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Deutsche Synonyme für entsetzlich

abgründig  abgrundtief  entsetzlich  miserabel  
abscheulich  entsetzlich  fürchterlich  furchtbar  grässlich  schauderhaft  scheußlich  schrecklich  widerlich  zuwider  

Englische Synonyme für horrible

horrible  abhorrent  abominable  appalling  arrant  astounding  atrocious  awe-inspiring  awesome  awful  baneful  base  beastly  beneath contempt  blameworthy  brutal  contemptible  deadly  deplorable  despicable  detestable  dire  direful  disagreeable  disgusting  dread  dreaded  dreadful  egregious  enormous  fearful  fell  fetid  filthy  flagrant  forbidding  formidable  foul  frightening  frightful  fulsome  ghastly  ghoulish  grievous  grim  grisly  gross  gruesome  harrowing  hateful  heinous  hideous  horrendous  horrid  horrific  horrifying  howling  infamous  lamentable  loathsome  lousy  lurid  macabre  monstrous  morbid  nasty  nauseating  nauseous  nefarious  noisome  notorious  obnoxious  odious  offensive  outrageous  pitiable  pitiful  rank  redoubtable  regrettable  repellent  repelling  reprehensible  repugnant  repulsive  revolting  rotten  rousing  sad  scandalous  schlock  schrecklich  scurvy  shabby  shameful  shocking  shoddy  sickening  sordid  squalid  terrible  terrific  terrifying  thumping  too bad  tragic  tremendous  unclean  unpleasant  unspeakable  vile  villainous  whacking  woeful  worst  worthless  wretched  


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Horrible is an EP by the rock group Half Japanese.
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