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Deutsche Synonyme für veränderlich

metabolisch  veränderlich  
abwandelbar  mutabel  variabel  veränderbar  veränderlich  wandelbar  

Englische Synonyme für mutable

mutable  able to adapt  adaptable  adjustable  alterable  alterative  ambitendent  ambivalent  at loose ends  brittle  capricious  changeable  changeful  changing  checkered  choppy  corruptible  deciduous  deviating  deviative  deviatory  different  disorderly  divaricate  divergent  diversified  diversiform  double-minded  dubious  dying  ephemeral  erose  erratic  evanescent  ever-changing  fading  fence-sitting  fence-straddling  fickle  fleeting  flexible  flitting  fluctuating  fluid  fly-by-night  flying  fragile  frail  fugacious  fugitive  impermanent  impetuous  impulsive  inconsistent  inconstant  indecisive  infirm of purpose  insubstantial  irregular  irresolute  irresolved  jagged  jerky  kaleidoscopic  lubricious  malleable  many-sided  mercurial  metamorphic  mobile  modifiable  momentary  mortal  motley  movable  mugwumpian  mugwumpish  nonconformist  nondurable  nonpermanent  nonstandard  nonuniform  of two minds  passing  perishable  permutable  plastic  pluralistic  protean  proteiform  ragged  resilient  rough  rubbery  shifty  shilly-shally  short-lived  slippery  spasmodic  sporadic  subject to death  supple  swaying  swinging  temperamental  temporal  temporary  ticklish  transient  transitive  transitory  uncertain  undecided  undetermined  undurable  unenduring  unequable  unequal  uneven  unorthodox  unresolved  unsettled  unstable  unsteady  unsystematic  ununiform  vacillating  variable  variegated  variform  various  varying  volatile  wavering  


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