye bread  salt-rising bread  salutations  salute  salvo  saute  scald  scallop  scorch  seal  seal-brown  sear  seethe  sepia  shimmer with heat  shirr  simmer  sip  smolder  smother  snuff-colored  solemn observance  solemnization  sorrel  sourbread  sourdough bread  spark  staff of life  steam  stew  stifle  stir-fry  suck  suck in  suckle  suffocate  sup  sweat  swelter  swig  swill  tan  taupe  tawny  testimonial  testimonial banquet  testimonial dinner  tipple  toast-brown  tommy  toss do  
toasty  aestival  blood-hot  blood-warm  calid  equatorial  genial  luke  lukewarm  mild  room-temperature  subtropical  summery  sunny  sunshiny  temperate  tepid  thermal  thermic  tropical  unfrozen  warm  warm as toast  warmish  
tobacconist  antique store  apothecary  automobile showroom  baker  bookdealer  bookseller  bookstore  bootery  butcher  candy store  chandler  chemist  cigar store  clothiers  clothing merchant  clothing store  confectioner  confectionery  draper  dress shop  drugstore  dry goods store  drysalter  fishmonger  fishwife  florist  florists  footwear merchant  fruiterer  fur salon  furnisher  furniture store  furrier  gift shop  greengrocer  grocer  groceryman  haberdasher  haberdashery  hardware store  hardwareman  hat shop  hobby shop  ironmonger  ironmongery  jeweler  jewelers  jewelry store  leather goods store  liquor merchant  liquor store  luggage shop  milliners  newsdealer  novelty shop  package store  perfumer  pharmacy  poulterer  saddler  saddlery  schlock house  schlock shop  secondhand shop  secondhand store  shoe store  smoke shop  snuffman  specialty shop  sporting goods store  stationer  stationers  stationery store  sweater shop  sweet shop  thrift shop  tobacco store  tobacconists  toy shop  trimming store  used-car lot  vintner  wine merchant  
tocsin  Klaxon  Mayday  SOS  air-raid alarm  alarm  alarm bell  alarm clock  alarm signal  alarum  alert  all clear  beacon  blinking light  burglar alarm  buzzer  crostarie  fiery cross  fire alarm  fire bell  fire flag  five-minute gun  flashing light  fog bell  fog signal  foghorn  gale warning  hooter  horn  hue and cry  hurricane warning  lighthouse  note of alarm  occulting light  police whistle  sign  signal  signal of distress  siren  small-craft warning  still alarm  storm cone  storm flag  storm warning  two-minute gun  upside-down flag  whistle  
today  as of now  as things are  at present  at this juncture  at this moment  at this point  at this time  but now  contemporaneity  contemporaneousness  even now  for the nonce  for this occasion  here  here and now  hereat  hic et nunc  historical present  in our time  in these days  just now  modernity  newness  now  nowadays  nowness  on the spot  our times  present  present tense  presently  presentness  the Now Generation  the nonce  the now  the present  the present age  the present day  the present hour  the present juncture  the present time  the time being  the times  these days  this day  this hour  this instant  this moment  this night  this point  this stage  tonight  

Lexikoneinträge für to turn to account / turning to account / turned to account / turns to account / turned to account

Account (n.) A reckoning
Account (n.) A registry of pecuniary transactions
Account (n.) A statement in general of reasons, causes, grounds, etc., explanatory of some event
Account (n.) A statement of facts or occurrences
Account (n.) A statement and explanation or vindication of one's conduct with reference to judgment thereon.
Account (n.) An estimate or estimation
Account (n.) Importance
Account (v. t.) To reckon
Account (v. t.) To place to one's account
Account (v. t.) To value, estimate, or hold in opinion
Account (v. t.) To recount
Account (v. i.) To render or receive an account or relation of particulars
Account (v. i.) To render an account
Account (v. i.) To give a satisfactory reason
Account book () A book in which accounts are kept.
By-turning (n.) An obscure road
Re-turn (v. t. & i.) To turn again.
