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Deutsche Synonyme für Schicksal

Bestimmung  Karma  Schicksal  
Fügung  Los  Schicksal  Schickung  Voraussagung  Vorhersehung  Zufall  

Englische Synonyme für destiny

destiny  Friday  Friday the thirteenth  Heaven  Paradise  Z  a better place  accidentality  actuarial calculation  adventitiousness  afterlife  afterworld  allotment  allowance  apodosis  appointed lot  astral influences  astrology  big end  bigger half  bit  bite  book of fate  break  budget  casualness  catastrophe  ceasing  cessation  chance  chunk  circumstance  coda  commission  conclusion  constellation  consummation  contingent  crack of doom  culmination  cup  curtain  curtains  cut  deal  death  decease  denouement  design  destination  dies funestis  dividend  dole  doom  effect  end  end point  ending  envoi  epilogue  equal share  eschatology  eternal home  expiration  fatality  fate  final solution  final twitch  final words  finale  finality  finis  finish  flukiness  foredoom  fortuitousness  fortuity  fortune  future  future state  gamble  goal  good fortune  good luck  half  halver  hap  happenstance  happy chance  heedless hap  helping  home  how they fall  ides of March  indeterminacy  indeterminateness  inevitability  intent  intention  interest  izzard  karma  kismet  last  last breath  last gasp  last things  last trumpet  last words  latter end  law of averages  life after death  life to come  lot  luck  measure  meed  mess  modicum  moiety  moira  next world  objective  omega  opportunity  otherworld  part  payoff  percentage  period  peroration  piece  planets  portion  postexistence  principle of indeterminacy  probability  problematicness  proportion  quantum  quietus  quota  rake-off  random sample  ration  resolution  resting place  risk  run of luck  segment  serendipity  share  slice  small share  stake  stars  statistical probability  stock  stoppage  stopping place  swan song  term  terminal  termination  terminus  the beyond  the breaks  the good hereafter  the grave  the great beyond  the great hereafter  the hereafter  the unknown  theory of probability  uncertainty  uncertainty principle  unlucky day  weird  what bodes  what is f  


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Destiny or fate is a predetermined course of events. It may be conceived as a predetermined future, whether in general or of an individual.
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