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Cinnamon Woodpecker Englisch Deutsch Übersetzung

Rotkehlspecht {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Woodpecker
Zimtschnecke {f} [cook.]
Zimtschnecken {pl}
cinnamon roll; cinnamon bun; cinnamon swirl; cinnamon snail
cinnamon rolls; cinnamon buns; cinnamon swirls; cinnamon snails
Rotkehlspecht {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon woodpecker
Zimtschnecke {f} [cook.]
Zimtschnecken {pl}
cinnamon bun
cinnamon buns
Zimtstange {f} [cook.]
Zimtstangen {pl}
cinnamon stick
cinnamon sticks
Cinnamomum-Bäume {pl} (Cinnamomum) (botanische Gattung) [bot.]
Kampferbaum {m}; Kampferlorbeer {m}; Zimtlorbeer {m} (Cinnamomum camphora)
Chinesischer Zimtbaum {m}; Zimtkassie {f} (Cinnamomum cassia aromaticum)
Echter Zimtbaum {m}; Ceylon-Zimtbaum {m} (Cinnamomum verum)
cinnamomum trees (botanical genus)
camphor tree; camphor laurel; camphorwood
Chinese cassia
true cinnamon tree; Ceylon cinnamon tree
Scharlachkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
Robust Woodpecker, Redheaded Woodpecker
Scharlachkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
robust woodpecker; redheaded woodpecker
Grauspecht {m} [ornith.]
Grey-faced Woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker (Picus canus)
Zimtstern {m} [cook.]
Zimtsterne {pl}
cinammon star; star-shaped cinnamon biscuit
cinammon stars; star-shaped cinnamon biscuits
Grauspecht {m} (Picus canus) [ornith.]
grey-faced woodpecker; grey-headed woodpecker
Zimtbaum {m} [bot.]
Zimt {m} [cook.]
Zimtdommel {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon bittern
Gimpeltangare {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Tanager
Zimtbekarde {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Becard
Zimttyrann {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon flycatcher
Zimtattila {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon attila
Zimtstange {f} [cook.]
cinnamon stick
Zimtente {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon teal
Rötelsperling {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Sparrow
Schulterfleckenweber {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Weaver
Schwarzroter Anemonenfisch {m} (Amphiprion melanopus) [zool.]
cinnamon clown
Zimtduft {m}; Zimtgeruch {m}
cinnamon scent
Rostamazilie {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon hummingbird
Zimtattila [ornith.]
Cinnamon Attila
Zimtschnecke {f} [cook.]
cinnamon bun
Schmuckammerfink {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Warbling Finch
Zimtkreischeule {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Screech Owl
Zimtschwanzammer {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-tailed Sparrow
Zimtkehl-Baumsteiger {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-throated woodcreeper
Mindanaofächerschwanz {m} [ornith.]
Black & Cinnamon Fantail
Zimtbrillenvogel {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon White-eye
Gelbschnabeleule {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Scops Owl
Zimtbürzeltrogon {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-rumped trogon
Graukopfpiha {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon-vneted piha
Zimtkehleremit {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-throated hermit
Zimtpipra [ornith.]
Cinnamon Tyrant-Manakin
Zimtbuschsänger {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon bracken warbler
Molukkengrundschnäpper {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-chested flycatcher
Zimtfächerschwanz {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-tailed fantail
Graukopfpiha [ornith.]
Cinnamon-vneted Piha
Zimtflöter {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon Quail Thrush
Zimtpipra {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon tyrant-manakin
Zimtkopf-Breitschnabel {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-crested Spadebill
Zimtkopf-Grüntaube {f} [ornith.]
cinnamon-headed green pigeon
Zimtbürzel-Blattspäher {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-rumped Foliage-gleaner
Zügeltyrann {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-bellied Ground Tyrant
Bergspint {m} [ornith.]
cinnamon-chested bee eater
Zimtbrust-Honigfresser {m} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-breasted Wattle Bird
Bergammer {f} [ornith.]
Cinnamon-breasted Rock Bunting
Specht, Spechts
Sperlingsspecht {m} [ornith.]
Little Woodpecker
Haarspecht {m} [ornith.]
Hairy Woodpecker
Hoffmannspecht {m} [ornith.]
Hoffmann's woodpecker
Guadeloupespecht {m} [ornith.]
guadeloupe woodpecker
Eichelspecht {m} [ornith.]
acorn woodpecker
Erdspecht {m} [ornith.]
ground woodpecker
Olivbürzelspecht {m} [ornith.]
waved woodpecker
Schwarzbrustspecht {m} [ornith.]
ringed woodpecker
Kardinalspecht {m} [ornith.]
cardinal woodpecker
Gabunspecht {m} [ornith.]
gabon woodpecker
