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Deutsche Synonyme für warmhalten

Englische Synonyme für keep warm

keep  POW camp  TLC  abide  abide by  abstain  accede to  accommodate  accommodation  accommodations  accumulate  acknowledge  acropolis  act up to  adhere to  administer Communion  afford  afford support  agree to  aliment  alimentation  alimony  amass  arm  armor  arrest  attend Communion  attend Mass  attend to  attend to orders  backlog  balance  ballast  bastille  bastion  be faithful to  beachhead  bear  bear in mind  bear out  bear up  beat the drum  bed  bed and board  bide  bit  black hole  bless  block  blockhouse  blow the trumpet  board  board and room  bolster  bolster up  borstal  borstal institution  bosom  bottle up  box up  bread  bread and butter  breed  bridewell  bridgehead  bridle  brig  brood over  bunker  buttress  cage  camouflage  can  care  care for  carry  carry on  castle  celebrate  celebrate Mass  cell  champion  charge  check  cherish  citadel  cling to  clink  clip  cloak  cloister  clothe  collect  commemorate  communicate  compass about  comply  comply with  conceal  concentration camp  condemned cell  conduct  confine  conform  conform to  consecrate  conserve  constrain  contain  continue  continue to be  control  cool  cool off  cooler  coop  coop in  coop up  copyright  cork up  counterbalance  cover  crib  crutch  culture  cumulate  curb  curtail  cushion  custodianship  custody  daily bread  death cell  death house  death row  decelerate  defeat time  defend  defer to  defy time  deny  detain  detention camp  deter  direct  disallow  discourage  do justice to  dompt  donate  donjon  dress ship  dungeon  dwell  dwell on  dwell upon  economic support  embosom  embrace  encage  enclose  endow  endowment  endure  enjoin  enjoy  ensure  entertain  exist  extend  facilities  fan the embers  farm  fasthold  fastness  fatten  federal prison  feed  fence  fence in  fend  fill  fill up  finance  find  fire a salute  firm  firm up  follow  follow the book  fondle  food  forbear  forbid  forced-labor camp  fort  fortress  foster  freeze    
keep alive  be spared  cheat death  conserve  copyright  embalm  endure  eternalize  eternize  extend  freeze  guard  hang on  hold  immortalize  keep  keep fresh  keep going  keep intact  keep inviolate  keep safe  keep up  last  lengthen  maintain  monumentalize  not destroy  not endanger  not expend  not use up  not waste  patent  perennialize  perpetuate  persist  preserve  preserve from oblivion  prolong  protect  protract  register  retain  save  spare  support  support life  survive  sustain  uphold  
keep an eye on  attend to  au courant  baby-sit  be vigilant  be watchful  boss  care for  chaperon  cherish  conserve  eye  eyeball  follow  foster  gaze at  have a looksee  hold in view  keep account of  keep count of  keep in order  keep in sight  keep in view  keep informed  keep posted  keep track of  keep under observation  keep up on  keep watch over  look after  look at  look on  look out for  look to  look upon  matronize  mind  minister to  mother  nurse  nurture  observe  overlook  oversee  preserve  protege  provide for  reconnoiter  regard  ride herd on  scout  see after  see to  shepherd  spy upon  stand over  stay briefed  superintend  supervise  support  take care of  take charge of  tend  view  watch  watch out for  watch over  
keep at it  carry on  continue  endure  get along  get on  go on  go on with  hang in  hang tough  keep at  keep busy  keep driving  keep going  keep moving  keep on  keep trying  keep up  last  make out  manage  never say die  not accept compromise  peg away  persevere  persist  plug away  see it through  stick it out  stick to it  survive  
keep back  abstain  arrest  backpedal  backwater  block  bosom  bottle up  brake  bridle  check  classify  clip the wings  conceal  confine  conserve  constrain  contain  control  cool  cool off  countercheck  curb  curtail  dam up  damp  dampen  decelerate  delay  detain  disallow  dispense with  do without  dompt  drag  draw rein  ease off  ease up  enjoin  file and forget  forbear  forgo  govern  guard  hinder  hold  hold at bay  hold back  hold fast  hold in  hold in check  hold in leash  hold off  hold out on  hold up  husband  impede  in petto  inhibit  intercept  interfere  intermeddle  interrupt  intervene  keep  keep between us  keep buttoned up  keep by one  keep close  keep dark  keep from  keep in  keep in check  keep in hand  keep in ignorance  keep in reserve  keep in store  keep mum  keep on hand  keep out  keep secret  keep snug  keep under control  keep under wraps  lag  lay by  lay under restraint  let alone  let down  let up  lose ground  lose momentum  lose speed  make late  make no sign  meddle  moderate  never let on  not give away  not tell  not touch  not use  obstruct  oppose  play dumb  preserve  prohibit  pull  pull in  put apart  put aside  put by  reef  refrain  refuse  rein  rein in  relax  repress  reserve  resist  restrain  retain  retard  retrench  save  save up  scotch  secrete  set apart  set aside  set back  set by  slack off  slack up  slacken  slow  slow down  slow up  snub  spare  stay  stop  straiten  suppress  take in sail  throttle down  veil  waive  withhold  
keep books  balance  balance the books  book  capitalize  carry  carry over  cast up accounts  charge off  close out  close the books  credit  debit  docket  enter  journalize  log  make an entry  minute  note  post  post up  strike a balance  
keep down  asphyxiate  beat down  bottle up  break  browbeat  bulldoze  bully  castrate  censor  choke off  clamp down on  coerce  compel  cork  cork up  cow  crack down on  crush  damp down  daunt  deprive of freedom  despotize  disenfranchise  disfranchise  dominate  domineer  domineer over  drown  enslave  enthrall  extinguish  gag  grind  grind down  henpeck  hold captive  hold down  hold in bondage  hold in captivity  hold in leash  hold in subjection  intimidate  jump on  keep under  kill  lead captive  lord it over  make dependent  muzzle  oppress  overawe  overbear  overmaster  override  peonize  pour water on  press heavy on  put down  quash  quell  quench  repress  ride over  ride roughshod over  shut down on  silence  sit down on  sit on  smash  smother  squash  squelch  stanch  stifle  strangle  stultify  subdue  subject  subjugate  subordinate  suffocate  suppress  take captive  terrorize  throttle  trample down  trample upon  tread down  tread upon  tyrannize  tyrannize over  unman  vassalize  walk all over  walk over  weigh heavy on  
