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Deutsche Synonyme für Elle {f}

Englische Synonyme für ell

ell  L  addition  angle  annex  apex  arm  bend  bifurcation  bight  block  cant  chevron  coin  corner  crank  crook  crotchet  deflection  dogleg  elbow  extension  fork  furcation  hook  inflection  knee  nook  point  quoin  swerve  veer  vertex  wing  zag  zig  zigzag  
ellipse  arc  bow  catacaustic  catenary  caustic  circle  conchoid  crook  curl  curve  diacaustic  festoon  hook  hyperbola  lituus  oval  ovoid  ovule  parabola  sinus  tracery  
ellipsis  abbreviation  abridgment  abstract  apocope  aposiopesis  clipping  compression  condensation  conspectus  contraction  crasis  curtailment  cutting  elision  epitome  foreshortening  precis  pruning  recap  recapitulation  reduction  retrenchment  shortening  summary  summation  syncope  syneresis  synopsis  telescoping  truncation  
ellipsoid  ball  balloon  bladder  blob  boll  bolus  bubble  bulb  bulbil  bulblet  geoid  globe  globelet  globoid  globule  glomerulus  gob  gobbet  knob  knot  oblate spheroid  orb  orbit  orblet  pellet  prolate spheroid  rondure  sphere  spheroid  spherule  
ellipsoidal  bell-like  bell-shaped  bulblike  bulbous  campaniform  campanular  campanulate  ellipsoid  elliptic  global  globate  globe-shaped  globed  globelike  globoid  globose  globular  hemispheric  obovoid  orb  orbed  orbic  orbicular  orbiculate  orblike  orby  ovoid  parabolic  saucer-shaped  sphere-shaped  spherelike  spheric  spheriform  spheroid  
elliptic  Spartan  abbreviated  abridged  abstracted  aposiopestic  bell-like  bell-shaped  bobbed  brief  brusque  campaniform  campanular  campanulate  capsule  capsulized  clipped  close  compact  compendious  compressed  concise  condensed  contracted  crisp  cropped  curt  curtailed  cut  cut short  digested  docked  elided  ellipsoid  elliptical  elongated  epigrammatic  gnomic  laconic  mowed  mown  nipped  oblong  oblongated  oblongitudinal  parabolic  pithy  pointed  pollard  polled  pruned  reaped  rectangular  reserved  saucer-shaped  sententious  shaved  sheared  short  short and sweet  short-cut  shortened  snub  snubbed  succinct  summary  synopsized  taciturn  terse  tight  to the point  trimmed  truncated  
elliptical  Spartan  abbreviated  abridged  abstracted  aposiopestic  bell-like  bell-shaped  bobbed  brief  brusque  campaniform  campanular  campanulate  capsule  capsulized  clipped  close  compact  compendious  compressed  concise  condensed  contracted  crisp  cropped  curt  curtailed  cut  cut short  digested  docked  elided  ellipsoid  elliptic  elongated  epigrammatic  gnomic  laconic  mowed  mown  nipped  oblong  oblongated  oblongitudinal  parabolic  pithy  pointed  pollard  polled  pruned  reaped  rectangular  reserved  saucer-shaped  sententious  shaved  sheared  short  short and sweet  short-cut  shortened  snub  snubbed  succinct  summary  synopsized  taciturn  terse  tight  to the point  trimmed  truncated  

Lexikoneinträge für ell

Ell (n.) A measure for cloth
Ell (n.) See L.

Weitere Lexikoneinträge

ell an extension at the end and at right angles to the main building


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