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Deutsche Synonyme für Bluffer {m}; Hochstapler {m}; Blender {m} [geh.]; Poseur {m} [geh.] / Bluffer {pl}; Hochstapler {pl}; Blender {pl}; Poseure {pl}

Blender  Bluffer  (umgangssprachlich)  Gaukler  
Betrüger  Hochstapler  Schwindler  
Blender  Bluffer (umgangssprachlich)  Gaukler  
Hochstapler  Schwindler  
poseur  ape  attitudinarian  attitudinizer  blagueur  bluff  bluffer  charlatan  conformist  copier  

Englische Synonyme für poser; poseur

poser  Chinese puzzle  Gordian knot  Holy Willie  Joseph Surface  Mawworm  Pecksniff  Pharisee  Tartuffe  affecter  attitudinarian  attitudinizer  baffling problem  blagueur  bluff  bluffer  brain twister  canter  canting hypocrite  charlatan  crossword puzzle  crux  dilemma  dissembler  dissimulator  enigma  enigmatic question  fake  faker  floorer  formalist  fourflusher  fraud  humbug  hypocrite  impersonator  impostor  jigsaw puzzle  knot  knotty point  lip server  lip worshiper  malingerer  mind-boggler  mountebank  mystery  node  nodus  nonplus  nut to crack  oxymoron  paradox  perplexed question  perplexity  pharisee  phony  pietist  pious fraud  pons asinorum  poseur  posture maker  posturer  posturist  pretender  problem  puzzle  puzzlement  puzzler  quack  quacksalver  quackster  quandary  question  question mark  ranter  religionist  religious hypocrite  ringer  saltimbanco  sham  shammer  sixty-four dollar question  sniveler  snuffler  spiritual humbug  sticker  striker of poses  stumper  teaser  tough proposition  vexed question  whited sepulcher  why  


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Poser is a 3D computer graphics program optimized for 3D modeling of human figures. The program has gained popularity due to allowing beginners to produce basic animations and digital images, and the extensive availability of third-party digital models.
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