keep faith  abide by  act up to  adhere to  attend to  be faithful to  comply with  conform to  do justice to  fill  follow  fulfill  heed  hold by  keep  keep faith with  keep troth  live up to  make good  meet  not fail  observe  regard  respect  satisfy  
keep from  abstain  abstain from  anticipate  arrest  avert  avoid  bar  bosom  bridle  check  classify  conceal  constrain  contain  control  cool  cool off  curb  curtail  debar  decelerate  deflect  deter  discourage  dishearten  do without  dompt  enjoin  eschew  estop  exclude  fend  fend off  fight shy of  file and forget  forbear  forbid  foreclose  forestall  forgo  give place to  govern  guard  help  hinder  hold  hold aloof  hold aloof from  hold at bay  hold back  hold fast  hold in  hold in check  hold in leash  hold out on  hold up  in petto  inhibit  keep  keep aloof  keep away from  keep back  keep between us  keep buttoned up  keep clear of  keep close  keep dark  keep hands off  keep in  keep in check  keep in ignorance  keep mum  keep off  keep remote from  keep secret  keep snug  keep under control  keep under wraps  lay under restraint  let alone  let go by  make no sign  make way for  never let on  never touch  not give away  not meddle with  not tell  not touch  obviate  pass up  play dumb  preclude  prevent  prohibit  pull  pull in  refrain  refrain from  rein  rein in  repel  restrain  retard  retrench  rule out  save  secrete  set back  shun  slow down  snub  spare  stand aloof  stand aloof from  stave off  stay detached from  steer clear of  straiten  turn aside  turn away from  veil  ward off  withhold  
keep going  abide  bide  carry on  cease not  continue  drag on  endure  extend  go along  go on  hold  hold on  hold steady  jog on  keep  keep alive  keep at  keep at it  keep busy  keep driving  keep moving  keep on  keep trying  keep up  last  lengthen  linger  maintain  never cease  not accept compromise  peg away  perpetuate  persevere  persist  plug away  preserve  prolong  protract  remain  retain  run on  slog on  stagger on  stay  stay on  sustain  tarry  
keep house  anchor  billet at  bivouac  burrow  camp  colonize  come to anchor  domesticate  drop anchor  ensconce  establish residence  hive  housekeep  inhabit  live at  locate  maintain a household  moor  move  nest  park  people  perch  populate  practice domesticity  relocate  reside  roost  set up housekeeping  set up shop  settle  settle down  sit down  squat  stand  stay at  strike root  take residence at  take root  take up residence  
keep in mind  bear in mind  brood over  cherish  consider  contemplate  dwell on  dwell upon  entertain thoughts of  fan the embers  harbor an idea  have in mind  have regard for  have thoughts about  hold an idea  hold in mind  hold the thought  keep  keep in memory  keep in sight  keep in view  reckon with  retain  take account of  take cognizance of  take heed of  take into account  take into consideration  take note of  take notice of  think of  treasure  
keep in sight  and listen  be vigilant  be watchful  bear in mind  eye  eyeball  follow  gaze at  have a looksee  have regard for  hold in mind  hold in view  keep alert  keep in mind  keep in view  keep under observation  keep vigil  keep watch  look  look about one  look after  look at  look lively  look on  look out  look sharp  look upon  never nod  observe  qui vive  reckon with  reconnoiter  regard  scout  spy upon  stop  take account of  take cognizance of  take heed of  take into account  take into consideration  take note of  take notice of  view  watch  watch out  
keep in touch  answer  approach  communicate with  contact  correspond  establish connection  get to  interrogate  maintain connection  make advances  make contact with  make overtures  make up to  question  raise  reach  relate to  reply to  respond to  
keep off  anticipate  avert  bar  beat back  beat off  block  brush off  chase  chase away  chase off  check  counter  cut  debar  deflect  deter  discourage  dishearten  dismiss  drive away  drive back  estop  exclude  fend  fend off  forbid  foreclose  forestall  help  hinder  hold at bay  hold off  keep at bay  keep from  obstruct  obviate  pack off  parry  preclude  prevent  prohibit  push back  put back  rebuff  rebut  refuse  repel  repulse  rule out  save  send away  send off  send packing  snub  spurn  stave off  stop  thrust back  turn aside  turn back  ward off  
keep on  abide  bide  carry on  cease not  continue  continue to be  defeat time  defy time  drag on  dwell  endure  exist  extend  go along  go on  hold  hold on  hold out  hold steady  jog on  keep  keep at  keep at it  keep busy  keep driving  keep going  keep moving  keep trying  keep up  last  last long  last out  linger  live  live on  live through  maintain  never cease  not accept compromise  peg away  perdure  perennate  persevere  persist  plug away  prevail  remain  run  run on  slog on  stagger on  stand  stay  stay on  subsist  survive  sustain  tarry  tide over  wear  wear well  
keep out  ban  bar  bar out  blockade  count out  cut off  debar  detain  embargo  exclude  freeze out  hold  hold back  ignore  keep  leave out  lock out  omit  ostracize  pass over  preclude  prohibit  reject  relegate  repudiate  send to Coventry  shut out  taboo  withhold  
keep quiet  abide  be mute  be silent  be still  coast  forswear speech  freeze  keep mum  keep silent  keep still  lie still  make no sign  mark time  not breathe  not stir  play dumb  remain  remain motionless  repose  rest  say nothing  shut up  stand  stand fast  stand firm  stand mute  stand still  stay  stay put  stick  stick fast  tarry  tread water  
keep score  book  calendar  catalog  enroll  enter  enumerate  file  impanel  index  inventory  itemize  list  pigeonhole  post  program  register  schedule  score  tabulate  tally  
keep the peace  be conservative  be moderate  be pacifistic  keep within bounds  keep within compass  live temperately  not make waves  not resist  practice nonviolence  practice self-control  relent  remain at peace  remit  settle down  sober down  strike a balance  take in sail  wage peace  