Sea turn () A breeze, gale, or mist from the sea.
Turned (imp. & p. p.) of Turn
Turning (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Turn
Turn (v. t.) To cause to move upon a center, or as if upon a center
Turn (v. t.) To cause to present a different side uppermost or outmost
Turn (v. t.) To give another direction, tendency, or inclination to
Turn (v. t.) To change from a given use or office
Turn (v. t.) To change the form, quality, aspect, or effect of
Turn (v. t.) To form in a lathe
Turn (v. t.) Hence, to give form to
Turn (v. t.) To translate
Turn (v. t.) To make acid or sour
Turn (v. t.) To sicken
Turn (v. i.) To move round
Turn (v. i.) Hence, to revolve as if upon a point of support
Turn (v. i.) To result or terminate
Turn (v. i.) To be deflected
Turn (v. i.) To be changed, altered, or transformed
Turn (v. i.) To undergo the process of turning on a lathe
Turn (v. i.) To become acid
Turn (v. i.) To become giddy
Turn (v. i.) To be nauseated
Turn (v. i.) To become inclined in the other direction
Turn (v. i.) To change from ebb to flow, or from flow to ebb
Turn (v. i.) To bring down the feet of a child in the womb, in order to facilitate delivery.
Turn (v. i.) To invert a type of the same thickness, as temporary substitute for any sort which is exhausted.
Turn (n.) The act of turning
Turn (n.) Change of direction, course, or tendency
Turn (n.) One of the successive portions of a course, or of a series of occurrences, reckoning from change to change
Turn (n.) A circuitous walk, or a walk to and fro, ending where it began
Turn (n.) Successive course
Turn (n.) Incidental or opportune deed or office
Turn (n.) Convenience
Turn (n.) Form
Turn (n.) A change of condition
Turn (n.) A fall off the ladder at the gallows
Turn (n.) A round of a rope or cord in order to secure it, as about a pin or a cleat.
Turn (n.) A pit sunk in some part of a drift.
Turn (n.) A court of record, held by the sheriff twice a year in every hundred within his county.
Turn (n.) Monthly courses
Turn (n.) An embellishment or grace (marked thus, /), commonly consisting of the principal note, or that on which the turn is made, with the note above, and the semitone below, the note above being sounded first, the principal note next, and the semitone below last, the three being performed quickly, as a triplet preceding the marked note. The turn may be inverted so as to begin with the lower note, in which case the sign is either placed on end thus /, or drawn thus /.
Turn-buckle (n.) A loop or sleeve with a screw thread at one end and a swivel at the other, -- used for tightening a rod, stay, etc.
Turn-buckle (n.) A gravitating catch, as for fastening a shutter, the end of a chain, or a hasp.
Turning (n.) The act of one who, or that which, turns
Turning (n.) The place of a turn
Turning (n.) Deviation from the way or proper course.
Turning (n.) Turnery, or the shaping of solid substances into various by means of a lathe and cutting tools.
Turning (n.) The pieces, or chips, detached in the process of turning from the material turned.
Turning (n.) A maneuver by which an enemy or a position is turned.
Turn-outs (pl. ) of Turn-out
Turn-out (n.) The act of coming forth
Turn-out (n.) A short side track on a railroad, which may be occupied by one train while another is passing on a main track
Turn-out (n.) That which is prominently brought forward or exhibited
Turn-out (n.) The aggregate number of persons who have come out, as from their houses, for a special purpose.
Turn-out (n.) Net quantity of produce yielded.
Turn-sick (a.) Giddy.