Graubrustspecht {m} [ornith.]
grey woodpecker
Wüstenspecht {m} [ornith.]
little grey woodpecker
Blutgesichtsspecht {m} [ornith.]
lewis' woodpecker
Yucatanspecht {m} [ornith.]
Yucatan woodpecker
Okinawaspecht {m} [ornith.]
Okinawan Woodpecker
Himalayaspecht {m} [ornith.]
Himalayan woodpecker
Araberspecht {m} [ornith.]
Arabian woodpecker
Tamariskenspecht {m} [ornith.]
sind woodpecker
Philippinenspecht {m} [ornith.]
sooty woodpecker
Celebesspecht {m} [ornith.]
fulvous woodpecker
Elliotspecht {m} [ornith.]
Elliot's woodpecker
Gilaspecht {m} [ornith.]
gila woodpecker
Haitispecht {m} [ornith.]
hispaniolan woodpecker
Netzbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
Laced Woodpecker
Jamaikaspecht {m} [ornith.]
Jamaican woodpecker
Goldrückenspecht {m} [ornith.]
olive woodpecker
Namaspecht {m} [ornith.]
bearded woodpecker
Magellanspecht {m} [ornith.]
magellanic woodpecker
Kaiserspecht {m} [ornith.]
imperial woodpecker
Blaßkopf-Bambusspecht {m} [ornith.]
bamboo woodpecker
Guayaquilspecht {m} [ornith.]
guayaquil woodpecker
Specht {m} [ornith.]
Spechte {pl}
Maronenspecht {m} [ornith.]
maroon woodpecker
Weißspecht {m} [ornith.]
white woodpecker
Rotohrspecht {m} [ornith.]
bay woodpecker
Schwarzspecht {m} (Dryocopus martius) [ornith.]
black woodpecker
Grünspecht {m} (Picus viridis) [ornith.]
green woodpecker
Helmspecht {m} [ornith.]
pileated woodpecker
Zimtbindenspecht {m} [ornith.]
powerful woodpecker
Linienspecht {m} [ornith.]
lineated woodpecker
Fahlkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
chestnut woodpecker
Rötelspecht {m} [ornith.]
rufous woodpecker
Kehlbindenspecht {m} [ornith.]
Tullberg's woodpecker
Nubierspecht {m} [ornith.]
nubian woodpecker
Knysnaspecht {m} [ornith.]
knysna woodpecker
Stierlingspecht {m} [ornith.]
Stierling's woodpecker
Goldmantelspecht {m} [ornith.]
little green woodpecker
Bennettspecht {m} [ornith.]
Bennett's woodpecker
Wellenohrspecht {m} [ornith.]
helmeted woodpecker
Spechtfink {m} [ornith.]
Woodpecker Finch
Blutspecht {m} (Dendrocopos syriacus) [ornith.]
syrian woodpecker
Stricklandspecht {m} [ornith.]
Strickland's Woodpecker
Streifenschwanzspecht {m} [ornith.]
checkered woodpecker
Strichelkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
Striped Woodpecker
Nuttallspecht {m} [ornith.]
Nuttall's woodpecker
Dunenspecht {m} [ornith.]
downy woodpecker
Gelbscheitelspecht {m} [ornith.]
yellow-crowned woodpecker
Isabellbrustspecht {m} [ornith.]
steak-bellied woodpecker
Rotkappenspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-crowned woodpecker
Scopolispecht {m} [ornith.]
Philippine pygmy woodpecker
Schwarzbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
black-bodied woodpecker
Braunscheitelspecht {m} [ornith.]
brown-capped woodpecker
Blutrückenspecht {m} [ornith.]
blodd-coloured woodpecker
Bindenbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
bar-bellied woodpecker
Goldohrspecht {m} [ornith.]
yellow-eared woodpecker
Blutbürzelspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-rumped woodpecker
Rußspecht {m} [ornith.]
smoky-brown woodpecker
Perlstirnspecht {m} [ornith.]
dot-fronted woodpecker
Weißbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
white-bellied woodpecker
Perlbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
white-spotted woodpecker
Blutfleckspecht {m} [ornith.]
cuba green woodpecker
Kizukispecht {m} [ornith.]
Japanese spotted woodpecker
Darjeelingspecht {m} [ornith.]
brown-throated woodpecker
Rotbrustspecht {m} [ornith.]
crimson-breasted woodpecker
Grauscheitelspecht {m} [ornith.]
grey-capped woodpecker
Weißflügelspecht {m} [ornith.]
white-winged woodpecker
Kokardenspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-chockaded woodpecker
Braunstirnspecht {m} [ornith.]
brown-fronted woodpecker
Streifenbrustspecht {m} [ornith.]
stripe-breasted woodpecker
Bronzespecht {m} [ornith.]
golden-green woodpecker
Tropfenspecht {m} [ornith.]
speckle-breasted woodpecker
Schwarzrückenspecht {m} [ornith.]
black-backed woodpecker
Rotbauchspecht {m} [ornith.]
fire-bellied woodpecker
Carolinaspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-bellied woodpecker
Puderspecht {m} [ornith.]
great slaty woodpecker
Nonnenspecht {m} [ornith.]
white-headed woodpecker
Scheitelfleckspecht {m} [ornith.]
yellow-crested woodpecker
Olivrückenspecht {m} [ornith.]
olive-backed woodpecker
Schläfenfleckspecht {m} [ornith.]
black-cheeked woodpecker
Halsbandspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-collared woodpecker
Texasspecht {m} [ornith.]
ladder-backed woodpecker
Buntkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
golden-naped woodpecker
Rotflügelspecht {m} [ornith.]
crimson-winged woodpecker
Mennigspecht {m} [ornith.]
banded red woodpecker
Tropfenkehlspecht {m} [ornith.]
checker-throated woodpecker
Rotbürzelspecht {m} [ornith.]
black-headed woodpecker
Rotkopfspecht {m} [ornith.]
red-headed woodpecker

