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Deutsche Synonyme für Bakterienruhr {f}; Ruhr {f}; bakterielle Dysenterie {f}; Shigellose {f} [med.]

Dysenterie  (fachsprachlich)  Ruhr  
Essen  Stadt  an  der  Ruhr  (umgangssprachlich)  
Dysenterie (fachsprachlich)  Ruhr  

Englische Synonyme für bacillary dysentery; aslum dysentery; shigellosis

dysentery  African lethargy  Asiatic cholera  BM  Chagres fever  German measles  Haverhill fever  abscess  acute articular rheumatism  ague  alkali disease  amebiasis  amebic dysentery  anemia  ankylosis  anoxia  anthrax  apnea  asphyxiation  asthma  ataxia  atrophy  bacillary dysentery  backache  bastard measles  black death  black fever  blackwater fever  bleeding  blennorhea  bloody flux  bowel movement  breakbone fever  brucellosis  bubonic plague  cachectic fever  cachexia  cachexy  cardialgia  catharsis  cerebral rheumatism  chicken pox  chill  chills  cholera  cholera morbus  colic  constipation  convulsion  costiveness  coughing  cowpox  crap  cyanosis  dandy fever  deer fly fever  defecation  dejection  dengue  dengue fever  diarrhea  diphtheria  dizziness  dropsy  dumdum fever  dyspepsia  dyspnea  edema  elephantiasis  emaciation  encephalitis lethargica  enteric fever  erysipelas  evacuation  fainting  famine fever  fatigue  fever  fibrillation  five-day fever  flu  flux  frambesia  glandular fever  gripe  gripes  grippe  growth  hansenosis  heartburn  hemorrhage  hepatitis  herpes  herpes simplex  herpes zoster  high blood pressure  histoplasmosis  hookworm  hydrophobia  hydrops  hypertension  hypotension  icterus  indigestion  infantile paralysis  infectious mononucleosis  inflammation  inflammatory rheumatism  influenza  insomnia  irregularity  itching  jail fever  jaundice  jungle rot  kala azar  kissing disease  labored breathing  lepra  leprosy  leptospirosis  lientery  loa loa  loaiasis  lockjaw  loose bowels  low blood pressure  lumbago  madness  malaria  malarial fever  marasmus  marsh fever  measles  meningitis  milzbrand  movement  mumps  nasal discharge  nausea  necrosis  obstipation  ornithosis  osteomyelitis  pain  paralysis  paratyphoid fever  parotitis  parrot fever  pertussis  pneumonia  polio  poliomyelitis  polyarthritis rheumatism  ponos  pruritus  psittacosis  purgation  purge  pyrosis  rabbit fever  rabies  rash  rat-bite fever  rela  


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Dysentery is a type of gastroenteritis that results in diarrhea with blood. Other symptoms may include fever, abdominal pain, and a feeling of incomplete defecation.
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