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Deutsche Synonyme für missbillige

Englische Synonyme für disapprove

disapprove  abjure  attaint  ban  belittle  bespatter  blackball  blacken  blame  blot  blow upon  brand  brush aside  categorically reject  censure  chuck  chuck out  condemn  contemn  contradict  criticize  decline  decry  defame  defile  denounce  deny  deplore  deprecate  depreciate  despise  detract  disallow  disapprove of  discard  disclaim  discommend  discount  discountenance  disdain  disesteem  disfavor  dismiss  disown  disparage  dispraise  disregard  dissent from  except  exclude  expose  expose to infamy  expostulate  forswear  frown  frown at  frown down  frown upon  gibbet  grimace at  hang in effigy  ignore  knock  look askance at  look black upon  not approve  not go for  not hear of  not hold with  object  object to  oppose  ostracize  pass by  pass up  pillory  protest  push aside  put down  rebuff  recant  refuse  refuse to consider  reject  remonstrate  renounce  repel  reprehend  reprimand  reprobate  repudiate  repulse  run down  say no to  scout  shove away  slur  smear  soil  spurn  stain  stigmatize  sully  taint  take exception to  tarnish  think ill of  think little of  throw away  throw out  thumb down  turn away  turn down  turn out  view with disfavor  vilify  waive  
disapprove of  abhor  ban  be hostile to  belittle  blackball  bring down  bring into discredit  bring low  categorically reject  cry down  debase  decry  degrade  depreciate  derogate from  detract from  disallow  disapprove  discredit  disfavor  disgrace  dislike  disparage  disrelish  dissent from  exclude  frown at  frown down  frown upon  grimace  grimace at  hate  hold in contempt  knock  loathe  look askance at  look black upon  make little of  minimize  mislike  not approve  not care for  not go for  not hear of  not hold with  object  object to  oppose  ostracize  protest  put down  recoil  reflect discredit upon  reject  revolt at  run down  say no to  show distaste for  shrink from  shudder at  slight  speak ill of  submit to indignity  take exception to  think ill of  think little of  thumb down  view with disfavor  
disapproved  contemned  declined  declined with thanks  denied  despised  discarded  discounted  disdained  dismissed  disowned  excepted  excluded  forsworn  ignored  not considered  rebuffed  refused  rejected  renounced  repudiated  repulsed  scouted  spurned  


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