Turn-sick (n.) A disease with which sheep are sometimes affected

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turning act of changing in practice or custom, the law took many turnings over the years
turning away
deliberately avoiding, keeping away from or preventing from happening
turn taking a short walk out and back, we took a turn in the park
twist turn turning or twisting around (in place), with a quick twist of his head he surveyed the room
turn the act of turning away or in the opposite direction, he made an abrupt turn away from her
about-face about turn act of pivotingdegrees, especially in a military formation
u-turn complete reversal of direction of travel
turn turning the act of changing or reversing the direction of the course, he took a turn to the right
kick turn a standing turn made in skiing, one ski is raised to the vertical and pivoted backward to become parallel with the other ski but headed in the opposite direction and then the other ski is aligned with the first
stem turn
a turn made in skiing, the back of one ski is forced outward and the other ski is brought parallel to it
turn play (game) the activity of doing something in an agreed succession, it is my turn, it is still my play
turning the activity of shaping something on a lathe
ill service
ill turn
an act intended to help that turns out badly, he did them a disservice
turn good turn a favor for someone, he did me a good turn
three-point turn the act of turning a vehicle around in a limited space by moving in a series of back and forward arcs
street corner
turning point
the intersection of two streets, standing on the corner watching all the girls go by
turning the end-product created by shaping something on a lathe
account the quality of taking advantage, she turned her writing skills to good account
account importance or value, a person of considerable account, he predicted that although it is of small account now it will rapidly increase in importance
turn-on something causing excitement or stimulating interest
theoretical account
a hypothetical description of a complex entity or process, the computer program was based on a model of the circulatory and respiratory systems
pension plan
pension account
retirement plan
retirement savings plan
retirement savings account
retirement account
retirement program
a plan for setting aside money to be spent after retirement
individual retirement account
a retirement plan that allows you to contribute a limited yearly sum toward your retirement, taxes on the interest earned in the account are deferred
written record
written account
a written document preserving knowledge of facts or events
a record or narrative description of past events, a history of France, he gave an inaccurate account of the plot to kill the president, the story of exposure to lead
bill account invoice an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered, he paid his bill and left, send me an account of what I owe
open account an unpaid credit order
short account the aggregate of short sales on an open market
news report
story account write up
a short account of the news, the report of his speech, the story was on the o'clock news, the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious
a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc., the explanation was very simple, I expected a brief account
act routine number turn
a short theatrical performance that is part of a longer program, he did his act three times every evening, she had a catchy little routine, it was one of the best numbers he ever did
turn of phrase
turn of expression
a distinctive spoken or written expression, John's succinct turn of phrase persuaded her that it would not be a good idea
report account the act of informing by verbal report, he heard reports that they were causing trouble, by all accounts they were a happy couple
table tipping
table tilting
table turning
table lifting
manipulation of a table during a seance, attributed to spirits
turn signal
turn indicator
a blinking light on a motor vehicle that indicates the direction in which the vehicle is about to turn
a movement in a new direction, the turning of the wind
turn around
turning in an opposite direction or position, the reversal of the image in the lens
turning point
an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend, the agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations
turn turn of events
an unforeseen development, events suddenly took an awkward turn
grounds, don't do it on my account, the paper was rejected on account of its length, he tried to blame the victim but his success on that score was doubtful
turning a shaving created when something is produced by turning it on a lathe
account executive
account representative
registered representative
customer's broker
customer's man
someone in charge of a client's account for an advertising agency or brokerage or other service business
an idle worthless person
brokerage account a fund that a customer has entrusted to a securities brokerage, you can't get a brokerage account unless you have $,
cash account an account with a securities brokerage whose transactions are settled on a cash basis
custodial account a brokerage firm account that parents have created for a minor
margin account an account with a securities brokerage in which the broker extends credit
account accounting
account statement
a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance, they send me an accounting every month
capital account (finance) an account of the net value of a business at a specified date
capital account (economics) that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's outflow and inflow of financial securities
bank account a fund that a customer has entrusted to a bank and from which the customer can make withdrawals, he moved his bank account to a new bank