Lexikoneinträge für keep warm

Warm (superl.) Having heat in a moderate degree
Warm (superl.) Having a sensation of heat, esp. of gentle heat
Warm (superl.) Subject to heat
Warm (superl.) Fig.: Not cool, indifferent, lukewarm, or the like, in spirit or temper
Warm (superl.) Violent
Warm (superl.) Being well off as to property, or in good circumstances
Warm (superl.) In children's games, being near the object sought for
Warm (superl.) Having yellow or red for a basis, or in their composition
Warm (a.) To communicate a moderate degree of heat to
Warm (a.) To make engaged or earnest
Warm (v. i.) To become warm, or moderately heated
Warm (v. i.) To become ardent or animated
Warm (n.) The act of warming, or the state of being warmed
Warm-blooded (a.) Having warm blood
Warm-hearted (a.) Having strong affection

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

tune-up prolusion
exercising in preparation for strenuous activity
warm front the front of an advancing mass of warmer air
limber up
warm up
loosen up
make one's body limber or suppler by stretching, as if to prepare for strenuous physical activity
warm up cause to do preliminary exercises so as to stretch the muscles, The coach warmed up the players before the game
warm make warm or warmer, The blanket will warm you
warm up become more friendly or open, She warmed up after we had lunch together
warm up
get warm or warmer, The soup warmed slowly on the stove
warm to become excited about, He warmed to the idea of a trip to Antarctica
ride the bench
warm the bench
be out of the game, Miller was riding the bench in Saturday's game
warm up run until the normal working temperature is reached, We warmed up the car for a few minutes
warm of a seeker, near to the object sought, you're getting warm, hot on the trail
warm uncomfortable because of possible danger or trouble, made things warm for the bookies
warm characterized by liveliness or excitement or disagreement, a warm debate
warm-toned used of music
characterized by strong enthusiasm, ardent revolutionaries, warm support
easily aroused or excited, a quick temper, a warm temper
freshly made or left, a warm trail, the scent is warm
fond lovesome
having or displaying warmth or affection, affectionate children, a fond embrace, fond of his nephew, a tender glance, a warm embrace
warm having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat, a warm body, a warm room, a warm climate, a warm coat
warm psychologically warm, friendly and responsive, a warm greeting, a warm personality, warm support
warm (color) inducing the impression of warmth, used especially of reds and oranges and yellows, warm reds and yellows and orange
warm-blooded having warm blood (in animals whose body temperature is internally regulated)
warmly warm in a warm manner, warmly dressed, warm-clad skiers


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Warmhalten ist ein Begriff aus dem gießereitechnischen Zweig der Metallurgie.
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