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Deutsche Grundsatz {m} Synonyme

Doktrin  Grundsatz  
Grundsatz  Norm  Regel  Typ  
Axiom  Grundsatz  von  allgemeiner  Geltung  
Credo  geglaubter  Grundsatz  Glaubensbekenntnis  Kredo  
Grundregel  Grundsatz  Lebensregel  Leitfaden  Maxime  Prinzip  

Englische axiom Synonyme

axiom  a belief  a priori principle  a priori truth  absolute fact  accepted fact  actual fact  adage  admitted fact  affirmation  ana  analects  aphorism  apothegm  apriorism  article of faith  assertion  assumed position  assumption  bald fact  bare fact  basis  brocard  brutal fact  byword  canon  catchword  categorical proposition  center  circumstance  cold fact  collected sayings  conceded fact  conjecture  core  current saying  data  datum  demonstrable fact  dictate  dictum  distich  doctrine  dogma  elixir  empirical fact  epigram  essence  essential  established fact  expression  fact  fact of experience  first principles  flower  focus  formula  foundation  fundamental  gist  given fact  gnome  golden rule  golden saying  gravamen  ground  guesswork  hard fact  heart  hypostasis  hypothesis  hypothesis ad hoc  indisputable fact  inescapable fact  inference  inner essence  kernel  law  lemma  major premise  marrow  matter of fact  maxim  meat  minor premise  moral  mot  motto  naked fact  not guesswork  not opinion  nub  nucleus  nuts and bolts  oracle  philosopheme  philosophical proposition  phrase  pith  pithy saying  plain  position  positive fact  postulate  postulation  postulatum  precept  premise  prescript  presumption  presupposal  presupposition  principium  principle  proposition  propositional function  provable fact  proverb  proverbial saying  proverbs  quid  quiddity  quintessence  rule  salient fact  sap  saw  saying  self-evident fact  self-evident truth  sentence  sententious expression  set of postulates  settled principle  significant fact  simple fact  sloka  sober fact  soul  spirit  statement  stock saying  stubborn fact  stuff  substance  sumption  supposal  supposing  supposition  surmise  sutra  teaching  tenet  text  the case  the nitty-gritty  theorem  thesis  truism  truth  truth table  truth-function  truth-value  undeniable fact  universal truth  verse  well-known fact  wisdom  wisdom literature  wise saying  witticism  word  
axiomatic  absolute  actual  admitting no question  aphoristic  apparent  clear  clear as crystal  confirmable  crisp  crystal-clear  demonstrable  demonstratable  discernible  distinct  epigrammatic  evident  explicit  express  factual  formulaic  formulistic  gnomic  historical  inappealable  incontestable  incontrovertible  indisputable  indubitable  irrefragable  irrefutable  manifest  noticeable  observable  obvious  open-and-shut  palpable  patent  perceivable  perceptible  perspicuous  pithy  plain  plain as day  platitudinous  pointed  provable  proverbial  pungent  real  seeable  self-evident  self-explaining  self-explanatory  sententious  succinct  tangible  terse  testable  to be seen  unanswerable  unconfutable  undeniable  unimpeachable  unmistakable  unquestionable  unrefutable  verifiable  visible  


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