giro account an account at a post office that can be used in similar ways to an account at a bank
savings account trust
savings bank trust
trust account
trustee account
Totten trust
a savings account deposited by someone who makes themselves the trustee for a beneficiary and who controls it during their lifetime, afterward the balance is payable to the previously named beneficiary
checking account
chequing account
current account
a bank account against which the depositor can draw checks that are payable on demand
savings account a bank account that accumulates interest
time deposit account
deposit account
a savings account in which the deposit is held for a fixed term or in which withdrawals can be made only after giving notice or with loss of interest
dormant account a savings account showing no activity (other than posting interest) for some specified period, the dormant account reverted to the state under escheat laws
passbook savings account a savings account in which deposits and withdrawals are recorded in the depositor's passbook
reserve account
reserve fund
funds taken out of earnings to provide for anticipated future payments
valuation reserve
valuation account
allowance allowance account
a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
open-end credit
revolving credit
charge account credit
a consumer credit line that can be used up to a certain limit or paid down at any time
credit account
charge account
open account
credit extended by a business to a customer
revolving charge account a charge account that does not have to be paid to zero balance
account book
book of account
a record in which commercial accounts are recorded, they got a subpoena to examine our books
control account an account that shows totals of amounts entered in a subsidiary ledger
profit and loss
profit and loss account
an account compiled at the end of an accounting period to show gross and net profit or loss
suspense account an account used temporarily to carry doubtful receipts and disbursements or discrepancies pending their analysis and permanent classification
current account that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's exports and imports of goods and services and transfer payments
audited account
an inspection of the accounting procedures and records by a trained accountant or CPA
expense account
travel and entertainment account
an account to which salespersons or executives can charge travel and entertainment expenses
ampere-turn a unit of magnetomotive force equal to the magnetomotive force produced by the passage of ampere through complete turn of a coil, equal to . gilberts
bend crook
twist turn
a circular segment of a curve, a bend in the road, a crook in the path
business relationship
a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services, he asked to see the executive who handled his account
short account a brokerage account of someone who sells short (sells securities he does not own)
account payable
a liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit, the problem was to match receivables and payables in the same currency
(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive
turn of the century the period from about ten years before to ten years after a new century
a time for working (after which you will be relieved by someone else), it's my go, a spell of work
a go to bed
turn in
crawl in
kip down
hit the hay
hit the sack
sack out
go to sleep retire
prepare for sleep, I usually turn in at midnight, He goes to bed at the crack of dawn
get up
turn out
get up and out of bed, I get up at A.M. every day, They rose early, He uprose at night
twist suddenly so as to sprain, wrench one's ankle, The wrestler twisted his shoulder, the hikers sprained their ankles when they fell, I turned my ankle and couldn't walk for several days
take turns
do something in turns, We take turns on the night shift
turn grow pass into a condition gradually, take on a specific property or attribute, become, The weather turned nasty, She grew angry
change by reversal
change to the contrary, The trend was reversed, the tides turned against him, public opinion turned when it was revealed that the president had an affair with a White House intern
turn the tables
turn the tide
cause a complete reversal of the circumstances, The tables are turned now that the Republicans are in power!
change state
undergo a transformation or a change of position or action, We turned from Socialism to Capitalism, The people turned against the President when he stole the election
turn around
pick up
improve significantly, go from bad to good, Her performance in school picked up
turn around c improve dramatically, The new strategy turned around sales, The tutor turned around my son's performance in math
turn e become officially one year older, She is turning this year
turn down
make lower or quieter, turn down the volume of a radio
turn change color, In Vermont, the leaves turn early
turn back invert
turn inside out or upside down
regress turn back
go back to a previous state, We reverted to the old rules
come on come out
turn up
show up
appear or become visible, make a showing, She turned up at the funeral, I hope the list key is going to surface again
turn out come, usually in answer to an invitation or summons, How many people turned out that evening?
sour turn ferment
work d
go sour or spoil, The milk has soured, The wine worked, The cream has turned--we have to throw it out
turn on become hostile towards, The dog suddenly turned on the mailman
turn to direct one's interest or attention towards, go into, The pedophile turned to boys for satisfaction, People turn to mysticism at the turn of a millennium
turn down take a downward direction, The economy finally turned down after a long boom
take account c
be fully aware of, realize fully, Do you appreciate the full meaning of this letter?


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