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Deutsche Synonyme für multiplizieren

malnehmen  (umgangssprachlich)  multiplizieren  vervielfachen  

Englische Synonyme für multiply

multiply  abound with  accrue  accumulate  add  advance  aggrandize  algebraize  appreciate  army  augment  balloon  be alive with  be fruitful  be productive  bear  beef up  beget  bloat  boom  boost  breed  breed true  bristle with  broaden  build  burst with  calculate  cast  cipher  cloud  clutter  compute  copulate  crawl with  creep with  crescendo  crossbreed  crowd  crush  develop  divide  dope out  drove  engender  enlarge  estimate  expand  extend  extract roots  father  figure  figure in  figure out  flock  fructify  gain  gain strength  generate  get  get ahead  go up  grow  heighten  horde  host  inbreed  increase  intensify  jam  legion  magnify  make love  measure  mother  mount  multitude  numbers  oodles  outbreed  overflow with  pack  press  procreate  produce  proliferate  propagate  pullulate  pullulate with  push  quantities  reckon  reproduce  reproduce in kind  rise  rout  run up  score  scores  shoot up  sire  snowball  spread  squash  strengthen  subtract  swarm with  swell  take account of  tally  teem  teem with  throng  throng with  upsurge  wax  widen  work out  
multiplying  crescendoing  crescent  expanding  growing  increase  increasing  incremental  intensifying  lengthening  multiple  multiplication  multiplication table  multiplier  on the increase  proliferating  proliferation  snowballing  spreading  swelling  tables  tightening  waxing  


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