Deutsche Rotkehlspecht {m} [ornith.] Synonyme

Englische Cinnamon Woodpecker Synonyme

Cinnamon Woodpecker Definition

(n.) The inner bark of the shoots of Cinnamomum Zeylanicum, a tree growing in Ceylon. It is aromatic, of a moderately pungent taste, and is one of the best cordial, carminative, and restorative spices.
(n.) Cassia.
(n.) Any one of numerous species of scansorial birds belonging to Picus and many allied genera of the family Picidae.

Cinnamon Woodpecker Bedeutung

bird with strong claws and a stiff tail adapted for climbing and a hard chisel-like bill for boring into wood for insects
green woodpecker
Picus viridis
woodpecker of Europe and western Asia
downy woodpecker small North American woodpecker with black and white plumage and a small bill
ivory-billed woodpecker
Campephilus principalis
large black-and-white woodpecker of southern United States and Cuba having an ivory bill, nearly extinct
redheaded woodpecker
redhead Melanerpes erythrocephalus
black-and-white North American woodpecker having a red head and neck
cinnamon bear reddish-brown color phase of the American black bear
cinnamon bread bread flavored with cinnamon often containing raisins
cinnamon toast buttered toast with sugar and cinnamon (and nutmeg and grated lemon peel)
cinnamon roll
cinnamon bun
cinnamon snail
rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before baking
cinnamon spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree, used as rolled strips or ground
stick cinnamon dried rolled strips of cinnamon bark
Ceylon cinnamon
Ceylon cinnamon tree
Cinnamomum zeylanicum
tropical Asian tree with aromatic yellowish-brown bark, source of the spice cinnamon
cinnamon cinnamon bark aromatic bark used as a spice
cassia bark
Chinese cinnamon
aromatic bark of the cassia-bark tree, less desirable as a spice than Ceylon cinnamon bark
Saigon cinnamon
Cinnamomum loureirii
tropical southeast Asian tree with aromatic bark, yields a bark used medicinally
cinnamon bark aromatic bark of Saigon cinnamon used medicinally as a carminative
cinnamon vine
Chinese yam
Dioscorea batata
hardy Chinese vine naturalized in United States and cultivated as an ornamental climber for its glossy heart-shaped cinnamon-scented leaves and in the tropics for its edible tubers
bayberry bayum tree
Jamaica bayberry
wild cinnamon Pimenta acris
West Indian tree, source of bay rum
wild cinnamon white cinnamon tree
Canella winterana
large evergreen shrub or small tree having white aromatic bark and leathery leaves and small purple to red flowers in terminal cymes
canella bark
white cinnamon
highly aromatic inner bark of the Canella winterana used as a condiment and a tonic
cinnamon fern
fiddlehead fiddlehead fern
Osmunda cinnamonea
New World fern having woolly cinnamonolored spore-bearing fronds in early spring later surrounded by green fronds, the early uncurling fronds are edible
cinnamon stone
a garnet ranging in color from yellow to brown
cinnamon colored
cinnamon coloured
having the color of cinnamon
cinnamon-red red tinged with cinnamon
cinnamon-scented smelling of cinnamon
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Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the inner bark of several trees from the genus Cinnamomum that is used in both sweet and savoury foods. The term "cinnamon" also refers to its mid-brown colour. While Cinnamomum verum is sometimes considered to be "true cinnamon", most cinnamon in international commerce is derived from related species, which are also referred to as "cassia" to distinguish them from "true cinnamon".

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